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This Week in P1NM

Welcome back after the holiday week!

This week has been Snapshot Jotter week, so all of our work has gone into this special jotter.  We will bring it home next Friday (1st Mar) so that we can share it with our families.

In Maths, we have been learning to use analogue clocks (the ones with hands) and digital clocks (the ones with just numbers) to read and make o’clock times.
– “The big hand is at 12 and the little hand is at 8 … 8 o’clock.” (Zac)
– “The big hand is pointing to 12 and the little hand is pointing at 5 … 5 o’clock.” (Layla)
– “3:00 … 3 o’clock.” (Josh)

In Reading, we have been listening to stories about the characters that are going to be in everyone’s reading books next week.  We have been learning to read their names.  They are called …
– “Kipper” (Jack)
– “Biff” (Isla)
– “Chip” (Amber)
– “Mum” (Andrew)
– “Dad” (Leighton)
– “Floppy” (Amelia)

In Writing, we wrote imaginative stories about a Lollipop Person, linked to our work this week on how to safely cross the road.
– “The lollipop lady’s stick blew away because it was windy.  She had to buy a new one.” (Megan)
– “The lollipop man was happy because he loved his job.” (Vincent)
– “The lollipop lady held up his stick and the traffic stopped.” (Antos)

We have been planning what we would like to learn in our new project, called Under the Sea – we can’t wait to get started next week!

This week in P1HD

In Maths, we have been learning how to tell o’clock times. We have been looking at both analogue and digital clocks and have been drawing the hands onto clocks.

“The big hand stays at 12 and the small hand points to a number.” – Angus

“We have been drawing the small hand and the big hand onto clocks. The big hand points to 12 and the small hand points to a number and that means it’s an o’clock time” – Harvey

“5 o’clock. The small hand points to 5” – Claire

In Literacy, we have been introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree books with Biff, Chip and Kipper. We are going to start reading these next week and are all very excited!

“Chip is a boy.” – John

“Chip and Biff are twins.” – Paige

“We have been learning to read. I like when we needed to write words using our Fred Fingers.” – Malcolm

“I read a book called The Secret Room. My favourite part was the part when they found the secret room.” – William

For IDL, we learned about road safety. We read a story called Ziggy’s Sports Day and discussed ways we can travel safely on the roads. 

“Stop, Look, Listen and Think.” – Olivia

“I cross the road all the time holding my daddy’s hand.” – James

“If you are in a car, you have to be safe by wearing your seatbelt.” – Noah

“A lollypop lady goes in the middle of the road with her lollypop stick to stop the cars so people can cross.” – Faith


This week in P1NM

Hello from Primary 1NM!

Most of our work this week was to prepare for our Assembly.  We worked hard at home and in the class to learn what we needed to say.  We made Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons.  Our Big Buddies helped us to learn our lines and to learn the songs.  We loved the animal masks!  Our Assembly performance was a HUGE success and all of our visitors enjoyed watching it and sharing our work in class!
– “People born in the year of the pig should be honest.” (Layla)
– “We will be telling you about Chinese New Year.” (Amber)
– “Gods appeared and gave the animals such a fright.” (Kyle)
– “Every year in the Chinese calendar is named after one of 12 animals.” (Andrew)

In Literacy, we wrote stories about going to the dentist.
– “The dentist put a filling into my tooth.” (Erin)
– “When I went to the dentist, he had a look at my teeth and they were fine.” (Braxton)
– “My mummy took me to the dentist to get my teeth checked.” (Alesha)

In Numeracy, we used paper plates and cubes to discover all of the addition facts for 4.  We wrote them in order and talked about the patterns that we saw.
– “4+0=4” (Fraser)
– “3+1=4” (Vincent)
– “2+2=4” (Jack)
– “1+3=4” (Kyle)
– “0+4=4” (Isla)

Many thanks to all of our families for coming today.  Thanks also to all of the hard work and support you have given us during this term – have a lovely week off!

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to add basic amounts. We learned The Story of 2, 3 and 4 and began to use the + and = signs.

