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This Week in P7RS…

Thankfully P7RS came back after the February break ready to throw themselves into this term. We have had a rather busy week, let us share with you what we have learned…

Reading – We have been learning to read and analyse a text for information. We have also been learning to answer thick and thin questions using information from a text. In order to do this, we have been continuing to develop our skimming and scanning skills.

We have been reading First News articles to do this. From reading articles, discussing and answering questions about them we have realised that we need to spend more time answering thick than thin questions and to read the question carefully to make sure we are skimming and scanning for the correct information.

We need to continue to practise answering these questions – particularly thick questions. Josh, Miles and Rhigan

Bikeability – We have been learning to ride our bikes safely on the road.

We took part in a Bikeability lesson where we learned to do a safe stop, safe start and a U turn. We learned to check the road before we go and to give a signal when entering and leaving the road. We were also reminded how to complete a bike safety check.

Next time, we need to develop our confidence signalling as it involves taking one hand off the handle bars and making sure we check behind us for passing cars. Rebecca, Megan and Casey

WW2 (writing) – We have been learning about Anderson Shelters and visualising what it might have been like to spend time in one. We have also been learning to use descriptive language/techniques and making sure we have used all our basic punctuation correctly (capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks).

We have been trying to do this by writing a diary entry about spending a night in an Anderson shelter. To add description/details, we have been considering what they might have eaten and drank, the smell and what they may have done to take their minds off what was happening outside. We have also been trying to include lots of emotions words as it would be quite frightening having to enter an Anderson Shelter.

We need to finish these off next week before exploring evacuations and rationing. Connor, Alan and Callum

Maths – The Spicy and Extreme groups have been learning to find a fraction of a number by using division strategies. To help us do this, we have been practising the written algorithm (bridge strategy) and then answering questions from textbooks. For example, we have completed questions like 1/3 of 135 which is 45.

We need to practise finding fractions of bigger numbers and also finding equivalent fractions.

The Hot group have been learning to use fraction walls to help them order and compare fractions. They have had to order lots of different fractions and have realised that if the numbers in the fraction are big it does not mean the fraction is bigger – for example 1/10 is bigger than 1/12.

Next week the Hot group will also begin finding equivalent fractions, using their fraction walls at first and then without. Brooke, Izzy and Aria

WW2 (technology) – We have been learning to build Anderson Shelters and we have had to think about how we can structure our Anderson shelters to withstand a ‘bomb’.

We used a variety of materials to build our Anderson Shelters including shoe boxes and other materials we have brought in from home. We had to think about how we can make them historically accurate – adding sand bags, camouflaging them, adding bunk beds, newspapers for entertainment, vegetables growing on top, radio, lamps. The Anderson Shelters had to be big enough for a family of 6 Lego figures.

We made our Anderson Shelters in groups – we had to remember to not be hefty hogs or lazy logs. We all managed to make an Anderson Shelter in our groups within the time frame too. We have bombed them and thankfully all survived! No Lego figures were injured! Ray, Marek and Aiden

This week in P7JB

We’ve had a very active week!


The first thing we did was a bike check  – the M check. When we got on the road we practiced going along one side of the road then stopping safely. After that we did u-turns, which is where you turn 180 degrees so that you are on the other side of the road. Finally we learned how to go around a parked car by using the arm indicators.    (Will and Kate)


In Art we focused on WW2. We drew a town/city after an air-raid. We drew using only a fine-liner and we weren’t allowed to use pencil. The reason we weren’t allowed to sketch it out in pencil first was because if we made a mistake we would have to be resilient and try and improve our work. (Grace, Fern and Ellie)



For Skiing we were learning how to control our speed when we were going down the slope. I got a little bit higher up the slope (Ali). I learned how to use the tow lift and control my speed, it was a really fun experience (Drew).  I worked hard to learn to keep my skis in a pizza shape (Husnain).  I finally learned how to use the tow after i had some help from the instructor (Ibtasam).


I made measurements and put tape on the carpet to see the actual size of an Anderson shelter. It could only hold 4 people and was very cold. We drew a town that was damaged by an Air raid. (Thomas and Connor)

In Literacy we have begun to develop our note taking skills using different sources of evidence. We read different pieces of evidence from the National Archives and thought about what information they gave us.

