‘The Car Crash’

For the last 3 weeks, we have been writing about ‘The Car Crash’. Mr Fry gave us all a starter to the story which we needed to continue using the narrative voice. Each week we wrote a new paragraph to add to our stories. The first week we wrote about the actual crash itself and continued it on the following week by writing about the aftermath of the crash in paragraph 2. The final week we brought our story to a conclusion by talking about our characters¬†being in hospital or being released from there to go home (paragraph 3).

Jonah said – “I liked writing in this way (paragraph each week) as it helped me to focus on different parts of the story when I went to write it, plus it gave me a week to think about how I should continue the story on”

Albie said – “I enjoyed the change of writing style where I had to make up different characters for ,my story¬†rather than being in it myself”

We look forward to finding out what we will be writing about next time during our writing.

by Jonah, Albie and Mr Fry.