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This week in P3IL…

This week in P3IL we have been very busy! In IDL, we have been making Christmas cards to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We are so happy with how they turned out, thank you to all who came along and bought cards!

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been working hard on multiplication and beginning to learn a bit about division.

In English and Literacy we have finished our news articles and been working on our reading strategies. Ask us about tommy tracker (following with your finger) and sound talk it (say each sound).

We are excited for the last few weeks before Christmas!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

This Week in P3/4NM

We have been SO busy this week.  As well as the usual subjects on our timetable, we have also been working on some Christmas-themed activities.

In Literacy, we each had to plan and deliver a structured talk, like a book blessing, called ‘My Favourite Book.’  Our parents and carers helped us with the planning and we presented in front of the class either yesterday or today.
– “My favourite book is ‘Puppy Academy: Scout’ because dogs are my favourite animal and it is an interesting story.’ (Lacey)
– “My favourite book is called an annual because it comes out every year.” (Tyler)
– “I would recommend ‘Tom Gates is absolutely Fantastic (at Some Things)’ to anyone my age as it has funny pats in it and has funny pictures too.” (Ava)

In Health and Wellbeing, we made and tasted lemonade, in preparation for this week’s instruction-writing lesson.
– “I thought the lemonade was really good at first but then it began to taste really sour.” (Oscar)
– “I thought that it was too sweet for me.” (Erin)
– “The lemonade was good because I thought it tasted liked Sprite.” (Mah Noor)

In Art, we learned how to make a chain of paper dolls, all holding hands.  We have been studying the book ‘Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson in our Literacy lessons and wanted to try it out.  We learned how to fold the paper into a concertina, before drawing and carefully cutting out the image.  we made ours into Gingerbread People, in time for Christmas.

For our IDL, we were discussing the skills, abilities and qualities that we need to pursue our desired careers.  For our Christmas Fayre Enterprise Stall, we finished the production of our Christmas key chains.  We are going to count up our money on Monday, to find out if we made a profit or loss, so there is still time to purchase one, if we would like.  Thanks to Miss Low for looking after our stall on the night!

In Numeracy, we showed Mrs Muir what we could remember from having been taught about money in previous years, and from handling money in real life.  We will continue this work next week, including in our IDL discussions.  We learned that money is not the only way to pay for items and services – there are debit cards, credit cards and other payment options available.

This Week in P2/3RS…

How is it December? This year seems to be whizzing by! P2/3RS are making sure however that they are learning as much as possible before the Christmas holidays. Let us tell you about what we have been learning and doing this week…


Lucie – We have been looking at the stories and games in our book bags.

Amber – We wrote letters to Santa this week. We told him what we would like for Christmas and we asked him some questions like, ‘Are the reindeer ok?’

Alex – We learned our i-e using Flippy Dolphin to help us the cl sound.


Marcus – We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Sky – We have been learning to split up numbers using part-part-whole.

Emile – Some of us have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables this week using the x sign.

Cody – We have been doing adding sums. We have added 10 and been adding to 10.

Archie – Some of us learned to use a textbook to do Maths work this week.


Malcolm – We have been learning to complete a survey to see which craft we should make for the Christmas Fair. This helped us to decide to make our North Pole sign decorations for the Fair.

Erin – We made our craft this week. We had to paint the lollipop sticks white, then let them dry, then get a blue, red or green pen and put diagonal lines on them and then put our North Pole sign on with glue dots.

P3IL week beginning 25/11/19

This week was a short week but we did a lot of learning!

In Maths and Numeracy, we continued to learn how to multiply and the different language that can be used. This week we focused on creating equal groups and repeated addition in order to solve various multiplication challenges.

In English and Literacy, we have been working more on our news articles about the koala that was rescued from the bush fire in Australia.

In Science we have been learning about germs, how they spread and proper hand washing techniques to stop them spreading! We got to use UV gel and a UV torch to see how they spread and how effective our hand washing techniques are.  It was a lot of fun!

Looking forward to another week of learning!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

This week in P3IL…

This week in Maths and Numeracy we have been working more on multiplication. We spent some time outside this week making arrays which was fun!

In science, we have began to learn about forces such as push and pull.

In literacy, we have been learning about writing our own news article. As our topic is Australia, we are writing our article about a woman who saved a Koala this week from a bush fire. We admire her bravery and kindness!

It has been another fun filled week and we look forward to next week!

Miss Low, Mrs. Jacobs and P3IL

Last week in P3IL wb 11/11/19

Apologies for our late post from last week!

In literacy and our IDL, we had a busy week researching  Australian animals. We were learning to create a piece of functional writing so we researched facts on the ipads then wrote out our facts in our jotters. Then we worked in pairs to plan and create our poster. We also drew the animals and worked together to put together the poster in a way that would be interesting for our audience.


In Maths and Numeracy, we were learning to multiply. The strategy we have been practicing is using arrays. We have been working very hard at this and are beginning to understand multiplication more.

In art and design, we finished off our pudsy faces that we began last week. We were exploring the use of colour and pattern with this activity.

Another fun and busy week in P3IL!

Miss Low, Mrs. Jacobs and P3IL

This week in P3/4NM

Hello from P3/4NM and Mrs Muir!  Here is a snapshot of some of our learning this week.