In Numeracy we have been working on the written algorithm for multiplication, some of us have looked at word problems in different contexts. Next week we begin to use our multiplication and division skills to work with fractions.

This Week in P7RS…

Since we have just started WW2, we thought we would share with you what we learned this week. We are loving this IDL context so far and can’t wait to share more with you soon!

This week, in relation to WW2, we have been learning how WW2 started, all the countries involved in WW2, about the key leaders of those countries and what our own family members went through during the war.

We have completed research to learn these things. We have used reliable websites that are child-friendly to learn key facts about the countries and the leaders. For example we learned when/where they were born, when they were leader and what they did during the war. We created a mind map all about how WW2 started. To learn the different countries that were involved, we looked at a big world map, plotted the 6 key countries and learned that they were either an Axis country (Germany, Italy and Japan) or an Ally country (Russia/Soviet Union, America and Great Britain). Some people brought in stories and artefacts that belonged to their family members during WW2. These included uniforms, medals and letters. Some of our ancestors were absolute heroes! We can’t wait to share stories about our incredible family members in a few weeks.

Next for our IDL context we are going to learn about how the war impacted on people in Britain by looking at the Blitz. We may even get to build something but Miss Smith isn’t giving too much away yet.

We look forward to telling you more about our learning in WW2 over the course of this term.


This week in P7JB

It’s been another busy week in P7JB.

Scottish Opera

Last week we finished off our work with Scottish Opera which culminated in a spectacular performance in front of parents and visitors. We spent the day learning a complex series of actions and movements to complete the story telling experience. Our audiences were very impressed with the quality of  our performance and our attention to detail and the sounds we generated singing together.

We done a play which wasn’t as bad as I thought, we also had to do a lot of practices. Then we had to practice actions and they were kind of weird, then we saw our COSTUMES. The Spaniards looked like French painters and the hat was itchy.I liked the part when the other groups were running towards each other then we all pretended to be dead except from the Hanoverians. (Kyran)

My group was the Hanoverians and our costume looked a bit better than the others because we looked like pirates and the other groups look like painters (Spaniards). I liked how opera wasn’t really anything we done before, and the Scottish Opera crew was good at telling us what to do and they were funny as well. I enjoyed doing the show because it was our first time doing an opera show.(Will)

My group was the Spaniards and I didn’t really like our costumes because they were kind of itchy, and the hat was annoying. I enjoyed the show because it was the first time I have ever done opera, and the crew were pretty funny. I was really nervous because we had to do the show in front of the whole school and we had to do it in front of our parents.(Hayley)


We have been working hard to revise our skills in Fractions to prepare for our next steps in learning.  We have also completed a batch of hinge questions in Multiplication on Division. We use these to identify our strengths and next steps in learning.

I was surprised  that I am not as bad as fractions as I thought and I actually found it pretty easy!I am quite good at them now.(Grace)

In fractions I was struggling at first but then I got the hang of it , when we were doing fractions we had to equally cut shapes to share with 4 or more friends and there would be a certain  amount of pizzas,chocolate and fruit  that you would need to share (e.g) 4 kids and 5 chocolate bars the would each get 1 and a quarter. (Teigan)


This week we began to learn our Scottish Poems in preparations for the school Burn’s Competition.  We chose and began to read new reading books in class.  In Critical literacy lesson we began a new text called Black Dog.

The poem that me and my friends chose was ‘The Ballad of Janitor Mackay’. There was 6 paragraphs and we all got at least 1 paragraph each to learn without the sheet. I got 1 more paragraph to learn because we were doing it turn by turn. We had to read it in front of the class and then we had to vote for which one we liked. I did not do it well because I didn’t want to do it and we had to go first.(Ali)

Our reading group has a book called ‘Just call me Spaghetti Hoop Boy’. The Goose Grass group had to read it up to the end of chapter 5. Then we had to read a little bit to Miss Grossert and I read to Chapter 7. In the book so far there is a boy called Adam Butters who is adopted and he wants to find out what happened to his real parents and who they were so he finds his birth certificate. I like the book so far because it is really interesting! (Ahmed)


This Week in P7RS…

This week in P7RS we have started lots of new things but also things have come to an end. Let us tell you about our achievements this week –

WW2: This week we began our new IDL context, WW2. We have been learning some facts about Jewish people and what happened to them in WW2 as it’s Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday. We have been listening to stories from Holocaust survivors to try and help us understand what life was like for them back then.

