End of Year Ceremony

The school community gathered today to say goodbye to our P7 pupils and to celebrate success throughout the year.  Awards were presented for the following:

100 % Attendance:

Alba White, Ruby Rankin, Rhian Palmer (3)

Responsible Pupil Awards:

P1-3 – Girl – Annabelle Thorburn Boy – Atticus Orr-Ewing

P4-7 Girl – Olivia Cumming Boy – Findlay Thorburn

Accelerated Reading:

Star reader in p2 – Lewis Mc Quillan

Star reader in p3 – Rose Santangeli

Star reader in p4 – Ava Lily and Alba

Star reader in p5/6 – Findlay Thorburn

Star reader in p7 – Rhian Palmer

Word millionaire:

Ava Lily

Platinum Rainbow Tables:

Findlay Thorburn, Ava Lily Orr Ewing & Lillie Baker

Platinum Rainbow Spelling:

Rhian Palmer

STAR awards – gold recipients:

Ruby, Max, Alba, Isabella, Liam , Rhian, Lewis

Barbara Lunch Helper Award:

Izzy White

Sporting success:

Footballers – Lee, Rhian and Rowan

Badminton: Rhian

Sports champions:

Junior Boy – Cameron

Junior girl – Erin

Senior girl- Rhian

Senior boy- Rowan

Artistic award Eileen Mc Donald Cup:

Ava Lily Orr Ewing

Literacy p1-3 Erin p4-7 Rowan

Numeracy p1-3 Jack p4-7 Ruby

HWB p1-3 Sophia P4-7 Lee

Endeavour award – Alba White

REACH award – P1-3 Rose P4-7 Lillie

Songs were sung to entertain the audience and to express the sentiment of the day.

Goodbyes, thank you’s and good wishes were said to Mrs Warwick, Mrs Wither, and Mrs Leek for their hard work throughout the year.  Sian Roberts was thanked for her years of service on the parent council.

Mrs Baillie expressed thanks to all staff and parents for their help and support throughout the year.  Mrs McHarg also thanked Mrs Baillie for her dedicated efforts.

We rounded off the day with a quick trip to the beach for a toe paddle and a play in the glorious sunshine.  Let summer commence!

#Effective Contributors


P7’s Dine Out

Our P7’s enjoyed a social evening dining out at the Mount Stewart to mark the occasion of their moving on to Stranraer Academy.  Rowan, Rhian, Livvy, Myles and Lee had the pleasures of a meal together in the sun room.  They then moved on to enjoy the sunshine in the village with just one more day left at primary school.

We wish them all the very best of luck on their new adventure.

#Time for a new chapter

Cream of Galloway Trip

The whole school tootled off in the glorious sunshine to enjoy a day trip to the Cream of Galloway yesterday.

P1-3 participated in a farm tour.  They saw where the cows are milked and then toured the byres.  The children learned that the cows have massaging brushes to keep themselves in tip-top condition.  All the cows were grazing happily outdoors. Cream of Galloway pride themselves in their treatment of their livestock, allowing as much outdoor time as possible for both mothers and calves.

P4-7 experienced a Sundae making workshop.  The children selected their own flavours of ice-cream, added sauce (lots!) and toppings (lots and lots!).  They then went up to the viewing gallery to look down at the factory.  Here, cheese and ice-cream are made in the vats; enough to fill a swimming pool each year. We learned about packaging design to appeal to customers.

After that, it was Go Boing, where all things bouncy was the order of the day.  Everyone enjoyed climbing the six story 3D maze and scooting down the slides too.  There was lots to keep everyone entertained.

P1-3 enjoyed an ice-cream of their choice after their lunch.  P4-7 were all ice-creamed out from their earlier treat. It was all too soon time to return to the bus for the journey home.  There were a few ‘zzzzz’ to be heard from the tired, but happy crew.


Partnership Sporting Success

Tuesday saw all 3 of our North Rhins partnership schools come together for a morning of exploration and an afternoon of inter-school sports fun. Pupils from Portpatrick and Kirkcolm travelled to Leswalt, who hosted the event for the first time. After arriving, the boys and girls made their way up to the Aldouran Wetlands for some fun in the gardens.

They then made their way back to school for a picnic lunch outside, and enjoyed getting to know and play with pupils from the other schools. Just as we were ready to head to the village park to begin our sports, the rain started – but it didn’t damped our spirits! Thankfully, the shower passed and it was a lovely warm afternoon for the boys and girls to cheer on their own schools – they were all getting very competitive and were keen for their school to be the overall winner of the afternoon!

There were various races for pupils to participate in, including sprint, skipping, sack, egg & spoon, distance and a relay. After counting up the points and working out the scores proportionately given the differing numbers of pupils in the 3 school, Portpatrick were the overall winners of the afternoon, with Leswalt in 2nd place and Kirkcolm in 3rd.

A huge thank-you must go to Lidl who supported the event for the 2nd year running, by providing water and fruit for the pupils to enjoy – they were well in need of this after the distance race! Also to the Brown family, who transported the equipment from the school to the park for us. The pupils had a wonderful afternoon mixing with other boys and girls in their year group across the 3 schools and are looking forward to our next get together already!

Tractor Tom

Tractor Tom, aka Tom McKie (Sophia’s Papa) visited the school this week to allow P1-3 to learn more about how tractors are used to help with farming.

The children learned about the different parts of the tractor and what they are used for to lessen the workload for busy farmers.  Each pupil eagerly took advantage of the chance to sit in the tractor.  Tractor Tom then took the tractor for a quick spin and a toot in the playground to show off its manoeuvrability.

# Successful Learners

SSERC Science Share: Rocket Mice

Today, P3-6 linked up with Thornton Primary STEAM Team as part of a live SSERC Cook-Along GlowMeet session.  Along with up to 100 schools throughout Scotland, we shared a video link that guided us through the science behind blasting off our home made rocket mice launchers.

The children carried out a practical science activity to explore the forces acting upon our rockets. We observed the upward thrust produced by quickly ‘clap-smacking’ our milk bottles rockets to launch our home made mice astronauts.  The quick expulsion of air from the bottles created an upward propulsion system.  We discussed  how air resistance and gravity worked against the mouse’s upward thrust.

We recycled our unwanted milk cartons to do our bit for the environment. 🙂

You can watch a replay of the launch on the video link below.

#Successful Learners


Veterinary Visit

Following on from our Careers in the Community assembly, Carolyne the veterinary nurse returned with vet Steve to share more of their experiences of working as a mixed practice in the Stranraer area; both with domestic and farm animals.

They were accompanied by the ever popular Dougal the Cockapoo.  Dougal kindly volunteered to let the children give him a medical assessment.  They listened to his heartbeat through stethoscopes and inspected his ears to check they were clean and healthy.  The boys and girls proved excellent vets, taking gentle care of Dougal. He was more than happy to be groomed and pampered during his visit.  He was the star of the show!

#Successful Learners


Spinners and Weavers

Primary 1-3 received a visit from the local Spinners & Weavers group today.  The ladies kindly gave up their time to show the children traditional methods of working with wool after it has been gathered from sheep.

The session included looking at different types of wool from Jacob’s to Blue faced Leicester. The boys and girls then had a demonstration of the different methods of spinning and had a chance to use a range of equipment such as an authentic spinning wheel.

Everyone had a chance to prepare the wool by brushing it to remove any knots and debris, ready to then spin.

The boys and girls have learned more about traditional cottage industries linking to their ongoing farming topic.

#Successful Learners

Annual Sports Day

Portpatrick Primary held yet another successful sports day on Friday 7th of June.  Many friends and family members came along to cheer the boys and girls on in their sporting efforts.

The children competed in the following events:

  • Sprint – Class winners: Carter, Scott, Sophia, Ava Lily, Finlay & Rowan
  • Skipping – Class winners: Erin, Cameron, Rose, Ava Lily, Finlay & Rowan
  • Sack – Class winners: Carter, Cameron, Sophia, Ruby, Robin & Rowan
  • Egg and Spoon – Class winners: Erin & Carter, Atticus, Rose, Ruby, Finlay and Rowan
  • Throw – Class winners: Erin, Scott, Sophia, Lillie, Finlay &  Rowan
  • Distance – Class winners: Holly, Cameron, Sophia, Ava Lily, Finlay & Rowan
  • Obstacle – Class winners; Erin, Cameron, Liam, Isabella, Alfie and Myles

The winning didn’t stop there.  In pole position, in the highly competitive mum’s and dad’s races, were Kerry and Steve.  In the nursery race, Adam just pipped Ivy at the finish line.

Everyone demonstrated great determination and team spirit.

The day was rounded off with an ice lolly treat.

#Effective Contributors.

High Airyolland Farm Visit

P1-3 donned their wellies for a visit to High Airyolland as part of their learning on farming.

Mr and Mrs McQuistin kindly took the children of a tour of their farmstead to give the children a sense of land use.  They all went up to the top of the hill to view the layout and different usage of the areas such as grazing and a wind turbine.

Dallas the sheepdog was a big hit as he demonstrated herding the sheep under the commands of Mr McQuistin.

The boys and girls observed Highland cows in the fields and learned from Mrs McQuistin that the shorter the horns, the younger the animal.  One old girl was 16 years old!

Back down at the main farm area, Mr McQuistin explained the different breeds of sheep – Beltex and Blue Faced Leicester.  They also have cross bred sheep from the two which has the lovely name of a Bluebell cross.  Mr McQuistin then gave a sheep sheering demonstration.  He told the children about how the wool is used. This will link in with the upcoming visit from weavers into the classroom.

