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This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have had a magical week.

Firstly we want to say a big WELCOME to Dennis who has joined our class this week and to his sisters who have also joined the school!

We have had lots of different Literacy tasks this week.

On Monday we were learning to write a personal piece of writing. First we interviewed our friend about what they done during the February holiday. Then we wrote about our February holiday. I was successful because I wrote in first person and I wrote in past tense. I need to remember to add in my thoughts and feelings (Layla).

This week we were learning about adverbs, an adverb describes the verb. We had lots of different stations. At one of the stations we had to change adjectives in to adverbs. The rule is you add  ‘ly’ at the end of the word. I was good at sorting adverbs and adjectives and putting ‘ly’ on the end (Anika).


In writing we were continuing to learn about writing instructions. This week we wrote instructions for ‘How to play snakes and ladders’. To be successful we need to write in order, we also to use bossy verbs at the beginning of each step. It is also important to use connective openers. I found it tricky to get the bossy verbs at the beginning of my steps (Nate).

This week we had a special visitor, Fergus the story teller. He taught us a song and read us lots of stories. I liked the story about the little girl with the shoe, who became famous for her singing because it was an inspiring story (Amy). We hope that Fergus comes back (P3/4LS).


In Maths this week we have been learning to calculate durations of time in whole hours and half hour intervals. I found this a bit challenging, I am successful at counting forward but I need to practise counting backwards (Ben).

We have started to learn about coding. We have been learning to create algorithms (an algorithm is when you give a computer a set of instructions). We  took pictures of Lego to make a set of instructions for another team to try and follow. We also played games and gave the computer simple instructions, like move forward, turn left and right. I have found this easy to start with and I hope it gets harder (Charlie).


This week in our toys topic we started off by learning how to identify and describe materials. We had different stations with toys made from different materials, we had to think about what they felt like and how we would describe that. We then had to write, draw and label our favourite toy describing what it is made of. I was successful because I had good adjectives to describe the material of my favourite toy (Michael).


You can see all our amazing work when our snapshot jotters come home next Friday.

We hope you have an amazing weekend.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have been really busy.

We have started our new Health and Wellbeing topic this week called Safety. This was a really good time to start as it was Internet Safety day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we were learning about Online Safety Day. We were learning to read for information. We had to read a passage about online safety and then we had to answer questions. Did you know you have to be 13 years old or older to have a Facebook account (Tyler)? I thought it was challenging because it was hard finding the answers in the passage (Amy).

We continued our learning about the importance of being safe online. We used drama to act out a performance on how to be safe online. Go to twitter to view one of our videos, but REMEMBER to BE SAFE ONLINE (Alyxs)! I was successful in my performance as the Dad because I told the little girl how to be safe online with strangers (Mac).


In writing this week we linked with our Toys topic and we started to learn about how to write instructions. Our task was to write instructions for making a  paper snail. We explained the materials needed then we wrote out the steps in order. In  our instructions we had to use bossy verbs and time openers (Anabia, Eilidh H). I think I was successful because I had my writing in order (Anika).

This week for one of our topic lessons we were learning to make a timeline. We used past and present toys and had to display them on a line in date order from past to present. I was successful because I managed to put all the toys in the correct date order (Jamie). I found it challenging because we had to put the toys in order (Charlie).


We also started comparing toys from the past and present. We used words to describe our toys and put them in to a Venn diagram to display similarities and differences in how we would describe them. Lots of the toys from the past were wooden.



In Maths we are continuing to learn about fractions. We are learning to identify and colour fractions of shapes and share a single item equally. I was confused when working out fractions using word problems, but I’m not confused now. In my group we shared our strategies and I now get it (Nate)!

We hope you enjoy your week off!  Don’t forget to BE SAFE ONLINE!

We successfully followed instructions this week to make a flapping bird.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart




This week in P3LH


This week our Toys topic is in full swing.

We were learning about the first ever jigsaw, this was created in 1767 when someone cut up pieces of maps to help children learn about geography (Lily). We began to make our own jigsaw puzzle for other people in the class to solve (Lacey).

We also created another paper bird, which has increased in difficulty (Amy). We had to use our cutting skills  because the bird had a lot more detail than the toys we made last week. (Lily)


We have been learning to calculate the area of shapes by using cm2 (Hannah). We count the squares in the shape and then you write the number of squares down along with cm2. (Grace). We were also able to calculate the area of shapes with half cm2 by adding them up to make a whole square (Ben and Callan). We also learned about the formula of area which is L x B (Amy and Ben), we have to count the boxes along the top and the side then multiply them (Ben).