We looked at newspapers from WW2, PowerPoint of pictures from WW2, parachutes and letters from soldiers, posters and magazines about WW2 to help us gain knowledge of what happened in WW2 and help us decide what we want to learn more about now that we are beginning our new learning context. To help us learn about WW2 we are going to try and turn our library into an Anderson Shelter, make food using rations and role play different situations.  Connor, Megan, Sienna and Ronin

Reading/poems: We have been learning to answer questions in reading that are either thick or thin. We have also been learning to identify the difference between a thin and a thick question. A thick question asks you to explain your thinking and give a reason why you think that. A thin question asks you to find facts in a text. We think, to improve, we need to answer the thick questions a little more fully.

We have been learning Scots poems to celebrate Burns’ Day. We performed our poems to Miss Smith and she has decided on 3 groups to perform these in the final. Harry, Aria, Casey and Josh

Maths: The mild and hot groups have been working with Mrs Neil to practise different strategies to learn time tables. We looked at smart multipliers that could help us learn our times tables and division facts.

The spicy and extreme groups have been learning to multiply and divide whole and decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been trying to practise this using worksheets, textbooks exercises and challenges.

We have started completing fact of week. We are given daily facts about a maths topic to write in our jotters and as the days go on the facts become harder and harder. On  a Friday we get a quiz to see how much we have remembered from the week.

To improve, we think we need to revise our times tables and division facts more to help us with more maths work. Lila, Brooke, Stephanie, Miles and Ray

Skiing: We have been learning to move up, down, backwards and forwards up the hill. We have been learning to use the tow to get half way up the hill instead of using our edges. We have been learning how to put the skis and boots on more quickly. We have been using how to brake by making a pizza shape with our skis. Overall we have really enjoyed skiing and some of us are hoping to try this more! Thomas, Rebecca, Alan and Aiden

This Week in P7RS…

The day is finally here… it’s time for our Scottish Opera Performance! We thought that this week we would discuss our learning through this project in more detail and hopefully get you excited for our performance this afternoon!

Spaniards – We have been learning a little bit of Spanish, some history about the conflicts between Scotland and England and keep rhythm and watch our timing when singing songs. Our favourite part of this whole experience is that we are getting to perform with professionals and see how they work – this isn’t something you get to do every day!

3 words to describe the show – energetic, entertaining and LOUD!

Skye, Stephanie, Brooke, Ronin, Alan, Thomas and Miles

Jacobites- We have been learning to sing calmly and to stay in time and in tune with the music. Our favourite part of this experience has been singing together – we have gotten on very well as large group. We think we have got some really lovely parts to sing in the show.

3 words to describe the show – breathtaking, challenging and exciting!

Casey, Breagh, Agata, Josh, Megan, Callum and Sienna

Hanovarians – We have been learning to sing louder and be resilient to critique. We have also had 4 songs to learn which can be tricky with so many words and rhyming to learn. Our favourite part of this experience has been learning song 4 (it is rather quick and exciting) but also listening to other groups – our favourite is the Spaniards song.

3 words to describe the show – historical, thrilling and beautiful!

Harry, Marek, Rebecca, Lila, Jasmine, Rhigan, Connor, Aiden and Aria

This Week in P7RS…

Happy 2019! We have already been extremely busy in P7RS despite us only being back at school for 1 week! Here is an update of our learning…

Skiing – We have been learning how to ski. We started by learning how to put the ski equipment on and then how to move forwards and backwards in the skis. We learned to use the edges to go up hills which are slippery so you didn’t slip back down them. We learned how to get up if you fall down. We went down the slope at the end of the lesson. It wasn’t too high but felt quite high at the top. Next time, we are going to try and go further up the slope, improve our technique and put the equipment on ourselves. Izzy, Josh, Miles and Sienna.

Scottish Opera – This week for Scottish Opera we have been learning to take advice. We took advice from Roger who visited from Scottish Opera to help us sing the best we can. He pointed out parts of the song we could improve on, and we took his advice to help us with our performance. The Hanovarian group had a lot of t’s to pronounce so he made sure that we said them all properly. Next week, we need to keep practising to make all the songs even better! Megan, Brooke, Ronin and Callum.

