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This week in P3/4LS…

This week in P3/4LS we have finally performed our speech and had the votes.

We are very proud this week as we confidently told our peers why they should vote for us. I was really nervous and I didn’t want to perform but I did it. I was successful because I am now the JRSO leader for next year (Jamie). I am surprised because I am now the Health and Wellbeing representative (Murray). I am delighted because I got the job as sports committee representative with Innes (Anika). Other people who got the jobs are Nate (Digital Representative), Eilidh H (ECO Representative), Eilidh D (Pupil Council Representative) and Michael (WOW Representative). Well done to everyone for taking part!

This week in writing we were describing the setting for our story we are creating. I think it was challenging because it was hard to think of what to write and pick words to describe the setting (Jamie). I think I was successful because I think I used descriptive language and descriptive features (Anika).

This week in Shake it Up we added two new moves on to our sequence. We are working really hard to practise for our performance (Jamie).

In Numeracy we have been consolidating our learning over the last year. We have been remembering how to round numbers, tell the time and multiple and divide. I found it challenge multiplying 2 digit numbers because we had to multiple higher numbers (Nate). I enjoy telling the time on our whiteboard clocks as I enjoy learning to tell the time (Jessica). I was successful rounding to the next decade. I enjoyed the rounding rap (Charlie).

This week in IDL we have been learning to read maps and read for information. We looked at google earth, Think maps to find our street. Then we found the safest route to our school (Charlie). I think I have found a safer way to get to school in the morning (Nate).


At the moment we are finding out information about local tourist attractions around Clackmannanshire. We plan on putting the information into a spark video.

This week we also had a visit from Polly from the Butterfly Conservation. We got to learn more about caterpillars, butterflies and moths and how they keep themselves safe from predators. We loved looking at live specimens and a live chrysalis!

Thank you for reading our blog.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart.

Last week in P3LH

P3LH had a very busy week preparing for their class assembly on Friday, which was a huge success!

We are so proud of our language skills and that we were able to stand up and showcase these for our fellow pupils and parents.

A huge thank you to all the parents who came along to show their support.

In literacy, we were learning to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ correctly before a word. We learned that the rule is if the word starts with a vowel, you must use ‘an’ before it but if it starts with a consonant, then you would use ‘a’. BUT there are some exceptions, if it starts with ‘u’ and you hear the long u sound (like unicorn) then you must use ‘a’ and if you have a word that starts with a ‘h’ but it is silent (like hour), then you must use ‘an’.  Very tricky but we were getting the hang of it!

In numeracy, we have been learning to multiple a multiply of 10 by 2, 5 or 10. We had use to our times table knowledge to help us calculate the sum before adding a zero to it. We had to make sure we understood its place value and that we were calculating the answer accurately.

We also prepared our speeches for Democracy Fornight. We discussed our skills and qualities and thought about how these would help us when taking on a role within one of the groups. We planned our speech and then wrote it in full sentences. We made sure we were giving reasons why we should be voted and tried to use persuasive language to help us. We are excited to present our speeches to the class!

Snapshot jotters will be coming home on Friday 24th May, we can’t wait for you to see our hard work.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS…

This week it has been really busy because it has been Snapshot  Jotter week, Walk to School week and Digital Learning week. It has also been the last week of Democracy Fortnight.

We have continued to learn how to identify our skills and qualities. This week we have created a speech and finished our posters for our campaigns. I found it challenging to think of something to write after my introduction on my speech (Anabia). I think I was successful because I identified my skill and qualities and I gave examples (Eilidh H).







In Maths we have been learning to sort and organise data. The Jaguars have also been learning to interpret data. At the beginning of the week, the class went on a litter pick to survey what types of litter we could find in the playground (Jamie). We used the data to create a bar chart and we also created a digital version on the iPad (Eilidh, Jamie). I found it challenging to make sure the bar chart on the iPad wasn’t blank (Anabia).  I found it hard because there are lots of different buttons on the iPads (Michael).

In Literacy we have been learning to find evidence in a text. We had to read pages from the class novel and then answer questions. We had to find the evidence and answers in the pages we were reading. It was challenging to find the evidence because there were a lot of words (Charlie). I was successful because I found all the evidence in the text (Mac).

In writing we were learning to create a character. We had to come up with where our character lived, names, likes, dislikes, skills and talk about why the character was special (Amy). Then we drew a picture of our character and labelled round it adjectives to describe their personality and their looks. Once we came up with all this information we then wrote a descriptive paragraph (Mac). I was successful because I managed create a new character, I think I also had neat handwriting (Murray).

In PE we have been doing lots of sports outside. We were learning to build up our stamina (Charlie). We were tasked with running  for a long time (Mac, Murray, Charlie). I was successful because I kept running without stopping (Charlie).

This week in Shake it Up we were learning to add more risk to our supportive dances. We had two new dance moves where we had to balance on our partner (Anika). It was challenging because it was heavy to hold our partners (Jessica). It was challenging because when we were leaning back it was hard supporting each others weight. If someone went back too much you would fall (Nate).


Well done to Tyler for achieving her first marathon and Nate and Ben for achieving their second!

Next week we are looking forward to delivering our speeches and voting.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P3/4LS…

This week was another short week, however we have been working extremely hard.

This week in Maths we have moved on to data handling and we have been learning to sort and organise data. We have been using information and asking the class different surveys like our favourite genres or our favourite colours. We then used this information to create bar graphs (Anika, Amy, Eilidh). I found it tricky to get the scale correct (Anika). I found it tricky making sure the boxes were all the same size (Eilidh). I found it challenging to make sure I had it fully labelled (Amy).

This week in Shake it Up we moved on to a different topic, My Community. We were learning how to support others during our movements because it is important to trust and support each other in a community. I found it challenging to hold on to each other because my hands were sweaty. I think I was successful because I was able to keep a good grip of my partners hand and got on to extra challenges.


