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We are the scary, scary monsters of Primary Two!


“We have been doing a story about a monster and we have to tell him how to behave.   The story is called ‘The day a monster comes to school’.  We had to write rules for him and drew some pictures and then we got to show our writing to our friends and share the rules we made up.  We have a class monster called Dusgust.  You get to take Dusgust home if you show good behaviour in class.  We also have his cousin in class called Sulley but he stays in school because he is too big. He is MASSIVE!”



Squares Group – measuring in Kg

“We have been weighing things.  We weighed ourselves and I was 18kg. We weighed pasta, sand and paint.  We also weighed a little fluffy ball that was so light. I was heavier than the pasta, the sand and the paint.”


Triangles Group – Numbers to twenty

The Triangles Group have been learning about numbers to twenty.  They have been learning strategies to identify a missing digit to twenty.

Circles Group – Time (O’clock times)

“Its easy to do.  You use clocks. The teacher shows us and asks us to do something and then you do it on the clock.”



“We were working with Primary Seven on our skills. We was doing bouncing, gymnastics, dancing, basketball.  We like working with Primary Seven and they mostly wear their gym clothes.  They are kind and very patient and fashionable. They are really good and well skilled and they know lots.”

Jonah and Sophie


“We have made cards and practiced our songs and we wish everybody in the school, even to the teachers, a happy new year!  (We even wish the people who have left our school now a happy new year)”


3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!!


The Squares Group have been learning about measuring in kg.

“We weighed each other in our group to see how much we weighed.  I remember I weighed 22kg. We used scales on the floor to weigh ourselves.”


“We weighed Miss Abercrombie’s water bottle.  We weighed sand. We used different scales for weighing things.  People are heavier than things like water bottles.”


The Triangles Group have been learning about numbers to fifteen and recognising a missing digit.

The Circles Group have been learning about time.

“We have been learning about o’clock times. We used the clocks we can move ourselves to set the time. “



“We have been writing space stories. Miss Abercrombie wrote some tricky words on the board to help us like rockets, aliens, fire, shooting stars and space.  My story was about two guys who meeted an alien.  The guys lunch box flew to the moon.”


“My story started with ‘Get ready to go’.  I had two aliens in my story. They were green with blue eyes and spiky hair.”


“I had aliens in my story too and me! We went to the moon to see the aliens and there were rocks.”