Environmental responsibility was discussed as it was explained to the children how any plastic waste on the farm is responsibly disposed of.

No farm visit is complete without seeing a tractor up close.  The boys and girls were able to explore it.  Mrs McQuistin explained that because farms are so mechanised, you don’t have to be strong to be a farmer and that it can be a career choice for anyone.

The day was a great success, with just about everyone now wishing to become a farmer!

#Successful Learners

Click on each photo to have full view 🙂


The Rock Cycle – Through the medium of chocolate :)

P4 -7 became geologists today by modelling the rock cycle.  The natural rock cycle can take millions of years to achieve.  We simulated this entire process in an afternoon using chocolate.

Sedimentary Rock

We started off by making sedimentary rock that had been broken down into smaller pieces by the elements.  To do this, we:

  • Grated milk and white chocolate into flakes to represent different rock types
  • We built up our sediment in a pile on tin foil
  • It was then compressed by pressing down on the flakes wrapped in the foil
  • The resultant sedimentary rock sample can be seen in photographs below
  • The separate sediment deposits can be observed as white and dark sections.

1 – Breaking the chocolate into mixed sediment

2 – Compressing the sediment

3 – Sedimentary rock is formed

Sedimentary Changing To Metamorphic Rock

We then simulated high pressure and heat being applied to our sedimentary rock sample.  We achieved this by:

  • Putting our sample in a bag along with whole chunks of chocolate.
  • We squashed and squeezed the sample and let our body heat do the work
  • The results can be seen below. A harder, grainy texture is achieved as a result of changing from sedimentary to metamorphic rock.

4 – Applying heat and pressure to sedimentary rock

5 – Sedimentary rock changed to metamorphic rock

Metamorphic rock changing to Igneous Rock

To model the change from metamorphic rock to igneous rock, we:

  • Melted the chocolate over a Bain Marie.
  • The metamorphic rock melted as if it was exposed to extreme heat under the crust of the earth, becoming magma.
  • The melted sample was then cooled and formed in a flow, just like lava erupted from a volcano.

6 – Heat changes metamorphic rock to igneous rock

The cycle will start all over again with igneous rock breaking down to form sedimentary rock and so on…

Yoga – Outdoor Learning Day

P4-7 ended the Outdoor Learning Day’s activities by partaking of a relaxing yoga session in the sunshine.

We learned traditional yoga poses such as the tree, mountain, chair and warrior.  These positions help build core muscle strength.

We rounded off at home time with a mindfulness, calming visualisation activity; relaxing on the grass.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day packed full of purposeful activities.

Gardening & Art – Outdoor Learning Day

P1 – 3  got their gardening gloves on to care for their vegetable patch.  They carefully weeded and tended the wide range of vegetables that are coming along nicely.  We have spring onion, beetroot, potato, onion, turnip, carrots and potato plants!

They then progressed to observational art.  The children made a close study of the flowers growing naturally around the mound area.  They then focussed carefully to produce their own impressions of these flowers.

Meanwhile Robin and Liam helped Mrs Henry distribute posters around the village as part of our ‘Eco’ litter campaign.  Local businesses have been very supportive, offering to display them predominately, to encourage us all to keep Portpatrick tidy.

# Responsible Citizens & Effective Learners


Science & Eco – Outdoor Learning Day

The whole school participated in an Eco-based science lesson to construct bug hotels using a range of natural materials to create a natural habitat.

The children were required to follow and process verbal and written instructions to produce a hotel fit for bug royalty.  They were challenged to make and implement design selections from two options.

Everyone used the soft skills of cooperation, negotiation and sharing to complete the task.  The hotels were positioned throughout our grounds and even had a ready made food source of a sugar lump treat for the new residents.

#Responsible Citizens


STEM/Language Outdoor Learning

P1 -3 had a sensory journey around our outdoor area.  P1 were looking for objects of different colours and materials.  P2-3 were using their 5 senses to locate a variety of objects

P4-7 used their engineering skills to combine and construct a  ‘Des Res’ for a mini resident.  They used natural materials to build a free standing structure with a door way, walls and roof for their little owners.

The children then used their persuasive writing techniques to market their home through an estate agent ‘For Sale’ advert.

#Successful Learners

Maths – Outdoor Learning Day

The whole school took to the outdoors for a glorious start to National Outdoor Learning Day.

P1 – 3 applied measure through the science of plant care today.  They measured and recorded the growth of cress, previously planted, in their cress diaries. Later that day, they also applied measure to fitting sticks into their bug hotels.

P4 were foraging for what they could find in our playground.  They sorted their collected objects into frequency tables and produced a bar graph of their results to find the most common objects.

P5/6 used a method to measure the height of trees and plotted their data on a bar graph, applying features.

P6/7 measured the height and girth of our trees and plotted a line graph to identify the correlation between the two factors.  They determined that the taller the tree, the wider the girth of it’s trunk.

#Successful Learners

We Are Film Makers

P4-7 have donned their movie maker caps to produce a short film on William Wallace.  This is part of a Dumfries and Galloway collaborative video challenge, and also fits perfectly with developing the children’s digital technology skills.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Wallace Monument, and the introduction to heroines to the Hall of Heroes for the first time, schools across the region have been invited to make a 60 second video on our Scottish heroes.  We were quick to grab William Wallace from the list of famous people from our history, having learned about his life in the past.

The children self-managed presenting, videoing, lighting and editing our video.  The design of the film is through personal selection and choice. We did have credits, but had to remove them for splicing with other school’s contributions.

We are proud of the finished product and have already been told it will be showcased across the STEM yammer group to promote and encourage participation in this worthy activity.

#Successful Learners & Effective Contributors

Kirkcolm Sponsored Walk

We would like to say a big ‘thank you!’ to all of our pupils and families who participated in the annual Kirkcolm sponsored walk on Saturday.  All funds raised by Portpatrick pupils will go directly to our school.

There were many smiles and determined faces as everyone made their way around the 7 mile route to completion.  Our thanks also go to the many people who supported the event through marshalling, offering refreshments and encouragement etc.  Well done to Isabella who was the first Portpatrick pupil to complete all 7 miles!

#Effective Contributors



Digital Learning Week – ICT Club

As part of Digital Learning Week, we have been sharing and developing our digital technology skills in our ICT Lunch Time Club. The sessions have been organised and supported by both our digital leaders and by those who wished to share their abilities.

All of the activities have been well attended and the pupils have cooperated, supported and shared wonderfully well.

Throughout the week our pupils have engaged in the following:

  • Dance Mat Typing – developing keyboard skills
  • Coding – developing programming skills
  • Digital Photography
  • Webcams
  • Animation
  • Green screen and movie making
  • Symmetry software

#Successful Learners & Effective Contributors

Digital Skills Week – Green Screen Training

P4-7 received specialist Green Screen and movie making input from Miss Karen Creighton today.  She is one of our very skilled D & G RAISE team members (Raising Aspirations in Science and Technology).

The pupils were guided through green screen technology.  We then used Serif Movie Plus to overlay and edit our green screen images over volcanoes from around the world.  The children applied sequencing, ‘chroma-key’ functions and credits etc. to inform and entertain with their animated videos.  We are using digital skills in creative ways to enhance our learning across the curriculum.

#Successful Learners

Cross Country

P5 -7 participated in the cluster’s annual cross country event at Green Valley today.  The children gave it their all to run either a full mile or half a mile over soft ground.  They also took part in a series of relay races of mixed ages.  Everyone demonstrated resilience and determination by completing their individual and team challenges with ‘puffed out’ smiles 🙂

Our digital leaders captured action using a digital camera.

#Effective Contributors

Celebrating Digital Skills

Our partnership schools are always pleased to celebrate the achievements of our pupils in developing their digital skills for learning and life.

P4-7 at Portpatrick have been working hard to learn about creating and using digital images;  saving and retrieving them for a purpose.  The children have also been sharing their knowledge using software such as Movie Maker.  We are a sharing team!

#Successful Learners


Portpatrick’s Digital Art





Ava Lily

Ava Lily























The children have use the skills that they have learned from their amazing trip to Logan Botanic Garden to take magnificent photos of their favourite part of nature in the school playground and also at Logan Botanic Garden.

I’m sure you will agree that there are some very pleasing images achieved using Digital Technology


Written by Findlay Thorburn P6 – Digital Leader

Logan Garden Outdoor Experience Day

Portpatricks trip to Logan Botanic Gardens 

Blog excerpt written by Digital Leader Findlay Thorburn 

On the 30th of April 2019, Portpatrick school went to Logan Botanic Gardens.

P4-7 were learning about how to take digital photos of nature and P1-3 were learning about animals as part of a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

The older children were learning about the different ways to take a digital picture and what they should do to get a perfect picture by using what we can see around us.

The little class were learning what animals need to survive in the outdoors.  They had to make a little place for their animal to survive with natural items that they found around the garden.  They took their teddy bears along with them.

# Successful Learners

Photographs from P1-3 to follow


Music for All

P4-7 pupils headed to the Ryan Centre along with other local primary schools on Friday afternoon, to be entertained by the brilliantly talented ‘Music for All’ musicians – “Trio Ecossaise.”

Between performing as a trio, the musicians took it in turns to explain to the audience a bit about their particular instrument (clarinet, piano and cello) and then performed a piece of music so we could hear how it sounds. Pupils were encouraged to consider how the music made them feel as they listened and picked an Emoji to represent this.