For topic this week we have been linking our health and wellbeing to our My Community topic. We have made ‘Me on a Map’ circles that shows the world around us. I found it hard to remember the difference between county, country and continent (Michael). I found it tricky to remember things in our country (Anabia).



For the first week of Democracy Fortnight, we have been thinking about what group we are going to campaign for. We have been learning to identify our skills and qualities. One of my skills and qualities is that I have a good imagination which means I’m good at writing imaginative stories (Michael). I am helpful because I like to pick up litter in the playground to keep our school clean and to help earn our ECO flag (Anabia).

Next week we are excited to start campaigning…


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This Week in P3LH

In numeracy, we have been learning to create a bar chart. We created surveys to share with our class and other classes. We gathered the information so we could make a bar chart. We need to have the title of our survey, a ‘x’ axis and a ‘y’ axis that are labelled, write down the options along the bottom axis, numbers going up the side to show the amount and spaces in between the bars. We are going to use excel on the iPad to create bar charts digitally, wish us luck!!

In reading. the Leopards read a poem and had to answer questions about it. They also had to practice using the homophones ‘to, two and too’. In Butterflies, we have a new book called ‘the Magic Finger’ and have been answering comprehension questions about what we have read so far.

We are reading the Wild Robot by Peter Brown and are enjoying it a lot so far! We have created a Wonder Wall for unfamiliar words, we discuss the meaning of them together and put them on the wall so we can use them.

We have been very busy preparing for our Class Assembly, we have been practicing our numbers up to 50 and are almost fluent in them! We have created props for assembly and have been practicing our lines. We won’t say too much about it, we can’t wait to share our learning with you next week!!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS…

This week we have started our new IDL topic, ‘My Community’.

We started off by sharing what we already know, what we want to learn and how we want to learn (Anika). We want to learn how many people live in Alloa and the history. We want to learn by going out in the community, using technology and linking Maths to our topic.


On Thursday we went on our iPads to research Clackmannanshire using the Discover Clackmannanshire website (Mac). On the site you can take a virtual tour and go to different tourist attractions for example Alloa Tower. I am looking forward to organising a community day, where we can make a difference (Nate). Yesterday we started making a difference by picking up litter in our playground (Jamie).



In Maths we have been learning the eight compass points, to give directions and to follow directions (Charlie). We made our own maps putting in places that we know are in Clackmannanshire. On my map I had Orlandis and the dentist (Amy). It was challenging to think about the places to put on the map (Anabia). I was success because I used lots of language like, half turn, quarter turn, North and South (Michael).


This week the school had a house meeting. We made 4 banners for each House which we will use at sports day to help cheer everyone on. I enjoyed scrunching up the balls as it made rustling noises and it looked good (Charlie).

This week in Literacy we have been learning to describe characters. We chose a character from our class novel and we had to write a descriptive paragraph (Anika). We had to describe personality and looks and use ambitious vocabulary in order to be successful. I think I was successful because I was able to describe my character’s personality and described them as honest (Tyler).

In writing we were learning to write an imaginative story using a story starter. In order to be successful we had to relate out story to the starter, use ambitious vocabulary, have a beginning, middle and an end and use descriptive phrases (Eilidh H, Ben). I was successful, because I used ambitious words to describe my character’s shiny armour.

This week in Shake it Up we were learning some street dance moves. We learned about fragmentation and what choreographer is. Look at our moves below:

Thank you, we will have more for you next week!


P3/4 and Miss Stewart

This week in P3/4LS…

Woohoo! Our assembly today was a big success!

During our toys topic our main learning intention was to solve practical challenges using a range of materials. Me and Jamie came across many challenges but we solved them as a team. One of the challenges was getting the fan to sit in the car (Nate). I was successful because I tried to copy my original design when making the toy (Anika). I found painting challenging because the paint kept coming off the tin can. Then we decided to paint it again and it started to stay. We started enjoying it more when it was working (Alyxs).

The last two weeks, we have been extremely busy making our TV adverts for our toys. I enjoyed making the TV adverts because even if we made a mistake we could play it back, learn from our mistakes and re-record it (Tyler).

I think our assembly was great today. We were all a little nervous but we successfully performed it in front of the school and parents (Anabia).

We have loved our toys topic and enjoyed making the toys and preparing for assembly (Mac). Unfortunately this is now the end of our Toys topic but we are excited for our new topic.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P3LH

We have learned a lot this week in Primary 3.

In maths, we have been learning to identify right angles. A right angle is always found in a corner and is in the shape of a perfect ‘L’.  We created ‘angle eaters’ to help us find angles in the classroom. The squares group learned about acute and obtuse angles, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees and an obtuse is bigger than 90 degrees. We also learned to identify the 4 cardinal points of a compass which are north, east, south and west. We used the compass points to follow instruction on a map, we had to identify the position of things. Another group used them to create instructions to get out of a maze. We also learned about coordinates, we know that the ‘x’ axis is across and the ‘y’ axis is up. The coordinates are ordered numbers so we need to follow the rule ‘across and up’.

In French, we have been learning the body parts in French, for example les yeux is the eyes, le nez is the nose and la tete is head. We have been learning the days of the week in French, everyday we say the day of the week in French and put it on our timetable. We can now count up to 30 in French, we have been practicing lots!!

We have started a new class novel called ‘The Wild Robot’. We made predictions using the front cover and some pictures from the book. We were learning to identify different emotions that our characters might feeling. We drew pictures of Roz the Robot and the Otters and added emotions to our drawing to show their feelings.

Our assembly preparation is underway and we can’t wait to share our learning with you in a few weeks!

P3LH and Mrs Hunter