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FAOL – Whole School Projects/Citizenship

The Stars class rehearsed hard for the school show. We looked at, listened to and practised singing and signing to the songs, ‘When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney’, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, ‘Silent Night’ and finally ‘Reach For the Stars’. Alongside the Moonbeams and Sungazers classes we dressed up in character and held props to perform.


Pudsey Activities

The Stars Class enjoyed Pudsey activities on Friday afternoon. We handled dotty water beads, made dotty Pudsey pictures and had Pudsey dotting all over the magic carpet! We even had tasty Pudsey decorated cakes and shortbread for snack. Earlier in the week we finished making ‘junk’ houses and recently we have enjoyed outings to B&Q, The Range and Hansel Village.


FAOL – ECO – Clean Water and Sanitation

The Stars Class made a rain catcher to collect water in the garden. We sieved it through paper to see how clean it was to drink. It was full of dirt and leaves. We are so lucky to have clean water from the tap to drink and wash in. Some boys and girls from abroad are not so lucky and have to drink dirty water from rivers or lakes. We have also planted spring bulbs in the garden. We hope they will grow into colourful daffodils and tulips.


Stars at Rebound and PE FAOL

Connor getting a great stretch at Rebound

Lacey crawling over the cylinder

Hugh enjoying a bounce at rebound insupported sit and sitting by himself
Connor bouncing in supported sit
Hugh pushing into the trampoline bed to create bounce

The Stars are hard at work during Rebound and PE they are stars

Katelyn doing log roll

Tonie doing log roll

Lacey doing log roll
Connor doing log roll with support

Katelyn crawling on mat and over cylinder

Tonie crawling over the cylinder

Connor lying prone on the wedge