Pupils learned lots about the various instrument and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon at this musical extravaganza!


Foraging at Dunskey

The boys and girls headed up to Dunskey estate on Friday morning, by kind invitation of the Orr-Ewing family. We were greeted by Chris, Verena and Aggie who took us foraging in the grounds for wild garlic (minus some adults who managed to get lost!!). Many pupils were surprised at what wild garlic looked like – lots of us had never seen it before, even the adults! Although there was no mistaking it – we could smell the garlic before we saw it!

After we had each filled our tubs with garlic, we headed back to the house and split into groups in the kitchen. We had to work together to wash the garlic, tear it up and grind it down to a paste using a mortar and pestle – this really got our muscles working as it was no easy job!! We then added pine nuts, oil, parmesan, salt & pepper, and some lemon juice and continued to grind it altogether until it was smooth.

Chris had cooked some pasta which he mixed with our pesto and we all got a little bowl to taste – there were lots of thumbs up and only a few thumbs down!

We then had some time to have a run about in the garden, before the buses arrived to take us back to school (along with the lingering smell of garlic, which has followed us around all day!).

Many thanks must go to the Orr-Ewing family and the staff at Dunskey for providing the pupils with this experience.


Rotary Club Quiz

Rhian, Findlay, Lee and Rowan represented the school at the annual Rotary Club Quiz at Rephad Primary on Thursday afternoon. They put their general knowledge skills to the test and came an impressive 2nd place out of 10 schools, missing out on 1st place by only 1 point! Well done – you did the school proud!

Skiff Visit

Our boys and girls were treated to a visit from our local Stranraer Coastal Rowing Team today.  The team members proudly displayed their hand built skiff, The Lady Bay, and explained the construction process to the children.  We were all surprised to learn that not a single nail had been used.

During the building phase, members of the local community volunteered their help with no previous knowledge of boat building.  We all agreed it was a fine craft, painted in the colours of our local Stranraer Academy.

The children were invited to sit in the skiff and try their hand at ‘on-land’ rowing. Lewis, Ruby and Maya took up position as coxswains to guide proceedings.

Wendy Cuff explained that the week long Stranraer SkiffieWorlds rowing festival in July (7th – 13th) will see competition entrants from around the globe come to Loch Ryan. There will be up to 1500 competitors and as many as 70+ skiffs are expected to participate in the World Championships for the St Ayles Skiff class of Coastal Rowing Boats. There will be a wide range of family based events on offer during the week.  It is definitely an event not to miss!

Portpatrick Litter Pick

The whole school put on their community spirits today as part of their Eco School responsibilities.  We all carried out a litter pick in the village with the support of family and friends.  The children got stuck in making the place spike and span.  They used their eagle eyes to spot and safely collect litter using the litter pickers provided by Kelly Monteith of the local council.

The boys and girls then applied their maths skills to calculate the weight of litter collected.  We problem solved by weighing a willing pupil before and whilst holding the litter collected.  The children then found the ‘difference’ by taking away.  We found we had gathered 5kg of litter on our clean up.  We talked about what fraction the litter weight was in relation to the pupil’s weight and converted the figure to a percentage.

This clean up is part of a wider trio litter action event organised by Mrs McHarg.

#Effective Contributors.


Feis Rois Performance

Parents and pupils were treated to a musical recital by the P4-7 class yesterday.  Over the term, they have been working hard on their Scot’s musical compositions with Claire Mann from Feis Rois. The children have learned songs in Scots and Gaelic and have composed their own instrumental arrangements to accompany their singing.  We were all delighted to listen to a wide range of instruments that the children played independently.  They showcased their talents on violins, flutes, tin whistles, a guitar, African drums and Xylophones!

Everyone agreed that it was a very entertaining morning.  Our thanks go to Claire and to the pupils for all their musical efforts, and also to the parents who came along to share the experience.

#Successful Learners


Trip on the Train to Ayr

Pupil enjoyed a fab day away today, courtesy of the Community Council. The school was kindly given £500 to take the pupils on an extra trip – so we headed off to Ayr for the day! 

After meeting at the train station at half 8, we made the journey to Ayr, with some pupils playing I Spy to fill the time. 

Once we arrived, we walked to LA Bowl where we had a game of 10-pin bowling. There was some friendly competition between staff and pupils – Mrs Warwick was victorious in her game; but Myles beat Ms Whorlow and Liam beat Mrs Henry! It was a close competition between Mrs McHarg and Ruby – there was only 1 point between them!  

During this, groups were taken out for a game of laser quest. Pupils had a blast running around in the dark – although they targeted the teachers, who didn’t stand a chance! 

After some lunch, we made our way to the park to run off some steam, before heading back home on the train. 

Pupils had a wonderful day – many thanks to the Community Council for making this possible. 

Woodland Trust Trees

Pupil were outside yesterday and this morning planting trees with Sian Roberts in our playground, to help provide a home for the wildlife and brighten up our playground. The 30 trees are from the Woodland Trust, who were giving them to schools for free to encourage pupils to get involved in planting trees. There are 3 different types of trees, including cherry and silver birch.

Many thanks must go to Sian and helpers who gave up their time to do this.


Dumfries and Galloway Badminton champion!

Congratulations must go to our own Rhian Palmer who at the weekend was crowned the Dumfries and Galloway Primary girls badminton champion – for a remarkable 2nd year in a row!

Rhian travelled to Dumfries to compete against all of the regional finalists and was victorious in all of her matches.  She dropped very few points in the whole event.  Rhian will now go on to the Scottish Finals in Perth, in May.

What an achievement – well done Rhian!

Gardening Time!

P1 – 3 have been beavering away in the outdoor environment as part of their farming topic this term.  They have been working collaboratively to prepare and plant a selection of vegetables in our  vegetable patch.  The children will nurture and care for potatoes, carrots, turnip, onions and beetroot. Ewan Little and Barsolus kindly donated the potatoes, carrots and turnips.  The children are all looking forward to harvesting their crop and tasting the ‘fruits’ of their efforts.

# Effective Contributors.

World War II Creativity

The pupils of P4-7 have rose to the challenge of producing a WWII related resource of their own choosing.  The children made models, posters, podcasts, rationing recipes and more!

A range of STEM skills were utilised in the tasks.  Here are just a few of the applied skills they have used:

  • measuring
  • weighing
  • cutting
  • sawing
  • sticking
  • combining
  • decorating
  • researching
  • Using IT sofware

The standard was so high that Barbara had a hard time judging the winner.  She selected:

3rd Place – Maya McNeill for her Anderson Shelter

2nd Place – Isabella White for her Anderson Shelter cake

1st Place – Lee Gaunt for his dug out battle scene.

Everyone received ‘highly commended’ recognition for their sterling efforts.  Thanks go to willing family members who helped, supported and encouraged the children to be independent learners.

As a class, we used Papier Mache to produce our own Anderson shelter model.  We also worked with Balsa wood and cardboard to produce our fleet of WWII fighter planes.

# Independent Learners

Curling’s cool tournament

Rhian, Rowan, Olivia and lee recently took part in the inter-school curling tournament which took place at the North West Castle Ice rink.  They displayed great sportsmanship.  The team were not placed, but did enjoy their day mixing and playing with senior pupils from other schools.  Many thanks to Sian Roberts for supervising the pupils at this event.

#Successful learners

Egyptian Bread Making P1-3

As part of P1-3’s topic of Ancient Egypt, the class have been learning about the diet of the Egyptian people.  They discovered that they, in the main, had a very healthy diet and that the most important food staple was bread.

The boys and girls decided to make some using a traditional recipe to see for themselves how good it was.  They had a discussion on why yeast was needed.  The skills they used to complete this task were:

  • Following a pictorial instruction recipe
  • Weighing and measuring
  • Mixing
  • Cooperating
  • Food hygiene
  • Tasting
  • Evaluating

The bread was deemed a resounding success by everyone!

#Successful Learners


Tremendous Talent Competition for Comic Relief

On Friday afternoon, the boys and girls of Portpatrick Primary displayed their wonderful talents to the school to help raise money for Comic Relief. Families were invited in to watch the ‘Portpatrick’s Got Talent’ competition in return for a donation towards the very worthy charity.

Organised by members of the Pupil Council, pupils were asked to apply to take part in the competition. Auditions were then held and 8 acts were selected to go through to the final, held on Red Nose Day.

Entries in the competition included: Livvy singing ‘Little Do You Know’; Lewis and Liam performing magic tricks; Lillie, Alba and Izzy dancing; Ruby singing ‘Don’t Stop Believin’; Findlay playing the flute; Rowan identity 100 flags of the world; and Erin, Holly, Rose and Caroline singing ‘7 Years Old’.

Our judges, Pat, Barbara and Mrs Jean Ross, provided some very thoughtful feedback after each act and had the very difficult decision of selecting 1st to 3rd placed entries.

3rd place was awarded to Rowan Harbottle. In joint 2nd place we had Findlay Thorburn and Lewis McQuillan. The overall winner in 1st place was Ruby Rankin.

A huge well done to everyone who applied, auditioned and competed on the day. What a talented bunch of pupils we have!!

To further raise funds for Comic Relief, we held a non-uniform and crazy hair day. Alba and Izzy also kindly baked and decorated some cupcakes at home which they sold at break time.

We raised a grand total of £128.57 for Comic Relief – thank you to everyone for your donations!

