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This week in P7JB…

We have had a very musical week in P7JB, practising for both our ‘Coffee and Carols’ performance and the Scottish Opera project we are taking part in. We have also begun to think about a plan for our P7 party next week, including learning more Scottish ceilidh dances, and have been consolidating our learning in numeracy and writing.

We started to explore a new picture book called ‘Mooseltoe’ this week and are learning about the literary techniques of repetition, rhyme, alliteration and humour. Hopefully this will help us improve our own writing!


We were in groups of 4 or 5 and we were reading a story called ‘Mooseltoe’ about a moose who was so busy and he had so much stuff to do on his to-do list. He decorated the house with Christmas stuff but he forgot to put up a Christmas tree. So he put lots of decorations around him.
At first we had to try to guess what the story was from the front cover which had shapes over it. We could see a star, some decorations and a candy cane and guessed it was a festive themed book. (Husnain)

We were learning to find clues in the picture to tell us about Moose. We had to write what we liked about the book. He used himself as a tree. (Thomas)


This week we were writing our story of ‘Man on the Moon’ from our plan. We had to include WOW words and we had options; 2 WOW words, 4 WOW words or 6 WOW words per paragraph. I feel like I got on well with it because I included lots of description. The man on the moon is lonely and doesn’t have anyone to talk to because he lives on the moon and everyone else lives on earth, but one day he gets to contact a little girl. (Eva)


In numeracy we’ve been doing Christmas code crackers. Around the class there’s paper stuck on the walls with different subtraction and addition sums and then whatever the answer is has a letter that goes with it and it’s either a pun or an answer to a joke. You have to find out what it is. We had to know how to subtract and add, and had to double check it because the answers might not make sense first time. (Ellie)

“What do you call a Christmas detective?”

“Santa Clues!”


In IDL we’ve been practising for our Opera performance and today everybody got together (all the P6s and all the P7s) so we could hear how everyone was doing. It went quite well for my group because I think we were loud enough and we knew the words for the song. The rehearsal was better than I expected. (Kate)


We’ve been learning songs for ‘Coffee and Carols’ and we will sing them to the parents. We had to learn 3 songs, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’, ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ and ’12 Days of Christmas’.
We’ve had to be positive, take part and use our vocal skills. I feel fine about it and not nervous because we did it last year! (Logan)

Lots of us earned marathon certificates and four people have now completed their second marathon, including me! (Ahmed)

This Week in P7RS…

With Christmas just around the corner,  things are getting exciting in Primary 7! We have been working hard to cram in as much learning as possible before we ring in 2019, so here is an insight into what we have been up to this week…

Maths – In Maths this week we have been learning the different ways you can pay for items. We learned you can pay for items using cheques, credit cards, debit cards, cash, PayPal accounts, mobiles, vouchers and gift cards. We have been learning that there are pros and cons to using a credit card. We are beginning to create texts, including PowerPoints and informative ATM machines, to demonstrate these. We have also learned to calculate APR and investigated pay day loan adverts and discovered that you have to read the small print when getting a loan as you could have to pay back a lot more than you realise. To improve our learning,  we feel that we would like to investigate credit cards further to understand the rules of credit card companies to help us avoid getting into debt in the future. Miles, Brooke, Connor, Casey and Megan

PE – We were learning to remember the dances for social dancing. We have been learning to be mature as we had to hold hands with our partners without complaining. We learned this by watching carefully, listening to instructions and performing the dances ourselves. We need to improve one dance in particular as some people were finding the moves tricky and some are new to us this year. Agata, Rebecca, Harry and Lennox

Scottish Opera – We have been learning to remember the songs for our Opera performance. The Spanish group have also been learning some simple Spanish phrases. We have had to memorize all the different songs and practise them. We need to listen to the music carefully to make sure that we are singing in time with the music and not going too fast or slow. We are working on our volume before the Scottish Opera performers come and visit us on the first week back after the holidays. Izzy, Marek, Josh, Lila and Breagh

Reading – We have been learning to improve our prediction skills. The book we have been working on is a Christmas book called ‘Mooseltoe’. It is a book about a moose who is trying to get everything ready for Christmas but forgets to buy a Christmas tree. He can’t find one on Christmas Eve, so he decides that he will be his family’s Christmas tree and so they decorate him with baubles, tinsel and lights. We discussed this book using the 3 Sharings – Puzzles, Patterns and Connections and Likes/Dislikes. We will look at the literary techniques in this book next week. Ronin, Aria, Ray and Callum

Writing – We have been learning to write a story about a lonely man on the moon and a little girl who tries to get in touch with him from Earth. We have been trying to include exciting openers, pathetic fallacy, WOW words and similes to add plenty of detail and description to our work. We are ensuring that we are writing in paragraphs. We will finish and edit these stories next week. Skye, Rhigan and Alan

This week in P7JB…

We have had a busy couple of weeks in P7 preparing to launch our ongoing enterprise project, our Stationery Store. It is now underway and has had a successful start!
We had the opportunity to take part in cycling proficiency training this week and will hopefully complete this, and the next level, in the spring.



