Newsletter Update – December 2020

December 2020 Issue 4

I don’t normally write another newsletter before January, but I have various pieces of important information to share with you and thought this was the best way to do it!


Our staffing for next term remains fairly stable, although we must say a sad fairwell! Mrs Kent in the school office will be retiring from her position on the 22nd December. We will miss her very much. Mrs Kent has lots of interesting and exciting things to get involved in when she retires and we hope she has lots of fun and freedom!

Miss Gorrell is still off school unwell. We catch up regularly and she is beginning to get a little better. We can’t wait to have her back with us when she is fit and able.

Santa’s Fantastic Fayre!

Thank you all so much for supporting school last week during the fayre! It was a small and simple event but I hope the children really enjoyed it.

We had lots of fun decorating biscuits, making cards and playing Christmas games. Pupils all received a fantastic Christmas present which Santa had left for them beside the fireplace earlier on in that day! It was lovely to see them excited and enjoying different activities. Unfortunately we were unable to have our parent council support us with their large scale event this year! We hope we did OK!

Total raised on the day was £273 and the money is still coming in with our ‘Guess Alfonso the Alpaca’s Birthday’ and ‘Guess the sweets in the jar’. Winners of these competitions will be announced next Friday 18th December!

Christmas Hamper

Tickets are still available for our Christmas hamper! You have to be in it to win it! Tickets are £1 each and winner will be drawn next Friday 18th December. Good Luck everyone!

House Treat

Next week we will be having a house treat for the winning house members. We do not know who this will be yet; tokens will be counted on Tuesday! Pupils are very excited to see who will win. We have planned a lovely Christmas event with crafts and food in the dining hall for the winning house.

School safety

You may have noticed that we started Christmas festivities very early this year! This was not by accident! Next week, our last full week at school, we aim to keep a very low profile in school. Pupils will remain calm in class with full teacher and support staff focus on ensuring minimal movement and mixing. We would be devastated if any pupil or adult was required to self-isolate over the Christmas period and, in order to protect against this, school will be a very calm and still place next week. This will not offer 100% guarantee that self-isolation will not be required for some if we do have a positive case in school, but be assured we will go above and beyond to protect everyone from that. If pupils were required to self-isolate at this stage it would ultimately mean holiday time with family would be affected, and we don’t want this to happen!


Next week I will send out an end of term 2 survey link by text. I would really appreciate if you could complete this. We had a great response at the end of term 1 and it is so helpful to hear what you think.

Thank you!

I just want to tell you how overwhelmed I am with our amazingly supportive parent body! I thank you so very much for continuing to stand by your child and their school during this very difficult year. You have been understanding of some of the changes that we have had to make, you have adapted to request we have had to make, you have tolerated the situation of not being able to come into the building, you have engaged in telephone consultations with us, you have given your child money for sponsors, book fayre, Christmas fayre and the list goes on and on! I really cannot thank you enough for making my job so much better and brighter during this difficult time in life. I have been thankful everyday coming to school knowing that I have your unwavering support behind the school and pupils.

Jane McShane

Head Teacher

Christmas News

Christmas is coming! It might look a wee bit different this year but we will do all we can to make it a really special time! Sadly our Christmas Choir cannot get out and about raising money for school fund, but aside from this, we have tried to modify everything we normally do to make them ‘fit’ with all the essential restrictions right now…we will be creative and find a way!!

Santa’s Fantastic Festivities!

Santa cannot visit Royston Primary this year to meet the children! He and his reindeer need plenty of rest as they are key workers! However we will be having an awesome Santa’s Fantastic Fayre next week! We are really missing our parent council members and their amazing planning and organisational skills this year but we will try really hard for our pupils! The Fayre will run over 3 days and will include things to buy, games, competitions and some mini workshops where pupils get to make something ‘Christmasy’! We have card making and cookie decorating, guess the sweeties etc – we have stolen all our fantastic parent council ideas!!

As we need to keep in class groupings, pupils will go to the Fayre one class at a time as follows:

P5/4 – Wednesday 2nd December p.m.

P7 – Thursday 3rd December a.m.

P6/5 – Thursday 3rd December p.m.

P2/1 – Friday 4th December a.m.

P3/2 – Friday 4th December a.m.

Pupils can bring some money if possible – but don’t worry, there are activities to take part in if this is not possible. Look out for your child coming home with an extra special surprise this day!

Christmas Parties

We will be having parties during week beginning 7th December as follows:

P2/1 – 10th December p.m.

