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Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

Via Browser.

Via App:


The app is downloadable for tablets and smartphones via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Via a Ps4:


With Family Link?

How to submit an assignment:

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Uploading a Photo from PC:

How to upload a photo via iPad:

How to upload from a smart phone:

Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
  • P1HD – 6pbushs
  • P2 – jquqqo
  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
  • P4/5 – W44uxcy
  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
  • P6JDW – Z23uzh7
  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

This week in P3IL…

This week in P3IL we have been busy in Maths learning all about place value. We have been learning more about the importance of 0 as a place holder. We have been working to partition numbers so we can see how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a 3 digit number. We have been having lots of fun doing this and playing matching games with dienes counters!

In English and Literacy, we have been having A LOT of fun designing and working on our books more. We have also been working using adjectives to our writing to make it more engaging for the reader.

We have also been working hard on practising for the young scots showcase next week. We hope you can make it to hear our beautiful singing!

In our IDL topic for Romans, we have been learning about Roman Numerals and began to learn how to write some numbers in Roman numerals. We also LOVED P3/4NM’s class assembly today all about if the Romans should run the school!

It has been another brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low & Mrs. Jacobs

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have been very busy bees this week! From learning all about knights to building our junk model castles to creating a fantastic ‘Hodgeheg’ display, we have been working our socks off! We have also been learning lots in Literacy and Numeracy. Let us tell you all that we have been learning this week…


Olivia – In writing we wrote about knights – we wrote about being a page, squire and knight.

Dylan – Some people were learning to use Clicker6 to help with writing.

Sky – We were also learning our sounds – wa, ou and ea.

Channing – We were learning to visualise. Miss Smith read a book and we had to imagine what the pictures would be. It was a book about identity.

Erin – We have been reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ and we created a big display full of hedgehogs.


Alex – We have been learning to tell the time. We can tell o’clock times and half past times.

Cody – We have been learning to weigh things to see if they are light or heavy.

Emile – We were learning to weigh using balancing scales to see if we could find things lighter, heavier or about 1/2kg.


Lucie – We have been making model castles up in the art room. We have been using junk to make our castles.

Konard – We included a working drawbridge on our model and a portcullis.

Amber – We have been learning about knights.

Channing – We learned about pages – you had to be 7 to be a page. They had to use toy swords to learn how to use proper swords when they are older. They also played with hunting birds.


This week in P3/4NM

We have been extremely busy this week, with the majority of our work focusing upon getting ready for our Assembly.
– “We practised in the gym hall using our props.” (Mah Noor)
– “We were in the gym hall so we could practise our movements.” (Harry)
– “We got better by practising the songs.” (Callan)

We did a lot of Art this week, to prepare for the assembly.
– “We made the props that we will need and we worked on creating mosaics.” (Emma)

We continued working with Amy as part of the Youth Music Initiative.
– “It was our 2nd last week with Amy.” (Ava)
– “We sang the song ‘Adam and Eve'” (Carly)
– “We were singing ‘The White Cockade’ and we talked about what it was about.” (Erin)
– “We learned some verses of Auld Lang Syne and learned that it means ‘a long time ago’ or ‘in days gone by’. (Lily and Oscar)

See you at our assembly tomorrow!!

This week in P3IL…

We have had another brilliant week in P3IL! In Maths and Numeracy we have been working on writing and identifying fractions.  We have also began to work on a bit more on place value and understanding the importance of 0 as a place holder. We have been doing a variety of different activities based on this and will continue to work on this next week.

In English and Literacy, we have been doing a variety of activities to build on our spelling, handwriting and reading throughout the week. In honour of world book day, we have began to write a book (imaginative story) that features ourselves so we are VERY excited to show you that!

In art and design we have been learning about the importance of colour when illustrating and designing the covers of our books. We have been looking at what message we want out covers and illustrations to convey and what moods different colours communicate.

The costumes for world book day were absolutely phenomenal and made teaching a little tricky that day as Miss Low couldn’t stop laughing at the brilliant outfits. Thank you for all the hard work and time you may have put into the costumes!

We have had a brilliant week and look forward to next week!

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well isn’t 2020 flying by? This week in P2/3RS we have begun Knight School and enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday when we even finished our class novel, ‘The Hodgeheg’. Snapshot jotters will be coming home today, so please have a look through and let the children tell you all about their learning before returning them on Monday.

Let us tell you more about what we have been learning this week…

Numeracy and Maths:

Malcolm – We have been learning to order numbers from small to high.

Archie – We were learning to measure in metres, centimetres, half metres and quarter of a metre.

Amber – We have been learning about money by learning to work out change.

IDL – Castles and Knights:

Harvey N – We have been learning about knights and we are beginning Knight School to learn how to be a knight.

Leah – You need to protect people and be really strong.

Malcolm – You need to protect the King and Queen.

William – Knights have to be good at jousting too.

Alex and Konard – We are planning to make a model of a castle from cardboard boxes and other junk.

