Primary 3/2 – Ms Jee & Miss Fraser


Every 2 weeks P3/2 go gardening with our school gardener.  So far they have been learning about lots of different types of plants, what weeds are, fruits, and a variety of different animals.



Eco Drama: This week we started our first of five Eco Drama sessions! First, we had a treasure hunt in the playground, and found a treasure box, as well as lots of cool leaves, sticks and flowers. Then, we listened to a thrilling story about giants, and stomped about the playground like big, scary giants! Finally, we played a parachute game, and made stories about all of the amazing natural objects we found outside. It was so fun (especially the treasure hunt)! We can’t wait for our next Eco Drama session next week!

Maths: This week, we practiced counting to 30 and 50. We learned Jack Heartman’s Count By 1s to 50 song, and practiced counting forwards and backwards, while dancing! We absolutely love this song! Our favourite counting to 30 and 50 activity this week was Space Counting Challenge, played in pairs. We rolled a dice, and coloured in the number we rolled. The first astronaut to reach 30 or 50 won!
This term, our topic is Friendship, and we are really focusing on playing and working together using great teamwork and cooperation skills. We’ll be doing lots of fun activities in groups and pairs, as we develop these skills further! Everyone did a great job working in pairs for the Space Counting Challenge, and had a fantastic time!

Halloween Party