P3/2 – 11th December p.m.

P5/4 – 11th December p.m.

P6/5 – 11th December p.m.

P7 – 11th December p.m.

Classes will stay together for their party and we will have lots of dancing and party games! We cannot have parents inside school to help children get ready for their party, but I will send out some more information next week about arrangements for home lunches on party days should parents wish to do this.

Christmas Lunch

Lunch will be served on the 9th December for anyone wishing a traditional turkey (or a sandwich) lunch!

Christmas Nativity

Primary 2/1 class are practicing very hard for their Nativity performance on the 8th December. The will be performing ‘Wriggly Nativity’ to a professional filming company – the songs will be sung outside and the acting parts filmed inside. Thereafter our production company will edit the video and provide us with USB devices for each of our parents to view in the comfort of their own home…along with the family! We hope you will enjoy this – I know it is sad that we cannot have an audience for the nativity this year, but with a USB device (which can be put into the back of a smart TV or a laptop) you can watch your child perform over and over again!!

Christmas Hamper

Staff will be contributing to an amazing hamper again this year! You can be in with a chance of winning by buying a hamper raffle ticket. Each ticket cost £1 and you can buy as many as you wish. Please give any hamper raffle money to your child (with a little note if need be) and class teacher will allow your child to go purchase a ticket from the office. We will put tickets in envelopes so that they do not get lost!

Christmas Panto’s

We are bringing the panto’s into school this year! All panto performances in theatres are cancelled this year so we have bought in some live virtual performances for the pupils!

Cinderella will be viewed (with some snacks and sweets of course!) during week commencing 14th December for our P4-7 and the McDougall’s Christmas show will be available for P1-3.

We will make this special for the pupils and try to get some virtual ‘shout outs’ for Royston Primary! Oh yes we will!!


So this wasn’t quite the year we had hoped for when we started 2020 – but we make the best of what we have! We are looking positively on the things we are able to do with the pupils and try not to dwell on the things we can’t! We are finding ourselves being increasingly creative in working and adapting to the restrictions as they come about and will continue to have health and safety for all as a priority. I want to thank you all for your amazing support during the pandemic. We have a fantastic parent body and I feel we all know what partnership working truly means.

School holidays

School will close at 2.30pm on the 22nd  December 2020

School will re-open at 9am on the 6th January 2021


A very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year from all at Royston Primary School

November Newsletter

November 2020 Issue 3

What a super start to term 2 our pupils have made! They are working so hard to make themselves and you proud! We are on the countdown to Christmas and we are working hard to ensure some festive cheer for all – not easy in this current climate of travel limitations and increased restrictions. All theatres and shows are off the menu in addition to our fabulous choir fundraising missions. We will not let this get us down – we have some provisional plans in place which I will share with you as soon as things are confirmed.

Book Fayre

The fayre is back in school – this week only! All classes will get the chance to browse the books and Mrs McDougall will fill in a wee slip if your child spots something they like. Your child will bring this information home to you. It is entirely up to you whether or not you decide to send in the money for the book – your choice completely.


Our gardening work is going very well providing super learning opportunities outdoors. Pupils have been engaging in a variety of curricular areas in the gardens and this will continue on for the foreseeable future. Please do always make sure your child is suitably dressed for inclement weather, outdoor activities are only cancelled if the weather is deemed a safety risk for pupils eg – torrential rain, very high winds, weather warnings etc. Otherwise pupils will be outside.

Family Finances

This is a very real challenge for some people during these COVID-19 times. Many people are struggling for funds, employment etc and Glasgow Life has some support available. ‘Family Finances Approach’ supports parents and carers to increase their income through employment. Please get in touch with them, they will soon be coming to Royston Library.

Tel: 07443 814 190


After school Clubs

We are beginning to get back up and running with clubs again – albeit, outdoors. Football has commenced for pupils and we are looking into other options for outdoor extra-curricular activity. All our afterschool clubs must run outdoors as they will involve mixing pupils from different classes. We will only cancel a club if the weather presents a safety risk eg torrential rain, very high winds, weather warning etc. Otherwise the club will still run. We normally find that when pupils are choosing to engage in a club they enjoy, they don’t really bother about the weather! Please do remember though that clubs are opt in – if you decide to collect your child before club begins due to weather or for any other reason, this is perfectly fine. I will keep you posted on any further offerings of outdoor afterschool clubs.