This Week in P3/4NM

We have spent a lot of time this week getting ready for our Class Assembly, which will be on Friday 13th March at 9:15am.  We can’t wait to showcase what we have been learning to our parents and carers.
– “We have been practising our lines and the songs.” (Beth)
– “We have prepared a list of props that we’ll need.” (Mah Noor)
– “We have been practising where to move to when it’s our turn to act.” (Emma)

We celebrated World Book Day as part of our Literacy.
– “We dressed up as book characters for World Book Day.” (Lola)
– “We are decorating our door to look like Dirty Bertie.” (Oscar)

In Numeracy, we were learning and practising multiplication.
– “We were learning some times tables.” (Emma)
– “We were learning to count in multiples, to help work out the answers if we don’t know it straight away.” (Emily)

In Music, we were working with Amy to learn another song for our Scots Music and Language project.
– “We learned a new Scots song with Amy – it’s Auld Lang Syne.” (Adam)

In IDL, we were learning about the Roman Army.
– “We learned about the armour that the Roman Army wore to protect themselves.” (Erin)
– “The Roman Army invaded most of Europe.” (Jamie-Lee)

See you next week at our assembly!


This week in P3IL…

We have had another brilliant week of learning in P3IL.

In Maths and Numeracy we have been working more on our fractions. We have began to consolidate our learning about fractions looking at the different ways we can represent fractions.

In RSHP we have been learning about what makes us unique. We looked at the work of famous artists who made self portraits. We used this as inspiration and created our own self portraits. We chose from a range of media including painting, collage, oil pastels, pens and pencils. We had a lot of fun looking at what makes us unique and selecting what we would include in our self portraits. We can’t wait to show you our beautiful portraits on display in our gallery on parent’s night!

In English and Literacy, we have been using the Eagle Eye strategy to support our reading as well as looking at the kinds of questions we can ask about what we read in order to expand our comprehension of the text. On Thursdays please bring in your chill and challenge books (if you have finished reading them) to get new ones. We will also be going to the school library to change our books on a Thursday.

Looking forward to another amazing week!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

This week in P3/4NM

We have had a very busy first week back after the February holiday!

In Literacy, we were using our report writing skills to write a report about ‘Being Healthy’.  We had to make sure that the information was accurate and relevant, and that it was written in the correct section.  Each section had its own heading and we needed to use a range of sentence openers to make it more interesting for the reader.
– “It’s a well known fact that if you are healthy you might have less illnesses.” (Lola)
– “Believe it or not but you shouldn’t eat sweeties all the time.” (Rhys)
– “You should only have sports drinks if you are doing sport.” (Harvey)
– “You should try to sleep for ten hours.” (Tyler)

In Maths, we were trying out the ‘Act it Out’ and ‘Draw a Picture’ strategies to solve a range of problems.  We compared our answers and explained how we worked it out, so see if there was an easier or quicker way to solve the problems.
– “I worked out that if 6 of us were all to shake hands then the first person shakes 5 hands and then everyone else does it.  I counted 5…10…15…20…25…30.” (Karina)
– “My group acted out the whole thing and we counted 30 handshakes.” (Emily)
– “It was confusing drawing out all the different ways the person could travel to 4 different places until we used different colours for different ways.” (Hannah)

In Health and Wellbeing, we finished up our RSHP lessons.
– “We made posters about what a baby needs to survive and we learned how a baby gets breastfed.” (Primary 4)
– “We learned why it is important to wash hands and to be clean, and we learned about autism.  We found out that the words gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual can be used to describe who a person falls in love with.” (Primary 3)

In IDL, we were learning about the Roman Gods and Goddesses.  We carried out some more research and then made a Top Trumps game.
– “I want to find out more about Mars and why he was defeated if he was the God of War.” (Jamie-Lee)
– “Minerva should have a high power score because she could turn people into stone.” (Nadia)

In Music, Amy came in again to teach us Scottish songs.  We were singing a song called ‘The White Cockade’ and we were working out what the Scottish words meant.

This Week in P2/3RS…

After the February break, we have been back working hard hoping Spring will come soon. We will begin Knight School next week to learn the skills and attitudes of noble knights. Some of this learning will take place outside, so please make sure that your children have jackets and sensible shoes in case the ground is still a little wet after all this horrible weather. In the mean time, let us tell you what we have been learning this week…


Malcolm – We were creating a poster because we are opening a gift shop for our Great Hall.

Eilidh, Reece, Channing – We had to include a list of things you can buy, pictures, how much things cost.


Aimee – The title had to be big and clear so people can read it.

Dylan – We have been learning our new sounds ea and wh.


Erin – We have been learning about centimetres and metres. 2m is 200cm.

Emile – We have been learning to change centimetres to metres and metres to centimetres.

Amber – We have been learning about shapes with Mrs Jacobs. We were learning to count edges and faces.

Health and Wellbeing (RSHP):

Olivia – We have been learning about life cycles of butterflies and frogs in P2.

Antos and Malcolm – We have been learning about different body parts like the penis and bottom. We have been learning the Pantosaurus song to help us remember that our private parts are private in P2.

Cailean – We have been learning about relationships in P3. We learned that if two boys love each other, in a romantic way, we would say that they are gay. If two girls love each other in a romantic way they can be called gay or lesbians.