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Online Safety Awareness Workshops – Tuesday 29th October

Keeping children safe online is one of our main priorities and is an area of great concern. Many of our children access the internet and social media e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with no awareness and understanding of the consequences and risks that they put themselves in.

In recent times we have seen a rise in; children who have been targeted by adults online; who have been bullied online; and who have posted inappropriate images and content which have resulted in them being significantly at risk.

Therefore we have asked NSPCC to support our mission by offering online safety workshops for parents. You may feel that you are able to monitor your child’s usage, however, we would strongly advise taking this opportunity to further support you in keeping your child safe.

This workshop is completely free, light refreshments will be provided, and will take place on Tuesday 29th October at 1:30pm and again at 4pm.

Please contact the school office if you wish to attend.

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to count, recognise and correctly form numbers to 10. We had lots of fun inviting parents/carers in to observe a numeracy lesson. We also identified basic 2D shapes and focused on a triangle, discussing its properties and where we may see it in the environment. We introduced numbers in between and used our number lines to help.

A triangle has 3 vertices and 3 sides.” – Oscar

The racoon’s nose was a triangle.” – Phoebe

We showed parents how to count with the number lines and number fans.” – Faith

In Literacy, we learned three new sounds: e, h and r. We had lots of opportunities for word building and had to say, make, read and write CVC words, using our initial sounds. We also read our ORT 1st words books to Miss Duncan. In writing, we wrote a personal account called A Day Out.

We wrote a story and had to include a full stop.” – Faith

We went down up and round to write ‘r’.” – Jessica

We wrote ‘r’ with rhubarb in the rice.” – Oscar

In Health and Wellbeing, we read a story called The Grumpycorn and linked this into our Emotion Works. We identified the emotion word for the character and used words to describe his behaviours throughout the book. We drew pictures to illustrate good choices that he could have made in the story rather than shouting and throwing things.

“The unicorn was grumpy.” – Logan

“He threw stuff.” – Sarah

“The unicorn was being gentle in my picture.” – Ayesh

Primary 1EC

Primary 1EC week beginning 30.09.19

We were very lucky this week to have a couple of different opportunities to have our parents and carers in the classroom working with us.

Numeracy and Maths:

This week saw the start of Maths Week Scotland. Our Numeracy Curriculum Workshop showcased some of the activities games we do in class.

We have been learning to correctly order and sequence numbers within 10 through filling in missing numbers on a number line. The children were given part of a number line and were to identify the missing numbers using taught strategies and then to select the correct number to place on the number line.

To consolidate and revise basic 2D shapes we made Shape Pizzas. We had to decide how many squares, rectangles, circles and triangles we wanted our pizza to have. We then needed to complete our recipe sheet. We needed to make sure that our recipe matched our finished pizza!

Literacy and IDL:

This week we learned three new sounds ‘e’, ‘h’ and ‘r’. We used different active game and activities to help us in our learning such as bingo games, EducationCity activities and practical games. Ask us to show you the actions and sing the songs!

Our focus story this week linked to our IDL Fairyland topic is ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We looked at a recipe for making gingerbread. To show our understanding of the different steps we worked in groups to made gingerbread men.

In pairs we brainstormed what we thought the Friendly Dragon looked like. We gathered together all our ideas and then created our own friendly dragon. The children worked really hard to create their vision of the dragon.

Open Afternoon:

During our Open Afternoon we had IDL: Fairyland. After baking the day before we decorated our gingerbread men.

‘I loved decorating the gingerbread men…’ Callen

‘Can I make another one for my mum?’ Melissa

Earlier on in the week the children discussed what they thought the friendly dragon looked like. We decided he had multi-coloured spikes, wings, a green body and an orange tummy. We painted him with our grown-ups and we will outline him and use craft materials when he is dry.

‘I think he should be multi-coloured’ Emily

‘I think his eyes should be black, I will get some black paint’ Ryan Mc


The children worked independently identifying initial sounds in our Gingerbread Man text. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed at how well they were able to skim and scan the text so accurately.


Primary 1EC week beginning 23.09.19

Primary 1EC 

This has been another busy week for Primary 1. At the beginning of the week we welcomed parents into our classroom to watch a Literacy Lesson. We loved having our grown-ups working with us and we look forward to seeing many of you again next Tuesday for our Numeracy Workshop. Here’s what else we got up to this week…

IDL and Literacy:

We continued to focus on the fairy story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In small groups we learned to skim and scan a text looking for our taught sounds. The children were able to skim the text using their finger and identify different sounds and then highlight them. All groups worked particularly well together and helped each other if they required it.

We continued with our word building this week using individual magnetic boards.

‘It was good building the words, I liked using the boards. I found it easy!’ Hana

‘I found it easy to build the word ‘cap’’ Angus

‘I enjoyed making the words.’ Harris


We read the story ‘Baby bug’ during rhyme time this week. We then brainstormed all the different ‘ug’ words we could think about and tried writing them independently on our whiteboards.


With Ms Elizabeth, Primary 1 continued to develop their understanding of basic 2D shapes as well as revising number formation. Ms Elizabeth was very impressed with how the children have improved since she last saw them. has some excellent games on 2D shape games. The children love playing these so let them show you.

If you are out and about see how many 2D shapes you can find.

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been consolidating numbers within 10 by practising our formation and playing counting games. We also made links with our homework and made some finger patterns, using both hands. We played a teddy bear game to help us visualise this. We even made some patterns using peg boards, beads, cubes and superhero pictures. We then learned how to use iPads to take pictures of our work as evidence.

We had to grab the teddies into the houses and we made finger patterns. 2 and 3 makes 5.” – Sarah

We had to answer ‘how many?’ and colour it in.” – Lucas

We had to count the sandcastles.” – Nevaeha


In Literacy, we learned two new sounds: c and k. We had lots of opportunities for word building and had to say, make, read and write CVC words, using our satipn sounds. We had a formation station in our classroom where we could practice writing our names. We also each wrote a story called The Friendly Dragon, as this linked in with our Fairyland topic.

I like to write my name because it helps me get better at it.” – Faith

A dragon breathed fire to make the sun come back in our story.” – Abigail

I wrote my name on the back of my work.” – Finlay

“I drew a dragon and it breathed fire.” – Zack

“Camera starts with ‘c’.” – Oscar


In Health and Wellbeing, we read a story called We are gentle…we don’t hurt others. We explored the story and discussed ways we could be gentle towards others.

“You don’t punch or hit. We play and keep our hands to ourselves instead of others.” – Lucas

“No kicking anybody.” – Logan

“Miss Beanie was happy because they were being kind.” – Finlay

Primary 1EC

Week beginning 16.09.19


This week in literacy we wrote a story about a dragon. We read the story ‘There’s no dragon in this story’ and then thought about what our own dragon looked like. We decided that a dragon could be any colour we wanted. Discussion took place around what features the dragon might have such as horns, long claws, wings etc.

In phonics we continue to read and build three letter words and learned  two new sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’.


This week with Ms Elizabeth the children started to look at basic 2D shapes and their properties. The children looked at real life objects that contained these shapes, played active games and used topmarks to revise and consolidate their learning.


‘I loved making the straw house’   Darcie

‘I’m doing bricks on the third house on the sheet as the third little pigs house was bricks.’   Rhys


After creating their Three Little Pigs houses in class the children went outside to create their own house, using Loose Parts Play.

Some children worked independently and some worked in pairs or trios.

Miss Higgins and Mrs Cuthbert were very impressed with the creativity.

The rain will be able to get through my roof, I will need to fix it’ Andrew

 The children have also been very excited about checking on their beanstalk to see if they have started to grow yet. We will keep you posted…