Messibat Siddur

Primary 3 have been very busy getting prepared for Messibat Siddur. To begin with, we were each given our words we had to learn off by heart at home. Then we had to learn all 11 songs for the night and were helped in doing so by Mr Guetta and Mrs Levern who played the piano for us. Mrs Rosenberg and Mr Fry helped organise where we should be standing on stage and told us when we should move up to the microphone to say our words. Brittany helped choreograph a part of the performance where the dancers come on stage to dance to Yaldahaat.

We are now all super excited for tonight where will perform in front of our parents, families and Rabbi Rubin. We hope our performance goes as well as it did in the dress rehearsal yesterday!!!!


by Logan, Josh and Mr Fry