“We counted with our fingers.” – Jacob

“We played a game called number blocks and you had to add the blocks together to make a number.” – Noah

“I liked watching Number blocks.” – Angus

In Literacy, we have been continuing our reading groups and playing a range of phonics games. We also read a story called Little Owl’s Egg after a surprise was left in our classroom (an owl’s nest)!

“I made the word zip by connecting the blocks on the card with the picture.” – Paige

“We saw a nest and it was the egg’s nest. I think there was an owl inside the egg.” – Malcolm

“We have been learning phonics games. My favourite game is the letter blocks game.” – Marcus

In Health and Wellbeing, we had circle time. We were learning to describe our own and others’ feelings. We used picture cards with different facial expressions on them to help us think of new vocabulary.

“Huffy.” – Olivia

“Angry.” – Frankee

“Upset.” – James

“Glad.” – Jacob

“Shocked.” – Paige

“Frightened.” – Noah

“Excited.” – Angus

This Week in P1NM

Here is what we have been learning and doing this week:

In Literacy, we are getting better at using ‘Fred Talk’ to sound out words.  This helps us to read and spell short words.  We even did a ‘Word Hunt’ in the playground, to see which words we could spot before trying to read them out loud.
– “h..a..t..hat” (Amelia)
– “” (Jack)
– “” (Isla)
This week’s story writing lesson was called ‘A Rainy Day’.  We had to write a personal story, with a Who, Where, What and How.
– “I was dancing with my umbrella and throwing it in the air.” (Amber)
– “Malcolm jumped in a puddle and splashed me.” (Andrew)
– “I was happy because I got to wear my snow suit so I wouldn’t get wet.” (Fraser)
– “My dog shook his body and we all got soaking wet.” (Leighton)
– “I kicked a big puddle and soaked my dad.  Dad was angry but I was happy because it was so funny.” (Kyle)
– “The slide at the park was wet so I slipped.  It didn’t hurt because it was soft outside.” (Megan)

In Numeracy, we were using paper plates and cubes to find all the different addition facts for 2 and 3.
– “1+1=2” (Jack)
– “2+0=2” (Amber)
– “0+2=2” (Vincent)
We were also practising how to add together 2 sets of objects to find out how many altogether.  We used the I-pads to play some of the maths games that we have been using for homework.

We have been practising each day for our Assembly, all about Chinese New Year.  We have been learning song words, practising a poem and trying to remember our own lines.  Any help from parents at home will help to make it a great success.  Remember to save the date – Fri 8th at 10:00am!

Thanks from P1NM!


This week in P1HD

We have been super busy this week practicing for our class assembly. We performed it today and Miss Duncan is extremely proud of our efforts and hard work over the past couple of weeks!

“I liked my part because I had to start off the assembly.” – Eilidh

“I liked saying ‘Reid tartan!’.” – Faith

“I liked my mum being there.” – Angus

“I liked saying my lines. My favourite part was when I said ‘Scotland is very famous for its tartan’.” – John

“I liked my mum and dad being there when I said my lines super well.” – Noah

“I liked saying the word ‘wheesht’ .” – Marcus

“I liked how my little sister was there.” – Olivia

“I liked my mum and gran being there.” – Alex

“My favourite part was when I ate the haggis because I liked it.” – Jacob

“I liked how my mum was there.” – Zayna

“I loved speaking through the microphone.” – Tyler

“I liked that my mum and dad were at the assembly and I got to kiss and hug them and my sister.” – Harvey

“I liked using the microphone.” – Frankee

“I liked when my mum and gran were waving at me and they also looked up at me from the front seat.” – Paige

“I liked seeing mummy in class.” – Kai

“I liked my mum and baby sister being here inside school again.” – William

“I liked saying ‘Campbell tartan’ and my other lines and seeing my mum.” – Claire

“I liked my best friend being there.” – James

“I liked when my gran and grandad were there. I liked saying my lines too.” – Malcolm

This Week in P1NM

This week has been just as productive as every other!

