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This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have had a rather exciting day – we are very proud and happy with how our assembly went this morning. We hope you enjoyed learning about Brazil, wandering through the Amazon Rainforest, hearing some samba beats and joining us for a shimmy!

Here is what we thought of our assembly…

People said their lines really clearly and didn’t get nervous! The butterflies in our tummies didn’t fly around too much. Malcolm

I loved playing our rainforest samba during our assembly. Everyone clapped so I think they enjoyed it too! Leah

We played our music well, we made sure we listened and watched Miss Smith and listened to all the instruments. Alex

We sat really well in assembly to make sure the audience were listening to the person who was speaking. Dylan

Everyone said their line so we are proud. Antos

I liked playing the music the best because I think we sounded like a real samba band. Eilidh

I liked when we did the singing and dancing. The audience joined in too. I didn’t get nervous when I said my line. Harvey

This week in P3/4NM

This has been another busy week!

In Maths, we were learning all about position and movement.  We were using compass points and co-ordinates to give and follow directions and to locate positions.  We worked out that Ashley Terrace is to the North of our school and then used this knowledge to work out the position of different parts of our school and local community.
– “Asda is to the South of the school.” (Oscar)
– “Mr Foley’s gym hall is at the North end of our school.” (Tyler)
– “The bowling green is to the East of the building.” (Hannah)
– “The dinner hall is at the West of our school.” (Callan)

This also linked to our IDL.  This week, we looked at a map of our local area and plotted the location of familiar local places.  We found the Leisure Bowl, Asda and some other sites around the town.  We located some other towns/villages in Clackmannanshire and discussed their position in comparison to Alloa, using the compass points that we learned in Maths.

In Literacy, we were learning to create a summary of a familiar story, using our Equitable Literacy book – ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’   We needed to identify 5 main events from the story and then sequence them in the correct order.
– “George bought some clothes at the shop.” (Callan and Carly)
– “The giraffe was cold.  He got a scarf from George.” (Cole and Rhys)
– “The mice’s house got burned down.” (Halle and Erin)
– “George found a bag of his old clothes.” (Lola, Lacey and Ava)
– “The animals sang a song to George.” (Hannah and Harry)

We wrote imaginative stories about ‘The Friendly Alien’, with a HUGE focus on including capital letters and full stops at the correct points in a sentence.
– “An alien jumped out of the head teacher’s office on the way to assembly.  I told the head teacher that it was a reward but it wasn’t!” (Ava)
– “When I got back to class I saw a strange looking alien.  I went into shock.” (Oscar)
– “Lacey and I were in the office then an alien appeared behind Mrs Duffy.  She passed out!” (Harry)

In RME, we used the Christian Bible story about Ruth to make us think about friendship.  We worked with a partner to sort out statements, deciding whether they were qualities expected of a good friend.  We then ranked them in order, depending on what we felt was the best quality of a good friend.  We all agreed that a good friend is someone you can trust.

Have a really good holiday week!  Goodbye from P3/4 … until next time!


Online Safety Awareness Workshops – Tuesday 29th October

Keeping children safe online is one of our main priorities and is an area of great concern. Many of our children access the internet and social media e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with no awareness and understanding of the consequences and risks that they put themselves in.

In recent times we have seen a rise in; children who have been targeted by adults online; who have been bullied online; and who have posted inappropriate images and content which have resulted in them being significantly at risk.

Therefore we have asked NSPCC to support our mission by offering online safety workshops for parents. You may feel that you are able to monitor your child’s usage, however, we would strongly advise taking this opportunity to further support you in keeping your child safe.

This workshop is completely free, light refreshments will be provided, and will take place on Tuesday 29th October at 1:30pm and again at 4pm.

Please contact the school office if you wish to attend.

This Week in P2/3RS…

It has been a rather exciting week in P2/3RS as we have begun to practise for our assembly on Friday 11th October. It would be great if the children could practise their lines at home to make sure that you feel transported to Brazil next week!

In the meantime here is some of what we have been learning this week…


Reece:  When writing my story I tried hard to write neatly and remember my full stops and capital letters. 


Antos: We wrote about Sam and the Samba Band. I used 5 full stops and capital letters! 


Sky: We have been learning doubles. I like using the 10 frames and counters to help. 

Dylan: We have been learning to add and take away from 10s. Using the cubes and 100 square was fun. I can do these sums in my head now. 


Olivia: I am excited for our class assembly. I worked hard to learn my line at home and other people have too. 

Amber: Our Samba band is sounding better because people are paying attention and not being silly with the instruments. 