To improve our timestable knowledge, we played a new game called Buzz (Lucas). When you are counting up in the multiples of timestable, you need say ‘buzz’ instead of the number (Emily). We were learning to count in 4’s.


We were learning to summarize the main points of a story by making a mini story book about Imaginary Fred (Lacey). We had to illustrate our stories and include a sentence about what was happening the picture (William). We had to include the Author and the Illustrator on the front cover of the book (Emily).

We were learning to identify adverbs in grammar (Halle). Adverbs tell us how something is done (Callan). For example quickly (Grace), carefully (Mah Noor), slowly (Emily), quietly (William) and obviously (Ben).


We were learning how to keep ourselves safe on the internet (Karina). We learned not to speaking to people we don’t know online (Emma).  We learned not to click on any pop ups or adverts, you should only go on apps and website that your parents approve of (Lily). We learned not to write personal information online (Emily). We read a story about keeping safe online that involved Ben and Buddy the dog, who had a song to remind us to keep safe online (Callan). Ask us to sing it to you at home!!

Enjoy your week off and I look forward to seeing  you in a week!

Mrs Hunter and P3LH

This week in P3LH

In Numeracy, we have been learning about length. We were learning to convert between metres and centimetres. There are 100cm in 1m (Alexis). We were learning about half metres and quarter metres, there are 50cm in 1/2m (Callan) and there are 25cm in 1/4m (Carly). We were also learning to measure accurately with a ruler (Emma), we need to use the start of the ruler to measure accurately (Mah Noor). We were using metre sticks to estimate and then measure larger objects (Colton and Emily).

We were excited to start our new IDL this week, which is Toys. We are hoping to find out when the first toy was invented, what were toys like in the 80’s and why are toys used in the world. We can’t wait to find out more! We were practicing our cutting skills to make sure that our paper toys were neat and tidy. We were learning to create paper toys, we made a snail and a helicopter. We tested our helicopters by going up the stairs and dropping them off to see if they would spin! Check out twitter for some videos.  If you have any information about toys, past or present, please feel free to share with P3LH.

In writing, we were learning to write clear instructions. We were practicing tying our shoelaces and then we used clear steps to write about it. We used time openers and practiced using real laces!

We also learned about Synonyms, these are words that mean the same as another, but sometimes make our writing more interesting! For example hot and spicy (Grace), frozen and cold (Lily), fast and speedy (Ben), hungry and starving (Lacey). We are going to try and use more interesting words in our writing.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS

We had an exciting week as we started our new Toys topic.

In IDL we have been learning to share ideas, research on iPads and follow instructions to create a paper toy. We found out our new topic is Toys, looking at the past and the present. First we had to work out what our new topic was by investigating and connecting different activities together. Then we shared with Miss Stewart our ideas about what we want to know and how we want to learn in our new topic.  I’m excited for our new topic  because it’s something we have never looked at before. (Eilidh H).


This week, we also learned how to follow instructions and practise our cutting skills. We make a helicopter and a snail made out of paper. We investigated that the helicopter needs a paperclip on the end because it pushed more weight down so it goes faster and spins (Anabia).


On Thursday we were learning to use the internet as a research tool. We wanted to find out who invented the first toy but we never found out a specific answer. What we did find out was, John Spilsbury made the first jigsaw puzzle in 1767. I enjoyed making my own jigsaw puzzle with my group and cannot wait to try out other group’s puzzles (Anika).


In Maths this week we have moved on to learning about fractions. Fractions are an equal part of a whole (Ben). We have been linking our toys topic to our Maths and we have used play-dough and Lego. We put play-dough in to shapes and cutting them into halves, quarters, thirds, fifths, sixths, eighths and tenths. We were also learning how to share fractions equally. We used the Lego to build towers that had a certain fraction of colours.  I found it a bit challenging because there are lots of different fractions to learn (Ben).


In Literacy, we have been continuing to learn about similes, using like or as in a comparison.  I found it challenging adding in ‘like’ or ‘as’ when comparing two objects but I think I am getting better at it (Layla). In our class novel we noticed similes that the author used to help us create a picture in our head (Amy).

In Writing we have been learning to use a variety of sentence openers to make our writing more interesting. We watched a video called Marshmallows about a creature sneaking up on a young boy toasting marshmallows. We had to re-tell the story using a variety of sentence openers to help add description. I liked the video because it was funny. I gave myself an amber for using openers because I could have added more in to my writing (Nate).