In Literacy, we were learning to read and spell words with a variety of sounds, as well as some common words and project-related vocabulary.  Between the 3 different spelling groups, we covered the ‘Magic e with u’, ‘ew’ and ‘oi’ sounds.  We all made a wordsearch containing words with our own group’s sounds and challenged each other to find the words that we had hidden.
– “It was really easy to find the ‘ew’ words in Emma’s wordsearch.” (Emily)
– “It was quite tricky to find the ‘Magic e’ words in Oscar’s wordsearch.” (Eli)
In our writing lesson this week, we continued to learn how to write logically-sequenced instructions.  We had to use a range of sentence openers, to move on from just using First, Next, Then and Finally.  These instructions were designed to teach people ‘How to Wrap a Present’.
– “Begin by rolling out your wrapping paper and place your present in the middle.  Cut the wrapping paper where you rolled it out to.” (Beth and Nadia)
– “After that overlap the paper and stick with tape.  Fold the flaps into triangles and tape them down.” (Ava and Tyler)
– “Once you’ve done that tie a ribbon starting at the bottom of the present.” (Hannah)
– “Lastly, write the gift tag and stick it on the present.” (Eli)

In Numeracy, we were combining many of the skills that we have been learning over the past 8 weeks.  We revised how to round 2- or 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100, depending on which group we are in.  We used these rounding skills to estimate the answer to addition or subtraction calculations.  We then had to use the addition and subtraction strategies that we have learned to work out the actual answer, before comparing it with the estimate, e.g.
– “69-12 is almost 70-10 which equals 60.  69-12 is actually 57, which is almost 60” (Oscar)

In IDL, we were learning about different careers and professions that people can take up when they leave education.  We also spoke about the different education opportunities that are available after leaving secondary school, including going to college, university or becoming an apprentice.  We all had to give an opinion about what we aspire to do when we grow up, and were encouraged to provide a reason why.
– “I want to be a police officer because i want to drive the police car.” (Adam)
– “I want to be a train driver because I love trains.” (Rhys)
– “I want to be a football manager because I am interested in football.” (Emma)
– “I want to be a dancer because I like dancing.” (Karina)

In Art, we designed pictures which showed our understanding of ‘perspective’.  We cut out and added patterns to tree shapes, which we had to arrange so that some were in the ‘foreground’ and some were in the ‘background’.  Look out for our photos on Twitter!

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well you will never guess where we have been this week… INSIDE the human body! As well as continuing to learn new sounds, practise our writing skills and counting, building and describing arrays, P2/3RS enjoyed learning about what is inside our bodies and the different jobs that each organ does. Let us tell you about our week…


Frankee – We have read The Smartest Giant in Town this week.

Olivia – We enjoyed singing the Giant’s song.

Channing – We were summarising the story and picking out the main pieces. 

Leah – This week we met Flippy Dolphin.

Erin – Flippy helps us with our vowels. She helps us check whether to use the short or long vowels. This help us read and spell a-e words.

Alex – I practised spelling ss words.


Antos – We have been learning about arrays.

Reece – Arrays have columns and rows.

Aimee – We have been learning to count arrays. We have been learning to count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.


Kai – We have been learning about what is inside people.

Dylan – We learned about where the brain, heart, lungs were in the body.

EIlidh – We learned that we have a liver.

Aimee – We learned about the bladder and how it is important when you go to the toilet.

Archie – Your stomach helps break up your food into little pieces.

This Week in P2/3RS…

Following the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night the last couple of weeks, P2/3RS enjoyed a week of learning new things such as the Good Samaritan story, the part – part – whole maths strategy with Mrs Jones and sharing items into different groups. Let us tell you about our learning…


Lucie – We have been reading and doing work on Stickman.

Channing – We have been summarising Stickman so we took the main pieces out of the book and drew pictures and wrote sentences. We had to pick whether to do the mild, hot, spicy or extreme.

Frankee – We have been learning sounds.

Konrad – We have been looking at ff, oo, ck.

Dylan – We also learned about ee and ll.


Emile – We have been learning about taking away and adding with Mrs Jones.

Aimee – Mrs Jones taught us to look at part-part-whole for numbers.

Eilidh – We have been learning to share in Maths.

Cailean – When you are sharing you need to make sure you share so groups have the same amount.


Antos – We learned the story of the Good Samaritan.

Dylan – The story taught us that we should always be kind!

This week in P3/4NM

Hi from all of us in P3/4NM!

In Literacy, we were writing instructions all about how to ride a bike.  We were being challenged to use more sophisticated language to hook the reader, so we were trying not to use First, Next, Then and Finally.  Instead, we used some different sentence openers …
– “Begin by holding the handlebars.” (Callan)
– “Don’t forget to put on your helmet.” (Emily)
– “Begin by sitting on the saddle.” (Nadia)
– “Don’t forget to put your hands on the handlebars.” (Hannah)
We were learning different spelling rules this week.  Some of us learned how to spell words with the ‘aw’ sound, some were learning ‘soft c says s’ and some were learning ‘magic e with o’.

In Numeracy, we finished off our recent block of work about subtraction.  Some of us were learning how to use the written algorithm to show how to subtract 3-digit numbers, with exchanging.
– “You can’t do 4-8, so you have to exchange 1 hundred for 10 tens.  You cross it out in your jotter. ” (Halle)
Some of us were learning to take a teens number away from a 2-digit number.
– “58-15= 58-10-5=43” (Oscar)

In Health and Wellbeing, we were discussing different food and drinks.  We had to say whether we liked, disliked or had never tried various food and drinks.
– “I have never tried coffee.” (Callan)
– “I’ve never tried aubergine.” (Nadia)
– “I like Fruitella.” (Declan)
– “I like the taste of haggis.” (Cole)
– “I don’t like chicken pasta.” (Emma)
 – “I don’t macaroni because it is too cheesy.” (Karina)