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All about this week


“We have been learning about Autumn.  We took whiteboards and pens outside to look around and we wrote down words of things we saw. When we came back to the classroom, we writed in our jotters what we saw.  We did a mind map. A mind map has a word in the middle and then lines coming out with our ideas.”



“We wrote some Autumn poems”




“I have been working really hard on writing neater.  I now make sure I write on the lines. “



“With Shosh and Mrs Rosenberg we have been learning about how g-d created the world. On Day one g-d made light and dark.  On day two, g-d separated the sky and the sea.  On day three, g-d created the flowers, trees, plants, vegetables and fruit on the trees. On day four, g-d created the stars, sun and the moon.  On day five, g-d created birds and fish.  On day six, g-d made the rest of the animals and a man called Adam.  On day seven, g-d rested.”

All of Primary Two


“We had a coach called Tommy come to our P.E. lesson.  He played football games with us.  We talked about different movements like running, hopping and skipping. We did kicking skills and we had to trap the ball.  I loved the lesson.  It was really fun”