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This week in P1HD

This week has been very busy and important for P1HD. On Monday, we rehearsed for out Nativity for the last time. On Tuesday, we did our first dress rehearsal in front of all pupils and staff. On Wednesday, we did the real thing and performed our Nativity to friends and family members. Miss Duncan was very proud!

“I liked the bit where we were singing Little Grey Donkey clipping clopping.” – Marcus

“I liked to sing all the songs.” – Angus

“We dressed up in our costumes. We had angels and villagers.” – Eilidh

“I had to do the actions for the Little Grey Donkey song.” – Noah

“I liked when my mum and dad were at my Nativity because I liked waving at my mum and dad.” – Harvey

“I liked the angels’ dance.” – Zayna

“I liked when we sung the angel song.” – Olivia

“I liked Little Grey Donkey because it’s my favourite song.” – Kai

“I liked the songs.” – Wallace

“I was an inkeeper and I had to wear a costume. I liked to sing ‘We’d like to tell you a story’.” – Alex

“I liked when Alex went up on the stage and I liked when we had to go up and do our angel dance.” – Malcolm

“I liked singing Down in the Stable.” – John

“I liked when I walked around the parents because I was Joseph.” – Jacob

This Week in P1NM

We have been extremely busy this week.  A lot of our time has been spent with us rehearsing for our Nativity performances.  This week, we have been acting on the stage in the hall.
– “Mary has a baby called Jesus.” (Isla)
– “The donkey takes Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.” (Zac)
– “I’m going to be a villager.  I know what to say.” (Amber)
– “People are coming to see us next week, so we need to be awesome at
it!” (Braxton)

In Numeracy, we practised putting out the right number of counters on our 20 frames, within 15.  We also made sure that we can read and write 11-15, and that we could work out ‘How Many’ were in each set of counters, cubes or pictures.
– “There are 15 sweets in that jar … that’s a lot!” (Erin)
– “I know that there are 20 counters because the 20 frame is all full up.”

In Literacy, we learned about 3 sounds that include ‘Special Friends’ (2 letters making 1 sound) – ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘th’.
– “Sh is in my name.” (Josh)
– “My granny says ‘sh’!” (Anonymous 😉 )
– “The horse is in all of these sounds.” (Amelia)
We wrote stories about getting a present.
– “I got a castle with water in it.  There was a river with a bridge.” (Maison)
– “Santa gave me a present for Christmas.  It was a real dog.” (Fraser)
– “Santa gave me a present because I had been very good.” (Kian)

We look forward to seeing you at the Nativity next week – remember to book your tickets if you haven’t already done so!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been consolidating our learning of numbers 0-15. We have been playing counting games and have also been practicing our number formation using sugar trays.

“You had to close your eyes and point to a number on the number line and then write the number using the sugar trays.” – Harvey

“You find a rocket with stars on it and then you find the spaceman with a number.” – John

“I liked the sugar trays because I pointed to the numbers on the number line and I had to write it.” – James

In Literacy, we have been continuing our phonics lessons. We learned the sounds sh, th and ch and we call these ‘special friends’ sounds. We also did a piece of writing called ‘The Present’. We had to locate a full stop in our piece of writing. We self-assessed by using traffic light colours.

“Special friends are two sounds together to make a special sound.” – Olivia

“Shower has ‘sh’ in it.”  – William

“I wrote a story about a present made from Santa wrapping paper.” – Marcus

(A full stop goes) “at the end of a sentence.” – Zayna

In Health and Wellbeing, we thought about ways that we can make up with others after a fall out. 

“We can say sorry or make them laugh.” – Olivia

“Be kind.” – Tyler

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning  how to read and write numbers 14 and 15. We have also been learning some new counting games and we played these in different stations around the classroom.

