Parent Workshop

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We invited our parents in to see what we have been learning.

Our new  topic is Katie Morag so we will be learning all about the weather in Scotland. We all know Scotland is very stormy so for our parent workshop we did lots of activities to do with storms.

We painted a stormy seaside, we made stormy movements and created stormy music.

I liked my mum and sister coming to see me work. РMeir

I showed my dad how I can do a back flip! – Aviv

I though it was a dream come true! – Erin

Science Centre









We went to the Science Centre because we have been learning about our senses. We spent the morning exploring all three floors of the science centre. In the afternoon we went to a senses workshop. We had to smell different smells like chocolate, orange, toothpaste and rose.

My favourite part was going on the hamster wheel. -Sally

My favourite part was smelling all the different smell.- Skye

My favourite part was when we went to the shop. – Zachary