We’ve been reading class novel because we want to know what happens and finish the book before the Christmas holidays. So far there’s a boy called Cameron, he has had a heart transplant and the heart he got was from a pig. I want to read more because it’s quite a gripping book!
I think it is a Science Fiction book but it’s quite realistic. (Fern)

I quite like the class novel. It’s been better near the middle of the story because the start wasn’t that good. The chapters were really short and not really that interesting. It’s more interesting now because the family are dealing with journalists who want to hear what happened in the heart transplant operation.
I think what will happen next is Cameron’s baby brother or sister will be born and the family will be happy. But I think there will be a twist and there will be something wrong with the baby. (Connor)


First we watched a Christmas advert called ‘The Man on the Moon’. We had to plan a story using WOW words, feelings and colours. There was no speech in the advert so we had to come up with reasons why the man was on the moon and who he was. Yesterday we started to write the story. We have to try to add speech marks, questions marks and full stops and exclamation marks to make our writing more mature. (Teigan)

We worked in groups of 3 or pairs to plan the story we were writing. Yesterday we started to write the story. It had to have eight paragraphs because there were eight scenes in the story we were planning. Depending if you want your writing to be mild, hot, spicy or extreme, there are different numbers of WOW words needed in each paragraph.
I’ve tried to put six WOW words per paragraph and I’ve done this so far. I still need to finish some of my paragraphs. (Ali)


We have opened our Stationery Store. Three people have been going down to sell and one of the people has been keeping a tally of how much has been sold. Then they count how much money has been made.
I think we’ve been doing quite well since we’ve already nearly earned back all of the money that we spent on stock. We might be in profit in another few days. We want to be in profit so we can give our Little Buddies an experience in the summer term.
Highlighters are the best selling item so far! (Kai)

For Financial Education, we’ve been learning about budgets, profits, loss and saving. We’ve had to name jobs and find out how much money they earn in a year (per annum). This is their salary. I’ve learned more about budgets are and losses. That’s important because if you go over budget you might be in debt and owe someone money. (Calum)


We were practising for the Scottish Opera, we are doing 1719! We are split into three groups, the Jacobites, the Hanoverians and the Spaniards. We had to learn five songs and we have to go to different classes for our groups. I’m in the Hanoverians. Sometimes when it’s just the backing track and nobody else is singing, we sing at the wrong time. We need to listen to the song a few times with Scottish Opera performers singing it then we will get it right. We are going to be singing in a performance in January. (Ellie)

On Monday at Buddy Time, we got the laptops and we got our buddy to sign in and then we went in a folder which took us to Active Inspire. They had to drag the shapes into a space to make a picture that it told you to make. My buddy had some trouble moving the small shapes so I told him to use the mouse and hold the left button down to drag it. (Brandon)


On Wednesday we went out for Bikeability and we had to do safety checks on our bikes and we did some races around cones. We had to watch demonstrations from the instructor, Chris, so we knew what to do.
I learned to put my right pedal up before cycling away and how to skid or use my back brake properly. My brakes were tight.
It was too cold and wet to finish Level One so we will try again in the spring. (Kyran)

For P.E. we had to help our Little Buddies learn Scottish party dances. I don’t know their names but we had to do skipping, clapping, marching and side stepping. My Little Buddy did well because they did the right stuff and kinda at the right time but they were a couple of seconds later than the rest. (Aidan)


This Week in P7RS…

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, P7RS are working hard to cram in as much learning as possible before Santa comes to visit! Here is what we have been learning and doing this week…

Maths – We have been learning to calculate needs and wants in terms of budgeting. We have been helping Sophie and Dan (fictional characters) to budget their needs and wants to try to help them buy a car. To do this, we had to see what some of their ‘wants’ we could cut from their monthly budget. We have been figuring out what jobs deserve high and lower pay depending on the skills they need. Others in the class have been learning the counting on strategy to help calculate change from £1, £5, £10 and £20. Some feel more confident using this strategy after practising this week but others feel they need to practise it more next week. Ronin, Rhigan, Josh, Casey, Breagh, Aria and Thomas