P1-3 Celebrate Science Week

To kick-off the start of the national British Science Week (which runs from 8th-15th March), Primary 1-3 pupils held a science afternoon in school which parents were invited to pop along and join in with.

There were several different science activities on offer to participate in, including making a rainbow, a rain cloud, a sycamore helicopter, and a moving car. As we are keen to promote STEM subjects, there were also stations involving K’Nex challenges and the Code ’N’ Go Mouse to develop programming skills.

Pupils loved the make a cloud station, where they had to use shaving foam, water and food colouring to simulate a rain cloud – although half of the shaving foam ended up on pupils’ noses rather than in the jar!!

Thank-you to all the parents who popped in – everyone had a fab afternoon!

WWII Rationing Day

As part of this term’s WWII topic, Primary 4-7 created some authentic rationing recipes today.  P4 made fruity buns using a range of dried and fresh fruit ingredients.  P5-7 created carrot biscuits.  Each group had to select ingredients and use equipment hygienically and safely.  Maths skills were required through weighing and measuring activities.

We used the stimulus to write our own instruction text recipes, using ‘bossy’ imperative verbs and key language features.

The class tasted both recipes and evaluated them for taste, presentation and appeal. We were about 60/40 on the fruity buns, but it was a resounding thumbs up from everyone for the carrot biscuits.

To add to our creative flare, we undertook a challenge to plan a party dish from limited wartime ingredients.

Throughout it all, the class enjoyed listening to wartime songs.  There was even a little sing along to Run Rabbit Run 🙂

# Successful Learners

Science Open Day – British Science Week

A trio partnership science morning was the order of the day at Portpatrick Primary today. Pupils and family in our  P4 – 7 classes from Kircolm, Leswalt and Portpatrick came together to participate in a wide range of STEM based activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as part of British Science Week.

The showpiece of the event was a mobile planetarium provided by the Galloway Forest Astronomical Society, organised by Mrs Ferguson.  Mr Antony Berretti, Dr Douglas Snell, Mr Hunter McCall and Mr Brian Rice, gave up their time voluntarily to bring a night sky experience to the children.  We were taken on a journey through the planets and moons of our Milky Way, learning fascinating facts on our travels. P1-3 were also treated to a session as an added bonus.  This resource has been kindly funded by the Kilgallioch Community Fund and is being made available to schools within our region.

The planetarium will be part of the attractions on offer to all ages on Saturday 9th March during the weekend programme for the Wigtown Big Bang Weekend event. (11-4pm, £5 per entry).  There are visiting astronomical dignitaries scheduled to attend the weekend.

When not in the planetarium, the pupils were given a carousel of hands-on challenges to select from; ranging from electrical circuits to tower construction and from pin the organ on the body to parachute making.  For example, they had to design an electrical circuit that would sound an alarm in the event of a flood.  Our little engineers didn’t let us down and were up to the challenges of all the problems presented to them.

There was even an opportunity for social time during break, which the children made full use of.

P1-3 will not miss out as they will have their science event this coming Friday.

#Successful Learners


Wigtownshire badminton success!

Well done to Rowan and Rhian who  competed in the Wigtownshire badminton championships at Newton Stewart, last night.

After many games, Rowan was awarded a bronze medal for being placed 3rd in the boys competition.

And, for the second year in a row, Rhian was the Wigtownshire Girls badminton champion.  Rhian only dropped 3 points in the whole of the tournament – amazing skills Rhian!

Many thanks must go to Jean Ross who has helped coach pupils in badminton over the years.  I am sure she will be as proud of them as we are.  Little Portpatrick certainly has badminton talent!

Safer Internet Day Competition Winner

As part of Safer Internet Day (SID), our Digital Leaders organised an optional whole school competition: P1-3 were to design a poster all about Smartie the Penguin’s message for staying safe online; P4-7 were to design an internet safety leaflet. Today, the Digital Leaders got together to look at all the entries and vote for the winner. We are delighted to announce that Izzy White’s leaflet won! Well done to everyone who took part, and to Izzy for your fabulously informative leaflet!

Izzy’s leaflet will be copied and sent home to parents along with a ‘Digital Parenting’ magazine, which contains lots of useful tips and articles about keeping children safe online. Look out for these in your child’s school bag!

The Big Battery Hunt is on!!

Today at assembly, all pupils received a small cardboard battery box as part of the Big Battery Hunt. This is a recycling scheme which we have signed up to as part of our Eco Schools work. Pupils should fill the boxes at home with used batteries, before bringing them into school and emptying them into the large plastic containers in the hall. These will then be sent away to be recycled. As long as we arrange for a tub of batteries to be collected before June, our school will be entered into a prize draw to win various goodies including: iPads, £2000 worth of school equipment vouchers, a 2-night trip to a sustainability centre, or a 3-year subscription to ‘MyMaths’ worth £1000.

Please pass on the message that your batteries can be recycled at Portpatrick School! Thank-you in advance for your support in this initiative.

A Big Thank-You!

The Pupil Council and Eco Committee would like to say a huge thank-you to the Parent Council for purchasing a new bin for our playground. We hope this will help keep our playground clean and tidy! Thank-you again!

History Alive – Ancient Egypt

P1-3 donned their archaeological hats for the morning when they travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt with Kathryn Purchase from History Alive.

The session began with a bang as Kathryn arrived in a full ‘Howard Carter’ style costume with a giant hieroglyph display.   She took the children through the location and background of Ancient Egypt and asked them to think about how we can possibly know anything about people who lived 5000 years ago.

She introduced archaeological evidence left behind by the Ancient Egyptians and encouraged the children to think about what this tells us about the lives of those people so long ago.

The boys and girls learned about the social hierarchy of Egypt from slaves and peasant to Pharaohs. There was much discussion about the lives they led and how they compare to our own today.  Homes, jobs, games, clothes, food and worship, and much more were all explored.

The children were particularly fascinated by the ancient Gods, tombs and mummification process!

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to dress up in Ancient Egyptian costumes and to have a hands-on exploration of artefacts.  There was even an opportunity to carry out an archaeological dig using a sand box to reveal treasures. The boys and girls carefully scraped and brushed sand away to see what they could uncover. There was an opportunity to write their names in hieroglyphs and complete puzzles.

The children had a fantastic morning and learned lots of new information to help with their topic.  The class now say that , “Many of us want to be archaeologists when we grow up!”

#Successful Learners


North Rhins Adventure to Lockerbie Manor

Primary 5-7 pupils from Leswalt, Kirkcolm and Portpatrick Primary Schools headed to Lockerbie Manor on Wednesday for a 3-day outdoor residential trip.

After stopping at Springholm Primary for some lunch and to stretch our legs, we reached Lockerbie Manor early in the afternoon. Everyone was given a tour of the building and grounds by the instructors and got shown to their rooms. After a quickly unpacking, we split into 4 groups and headed to our first activity. Activities included archery, rifle shooting, obstacle course, climbing wall, abseiling, orienteering, fencing, canoeing and kayaking. After activity one, some pupils required a shower as they were caked in mud after army-crawling on their bellies underneath netting! By this time we had worked up quite an appetite, and were served with the most delicious dinner – what a selection on offer! At night time, we had an evening activity before getting all cosy in our jammies and spending time getting to know pupils from the other partnership schools.

Day 2 saw an early morning wake-up call at 7.20am. We had 5 activities spread out over the day, with some pupils getting an early afternoon bath after falling into the lake whilst kayaking! That night, having been exhausted from all the physical activity, pupils were sound asleep before 11pm – much to the staff’s delight!!

On Friday morning, we were up early to get our rooms packed and emptied. Some rooms looked like a bomb had hit them, there were clothes everywhere! We then headed out for our final 2 activities before the bus arrived at 1.30pm to return us to Stranraer. It was a very quiet journey back, with lots of pupils catching some shut-eye!

Everyone had a brilliant time away, making new friends across the partnership and trying new activities.

Photos below from day 3:


Lockerbie manor – Day2

Lockerbie Manor – Day 1 and morning of day2

Primary 5-7 have reached Lockerbie Manor

Primary 5-7 have reached Lockerbie Manor on a 3 school, 3 day adventure of outdoor education and fun!

After a lunch stop at Springholm Primary they went onto Lockerbie and have unpacked and are now off on their first activity.  They are all very happy and excited campers!

Science, history and STEM and more!

P1-3 have been busy exploring inventions of the past today.  They have learned about how the ancient Egyptians built shadufs to help them lift water from the River Nile to water their crops.

The boys and girls constructed their own shaduf models using rods, Plasticine, string and containers. The children applied the principle of pivot points to lesson the force required to move water from one point to another.

The children used their engineering skills to create their concept designs, constructing and modifying through experience to ensure sufficient drop and counterbalance.  The stability of free standing design was tinkered with and a conclusion reached that the tripod method was the most stable for this purpose. Hands on learning, developing soft skills of cooperation, discussion and idea sharing was the order of the day!

#Successful Learners



History Alive – WWII

We were treated to an interactive World War II session with History Alive today.  Catherine and Steven came in to school and delivered a very interesting and informative potted history of WWII to P4-7.  The children learned about many facets of the war such as what caused the conflict and how it impacted on the lives of people in Britain through blockades, rationing, evacuation, the Blitz and blackouts, to name but a few.  This led into a discussion on how life subsequent to the war had changed and why.

The children had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with memorabilia such as weapons, photographs, gas masks, propaganda, rationing samples etc. They all relished the chance to try on authentic uniforms and have a little role play.  The class then posed insightful questions to gain even more knowledge of WWII, its causes and effects.  A very purposeful and enjoyable session was had by all.

