March Newsletter

World Book Day

This Thursday 5th March is World Book Day. Children are invited to come to school in their pyjamas. They can bring a cushion and their favourite book too, as we will be having a day of reading for enjoyment and interest. Pupils will have time for their own personal reading in addition to engaging with staff members in exploring different texts. There will be a level of personalisation and choice during the day in order to promote reading as an enjoyable and stimulating activity.

Parent Appointments

All parents should now have a note of their parent appointment with the class teacher for our formal parents’ afternoon/evening. If you do not know your time, please do contact the school office and we will be able to find out for you. Parents/carers requiring an interpreter will have appointments on the 4th March, with the majority of our parents having appointment times on Thursday the 5th. (Please do excuse anyone you may see with pyjamas on that evening, as this will coincide with World Book Day!) If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment time, please do contact us and we can arrange a different day to meet.

Which Way?

Primary 7 pupils will soon embark on a programme designed to support transition to secondary school. This will be delivered by qualified professionals and will examine issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, self-harm, resilience and emotional regulation. This programme will start this week and run for 4 weeks in total.

Parental Engagement

Our sessions seem to be going very well so far – still some classes to have their session. I have noticed that numbers of parents/carers attending these sessions is continuing to drop. This worries me as there is wide spread research supporting the direct link between parental engagement in school and pupil attainment. I will be looking for your help at parents’ night to ask what might work better for you and how we can engage 100% of our parents/carers in school life. I fully understand if lack of engagement is due to work/college/training commitments and would fully support this. However, often this is not the case and I wonder whether we are not doing this in the best way.

Primary 7 residential experience

Our residential experience for primary 7 pupils will take place Friday 29th May until Monday 1st June. Almost all pupils have paid the £20 non-refundable deposit. I request a further £20 by the end of March – this can however be paid anytime. I must reiterate the information below as noted in my last newsletter…

I must stress that exemplary behaviour will be a basic pre-requisite to being able to attend. I will not allow staff to take pupils away from home and school if there is a risk that they will not fully comply with given instructions and behave with respect, good manners and tolerance. Pupils will be in amongst pupils from other schools, this is part of the exciting experience. Due to health and safety, I will refuse to take individuals who I believe present risk.

There are a few pupils who, at the present time, I have concerns over. My staff are reluctant to take these pupils away from home. I will soon write out to the parents/carers of these pupils to make this information clear and hopefully work together to make the necessary improvements thus allowing them to participate. It is unfair on other pupils and staff if a few pupils are allowed to waste the experience by behaving negatively and poorly.

Scottish Weather

Please ensure your child comes to school with appropriate clothing and footwear. Your child will not be kept indoors if it is raining and a bit windy. Pupils function better academically if they have exercise and fresh air and I fully support this. Pupils will only be kept indoors if weather is deemed a health and safety risk ie if there is a severe weather warning for gale force winds and rain. General day to day weather presents no risk to pupils if they are appropriately dressed. Pupils do not catch a cold from being out in the cold – they will catch a cold if there immune system is weakened for any reason. Fresh air and exercise will actually help support a strong immune system and therefore, even if pupils do have a common cold, fresh air will help. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed for cold/wet weather as this will make them more comfortable when they are outside every day.

Parent/carer de-stress and relax

Ultimately the job of parent/carer is a hard one! To this end we have funded some parent/carer sessions on relaxation. You will not be expected to do anything you feel uncomfortable with – much of the session is chatting and reflection. At the present time we only have 3 parents attending, please come and try this out as it would be a shame to waste this resource with no one using it.

Numeracy Clinic Celebration event

Pupils who were engaged in the numeracy clinic this session will be invited along to Strathclyde University Barony Hall for a graduation event. This will be held on the 19th March and parents/family are invited along!

SOS partnership working with St Roch’s Primary

Primary 6 pupils from Royston Primary and St Roch’s Primary will soon work together to address the theme ‘Sense over Sectarianism.’ Pupils will work together for 3 sessions – one of them being hosted in Royston Primary. These sessions will commence on 11th March.


Last week and this week is snapshot week in school. This means that all pupils complete a weeks’ worth of activity in their special jotter. An evaluation form is stuck in at the end of the week. This is for you to share your thoughts and views with us. Education is a service to you and your child – therefore we need to know what you think! If you think we need to make changes please do tell us. If you agree with what we are doing and understand why, please do tell us. If you don’t think our ways make sense, please do tell us.

In addition, I would urge you to call in if you have any concerns/queries. Some parents phone/e-mail me at varying times and apologise for having contacted me. Please do not apologise or think this is not appropriate. It is entirely appropriate and worthwhile.

Healthy drinks and snacks

We continually try to pass messages of healthy eating and drinking onto pupils. Pupils can drink water at school. During class time pupils can drink plain water. Research proves that this actually enhances performance in the classroom – class teachers will encourage this. Pupils can bring flavoured water (eg lemon lime, strawberry) for break times although we do try to dissuade them from this as there is some sugar contained. We also try to encourage pupils to bring healthy snacks to school. A piece of fruit or chopped vegetables are excellent choices. Pupils are rewarded for making healthy choices in eating and drinking and can win a special active treat if their good choices become consistent.

I am always disappointed when I see pupils coming to school eating sweets and drinking fizzy drinks. I’m not sure if parents and carers know pupils are doing this but I would encourage you to speak with your child about this.


P2/1 and P3/2 Tennis Festival

On the 17th March the above classes will attend the City wide tennis festival at the Gorbals Leisure Centre. This will showcase the work they have been putting into the tennis lunch club they have been attending for several weeks.


Holidays dates to note

School will close on Friday 3rd April at 2.30pm for spring break. School will re-open on Monday 20th April.

Jane McShane

Head Teacher



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