“We were using our numeracy to find the numbers and write them.” – Marcus

“I liked the sliding cards. You count the pictures on the front and slide it to find the answer.” – John

“I liked the dinosaur game. We had to pick an egg with a number on it and put the counters on.” – Angus

In Literacy, we have been continuing our phonics lessons. We learned the sounds z and x. We also did a piece of writing called ‘The Witch’ after reading Rapunzel. Our reading buddies visited us 3 times this week to read the Bookbug books with us.

“We had mummies and daddies in to read books with. My favourite part in I am Bat was the bit where he said “Don’t take my cherries!”” – Olivia

“We used zips for z.”  – Kai

“I liked writing a story about a witch.” – Harvey

In Health and Wellbeing, we read a story about children who fell out and then we spoke about having fall outs which we sometimes call quarrels. We thought about how each person might feel.

“They were sad because they fell out.” – Marcus

“They will be sad because if they pushed somebody then they will cry about it.” – Alex

This Week in P1NM

Here is what we have been learning this week:

In Literacy, we have nearly finished learning all of the alphabet sounds.  This week, it was ‘z’ and ‘x’.  Zac was really excited that he already knew about ‘z’ because it is in his name.
– “x … Down an arm and leg, repeat the other side.” (Erin)
– “z … Zig, zag, zig.” (Layla)

We wrote imaginative stories called ‘The Castle”.  We had 4 success criteria to help us work out whether we had met our learning intention.
– “Rapunzel liked to climb to the top of her castle to look at the birds.”

– “The princess lives in a blue castle.” (Maison)
– “I did all four things so I know that I am green.” (Zac) (Note from Mrs
Muir – that means that he met all four success criteria, so he has
achieved the learning intention.)

In Numeracy, we have been learning to read and write numbers 11-15.  We are getting better at counting out amounts and we used 20 Frames for the first time.  We also had to programme Beebots to travel between a start and end point, using the directions left, right, forward and backward.
– “I did it … it went from here to here!” (Alesha)
– “It turned the wrong way … I’ll need to tell it to go the other way. “

We started to practise our lines for the Nativity.  We now know all of the songs and actions and would really like our parents to help us learn any speaking parts at home, ready for next week’s rehearsals.

We worked with our Reading Buddies 3 times this week.  We read each of the picture books in our new Bookbug bags and talked about our likes/dislikes, what puzzled us and what they reminded us of.  We had great fun sharing these with our parents and grandparents (and a little brother) during our Book Blether!!

Have a lovely weekend!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning  how to read and write numbers 11, 12 and 13. We have also been learning the ‘In, on, under’ song and we used the Beebots to learn simple directions.

“We moved it to the front, back, left and right.” – Zayna

“We moved the Beebots forwards one time and two times and three times.” – Harvey

“The 1 means 10 in 12.” – Olivia

In Literacy, we have been continuing our phonics lessons. We have almost learned all of the sounds of the alphabet. We learned the sounds y and w. We also did a piece of writing called ‘The Castle’ after reading The Princess and the Pea and we got even better at overwriting.

“I like doing phonics.” – Angus

“Down up, down up.” (w) – Kai

“We’ve been learning the sound w-w-w-worm.” – Frankee

Additionally, we have been practicing for our upcoming Nativity. We have been pairing up with the other Primary 1 class and adding actions to our songs.

“I like the angel song.” – John

“My favourite song is Little Grey Donkey.” – Wallace

This Week in P1NM

Here is some information about our learning this week:

In Literacy, we were visited by Largo the Literacy Lion – check out our photographs on Twitter!  We taught him all about the ‘y’ sound.
– “y, y, y, y, yak.” (Layla)
– “Down a horn, up a horn and under his head.” (Erin)

Largo also joined us for the next task for our Thinking Reader work about ‘Room on the Broom’.  We had to give our own opinions about our favourite part of the story, and had to give a reason why.
– “My favourite part is when the broom snaps in two because that is when
    the witch sees the dragon.” (Andrew)
– “I like when the dragon gets a fright because the animals all scare him.”