#Successful learners


Bring and Buy Sale

The Eco Committee organised and ran a Bring-and-Buy sale on Monday to raise money for the environmental charity, the Solway Heritage.

Pupils, families and friends of the school handed in unwanted books, toys, and household items that could be used by others. So far, we have raised a total of over £35! Well done everyone!

The sale will continue for the rest of the week, when we will announce the final total.

Safer internet day

Today we celebrated International Safer Internet Day! This year the theme was: Together for a better internet. Over 160 countries participated, with over 2000 UK schools and organisations too.

The world wide web is a fantastic resource that our parents, grandparents and teachers did not have when growing up – but we do! But all great resources need to be used wisely and there are things to be aware of. We learnt today how to be super computer savvy…

1. Choose to be aware 

Make sure you know the rules about how to behave and stay safe on the sites, games and apps you like to use. Look out for buttons that let you block, mute and report other users who aren’t behaving and always ask for help if there is something you are not sure about.

2. Choose to make sensible choices online 

Always keep your personal information safe and any personal information belonging to your friends and family.  Check with an adult before signing up to a new game or online service and before downloading a new app or game .

3. Choose to ask if it’s okay 

Always think about how your online actions might make others feel. Be a respectful friend online and remember to ask for permission before sharing something about someone else. This could include a picture, video or piece of their personal information like where they live or their full name. Take a look at our Safer Internet Day film to see what other young people think about asking for consent online.

4. Choose to be a role model 

Always be kind to others online and support your friends if they are having a difficult time. You can help your friends by showing them how to block and report in games and apps or by going to talk to a trusted adult with them.

5. Choose to ask for help

If you are ever unsure about something you see online, or anything makes you feel worried, upset or confused then ask a trusted adult for some help and advice.


Remember! Think SMART – Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable, Tell.


Check out www.saferinternet.org.uk for more information including a section with top tips for parents/carers.


Pupils can easily access the ThinkUKnow website via their GLOW launch pad. This has some fantastic games and a Parents/Carers section too.


P1-3 pupils learned all about Smartie the Penguin, who teaches them to be ‘Sensible like Smartie.’

Scot’s Assembly

Parents and family gathered together to celebrate our pupils’ success in this year’s Scot’s poetry activities in recitation, handwriting and artwork.  The winners in each skill category were presented with certificates for their achievement, with everyone praised for their hard work and effort.  The 1st place achievers recited their poems with expression and confidence.

The children then performed their Scot’s songs to entertain the audience with full audience participation encouraged.

# Successful Learners


Willow Dome

Today saw the beginning of construction of a new addition to our playground space.  Sian has kindly brought in willow whip bundles from her own garden with which to build the dome. With the help of some very willing volunteers, she has rapidly got work underway to complete the structure.

The boys and girls will have the opportunity to watch the bare sticks grow and transform into a lush, living creation.  They will then be able to practice gardening and pruning skills to maintain the dome throughout the year.

We are discussing the environmental benefits of the structure as willow absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, provides a habitat for wildlife and enriches the soil.

The dome will provide a magical den for the children to enjoy and use in their imaginative play and relaxation.

#Effective Contributors

Grandparents’ Burns Lunch

Portpatrick Primary held our annual Burn’s lunch in school today.  Grandparents and family guests were invited to join us to celebrate our Scottish heritage and enjoy the traditional meal of haggis, neaps and tatties.  P7 recitation winner, Rowan, was piped in on the bagpipes by Mr Colin Moderate.  Rowan gave an impressive Address To A Haggis.  P3 pupil, Amelia, then gave the Selkirk grace before everyone sat down to enjoy their delicious lunch prepared by Barbara.

After lunch and refreshments, the poetry winners recited their poems with lots of actions and ‘gusto’. All the children then entertained the audience with their songs: ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Of A Bus’ and ‘Listen Tae The Teacher’.  Next, everyone joined in for an energetic performance of the’ Shooglie Wooglie’: a Scot’s version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Mr Moderate and Mr Harbottle brought proceedings to a close by providing further entertainment on the tin whistle and Irish drum. A fabulous afternoon was had by all!

Our thanks to Barbara for a delicious meal, our parent and staff helpers for serving teas, coffees, homemade shortbread and tablet (kindly provided by Barbara).  Also, thank you too to Mr Moderate & Mr Harbottle for their wonderful musical performances.   A final thank you goes to all of our guests for coming along to make the day so special.


# Confident Individuals & Effective Contributors

Celebrating Scottish Poetry

Portpatrick Primary has completed another successful annual celebration of our Scot’s heritage this week.  The children have worked very hard to learn a range of Scot’s poems, produce handwriting examples of their poetry and create artistic models,  Mrs Carol Maxwell judged the worthy winners, as follows:


P1 – 1st Carter, 2nd Erin, 3rd Holly

P2 – 1st Cameron, 2nd Lewis, 3rd Conor

P3 – 1st Rose, 2nd Amelia, 3rd, Sophia

P4 – 1st Maya & Ruby, 3rd Ava Lily

P5 – 1st Robin, 2nd Lillie

P6 – 1st Findlay, 2nd Finlay

P7 – 1st Rowan, 2nd Rhian, 3rd Lee


P1 – Carter

P2 – Cameron

P3 – Liam & Jack

P4 – Ava Lily

P5 -Lillie

P6 – Findlay

P7 – Rowan


P1 – Carter

P2 – Lewis & Atticus

P3 – Ameila

P4 – Ava Lily

P5 -Lillie

P6 – Findlay

P7 – Olivia



Rhins Badminton champions!

Portpatrick Primary excelled in the Rhins badminton championships which took place at Stranraer Academy today.

For  the second year running, Rhian Palmer was girls singles champion.

Rowan Harbottle was the boys singles champion this year.

And, Lola Darling will be leaving the school tomorrow on a high after finishing 3rd in the girls singles.

This is a tremendous achievement for  the smallest school in the Stranraer cluster – proving it is quality , not quantity that counts!

Many thanks must go to our top coach, Mrs Jean Ross, who has volunteered to give up her own time to help the pupils and was there tonight cheering them all on.

Well done to all our brilliant badminton players !

Digital Leaders Training Day

As part of our bid to achieve national accreditation for the Digital Schools Award, we have selected 4 Digital Leaders to help drive our work forward. They are responsible for supporting staff and pupils in the use of ICT by sharing their skills; helping to maintain ICT equipment; leading lunch time ICT clubs; and organising parent sessions to develop their skills and knowledge.

All the Digital Leaders from Portpatrick, Leswalt and Kirkcolm came together on Tuesday for a Digital Leaders training day. They were all so enthusiastic and keen to get going! Pupils were taught how to upload, print and laminate photographs, and how to access Glow and send an email attachment to a teacher for the blog. They worked in pairs to come up with activities for Safer Internet Day on 5th February, and shared their suggestions for lunchtime ICT clubs that they could run back at school.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable morning mixing with other pupils from the different schools and are all away back to their own school ready and raring to go as our Digital Leaders!

Rotary Lunch Attendees

On the 21st of January, Lee and Myles attended the annual Rotary Lunch to represent our school.  The children were able to mingle and chat with guest speaker, Adam Gray.  Mr Gray is the Development Manager for the Scottish Rugby Union and has a distinguished career in Scottish Rugby.  The invited guests took the opportunity to ask many relevant and probing questions of Mr Gray to find out more about his life in the field of rugby.  The boys were excellent representatives for Portpatrick Primary. It was an entertaining and enjoyable experience for everyone.

# Responsible Citizens



Cracking Christmas Party at Portpatrick

Pupils at Portpatrick Primary put on their glamorous frocks and stylish shirts for their Christmas party on Wednesday. The afternoon kicked off with a festive feast provided by our school cook, Barbara. After filling our bellies with some sweet and savoury treats, we headed into the hall to start the fun and games!

We enjoyed various dances such as Military Two-Step, Canadian Barn Dance and Grand Old Duke of York, and played lots of fun games including Christmas Corners, Musical Islands, Pass the Parcel and the team game Christmas Story.

After a loud chorus of Jingle Bells, a special visitor came in to see the boys and girls! Santa had very kindly brought a present for each pupil. Everyone had a wonderful afternoon!

Marvellous Mount Stewart Christmas party

The boys and girls of Portpatrick Primary were all treated to a generous meal and party night at the Mount Stewart hotel in the village.  Pupils all tucked into a tasty turkey dinner and pud, accompanied by some festive tunes on the piano. 

A special surprise visitor, in the form of Santa , even managed to fit a visit in his busy schedule to reward all the good boys and girls of Portpatrick.

Many thanks must go to all at The Mount Stewart hotel for their hospitality and generosity.

‘It’s Chriiistmas’ Show Time!

On the 17th of December, the boys and girls of Portpatrick Primary performed their annual Christmas show. As always, they put lots of effort and sparkle into it; performing to the senior members of the community in the afternoon. The evening performance was delivered to mums, dads and families. Every day in the afternoon we had to go up to the hall and practice for the play.  We had to do this before the day of the play.  The skills we used were listening, remembering our lines, having the confidence to project our voices in front of an audience and using expression. Our play was called It’s Christmaaaaaaas! There were many songs and they were excellent and uplifting.

Blog written by Rowan, Livvy, Lee, Myles, Rhian (P7 Pupils)

#Confident Individuals

Christmas Lunch

Today, the whole school enjoyed our annual Christmas lunch.  The children were treated to a delicious festive meal with all the trimmings.  Crackers were pulled, songs were sung and a good time was had by all.  It was a great social occasion for pupils and staff; all enjoying Barbara’s wonderful cooking.  Thank you Barbara!

#Confident Individuals

Church Community Carol Service

15 of the boys and girls attended the Portpatrick Church Community Carol Service on Sunday evening. The pupils performed Away in a Manger and gave a sneak preview of 2 of the songs from our Christmas show. The congregation and church members were very appreciative of the fantastic turn-out and many are looking forward to seeing the Christmas show in full next Monday. Afterwards, everybody headed through to the hall for some tasty mince pies! 

Hour of Coding

As part of Computing Science Education Week, the trio participated in the Hour Of Coding initiative.  This is a worldwide event organised to allow children the experience of coding and programming as part of developing skills for future life and learning.

Carol Moyes, RAiSE team (Raising Aspirations in STEM Education) kindly travelled from Dumfries to visit Leswalt, Kircolm and Portpatrick on the same day.

Our P4-7 pupils were able to select coding challenges to work collaboratively on.  They applied the computational thinking of logic and evaluation to create algorithms to control and design computing gaming activities.  They had to use decomposition to break down sequences into steps and debug any errors.  All the children were highly motivated and engaged throughout the whole activity.

The activities are available to explore and use at home via the code.org website.

Our thanks to Carol for her help and support

#Successful Learners

Fundraising Families

The Darlings and the Thorburns kindly volunteered to man a stall at Portpatrick Community Christmas Fair on the 2nd of December.  They sold Christmas crafts and decorations made by all the pupils of Portpatrick Primary.  They spent several hours on duty and raised over £120 for school funds.  Well done and thank you!

# Effective Contributors.

Cherry Daspher, Story Teller

Cherry Dashper, a local author, came into visit P1-3 last week.  She talked about Autumn and the class made leaves from sugar paper.  She then read her book about a snotty princess and a dragon to model the art of oral story telling.  The pupils role played being leaves in the story.  The boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed her visit and found her story very funny. They were able to recount the main action points and the plot.

# Successful Learners


InSight Mission To Mars

Last Night, the The NASA InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) probes successfully reached the surface of Mars.   This will be the first probe to dedicate its investigations to understanding Mars’ interior. Scientists want to know how this world is constructed – from its core to its crust.

The pupils of Portpatrick Primary have had a long wait for this mission to reach its destination, which was originally scheduled for May 2018.  Last October, the boys and girls took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the mission by adding their names to a silicon microchip headed to the Red Planet aboard NASA’s InSight Mars lander. More than 2.4 million names from around the world were added to the microchip, which has now safely reached the surface of the Red Planet.  Parents may recall the children coming home with their individual printed boarding passes for the mission.

Our connection to the mission has encouraged pupils to take a keen interest in this scientific event.  The children are enthusiastically discussing the space mission in school, which aligns perfectly with this term’s Solar System science topic for P4-7.

# Successful Learners



Alcohol Awareness – Police Workshop

P.C. Wilson joined P5-7 today to give them some wise input on the subject of alcohol.  This relates directly to our Health and Wellbeing topic this term.  She and the children discussed many aspects such as the law on age and drink driving limits.  dangers to health and how to approach peer pressure and emergency situations.  The pupils engaged maturely and sensibly with the session, asking many interesting questions.

# Responsible Citizens

Let’s Get Sporty

All pupils  were treated to a ‘Let’s Get Sporty’ session today as part of a partner initiative with Dumfries & Galloway council.  The pupils practised cooperation, coordination, spatial awareness and team work as part of a series of sporting challenges which they all thoroughly enjoyed!

# Successful Learners

Read, Write, Count

Primary 1-3 pupils were very excited this morning to receive their Bookbug (P1)/ Read, Write, Count (P2-3) gift bags. Parents were invited in as part of our launch of this Scottish Government initiative which aims to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting, and strengthen links between home and school learning by supporting parents in taking an active role in their child’s learning to give them the best start in life. They were shown the contents of the bags and given suggestions for helping to develop literacy and numeracy at home using these resources. After presenting the boys and girls with their bags, everyone headed down to the classroom where we spent some time exploring our new books and games. The pupils are really looking forward to using the contents of their bags at home!

Children In Need 2018

Portpatrick Primary pupils rallied the troops for Children In Need 2018.  The boys and girls made a ‘spotacular’ effort to dress to impress  in support of Pudsey and Blush.  The spottiest, dottiest pupils were judged to be Scott and Jack who were wearing too many spots to count. Pupils made a voluntary donation for this non-uniform day.

The pupil council came up with the creative idea of guessing the bear’s birthday to raise funds.  The cuddly bear, kindly donated by Mrs McHarg’s family, was won by Olivia Cumming.  The children spent the week building up to the day by selling official bear ears and wrist bands.

The boys and girls engaged in learning challenges, such as mental and written maths problem solving tasks, on the theme of Children In Need.  We also had a chat about why supporting Children In Need makes such a difference to the lives of so many children.

A big thank you to all of our wonderful families who supported the event today.

# Effective Contributors

The Little Vampire

Portpatrick Primary were given a cinematic treat today.  We all travelled to the Ryan Centre to watch the INTO Film release of The Little Vampire.  Schools throughout the area were given the opportunity to attend.  This film, whilst entertaining, also carried a moral message against discrimination and stereotyping.  The children sat with rapt attention throughout the screening.

P1-3 enjoyed sharing and discussing their  favourite part of the film when they came back to school.  They then wrote and illustrated their preferred scene, explaining why it appealed to them.

# Effective Learners

Halloween Fun

The whole school had a ‘spooktacular’  time at our annual Halloween party organised by our very able P7 pupils.  The children arranged decorations, planned an itinerary of ghoulish games and hosted the event for the entertainment of all.  The boys and girls turned out in haunting style with an impressive array of costumes and outfits.  Parents and family kindly donated lots of goodies for the children to enjoy.  The children all went home happy, looking forward to an evening of Trick or Treating fun after a quick chat about staying safe!  Thank you to all who supported the event.

# Effective Contributors



Potion Poetry

P4 – 7 went on an outdoor literacy lesson as part of our poetry learning. We went to the woods to seek out spooky ingredients to create our Witch’s Brew poetry. The children used their imaginations to give natural woodland materials a sinister twist e.g. pretending black seed pods were blackened wings of bats or lungs of slugs.

The children gathered their ingredients and brought them back to school to use to write their own poetry. These were added to the cauldron to create our foul spells.

#Successful Learners

Bonfire Safety Talk

Two members of the Fire Brigade service came along today to give all the children a safety talk for Bonfire Night.  They discussed the fun that can be had with bonfires and fireworks.  The children were given advice on the law relating to fireworks i.e. only those 18 and over can purchase them.  The pupils were told what to do if clothing catches fire and how to handle & dispose of fireworks such sparklers etc.  The officers recommended attending an organised event to enjoy displays without risk.  Everyone listened carefully and contributed to a sensible discussion on keeping ourselves safe.

#Responsible Citizens

Renewable Energies

P4-7 put on their scientific ‘Xplorers’ heads to design and experiment with energy.  The children discussed forms and conservation of energy.  Even though some forms of energy are not visible to the naked eye, we used a specialist thermal imaging camera to see sources of heat energy in the classroom.  Lee is all aglow, as you can see and Alba’s glasses are insulators that don’t generate heat.

The children then moved on to a construction task to follow schematic diagrams to build a dynamo to generate electricity to light a bulb.  They used a multimeter to measure the voltage generated when they turned the wheel.  The highest consistent reading was 6V by Rhian.

Next, the boys and girls worked with gears and pulleys to enhance their dynamos and increase their turning speed.  There were many designs that were modified in light of experience.  Rhian came up with a simple, 2 cog design that proved very effective.  Isabella and Ruby used this design to generate 17.9V when they turned the larger wheel cog handle.  Some used batteries and toothed gears to turn their cogs automatically.

The lesson moved on to the children undertaking a complex construction challenge of assembling either a wind or water turbine.  They had to work hard using their soft skills of sharing, cooperation, discussion and review to complete the model.  Once the working models were completed the pupils tested them to see how much electricity they would generate.  A hairdryer was used to turn the wind turbine sails and a running tap was used to spin the water buckets on the water turbine.  The water turbines generated more electricity because of the stronger force of the running water; approx 7V whilst the wind turbines generated approximately 3V.

The final challenge of the day was to build a solar powered vehicle.  Everyone worked together to follow the instructions. We held solar car races to see which vehicle travelled the fastest with a light source.

The children had a fantastic learning day exploring renewable sources of energy through engineering challenges.

Computer Xplorers sessions recognise the four capacities identified in the Curriculum for Excellence and aims to help children become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  Our thanks to John for delivering a wonderfully educational workshop.



Food from the sea

All the pupils of Portpatrick Primary school were invited down to the village harbour to meet the father and son team of Rory and Robert Campbell, owner of the local “Campbells” restaurant.

Rory Campbell has recently taken on a new role in representing Scottish food and drink as an ambassador for 2018.  Rory approached the school and offered a session, down at the harbour in Portpatrick ,in order to provide the pupils with an insight as to the harvest available from the local waters.

Robert and Rory showed the children a variety of different local catches – including lobster, crab, dogfish and octopus.  The children were able to see a pregnant lobster as well as a dogfish about to lay it’s young.  The children even got to see the teeth of the lobster up close!  Robert Campbell demonstrated to the school, with the help of a real life lobster, how his creels work. 

As part of the discussion , Robert was able to highlight all the plastic which he had harvested along with the seafood.   Children were shocked to see crisp packets, yogurt pots , coke cans and sweetie wrappers all were caught in the sea this morning too. The dangers of plastic in our waters was clear for the boys and girls of Portpatrick to see.

The session ended with everyone heading round to the slipway to watch Rory and Robert Campbell release the animals back into the sea.  All the adults and pupils agreed it was a very interesting an informative visit in their local community.




Let’s be Smoke Free!

Today P4-7 had a visit from Lisa who works for the NHS ‘Quit Your Way’ service (formerly known as Smoking Matters) as part of their Health and Wellbeing topic. She shared with pupils the government’s target of having less than 5% of the population classed as smokers by 2034, so we all need to spread the message: ‘Let’s be smoke free!’

Pupils participated in a true or false game, where they found out that nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Our 2 forensic scientists Alba and Rowan (all suited up with lab coats and rubber gloves!) then poured some of the different chemicals contained in a cigarette into a mixing jug. The result was disgusting!! Pupils were shocked to find out that a cigarette actually contains over 4000 chemicals!

Rhian and Finlay volunteered to demonstrate the effects of smoking on your skin (with a little help from some technology) – they were unrecognisable in the pictures and Finlay thought that he looked as old as his Gran!! Everyone then had a go at the fitness test – we jogged on the spot for 20 seconds, then repeated this but with a straw in our mouth to breathe through and our noses pinched. The boys and girls couldn’t believe how tricky this was!!

Considering the effects on your health, your bank balance and your appearance, everyone agreed that smoking is definitely not for them!


Breath project

Portpatrick Primary was selected to participate in a workshop from Professor Lockheart, Director: Institute of Biomedical & Environmental Health Research (IBEHR)of the University of West Scotland on the theme of ‘Breath’.

He is part of a team of scientists in Scotland and Ireland that have EU funding to establish training and school links for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which is particularly prevalent in our area.

All of the children enjoyed participating in an interactive workshop of activities to raise their understanding of factors that can impact on our lung health.  They used models of lungs to observe the damage smoking and vaping can have on our bodies.  There was lots of ‘goo’ and tar in jars!  The children tested their lung capacity by puffing into measuring tubes.  I’m pleased to report lots of healthy readings.

#Successful Learners

Maths Week Collage Challenge

A huge well done to Rhian, Lewis, Liam, Max and Ruby who completed the Maths Week collage challenge at home. What a colourful and creative ways to show that maths really is everywhere!

Maths Week Scotland Celebrations

Portpatrick Primary have been busy celebrating Maths Week Scotland which ran from 10th – 16th September. The aim of the week was to raise the profile of maths and awareness of how maths is everywhere. Each day was given a different theme for pupils to explore.

The week kicked off with pupils getting creative and exploring ‘Maths in Art.’ The younger classes studied artist Paul Klee’s work which uses various 2D shapes and then designed their own ‘Castle and Sun.’ The older pupils created some parabolic curve line designs, creating curved shapes from the intersection of straight lines. Some beautiful artwork was produced by pupils!

Pupils then explored ‘Maths in ICT’ and participated in the D&G RAiSE team’s Beebot challenge. The younger pupils programmed a Beebot to draw specific letters and spell out a given word, and the older pupils used Lego We Do to develop their skills in computational sequencing.

In the middle of the week parents and family members were invited into school to bake some tasty treats alongside pupils. The younger pupils practised counting out ingredients to make Rugby Slice, and the older pupils were practising weighing and reading scales to make Rocky Road.

Later in the week, pupils participated various active games exploring how Maths is in PE, exercising both our bodies and our minds! The older pupils calculated the distance, speed and time of some running races.

We had planned for ‘Maths Outside’ to finish off the week, but unfortunately the weather was against us! So instead we participated in some practical maths challenges around the school building, involving estimating and measuring.

Over the course of the week, some families were busy taking part in our ‘Maths is Everywhere’ homework challenge, finding examples of Maths in and around the home. Pupils brought in some fantastic and very creative collages.

Pupils had a great week of fun exploring Maths and we can truly say that Maths is everywhere!

(P1-3 photos to follow!)

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The whole school was treated to a musical experience today when we were visited by two members of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  The two gents peformed musical pieces on the cello and the violin.  The session was predominately aimed at our P4 pupils who are being offered the opportunity to enrol in a block of 16 teaching sessions from November until June both at Stranraer academy and online.  The RCS Stranraer Music Centre Programme is funded by the Youth Music Initiative and tuition will be free. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to begin to learn how to play a musical instrument.

The children enjoyed listening to the classical performance and asked many probing questions about music and learning to play an instrument.

#Successful Learners

Portpatrick Primary Achieves Green Accolade Again!

Keep Scotland Beautiful awards Green Flag Award for environmental action

Portpatrick Primary has yet again been awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful. Eco-Schools Scotland aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of all schools, for both pupils and for staff. It also provides a framework to engage the wider school community in action and support aligned with the purposes of Curriculum for Excellence and Learning for Sustainability. Eco-Schools Scotland offers schools a choice of ten topics to engage with, from food and the environment, to litter, to energy. Portpatrick Primary chose to focus on Litter, Biodiversity and Health on its Green Flag Award journey.

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Congratulations to the Eco Committee, and all other pupils and staff at Portpatrick Primary who worked so hard to achieve and maintain their Green Flag Award Status.” “Keep Scotland Beautiful is committed to supporting all our children and young people to develop the capacities, skills and attributes required for learning, living and working in a changing environment and world.

The pupils’ community and environmental action was commended by Emma Harper, MSP for South Scotland Region.  She personally wrote to the boys and girls, to congratulate them on their commitment and endeavours ‘to make our region a pleasant place to live and visit.’

Mrs Baille, Head Teacher commented that, “This award recognises another two years of continued environmental achievement by our responsible pupils.  The whole school has engaged with our local community to bring about positive action.  Our special thanks go to the Community Safety Wardens and Portpatrick Community Council for their support”.

The Scottish Eco-Schools programme is regarded as world-leading; with almost every young person in Scotland playing a part in driving environmental excellence forward. Now the pupils and educators of Portpatrick Primary can proudly say they are engaged in a real movement, across over 60 countries in five continents, striving to improve our environment through learning for sustainability.

# Responsible Citizens

Playmakers With Laura

As part of learning how to be Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors, Class 2 are receiving a block of workshop lessons to become Playmakers.  Here, they are taught skills to allow more effective interaction with their peers.  Soft skills such as cooperation, negotiation, sharing and listening are developed through collaborative play activities.  Today, Class 2 were using effective communication and organisational skills to instruct Class 1 on a range of independently designed play activities.

#Responsible Citizens  & Effective Contributors


Our own netball star!

P6 pupil Lola has been selected to play for the Wigtownshire netball team!  Lola is making her mark with this great achievement, having just joined us from over the pond.  We will all be cheering Lola on.

# Effective Contributor

Sporting Superstar

P1 Teddy Bears Picnic

Our new P1 pupils are settling in well at Portpatrick.  They have been very busy learning in all sorts of contexts.  The class went on an active learning 2D shape hunt using our outdoor areas.  To help with writing recounts, the children went on a Teddy Bears picnic.  They applied healthy eating to create their own sandwich snacks.  They enjoyed story time with ‘We Are Going On A Bear Hunt’.  The children played games with their bears to learn social skills.  All this was used as a stimulus to write about their adventures with their favourite teddy bears.

# Successful Learners

Shape hunt – Diamonds

Olly and his favourite teddy

Carter enjoys the sandwich he made

The girls enjoying their Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Erin shows Mr T. how to use a computer

Hollie welcomes Mr T. home

Erin explores shape with her classmates


End Of Year Ceremony

The Portpatrick Primary End of Year awards ceremony of 2018 was held amidst smiles and tears.  The great achievements of our pupils were recognised today in front of a packed hall of family and friends.  The children performed lively songs to entertain the audience between certificates and awards being presented.  There were many adults to thank for their continuing help and support throughout the year. We said a tearful goodbye to our wonderful Primary 7 pupils and to Miss Kerrr, who is leaving to take up a teaching post in Edinburgh.

The children took full advantage of the sun on the final afternoon by visiting the lifeboat station for a guided tour. Thank you to Alli and Robert for being our genial hosts.  The boys and girls then had a game of putting and enjoyed an ice cream before returning to school for the countdown bell for our holidays.

Goodbye and good luck to Innes, Jenna, Katie, Lachlan, Mia & Olivia!


Primary school is over now with the Academy coming fast.

We have to tell you that the last 7 years have simply been a blast.

Shortly you’ll be moving on to somewhere fresh and new,

This school will be so different when we do not have you.

We’ve watched you grow and turn into the person that you are,

To read and write and count with ease, you simply are a star!

We want you to remember, a message from us all,

Live your life and chase your dreams, whether big or small.

You are unique and wonderful and sadly, will be missed.

So, grab life and forever hold it tightly in your fist.

Goodbye from  us and thank you, as it has been so much fun.

Remember you are special and you’re simply number one!


Eco – Community Wardens and Community Council

As part of our ongoing work on dog fouling for our Eco Targets, Class 2 went into the village today with Community safety warden officers and Mr. Telford, chair of the community council.  Jenna and Ruby produced the two winning posters for our anti-dog fouling campaign.  These have been made into A3 public display boards.  The group assessed the best locations to mount the posters in the village for maximum impact e.g. the play park. 10 were located throughout the area to encourage responsible dog ownership.  We are all hopeful that they will have a positive impact.  A display banner is also being produced for our school gate and should be positioned in the Summer holidays.  Watch this space.