This week we started our first ‘Shake it Up’ dance lesson. We were learning to come up with creative movements, jumps, turns and balances. We enjoyed our first lesson and cannot wait to learn more.


We hope you have a lovely week. Come back next week to find out more about our toys topic.


P3/4LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P3/4LS

This week we have been celebrating Scots week.

In numeracy we have been learning to use our division skills to answer word problems. We needed to identify the words in the text to work out what it was asking us to do. I found it challenging because it was hard working out what the question was asking for. I’ll keep on trying until I get it (Nate).

In Literacy we have started learning to use similes. A simile is when you use something using ‘like’ or ‘as'(Eilidh H, Anika, Anabia). We read a book Anger is like Amour, which has a simile for it’s title. We then were asked to come up with our own simile. Here are examples. The bunny was soft like a white feather (Anika). The boy is as heavy as an elephant (Eilidh H).  It was quite challenging coming up with our own sentences because it was the first time we had tried this (Anika).

This week we had been learning about Robert Burns. We were learning to write notes under given headings. We had to read a passage about Robert Burns and write down notes in to a fact file. We then used this information to write a biography in our writing lesson. I think I was successful because I used my fact file to help me use lots of facts in my writing (Jamie).

We continued to learn more about Scotland in our topic lessons. We were learning to identify Scottish produce, looking more specifically at food and drink. We created a 3 course meal menu using foods produced in Scotland. I really enjoyed making the three course meal because I like learning about Scottish food and drinks (Amy).

We also had our in class Burns Poetry competition. We recited our poems, Mrs Yule and Last Nicht in front of the whole class. Miss Stewart found it really difficult to pick the winners because we all gave such amazing performances. Well done to Jamie, Anabia, Jessica and Ben who have gone through to the whole school competition. We wish them luck!!

Have a great week. Next week we get to find out our new topic. We are very excited to find out what it is.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P3LH

This week has been a special week in P3LH, we have been celebrating Scots week.

We have been learning about traditional Scottish dishes, such as Cullen Skink soup, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Cranachan and Scottish Tablet. We have also been learning about the different types of Scottish farming and the products that are produced there. In Scotland, we have dairy farms, pig farms, sheep and cattle farms, poultry farms and arable farms. We have also read the Gruffalo in Scots and we were able to identify the main characters using their Scots words. We have Ben, Lola and Ava participating in the Burns Competition, we wish them lots of good luck!!

In writing, we are learning to write clear instructions. This week, we made strawberry jelly and thought about the steps we would need to take in order to make it successfully. We then used time openers to help us structure our steps correctly.

In numeracy, in the Mild Group, we were learning to do division and multiplication sums. We used arrays to help us with these sums. In hot group, we have been learning to divide by 10 and 100. We know that the place value changes depending on what you divide by. In spicy group, we have been learning to divide with remainders using our times tables to help us. We have also been dividing  4 and 5 digit numbers by 100 and 1000.

In reading, we have been reading a book called the Black Dog. We have been learning to make connections with our own lives and the book. We discussed what we were scared of or don’t like and wrote about how our body reacts when we are scared.  We have been learning to consider how a character might be feeling. We discussed the main characters Small Hope and the Black Dog and used adjectives to describe how they were feeling throughout the book.

We are looking forward to starting our new IDL next week, come back and see our blog to find out what we are doing!!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have finished up our topic.

In Numeracy we are learning to divide. We have been dividing by  2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and using  remainders. We  are using the inverse operation (which means the opposite) multiplication to check over and help us with our division sentences. I thought dividing by my 3 and 4 times table was quite hard but I started to understand when I was checking over my answers (Jamie).

In writing we were learning to use descriptive features/ language. We read a book called Black Dog. We wrote a page for one of the characters called Small. We had to include a superlative, time openers and a variety of punctuation. I enjoyed making a page for Small and I think I was successful because  I met the success criteria (Amy).


In IDL we looked back on our learning from our topic. We were learning to give kind and constructive feedback as we evaluated our learning. In groups we had to answer what went well, what we need to work on, what we want to do more of and highlighted our 3 star moments. Most of us suggested that we want to do more art in our learning, that we need to work on our teamwork skills and we really enjoyed when we made our interactive display.

In PE we are learning to serve with increased consistency and balance with control. We have been practising these skills playing badminton and we have been balancing on balance boards. I think I was successful because me and Amy got lots of hits in badminton without dropping the shuttlecock on the floor (Eilidh H).

Come back next week to find out how we celebrated Scot’s week.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart