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Welcome to the Nursery to Primary 1 Transition page.

Transition is going to look a little different this year however we  endeavour to do as much as possible to ensure that your child’s transition is as smooth as possible.
Here is our Transition Newsletter 2020 . It will outline the activities we are planning to do over this term.

Virtual Tour of Sunnyside Primary School

Transition Book Study Nursery and P1

Over the course of the week there will be different activities posted to accompany our transition story There’s a Dragon in your Book. These activities will be in the following Curricular Areas:
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • HWB
  • STEM
  • Expressive Arts
Listen to our Transition story read by Miss Higgins

Monday 18th May 2020

  • Listen to the story
  • Complete 3 Sharings for the Story Equitable Literacy 3 sharings
  • Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story. Discuss this with an adult.

Here is some of our pupil’s work:

“So the first picture is one of E’s favourite part in the book page one of the egg the second picture is the egg hatching and the last picture was her least favourite part of the story when the dragon trying to blow the fire out. ”

RC in P1EC loved reading through the story. He was able to share his likes/dislikes, patterns and connections and puzzles.

“J loved the story ‘There’s a Dragon in your book’s’. He drew the dragons egg. I asked J why he chose to draw that, his reply, “because its easy”.

“Today we watched Miss Higgins read the dragon story and N really enjoyed it. He drew picture of dragon making the fire then big water ball on taking away the fire, and then another one of dragons ice cream and N’s ice cream. He also made sure he told me he only likes white ice cream ( vanilla)”

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Expressive Arts
  • Listen to the story again. Choose one of the following activities to do:
  •  Have a look at Dragon Craft Ideas doc . Choose one and make a dragon or make your own dragon.
  • Using loose parts to see if you can make a dragon (stones, flowers, cut on kitchen roll tube)
  • Take a picture of your dragon and upload it for us to see.

  • Here is E’s dragon. She even made a dragon egg .The picture left to right is her brothers, daddy’s, mummy’s and E’s”
  • We had lots of fun learning some fan folding, cutting around lines, sticking with cellotape and glue. We stuck ribbons to sticks labels then folded over to make our fire.  We cut around most of the lines himself but some bits were a bit “tricky”. He then assembled all his pieces. With sticky tape and glue
  • Wednesday 20th May 2020

  • Listen to the story again( if you want) Choose one of the following activities to do:
  • At the end of the story, the dragon found more eggs. Learn about things that come from eggs. Click on the link
  • Talk about how dragon is feeling at different points of the story.
Making a calm jar and talk about feelings. See examples in document Calming Bottles
Access the file all about feelings Health and Wellbeing- Feelings doc
  • Cooking – making a dragon taco Dragon Taco
  • Use eggs to bake a cake.

“N’s calming jar 😊 N told mummy that this was his favourite activity in whole wide world”

Thursday 21st May 2020

  • Listen to the story again( if you want) ) Choose one of the following activities to do:
Make 5 different sized dragon feet from the play dough. Order your dragon feet from smallest to largest.


  • How many flavours of ice cream can you think of, get mummy, daddy to write them down or you draw them and count how many you have. You could use sponges and paint, to stamp the ice cream. You could use yogurt and food colouring to make paint for your ice cream flavours. You could make up new flavours, but remember to count how many. Click  for Numeracy Ice Cream ideas 
  • Do some baking, use eggs. Take care when you are measuring out the ingredients. See if you can read out the numbers in the recipe. Take some pictures of you weighing things out and counting how many eggs etc you have to use

We made playdough to make our dragons claws E decided her hand was a claw and put them biggest to smallest.

Friday 22nd May 2020

  • Listen to the story again( if you want) ) Choose one of the following activities to do:
  • A seed is like a tiny egg, why not plant a seed and watch it hatch, grew? What do you need to help it grow? What do we need to help us grow?
  • On a A4 four piece of paper, make a paper aeroplane shape and draw your own dragon’s eyes, nose, ears and even colour in a tail. Then mark your starting position and through it. Count the steps to measure how far your dragon flew Dragon Plane


Our Dragon/egg theme bake/make

O simultaneously copied making a fondant Dragon! All by himself!!!!
We then learnt about solids and liquid. Melting chocolate from a solid state to a liquid state to coat our cornflakes. We then pushed these into our mould we used a bowl. Put this in the fridge to solidify. Fill with some eggs left from Easter then added mummy and Dragon to Guard the eggs.

“N enjoyed the dragon story so much we had to purchase the story ourselves. Very excited boy when the books arrived this morning”

Virtual Transition Library

Click on the link to view our Virtual Transition Library.

In our library we have a variety of books relating to starting school. Click on the books to hear the story. Listen and discuss these stories with your child about starting Primary 1.


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