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Football Festival

We took part in Tesco’s school Football Festival. Firstly, we walked all the way from our school to Muired Pavilion. I felt so tiered when I got there! (Sally). When we got there, we had our packed lunch on the side of the pitch, it was freezing cold! (Skye). Some people tried to count all the nets set up! (Milla). We were then split into teams and played lots of different games of football. Everyone managed to get one goal but it was very hard to beat the other schools because they were all very good! (Logan). At the end of the games they took a big photo of us! It started to hailstone so we went into the pavilion to keep warm (Sienna). We then walked all the way back to school in the pouring rain! (Meir). We all had so much fun!


Primary Two have just finished a 6 week block of football coaching. Over the weeks, we have developed our dribbling, passing and shooting skills. We had to work well together as a team.

We worked at passing to make our team better.- Logan

I can now kick the ball well.- Moshe

We have been learning all the new rules for football.- Meir

Dusgust and Sulley

Dusgust and Sulley continue to be a big part of our classroom…


“So what we did was we drew any kind of monster you liked, like with squiggles and foot prints.  We added some details so that’s the eyes and the tongue.  We folded the tongue one way, then the other and then the other way and so.  The black one was for inside the mouth. We were learning about monsters because they don’t know how to behave so we are trying to teach our class monster how to behave. I think our monster is learning because it has had good people so far to teach her.”


“Here is Sulley and Dusgust. Dusgust is the little guy.” Logan


Our All about me tree

“We did some writing about how we feel.  It is a flower tree.  We put up lots of branches and then added our flowers.  I writed about my Dad because he makes me happy and takes me around in his purple car.”




“I was in the middle and other people threw the ball and I had to get it but they didn’t want me to get it.  I did catch the ball all the times and then I wasn’t in the middle.  We played ball games like bouncing the ball and throwing bean bags in the hoop.  I can throw it far. My ball skills are improving and I’m very god at basketball. I play basketball at my house and outside at school.”



“We helped make the whole school charter.  We had to make a promise hand with our name on it.  Miss Abercrombie made the whole school charter.”


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