Bikeability – At the start of our Bikeability session, we learned how to check that the bike was safe to ride by checking the tyres, brakes and seat. This means that we should stay safe on our bikes. Some in the class were learning to ride a bike this week. As the session went on we became more confident and can now pedal independently and are just practising turning corners. Most of us in the class, now know how to control a bike when going slowly to help us when riding our bikes on our own. We also learned that the front brake is the stronger brake – thankfully none of us ended up flying over the handlebars! Izzy, Lennox, Ray, Alan and Callum

Stationery Store – This week the Primary 7 Stationery Store finally opened! We have been learning to give the correct amount of change, calculate costs and keep track of the stock we are selling. We think the stationery store is going well – we just hope that customers keep coming to visit us to help us raise money! We think that we can improve our skills by counting out change faster. Connor, Agata, Stephanie, Jasmine and Aiden

Writing – We are learning to plan an upper level story based on the advert ‘The Man on the Moon’. We were learning to use the thesaurus and iPad to help us find synonyms of words to include descriptive language in our story. To do this we completed a grid which will provide words to describe characters, colours and movements. We are learning to follow success criteria and we are using it to help us challenge ourselves to improve our writing. To do this, we created our own success criteria that included WOW words, similes, exciting openers and pathetic fallacy. We will use this when we begin writing our stories on Monday. Harry, Lila, Skye, Rebecca, Brooke and Megan

This week in P7JB…

Literacy – Book Week Scotland

This week we began to revamp our classroom reading area. Eventually, it will be on a ‘camping’ theme. We already have camping chairs and a soft mat on the floor which looks like grass. This makes it a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a good book!

We have been putting together book reviews to display in our reading area – they are written on folded paper in the shape of tents. Look out for pictures of these on Twitter in the coming weeks as our display starts to take shape.

We have also begun to sort out our class library books to see if we are missing any particular genres and make sure we have a good mix of fiction across all genres. We realised that we have a lot more adventure stories than any other genre so will return some to our school library to be replaced with more comedy and mystery stories.

We have really enjoyed discussions around our class novel ‘Pig Heart Boy’. It has been making us think about sharing our opinions sensitively and has helped us to generate really interesting questions to ask each other. Do you agree with the idea of transplanting a pig’s heart into a human?


This week we learned about decimals. We had to complete two pages of a level E textbook to do with tenths, hundredths and thousandths. I think I did good because I got most of the questions right. (Calum)

We did a dice roll sheet, we rolled a number with the dice and we put the numbers into the squares. We used the numbers to partition decimals into tenths, hundredths and thousandths. (Brandon)


We were beginning to learn songs for Scottish Opera so we can get good at them. We had to sing really fast. I am a Spaniard. The Spaniards had to sing in a Spanish accent and learn Spanish words which were quite confusing. There will be a performance in January. (Kyran)

Mock Court Showcase

This afternoon the Solicitors and Researchers had to sit around the room at different stalls. We had to show evidence of what we did for Mock Court and we had to explain to parents what we’d done. The other P7 class visited, as well as Mr Mathis, Mrs Neill and Mrs Penman. Everyone who came was very impressed by what they saw. (Ali)

Here is some of the feedback from our visitors:

“I found it very interesting. A lot of work has been done by everyone! – 5 stars”

“Excellent work. Congratulations to all the children for all their hard work! – 5 stars”

“A lot of hard work was put into this project and a great credit for all the input to staff and pupils. Well done!! – 5 stars”

“Good to see all the hard work the children put into Mock Court and they did fantastic at the actual court. – 5 stars”

“Amazing! A lot of hard work but some excellent learning! – 5 stars”

We are very proud of ourselves in Primary 7 and look forward to reading the results from all of our hard work as they are published on the Mock Court website and Facebook later today. We know we have done exceptionally well even if we don’t ‘win’. Fingers crossed…

This Week in P7RS…

It has been another busy week in P7RS. We are still thrilled with our performance in court last week and hope to see lots of parents/carers this afternoon at our showcase of learning about Legal Challenge. But back to this week…

IDL: We have been learning to showcase and present our work in preparation for our Legal Challenge Showcase. We have made name plaques with our roles on it. We have arranged our classroom so that we will be split up into our groups – Solicitors and Researchers, Witnesses, Artists, Gown Makers, Journalists and Evidence Makers – so that you can see all the work that each group did.

