Working online at home – A guide for parents and pupils


This video was created by a Glasgow primary teacher to help access your glow account, emails and class teams.

Glow allows learners to work in a variety of ways, from collaborating with peers to working individually at their own pace. Glow services are free to all students with a Glow login and can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In the event of school closure, we are able to use Glow to support Home Learning.

There are many benefits of Glow for Learners such as:

Office 365 – Glow provides full access to Microsoft’s Office suite including: Mail, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive and SharePoint. Pupils can download a full version of Office 365 at no cost. This can develop their skills with Office applications and support their learning outside school. In the event of a school closure Microsoft Teams may be used to support home learning.

The other main way that staff will be able to communicate with pupils is through Microsoft Teams (see below). Each pupil has been added to their class team, where the children and teacher can communicate in a virtual class, should this be needed.

Sign in to Glow Visit the Glow sign in screen:

Enter your username and password in the boxes shown (clicking the eye icon allows you to see your password as you type it in) then click ‘Sign in’. Each pupil has a glow login and password and should have already accessed this in school.

If requested to change password you will need to create a password that you will remember.

Please note: If you log in to Glow using the Glow RM Unify screen it will automatically add the @glow. If you don’t see this you can add the @glow to the end of the address yourself


When logged on to Glow you can launch Teams.

To launch Teams, go to the app launcher – the “waffle”    – in the upper left corner of Office 365 for Education and click the Teams tile to open the online app, or download it to your desktop.

If trying to access Teams from a smartphone or tablet you will need to download the Teams app.

You will be asked to sign in. Use your glow login eg

This should take you to the glow sign in page where you can put in your glow password. You should be taken to the team you are part of.


Sumdog is a fantastic website that uses motivating games to encourage children to practise their numeracy skills. Your child has a paid maths subscription for this academic year so they can enjoy every maths game available on the website. Research findings have revealed that children who practised maths using Sumdog for 30 minutes or more a week almost doubled their mathematical fluency when compared to that of non Sumdog users.

Your child can play lots of different games. Every game comes with instructions. For every correct answer they will earn gold coins. Your child will start off with a basic avatar and an empty house. You can use the gold coins to buy clothes for your avatar or items for your house. You can earn pets as you progress through the ranks too.  There are lots of different ranks your child will achieve too starting from common rat to giant panda to dolphin.

Every child has been given their own unique username and password. They need to press the log in box and enter these details carefully to get logged in.

You can access Sumdog on the website or download the free app on your ipad, tablet or smart phone. Once logged in they can then play any maths game they choose. Remind children to never give out their password to any other child.

Sumdog has been set at an appropriate level for your child. Please ensure it is only your child that answers the questions as their level may be altered past their ability if you choose to play for them. Your child’s teacher can set homework and class challenges for your child to do at home.  They will be able to track your child’s progress and identify next steps. Children are familiar with Sumdog as it is used throughout the school.

Education City

To log in:

1. Go to

2. Enter username and password

3. Enter country – Scotland

You will be taken to the homepage

4. Choose subject – Numeracy. Literacy or Science

5. Choose year:

Early ** and ***  –  P1

First*                         P2

First**                       P3

First***                     P4

Second *                 P5

Second**                P6

Second***              P7

The year or level is a rough guide only. Children may be more comfortable with the year above or below their actual year.

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