Forest Schools

We have been learning all about mini beasts in Science. During Forest Schools we worked in groups to build a “bug hotel”. First we planned our hotel, then we gathered our material. Finally we started to build.

My group worked very well together to gather the material we needed. We put sticks on the ground and then put leaves on top of them. We put a moat around it to make sure the woodlouse had water. – Josh

My group made a hotel for spiders. We found a piece of wood sticking up from the ground. We balanced sticks around like a bon fire to give the spider space to walk around. We will put leaves around next for shelter. It was very wet and cold but I enjoyed it.- Meir

My group made a hotel for a ladybird. First we put leaves on the ground for the base. Then we put sticks on top. Next we gathered more and more sticks to keep the leaves in place. We used a leaf for the door. Then we had to come to the meeting tree. We will finish our hotel next week.- Zachary

Health week

Last week was Health Week. The whole school got to wear our P.E kits all week! We took part in lots of different activities like:

Meta Fit boot camp



Running 20 laps of the playground

Got to hear all about marathon running from Jonah’s dad.

We learned how to keep our teeth clean and what sugar does to them!

I thought it was really good and I learned how to keep fit and healthy- Milla