We have been split into 3 groups – Jacobites, Hanoverians and Spaniards – to learn songs for our performance with the Scottish Opera in January. We have been learning songs and the Spanish group have also had to learn some Spanish. We think we have made a good start but lots of practise will be needed. Brooke, Thomas, Lila, Callum and Alan

Writing: We have been learning to create and use a planner to plan our next writing piece which is ‘The Man on the Moon’. We had to cut out the scenes from the John Lewis advert and order then stick them onto our planner so we knew the order. We then watched the advert slowly and made notes about what details/events we wanted to mention. Next time, we need to finish this task and find interesting,descriptive WOW words to include in our stories. Izzy, Breagh, Ray and Lennox

Maths: We have been learning how to work with tenths, hundredths and thousandths and also solve real life money problems. We used textbooks to answer lots of questions and each group tried to solve different problems. We have been learning this by using a variety of strategies including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies mentally and written in our jotters. Some groups were also able to use calculators to help solve their problems. To do better next time we need to use other strategies (using different strategies to ensure we get the same answer) and also to check over our work carefully. Connor, Skye, Miles and Agata

Reading: The Gangsta Granny group we have been writing a biography of the horse, Black Beauty. Through this task we learned to skim and scan our book for accurate information and imagine what the horse might be feeling to write a full biography. The Fantastic Mr Fox were writing a blurb for our group’s book ‘Antarctic Adventure’. To write a blurb we used skimming and scanning by looking at other blurbs to get ideas and summarising skills. Josh, Stephanie, Aiden, Marek and Casey.

This week in Court…

Mock Court Project

This week saw us visit Falkirk Sheriff Court to celebrate our learning and enjoy the experience and exhilaration of taking all of our hard work to trial.

All Sunnyside teams did exceptionally well and the Sheriff for P7JB’s cases commended our solicitors and witnesses for their confidence, clear speaking voices and ‘sophisticated’ evidence. Mrs Boyd (and all the staff involved) is very proud!

There will be a showcase of work in P7 classrooms on Friday 23rd November from 1.30-2.30pm for families to come and share what we had put together for the case.

Here is what some of the class thought of their experience:

I made some evidence for court like a wine bottle and a broken Ming Vase that were taken on Wednesday. I helped the artist to practise some sketches of witness faces to try in court. The tutor visited on Monday where we did a trial run between the classes. The Pursuing and Defending solicitors and witnesses each had a turn and Georgia said it was good. (Kyran)

This week I wrote a thank you letter to Jardine Donaldson Solicitors to thank them for giving us half the money for the bus to take us to Falkirk Sheriff Court. Mrs Boyd will post the letter today.
At court, P7JB’s Pursuing team had sort of a tie with Redwell’s Defence team because they were granted some money but they didn’t get the full amount from the Sheriff. (Brandon)

When I was at court I was the first Witness for the Defence team. I had to take an oath or affirm that I would tell the truth. I had to answer questions that Ibtasam, the Solicitor, gave me. I was a little bit nervous but I remembered what to say.
The team showed me the wrong CCTV video so I had to change my lines so that what I said still made sense! I think we won the case because the Pursuing team were given a lot less money than they asked for. (Logan)

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had a practice just in case the Witnesses forgot their lines. I watched them. At court I was surprised that there was only one witness stand because I expected there to be one on each side. While I watched the trial I had to sit silently and I was in the third row of the gallery. (Kai)

I helped with some of the art ideas for court in the Defence team. (Donna-Marie)

I was a Researcher for the Pursuing team so I was mostly helping Ali (Solicitor) when we went to court. I had to help think of questions for the witnesses and we also had to write a writ to submit in September. We kind of won against the Defence team from Redwell because we got most of the money we had wanted but the sheriff did not award us about £1000 for the credit card transaction. We didn’t mention that in court. (Ellie)

On Wednesday we went to Falkirk Sheriff Court and I was a Witness for the Pursuing team. When it was my turn to go up and speak in front of the judge and audience, I did an oath. I promised to tell the truth and only the truth. It was quite nerve-wracking because there were lots of people watching but it was a good experience because I got to act in front of everyone. I feel like I did okay because I got told by the Judge I was a very ‘credible witness’. I was surprised because the court room was smaller than I expected. (Eva)