Keeping our school safe

You will have received a letter from our Director of Education Maureen McKenna alerting you to updating guidance on keeping our schools open and safe for all. In order to do this school staff will increase their use of face coverings. We have spoken to pupils about this so as to ease their anxiety. Staff in classes are mostly working without face coverings and maintaining appropriate distance where possible. During breaks and lunches and in communal areas of the school, staff will wear a covering, but if pupils become a little anxious we will not hesitate to show our faces!

In addition we would ask parents/family dropping pupils off and collecting if you possibly can, please wear a face covering

Ventilation – As you will know we have had to keep all areas of school well ventilated with open windows and doors as much as possible. The weather is getting a little colder now and guidance has been updated accordingly. From now on, there has to be 2 air changes in each room per hour. This becomes a little tricky for class teachers to monitor during teaching times therefore we will simply keep at least one window open in addition to classroom door at all times. Classroom thermometers have been ordered and we will be keeping classrooms above 17 degrees for pupil and staff comfort. It is not easy to learn when you are freezing cold! You may wish to put an extra layer of clothing on your child or even a vest but if pupils complain they are cold we will make adjustments as necessary.


We have been given to go ahead to bring our curricular physical education lessons into the gym hall. This is a positive step as we will now have the flexibility to go outdoors or stay inside for P.E. Unfortunately all changing facilities remain closed and pupils will have to come to school wearing their gym kit or have shorts underneath their school clothes. Hopefully this will change again soon, especially for our older pupils.

Parents Appointments

Normally we would be hosting our formal parents evening in November. Sadly we cannot do this as we cannot have parents inside the school building. We will be arranging telephone appointments with all parents week commencing 16th November. I am in the process of making arrangements to bring teachers out of their classes to facilitate this and will give you information on dates and times when I have it. I will be as flexible as I can around parental work commitments – please look out for additional information coming to you towards the end of this week.

Interim Reporting

Class teachers are at the completion stages of interim reports. These will be given out week commencing 9th November. These reports will give you a basis and structure for dialogue with teachers during telephone appointments. Please don’t hesitate to make notes/write down questions about the report – we will answer these as best we can during telephone appointments.

P2/1 Outing

Mr Thomson and his class will be visiting Clyde Valley Farm Park on the 10th November. This educational visit is in line with current topics and themes in class.  Pupils will need waterproof clothing as they will be outside almost all day. Pupils will also need a packed lunch on that day.

This is very exciting as it will be our first outing from school this session! We will be looking to support further outings (outdoors) when and where it is appropriate.

Flu Immunisation

On 16th November our vaccine nurses will be based in school to administer the nasal flu vaccine. If you returned your consent for this then your child will have their vaccine on this day.

Parental Survey Results

A big thank you to those who completed the little survey sent to you at the end of term 1. We had 49 returns. Your opinions matter to us and we are committed to providing the best service we can to you and your children. The results:

Q1 Are you happy with the arrangements in place for returning to school during the pandemic?

46 parents said yes and 3 said no

Q2 How would you rate Royston Primary approach to returning to school during a pandemic?

Average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Q3 As we were unable to have a ‘Meet the Teacher’ event in September all class teachers attempted to call almost all families. Did you receive this call?

35 parents said yes and 14 said no

Q4 Did you feel this call was useful?

Yes – 30   No – 3   Didn’t receive call – 15

Q5 In your opinion, does your child feel safe and happy back at school?

Always – 26   Never – 0   Most of the time – 18   Sometimes – 4

Q6 Does the staggered entry – 8.45am-9.15am – work well for you?

Yes – 49    No – 0

Q7 Is there any difficulty with social distancing at school finish time 3pm?

Yes – 9   No – 34   Occasionally – 6

Q8 Do you feel you are kept well informed about school?

Yes – 45   No 3

Q9 How good is Royston Primary at communicating with you?

Average rating of 4.4 out of 5

Again thank you for completing this – very interesting and useful information for us to gather and act upon. Look out for the next survey!


Jane McShane

Head Teacher


Attention New Primary 1 Parents/Carers!

P1 Enrolment Week

2-6 November 2020


Is your child due to start school in August 2021?


Your child must have attained the age of 5 years between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2021.


To register you should now complete an “Online” application and submit no later than 6 November 2020.


For “Online” applications visit Glasgow City Council website – Schools and learning – Enrolment. (

For more information:

If required Paper Applications can be requested by contacting Glasgow City Council – 0141 287 8000.