– “I like when the animals scare the dragon away because it is funny when
they roar.” (Fraser)

We wrote imaginative stories about a witch, after reading so many fairy tales with a witch character in our Fairyland IDL project.
– “The witch turned me into a cat and I sat on everybody’s lap.” (Isla)
– “The witch shrunk me by accident and I hid from my mum.” (Amelia)
– “The witch waved her magic wand at me.  She turned me into a 
    minion.” (Alesha)

In Numeracy, we were learning to count forward 0-30.  We also tried to count back 20-0, which was a little bit trickier.  We played lots of games to reinforce how to sequence numbers 0-10.

We started to learn all about the numbers 11, 12 and 13.  We had to read and write these numbers, and we practised counting and making sets of counters on the 20 frames.
– “My Big Buddy is 12.” (Braxton)
– “13 is higher than 10.” (Megan)

We are still learning songs for our Nativity.  We now know all of the actions and most of the words!

See you next week for another update!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to identify missing numbers and find numbers before and after on  a number line. We have been discussing our strategies and have been sharing these with each other.

“We picked numbers up and hid them to find out the missing numbers.” – Olivia

“We counted along the number line to find the missing numbers. We had to draw some of the numbers back on the number line. – Faith

“Put numbers in order.” – Angus

In Literacy, we have been continuing our phonics lessons. We learned the sounds r, j and v . We also did a piece of writing called ‘Bonfire Night’ and we got to overwrite for the second time. We also had to draw our favourite part of the story Lost and Found, as part of our Thinking Reader lesson.

“j-j-j-jack in a box.” – Malcolm

“We wrote a story about Bonfire Night. My favourite part was writing about the ‘what’ and the ‘when’.” – Alex

“We made a vulture to help us learn the sound ‘v’.” – Claire

In Health and Wellbeing, we had circle time. We learned more about what makes a good friend and we had to think about ways in which we can be good friends. We enjoyed sharing something positive about each other at the end of our circle time to finish it off.

“A good friend gives you hugs and plays with you.” – Olivia

“I am a good friend when I share my games .” – James

This Week in P1NM

We have learned a lot this week!

In Numeracy, we have been learning to sequence the numbers  0-10 into the correct order.  We had to explain how we worked out the order and how we worked out which number was missing on a number line.  We played a game with a partner.  One person closed their eyes while their partner hid a number on the number line with a counter.  You had to work out which number was missing and then our partner asked “How do you know that?”
– “The missing number is 7 because 7 comes after 6.” (Amber)
– “It is 3 because it goes 0, 1, 2, 3.” (Alesha)
– “I knew it was 8 because I counted along from 0.” (Josh)

We also started to learn the Months of the Year.  We had a song to help us with this.

In Literacy, we wrote stories about Bonfire Night.
– “The fireworks were not loud at all.” (Megan)
– “It was a bit noisy from the fireworks.” (Vincent)
– “I watched the fireworks at my auntie’s house.” (Fraser)
– “I saw rockets up in the sky.” (Antos)

This week’s sounds were r, j and v.
– “r … it goes down, up and over his arm .” (Andrew)
– “j … it’s a jack-in-the-box .” (Braxton)
– “v … v … v … Vincent.” (Fraser)

We had to give our opinions about the story ‘Room on the Broom’ in our Thinking Reader lesson.
– “I think the dragon is feeling hungry.” (Leighton)
– “I think that they will go for another ride because the new broom looks
comfy.” (Layla)

In Music, we have started to learn songs for our  Christmas Nativity.
– “I like ‘We’d Like to Tell You a Story’ the best because it is fun to sing.”

– “My favourite is ‘Little Grey Donkey’ because it goes ‘clip-clop’.” (Zak)

We are bringing home our Snapshot Jotters today.  Please look at all of the work that we have done.  There’s a letter for you to tell us and Mrs Muir what you think, before returning it to school on Monday.

Happy Weekend from Primary 1NM!