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Halloween Fun!

The Sunflowers have had lots of Halloween fun this week. On Wednesday it was the first sensory assembly for some of our boys. There were lots of activities set up in the hall and we moved around them. We made ghosts with hand prints, made sensory bracelets with coloured pasta, dressed up and were dooking for apples. We had pumpkins to carve in the classroom which was fun. On Friday we make our own witches and Miss Hill used toilet paper to make us look like mummies.

Our party is this afternoon keep a look out for another post with photos from that.

FAoL Sensory Balamory Art

The boys in the Sunflowers class have been exploring some  sensory art materials. The pupils used super soft cotton wool and pom poms to create these gorgeous Balamory rainbow clouds. We linked  LGBT into our discussion about rainbow colours and talked about what makes a good community like Balamory.

The boys were all given the opportunity and freedom of choice to select their own resources and to self assess using the classroom ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’ cards.

Excellent listening and making skills from these super successful learners! Keep up the hard work boys!


Harris McCoo and Singing Hands

We are so lucky at Willowbank School. This week we had special visitors visit our school. On Thursday Harris McCoo visited us in the morning. We all went to the hall to see him dance on the stage with Steven Brown and his friends. Miss Hill and some of the older pupils were at the front too as they had been learning the signs to his special song. We also joined in with some of the signs too.

Today Suzanne and Tracy “Singing Hands” came to Willowbank School. It was amazing. We did lots of singing, signing and dancing.


Looking at different houses


The Sunflowers class enjoyed our recent social education outing where we went on the school minibus and drove around Kilmarnock looking at different homes.  We looked at the police station and took a picture to compare it to the house PC Plum lives in. We took a picture of a local shop to compare it to Penny Pocket and Suzie Sweet’s shop. We looked for different coloured house just like in Balamory.

We had a special McDonalds Drive Thru treat too!