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Office 365 ProPlus

Office 365 ProPlus

All Glow users, can get copies of Microsoft Office 2016 to use on their home devices – PC, Mac, phones and tablets.

This will enable the use of a range of Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote etc) on up to 15 home devices without cost (the 15 licences being split as 5 for PCs and/or Macs, 5 for tablets and 5 for phones).

To do this, login to Glow, from the launch pad click the Office 365 Home tile (image below) then the “Install Office apps” button and follow the instructions.

Note that if downloading to an iPad or iPhone the process is different, the apps should be downloaded from the App Store and then log in using the Glow username. There is more information from Microsoft available here.

When logging in, you will be asked to enter your user name and this is your Glow user name plus the domain e.g., once you do this, you will be transferred to the usual Glow login screen, when you enter your details here your registration is complete.

The Glow username will only activate the software for as long as that account is active in Glow.

It is also possible to download the apps from within Microsoft O365 – within O365, click on the Office 365 link in the top left of your screen and from the O365 home page, click on “Install Office 2016”.


Eastwood High School fully promotes the values of the GIRFEC agenda and offers support and strategies for a range of mental health concerns within our student body. With this  link  parents can access information, recently published journals and research about several mental health conditions including eating disorders, attachment theories and anxiety issues. If you are concerned about your child’s mental health, please contact their Pastoral Care Teacher to discuss the situation – there are many school based interventions and further agency supports on offer which will help.


Many thanks to everyone who applied to be a prefect this year.  As is often the case, unfortunately we have too many applicants for the positions and have to turn down what are undoubtedly very good candidates for the role.  However, the votes have been counted and the following list shows the successful pupils.

 Congratulations to those pupils who were successful and commiserations to those who did not quite make it this year.  Hopefully there will be other opportunities for leadership roles in the school in the next few months.

See below or click on link  –



Rights Respecting School Award

Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award Achieved! 

Eastwood’s Rights Respecting School team are delighted to announce that we have achieved our Level 1 Award. 

On 23rd of June, we were visited by UNICEF’s Stephen Kidd, who was delighted to give us the award in recognition of our progress in embedding children’s rights in school policy, practice and ethos. Mr Kidd spoke very highly of Eastwood’s young people, praising them on their commitment to achieving this award. He also commended them on how well they were able to articulate their understanding of children’s rights, which they had been learning about across the school. He also commended the various members of staff who have contributed to this award throughout the session. 

We have a few recommendations to action in the new session and then work starts on trying to achieved the Level 2 award. We will receive official notice of the award and a report on Mr Kidd’s findings over the summer holidays.  

Many thanks to all the pupils and staff who contributed to the assessment visit on Friday, and also the pupils and staff who have been working towards this fantastic achievement all session.

Mr Chris Morris                                                                                                       Depute Head Teacher

Download Microsoft Office Apps for Free

Download Microsoft Office Apps for Free

Glow Users can now download for free the Microsoft Office 2016 apps on up to 15 personal devices; up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad and Android) and 5 phones. 

‎Making the these apps available helps Glow users take full advantage of the opportunities these tools offer. The Office apps which include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote provide a learning platform that translates beyond school and into the world of work. 

To download the Office 2016 apps, log in to Glow and either click on the Download Office Now tile or go to the Office 365 Home tile and once in O365, click on “Install Office 2016” at the top right of the page.

Further details here

Car Park – Drop Off Point

When dropping off children for school could parents please only use the designated drop off zone adjacent to the running track and hockey pitch. Parents using the bus bays, parallel to the front of the school and the sports centre, are restricting access for others and putting children exiting cars at risk. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.           

S Maxwell

Young Scot National Entitlement Card

As of the 1st of January 2017, all 16-18 year olds will be required to hold a newer version of the Young Scot National Entitlement Card to access reduced bus and rail fares. Young Scot and your local authority are working to upgrade as many cards held by 15-18 year olds as possible before the New Year.

Please have a look at your young person’s card. The latest version of the cards have a pink strip over the date of birth.

If the card is missing a pink strip then please visit for details on how to upgrade the card and update your picture.

A replacement can also be arranged through any of the local NEC verification points, full details are on the website.

While you are visiting, take a few moments to look at the opportunities, discounts, rewards and information services for young people.

For more information visit