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Remote Learning- daily routines

Although it may be tempting to forget about routines and structures at this time, it can help children to feel safe during periods of uncertainty when there is some structure and routine. Ideas for supporting this include-

  • set times for going to bed and getting up in the morning where possible
  • build in time for fresh air and exercise
  • create a variety of activities such as games, art activities, music, play, garden activities and reading
  • make a daily plan with your child and share this with them the night before
  • limit their time on electronic devices where possible (but don’t cut yourself up if you have to use them to allow you to get things done!) Electronics can be great motivators for some children so if you have a daily plan, put electronics after the thing you want done.
  • respect each others’ privacy and give space when you can
  • take time to review the daily activities to help your child get a sense of accomplishment

In nursery, we use visuals to support children with routines and making choices and these can easily be adapted for the home. Why not draw some different images onto small cards and use to create sequence charts, choice boards, daily schedules or a weekly activity plan. Doing this together with your child will help them to develop an understanding of the choices available and the plans you have in place.

2 or 3 (or more) part sequence boards can help your child understand routines and help them see when they will be doing something.

Choice cards can be used to help your child make decisions and give them control of what they can do. Forced choices are when you present options which you have selected but your child gets the final say. For example, an apple or some grapes….. but not a biscuit! Drawing, hearing a story or playing with lego…. but no option of electronics!

This school timetable can easily be adapted to create your own weekly schedule.


Remote Learning- Literacy

If you can only do one thing to benefit your child while they are not in nursery, it is read a story a day. This can be a new story each day or you can revisit the same old favourite every day for a week…it doesn’t matter as long as you spend some time together and share the experience. Books are not just for bedtime- they can be read anywhere and anytime. And you don’t even need a book- why not make up stories together?

You can visit our stoytelling sway to hear stories read by the Glenwood team –


Similarly, sharing songs and rhymes also supports literacy development.  Why not visit the Bookbug website for ideas-


Alternatively, why not try the BBC radio website for nursery rhymes (rather than YouTube)-



Remote Learning- Healthy minds and bodies

Health and wellbeing is so important. This includes both physical health and mental wellbeing.

Why not start each day with some physical exercise, suitable for all the family.



Alternatively, perhaps some Cosmic Yoga may be more for you… we know this is a real favourite with our children in nursery.


Gonoodle is another favourite.


Children may benefit from this Social Story to help them understand the current situation regarding Covid19.


At a time when we are all experiencing uncertain times, positive mental health has never been so important.

East Renfrewshire Council has developed a guide, Healthier Minds, to promote the mental wellbeing of our children and young people. This resources aims to help you find the information you need to develop children and young people’s talents and abilities in a way that will support them to meet life’s common challenges, develop their resilience, and have healthier minds as a result.


Remote Learning

Following the Scottish Government decision to close schools and nurseries,  we have plans in place to make sure our pupils have every opportunity to continue their education regardless of the circumstances we may face.

We know that these are very challenging times for all of our families  and we would like to begin by sending our care, thoughts and best wishes to all of our families and the wider community.

We understand that many of our families will find themselves in very difficult and worrying circumstances over the coming weeks and months and do not want, in any way, to add to these emotions through creating any anxiety about learning activities that ‘must be done’ each day. With this in mind, the learning activities that we will be facilitating will be shared with an understanding that some of our children/ families will not be in a position to complete these activities each day.  We also acknowledge that spending time with your child in whatever ways are best suited to your family and to meet your child’s interests and stage of development will be most beneficial.

We have developed Home Learning Bags for each child to take home and a Home Learning booklet.

ideas for home booklet March 2020

We will regularly update our website and Twitter with tips, games, challenges and ideas of ways you can support your child at home including links to educational websites.