#Responsible Citizens & Effective Contributors


North Rhins ‘Trio Together’ Day

The North Rhins Partnership schools came together at Kirkcolm on Tuesday for a day of fun in the sun – and what a glorious day it was! After the boys and girls of Leswalt and Portpatrick arrived, Leswalt showcased their singing in preparation for the end of term ceremony.

After break time, we got our sun cream and hats on and headed down to the beach, where we all did our bit for the environment by participating in the Great Plastic Pick-up for Scotland. Pupils collected lots of plastic, string and metal from the beach to help keep it clean. This will help in all 3 schools’ bid to achieve their Eco-Schools Green flag. Kerry Monteith from Dumfries & Galloway Council kindly brought along litter pickers and organised for the bags of rubbish to be uplifted. Whilst at the beach, some pupils got creative and made some beach art using seaweed and stones, such as castles, mermaids and fish.

We then made our way back to Kirkcolm Primary for a picnic lunch outside in the sun to re-fuel in preparation for the Partnership sports afternoon to come.

At 12.30pm we started our Inter-Schools sports, with lots of parents and families from the 3 schools cheering everyone along. We had a variety of races including sprint, egg and spoon, sack, skipping, distance and relay. Throughout the afternoon, pupils enjoyed water and a selection of fruit which was kindly provided by Lidl, who sponsored our afternoon. In the middle of our races, we stopped to catch our breath and say goodbye to our janitor at Kirkcolm, Mr Dougie Brawls, who was retiring from his post. Mr Brawls has worked at Kirkcolm Primary for many years and was loved by all in the school community for his cheery good nature. He was presented with gifts from staff, pupils and the Pa

rent Council to show our appreciation for all his hard-work over the years.

To finish off our fun-filled afternoon, we had a beach ball race between the 3 schools where pupils had to pass the ball over their head to the next person using their feet! After some very close competition throughout the afternoon, Kirkcolm Primary was victorious with a total of 283 points. All the boys and girls had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to mix with the pupils from the other schools.


Enterprise D & G – Eco Schools

As part of Portpatrick Primary’s ongoing Eco Schools Litter campaign, we received a visit from Andy Love, Logistics Manager, and his Colleague, Leanne, both of Enterprise D & G.  They travelled especially from Dumfries to meet with us after Class 2 wrote persuasive letters appealing for a change in practice in using single use plastic straws on school milk cartons.  Enterprise D & G were so impressed with the quality of the letters and the suggested alternative strategies the children offered that they have invited the children to have a profile entry on their Facebook page.

Andy and Leanne were keen to share the initiatives that Enterprise D & G are now trying out to help combat the issue of plastic waste in our region.  They brought ‘soft cans’ for the children to sample that make straws redundant. The children agreed that the sip style cartoons were practical.  We also learned about how Enterprise D & G are testing a range of vegetable based catering products in two of the region’s secondary schools at present.  They have promised to keep us informed.

We appreciated their visit in response to the range of Eco actions we have been undertaking as a school this year.  Indeed, we are the only school that has received such a visit.  It was an informative and encouraging session for all.

# Responsible Citizens

Emergency 1st Aid Traning

P4-7 received a training session from qualified paramedic, Tanya Elllis, today.  Tanya works both from the ambulance and fire services.  The children learned about first aid techniques that could potentially save a life. They were given instruction in a range of areas such as C.P.R and emergency situations.  The pupils were taught the importance of assessing danger when approaching a casualty as well as checking for responsivity.  They then practiced the A.B.C. of revival using resuscitation models.  The boys and girls learned how to modify the method for young children and babies.  The class then moved on to placing their breathing casualty in the recovery position.  The group were given scenarios on how to deal with burns, breaks, cuts and seizures.  The children were mature and sensible throughout the session, asking relevant questions to gain more knowledge.

# Responsible Citizens / Successful Learners

New P1 Transition Day

The incoming P1 pupils have joined us this week for transition days.  The children have enjoyed getting to know their classmates, teachers and staff.  All of the older pupils have loved making a fuss of the ‘cute’ wee ones.  Hollie and Carter joined Class 1 today for lunch and agreed that Barbara’s dinners are delicious. 🙂

# New Successful Learners

Lactalis Visit

Portpatrick Primary received a special invitation to visit Lactalis today to learn about the process of cheese making in our local creamery.  We believe we have had the singular honour of being the first ever school trip on their premises.

We were greeted by Hayley, from Training and Development, and Kenny, a Shift Manager.  The whole school watched videos to learn about the history of Lactalis and the wide range of dairy products they make to distribute around the world.  We learned about how the process of cheese making has changed over time from the earlier days of manual production to the automated systems that are in place today.  There was an impressive array of brands produced on site; many of which the children were familiar with.  We were surprised at the length of time it takes the different cheese varieties to mature.

The school split into two rotation groups.  One activity went to the viewing gallery to observe the cheese packing production in operation.  It was fascinating looking at the complex automated machinery move, slice and package the different cheeses.  We could clearly see the food hygiene practices that were used in the factory to maintain cleanliness.  Kenny was very patient, answering all our questions in detail.

The second activity was a cheese tasting session with Hayley.  Just like the official cheese graders, we had to use the senses of sight, touch, taste and smell to assess cheeses.  We enjoyed the tasting part in particular!  We had to decide whether cheese A and cheese B were of a medium or extra mature strength.  Using the knowledge we had gained in our earlier session, we were able to classify the samples correctly.

The children found the experience fascinating and now have a greater understanding of how technology is used in industry to make our everyday household food products.

#Successful Learners

Science Investigation

Primary 4-7  participated in a national SSERC Glow Science Meet online hosted by Thornhill Primary School.  The theme of the investigation was to use our technologies skills to construct an ‘O’ ring glider. Along with other schools participating, we followed the video link instructions on how to construct our glider.

The activity then extended to consider a fair scientific investigation.  We asked ourselves the following question:  How can the shape of the flights on an ‘O’ ring glider affect the distance the glider travels?

The children were challenged to consider how to make this a fair test.  They were very thorough and identified the following criteria:

  • We will keep the material and length of the shaft the same.
  • We will use the same length and weight of cardboard strips for our flights.
  • We will launch the gliders in the same way.

The only thing we decided to change was  to alter the ‘O’ ring flight shape to a square ‘box’ shape.

The children constructed both prototypes and predicted which design would travel the farthest.  We had fun testing them in our playground. After repeating our test, to ensure a clear trend, our conclusion was that the cylindrical shapes travelled a little farther.  We think this is because this was a more aerodynamic, streamlined shape.

We applied maths to measure the strips and to measure the distance of the longest flight for each trial.

It proved a very informative challenge.

# Successful learners

Culzean Trip

The whole school set off bright and early for a great day at Culzean Castle on Friday.

Primary 1-3 were Castle Explorers where they used activities and games to investigate the castle to look for different types of evidence to help them find out about the past.  They were then set the challenge of how to build their own castle.  They had to discover the challenges that Robert Adam overcame to build this amazing structure. They had to use their technologies and engineering skills to build their own oval staircase.

Primary 4-7 went on a woodland discovery trail with a biodiversity focus.  They were presented with a series of ecological problems and had to use their creativity to identify possible solutions that could be implemented. The children used a branching key for leaves to identify the different types of source trees in the area and then consider the types of wildlife each tree would sustain.  They discussed how indigenous trees should be cultivated to improve habitat.

The pupils were also presented with the problems that arise when non-native species of plants and animals have been introduced.  They explored the negative impact this has had on native wildlife such as is the case with the rhododendron, the grey vs. red squirrels and the overpopulation of red deer in Scotland.  Who knew that honey made from rhododendron flowers is poisonous! The proposed reintroduction of wolves to control deer numbers was a hotly debated issue amongst the group.

After the morning sessions, the children got to explore the grounds and beach areas with time for the obligatory visit to the gift shop before returning home.

# Successful Learners

Sandhead fun day football champions!

The partnership football team of Leswalt/Portpatrick lifted their second trophy in 2 weeks today, after winning the Sandhead fun day football tournament.  The weather may not have been as glorious as the previous week at Castle Kennedy, but this did not deter the spirit of the team (Rowan, Cameron, Ethan, Millie, Finlay, Rhian and Lachlan.)

The boys and girls never lost a game and made it to the final against Glenluce Primary. After a nil;nil draw at full time it went to penalties to decide the winner.  And after a tense shoot out and some great goalkeeping from Lachlan our partnership team were victorious!

Many thanks must go to Ewan Dodds, the coach and all the parents who have supported and transported the team to all the games this term.


Bikeability Level 2

After previously completing their Level 1 Bikeability training, P4-7 concluded their Level 2 training today.  Under the guidance of instructor, Mr Ross, the children undertook a series of road safety challenges out and about in Portpatrick village.

The children were assessed under a number of criteria ranging from controlled braking to manouvering onto minor and major roads.  They were also presented with theory questions based on road priorities and road signage to develop their competency and knowledge.  All of the challenges were designed to enable our cyclists to safely cope with common road and traffic situations involving decision making.  The children demonstrated a responsible attitude to road use and successfully passed the training.

Our thanks go to Mr Ross for volunteering his time and skills.

#Responsible Citizens – Successful Learners

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