Remembrance Day at Portpatrick Primary

The boys and girls of Portpatrick Primary have commemorated the occasion of Remembrance Day as Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

Our Pineapple Squad (a.k.a.  Maya, Izzy and Ava Lily) have taken it upon themselves to organise an enterprising project to raise funds for Poppy Scotland.  The girls decided to create a wide range of hand crafted items to sell.  The team have been busy, giving up their break times and working in the evenings at home, to design and make hand-crafted book marks and loom band bracelets to sell.  We have received orders from pupils, family and friends of the school.  With sales and donations to the girl’s projects, they have raised a grand total of £30.50.  This is such a great result for their efforts.

Our Merchandise

The pupils have also been buying poppies; the proceeds going directly to Poppy Scotland.  We raised £13.64 selling poppies.

Our grand total raised to support Poppy Scotland is £43.64!

The children have created beautiful poppy artwork which is now on display in Morrison’s for all to see and admire.  Here are just a couple of examples from Ruby and Izzy to share with you.


In addition, Primary 4- 7 have been learning the famous World War One poem, In Flander’s Fields by John McCrae.  Please have a listen to their reciting the poem as a team by copying and pasting the link below.

On the 11th of November, the boys and girls wore their poppies with pride.

Finally, as a school we marked the two minute’s silence with respect on the eleventh day at the eleventh hour.





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