Numeracy in P3

Primary 3 have busy learning lots of different things during numeracy lessons this week.

The Circles have been learning all about how to divide using cubes. They have used their new found skills to successfully work out the answers to worded division problems in pairs.

The Triangles have been learning how to say the time using analogue and digital clocks (O’clock and half past).

The Squares have been working with Miss Itcovitz to learn all about fractions. They now know how to successfully write a quarter and a half in their jotters and how to work out a half or a quarter of a something.

The Diamonds can successfully plot routes around the school using directions (forward, backwards, right turn and left turn) Each person in the group made a list of directions for another person to follow.

Meir Wolfson and Mr Fry


Technology Project

Primary 3 have been busy designing their very own boats and arks this week.

The children have been learning about which materials float and sink during experiments in Science and this helped them to decide which of them they should use to help the boat float.

The design stage focussed on what materials should be used, what equipment would be needed and drawing a model of what the boat or ark would look like when complete.

Primary 3 are almost at the point of making their boats/arks and we hope to have all the materials in school to start making them on Friday!!

Thanks to everyone who has already managed to send in recycled goods to help in the process. Much appreciated!!!


Watch this space…..

Jonah Vulkan and Mr Fry