Head Teacher

Mrs J McShane

Principal teachers

Ms L White

Mrs F Young

Class Teachers

Orchard Class

Ms L White

Primary 2/1

Miss L Bonner

Primary 3/2

 Ms A Jee & Miss R Fraser

Primary 4/3

 Mr G Steer

Primary 6/5

Mr G Doherty

Primary 7/6

 Miss F Burns

Primary 7

Miss R Johnstone

Support Staff

EAL Support

Miss A McLelland


Mrs M Kent


Mrs M Spence

Support for Learning Worker

Ms L Gorrell

Support for Learning Worker

Mrs A McDougall

Support for Learning Worker

Mrs M Atala 

Support for Learning Worker

Miss K MacPhail


Mr A Douglas

Dining Auxiliary

Mrs J Taylor

Our dinner ladies are Sharon Bruce and Angela Stewart. Sharon is also responsible for the breakfast club from 8.00-8.45 each school morning.

Miss R Fraser is responsible for the Glasgow Improvement Challenge work across the school focusing on literacy.

Mr Thomson runs our Connect 2 classroom to support children across the school with social and emotional learning.