This week in P3/4NM

Hello from all of us in P3/4NM – here is some of what we have been doing this week:

In Literacy, we did more grammar work from our Equitable Literacy text, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’  This time, we needed to read the text and identify verbs, to find out what the characters were doing.
– “asked” (Mah Noor, Lily and Jamie-Lee)
– “crying” (Emily and Adam)

– “falling” (Erin and Nadia)
– “helping” (Carly and Lacey)

We wrote imaginative stories today, called ‘Alien Planet’.  Everyone had their own target, to make improvements from last week.
– “My target/wish was to have a capital letter and a full stop in at least 6 sentences.” (Tyler)
– “My target/wish was to look at my plan and use those details in my story.” (Halle)
– “I found a wormhole and it took me to a slime park on a planet.” (Beth)
– “I went to a planet and there was an all-you-can-eat restaurant.” (Hannah)

In Numeracy, we were learning more addition skills.  Some of us were learning to add, which included carrying in some of the columns.  Others were learning to use an empty number line to add through a decade.  This was much easier than last week’s strategy!

As part of #MathsWeekScot, we watched the problems presented by P5JS on the BBC website.  We used addition and subtraction mental strategies to solve them.

In HWB, we were discussing poverty, in preparation for next week’s Challenge Poverty Week.  We discussed what it means to be living in poverty and thought about the financial and emotional problems that this could bring.  We talked about what is important to be happy (needs versus wants) and even suggested some ways that we could help others who may have less than us.
– “it made me think when i saw a video clip of a big sister giving up her food so that her little brother could eat.” (Lily)
– “I was shocked that one family on the video didn’t have a TV.” (Karina)

– “Love from your family is more important than having electronic games.” (Ava)

See you next week!

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well it has been a rather varied week in P2/3RS as we have kept learning lots about Brazil as well as revising another sound and exploring more numbers! We just don’t know how we fit it all in! Let us tell you about our week…

Olivia: We were learning and spelling th words this week – Miss Smith has a th in it. 

Dylan: We wrote a story about being in the kitchen. I saw pineapples and mangoes in the kitchen, heard a toaster popping and ate tasty fudge ice cream. 

Aimee: We have been learning to count up in 5s, 10s and 2s. We had to spot patterns. 

Eilidh: We have been learning to find missing numbers on the number line.

IDL – Brazil:
Marcus: We tasted fruit from Brazil. I liked bananas the best!

I really liked papaya. We learned that before we touched food we had to wash our hands carefully to not spread germs. 

Erin: We made a rainforest in our sand box. WE had animals, plants and trees to make it look real. 


This Week in P3IL

This week in P3IL,

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been putting our different maths strategies to good use! We have been using maths grids this week to show the different strategies we can  use solve addition problems (and check our work).

In literacy, we have been working on our letters to send to Australia. We have also been working hard at our literacy stations, working on our reading and spelling.

In our IDL topic of Australia we have been making pictures of Scottish landscapes and animals to send to Australia with our letters.

In music this week we got to use instruments to make different 4 and 8 beat rhythms. It was a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to another fun filled week.

Miss Low & P3IL

This week in P3/4NM

We hope you enjoy reading our blog for this week!

In Numeracy, we have continued our work on addition.  Some of us were working on a tricky strategy to be able to add to a 2-digit number, e.g.
– “17+9–>10+7+9–>10+16=26” (Harry)
– “It was hard for me because it was challenging to lay it out properly.” (Oscar)
– “It seemed really complicated to me.” (Emma)

– “I used the pattern of the ones we had already done to work it out by myself.” (Nadia)
The rest of us were learning to add 3-digit numbers, including some examples which had carrying.
– “You have to start by adding the units, then the tens and finally the hundreds.” (Lily)
We all spent some more time getting to know and use Education City.  We love it!

In Literacy, we wrote imaginative stories about ‘The Magic Potion’.
– “I found a harlequin potion in a shop.  I drank it and it turned me into a unicorn.” (Lola)
– “When I was looking for the vinegar I saw something strange in the cupboard.  it was a magic potion.” (Emma)
– “When my family and i drank the potion it gave us very powerful powers.” (Karina)
– “After science class we all drank a potion that tasted like worms.” (Emily)

In Science, we split open a bean that would be planted in soil.  We could see where the tap root was going to develop from.  We then sequenced the 4 stages of germination.

In RME, we learned about the reasons why Christians celebrate Harvest.  We found out about some of the ways that Harvest is celebrated, and we will compare this to Judaism next week.

This week in P3IL

This week in P3IL we have been very busy!

In English and Literacy we have been working more on our letter writing. We have written some letters to send to a primary school in Australia!

In our IDL, we have been recording some videos to send to the school in Australia too! We were VERY excited to receive a video made by the children of Bridge Road School in Sydney. It was full of interesting information about Australia!

We have been working on creating a love for reading so this week we had a big blank piece of paper on our desks in the morning with 2 triangles. We then used our imaginations to turn those 2 triangles into anything while we listened to our story. Everyone was very creative!

In Maths & Numeracy, we have been learning more and more strategies to solve addition problems. We are building a bank of strategies that we can use to tackle any maths problem.

In Science, we have been learning all about what kinds of environments help plants grow!

We have had a brilliant week and loved meeting many of the parents on Wednesday evening.

Looking forward to more adventures next week!

Miss Low & P3IL