Week Ending 10th November

This week the Chief Rabbi visited the school for the official opening. He arrived very early in the morning.  He arrived for 7:30 with his security people. The Chief Rabbi then took prayers with about 20 other men from the two shuls Giffnock and Newton Mearns . All the men did prayers then there was a breakfast and the Chief Rabbi gave a little speech.

At 9 all the children came into the hall all the and did prayers together and the Chief Rabbi  made another speech.

After that we all made are way to our classrooms.  The Chief Rabbi then attended then schools official opening ceremony. The choir also sang at the ceremony.

P4 and P5 were very lucky that the Chief Rabbi came to watch some of our Kodesh lesson with Mrs Rosenberg. Then just before lunch the Chief Rabbi  and Rabbi Rubin in front of the whole school went outside put up the front door mezuzah .

We have also been busy in class this week. We have been continuing our work on ‘Thinking Reader Strategies’ and working on identifying different question types. We have also been learning how to show direct speech in our writing and how to write paragraphs. In art today we have been continuing with our grid drawings and it is starting to pay off as some of our drawings are becoming very detailed and accurate.

By Meir and Aydin

3rd November

In Primary 4 this week we have been learning about…


We have been learning about the plants located in the rainforest. The Pitcher plant is colourful so that it attracts frogs and insects but it is poisonous and kills them. There is a tree called the rubber tree that provides us with rubber. We also learned about cacoa and coffee bush that give us chocolate and coffee! We learned about this from a powerpoint then we had write down and label diagrams about them.


On Thursday we completed morning calculations! Mrs Grubb gave us algebraic equations to solve! To start with we were confused but once we got the hang of it we managed to answer them all.


In maths the Brains have been learning how to add and subtract big numbers. We used the place value materials to make the numbers and physically exchange and carry hundreds, tens and units and then recorded this in our jotters.


In PE we have been learning about football. We were learning about possession and how to keep it close to our feet. We also had to try and make passes through a narrow space and count how many we managed without hitting a cone.


We had an exciting Friday this week. This morning we had a pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. It was very exciting and the giant was very realistic.


After break we all went into our new committees –Eco, Rights Respecting, Digital Leaders, Road Safety, Health and PE, Mitzvah and Literacy. Each group was a mix of P1-P7 and we all met for the first time to share our ideas about events in the school that we would like to hold. Apparently some of the groups have a few surprises up their sleeves! We can’t wait to find out what those are!