In Literacy, we wrote personal stories about a visit to the doctor:
– “I went to the doctor because i had a cut and I needed a plaster.” (Kyle)
– “I had to go to the doctor because i had a sore arm.  He put on a plaster and it made me feel better.” (Leighton)
– “I had spots on my back so my daddy took me to the doctor.” (Antos)

We took home our reading homework and shared it with our adults.
– “I read it to dad and he thought that I was good at reading the words.” (Isla)
– “I read my ditty to my mum and she said that I had done a good job.” (Vincent)
I read my Chill books because they had words that I could try to read.” (Layla)
– “My daddy read my Chill books for me and I tried to copy it after him.” (Amber)

In Numeracy, we started to learn how to add.
– “I counted one set of ladybirds, then the other set.  I counted them all together to find out how many.” (Megan)
– “I put some cubes on a paper plate.  I put some more cubes on the other side of the plate. I counted them all up.” (Zac)

We held our poetry competition in class and sent 3 finalists to the final judging round – well done to A, L and B who are all going to perform at a special Scots Poetry assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning  how to add basic amounts. We watched some fun video clips to help us understand the concept of addition.

“We were learning to add and we watched a number blocks video. The one that had 4 in it had to get 1 more block on it to make 5.” – James

“Three add two makes five.” – Harvey

“We did plus 5 and plus 4.” – Noah

“I liked the new numeracy books. We were writing numbers in them.” – Marcus

In Literacy, we continued to have reading groups and we were revising sounds that we already know. We also did a piece of writing called ‘The Doctor’. Some of us even started to underwrite!

“I had to copy the highlighted words and write them underneath.” – Alex

“We read the Gruffalo in Scots.”  – Angus

“I liked my ditty sheet because there were words on it. My favourite word was cat.” – Claire

We have also been very busy practicing for our assembly, which is next Friday. 

“We had to get parts. I am in the middle and have 2 parts.” – James

“I have to learn my speaking part at home for our assembly.” – Zayna

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning  how to count, order, read and write numbers 0-20 . We played some active games to consolidate our learning. We are excited to move onto addition next week!

“We have been learning up to 20. We used a number line to guess the number before and after.” – Frankee

“I liked the bingo game because I won.” – Zayna

“You say BINGO.” – Alex

“I liked playing on the iPads because I had to count up to 10 and up to 5.” – Angus

In Literacy, we set up our reading groups. We also did a piece of writing called ‘A Day Out’ and started using a 3-part picture planner.

“We have been reading a book called Pin it on.” – Jacob

“We were reading the sounds and words.”  – Zayna

“We had to show our partner what happens in the story.” – Kai

We have also been very busy learning about Scotland. We have been making crafts for our upcoming assembly on our topic.

“We’ve been making Scotland flags. We stuck blue pieces of paper on them and we needed to write our name at the back” – Malcolm

“We have been making a haggis craft for our assembly.” – Harvey

This week in P1NM

It has been a really exciting week in Primary 1NM and we are all feeling quite proud of ourselves!

In Literacy, we started new reading groups and can’t wait to bring home our new books and ditty sheets on Monday.
– “bad dog can yap” (Vincent)
– “Kipper doesn’t want to go to nursery.  He’s scared that he doesn’t know anyone.” (Josh)

We have been using the sounds that we already know to read and write short words.
– “u…p…up!” (Fraser)
– “c…u…p…cup!” (Erin)

We used some of the emotions words that we talked about during Circle Time to write about how we felt in our ‘A Day Out’ stories.
– “My sister and I were scared of the dinosaurs.” (Zarish)
– “I was proud because I scored a goal.” (Jack)
– “I was excited because I didn’t know where we were going.” (Zac)

In Numeracy, we were learning to order numbers 0-20.  We had to talk about the number before, after and in between.
– “14 is missing.  It comes between 13 and 15.” (Isla)
– “11 is the missing number.  It’s after 10.” (Josh)

We worked a lot on the “Mince and Tatties” during IDL lessons, to get ready for the poetry competition next week.

Have a lovely weekend – from P1NM!