Wreck It Ralph – We have been learning to create characters and settings. We have been learning how we can regulate our emotions. The main characters that we have been creating are someone/something who struggle to regulate their emotions. We are moving on to create movie trailers or StopMotion videos telling the story of our characters who struggle to regulate their emotions and how they then learn to do this. Connor, Skye, Harry, Lila and Jasmine.

Critical Literacy – We have been learning to create predictions about what we think will happen in a text. We have also been learning to use our imagination to think creatively about what might happen in a text and also to find examples of inference to help us consider the story. We were looking at the front and back cover of our latest Critical Literacy book and trying to predict, infer and imagine what might happen. Miss Smith read us the first half of the story to see if our predictions were correct. Next time, we need to try and understand the book a bit better by looking for WOW words and different literary techniques like pathetic fallacy and similes. Casey, Stephanie, Aiden and Ray.

This week in P7JB…

It has been a busy final week of term for us in P7JB. We have been finishing off literacy and numeracy learning, ready to start afresh in the New Year.
Our class novel came to an end and there was a mixed reaction about whether or not the ending was satisfying enough!  Many of the class wanted to know if the main character’s new sibling was a baby brother or sister. On Friday we watched the final episode in the BBC adaptation of the book where our questions were answered – the baby was a boy!

We have had a very successful first half of Primary 7 and hope that the rest of the school year is the same, if not more productive and fun!

Mrs Boyd will be working at another school for a few months so Miss Grossert will teach P7JB until the Spring.


Buddy Time

In Buddy Time we went down to the P1 class and we gave our little buddies the Christmas cards we made for them and our little buddies made Christmas trees for us. Once we gave our cards and trees, we went to our classes with our buddies. We make Christmas wreaths by getting a paper plate. The big buddies had to cut through the middle, after we did that the little buddies had to wrap round tissue paper and make sure there were no white bits. After that we had to add a bow and then add ribbon so they could hang it up. The best bit about having a little buddy is spending time with them and teaching them different things. (Eva)


In maths we had to make a text of pros and cons about using cash and credit cards. Some people did presentations on the iPads or netbooks and some people made posters. After we made them we had to go round different groups to see what they did and we had to give them feedback.
A con for credit cards is that if you don’t pay on time you will have to pay more than what you spend. A pro for credit cards is that they are quick and easy to use. (Aidan)


On Thursday of this week three girls from our class went with a group of singers to the Speirs Centre to sing Christmas songs. We’ve been practising with Miss Belford for 5 weeks at 8.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We sung ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. It went ok but not as good as I thought because we couldn’t get the music loud because they didn’t have a cable to connect the phone to. The music was very feint so Miss Belford started the songs off. There was a wee crowd, it wasn’t a lot of people but it filled the place up. At first I felt a wee bit nervous and anxious but then when we got to sit down after we had done all our songs I felt much better. (Teigan)

Christmas Party

For the Christmas party we had to learn all the dances but we only had time for one dance out of them. We played musical statues, musical bumps and musical arms and four corners. We got food to eat there.
I enjoyed the party. My least favourite bit was the end because it was my last Christmas party with Aimee. We sang and danced to Loch Lomond. (Fern)


Merry Christmas everyone! Have a peaceful, happy and safe Winter break.

P7RS End of Term Summary

We have enjoyed learning so many new things this term.

  • I enjoyed Mock Court this term because as a Writer I learned how to use better writing techniques. (Ronin)
  • I enjoyed Mock Court most because as a witness I got to stand up in front of lots of people to answer questions fully and it was a fun experience.  (Megan)
  • I enjoyed Bike Ability because we learned how to check the bikes were working fully,  how to stop using your right break and how to travel a distance without peddling. (Alan)
  • I enjoyed writing this term because we got to recreate a Christmas Advert and I met my Success Criteria with a lot of hard work.  (Stephanie)

If we could do the term again, we would make these changes to improve it.

  • During Legal Challenge I would have worked harder to get my tasks completed on time. (Izzy)
  • During Legal Challenge we could have had 1 Evidence Maker instead of 2 because it only needed 1. (Miles)
  • In P.E.  during Gymnastics I got really good at forward rolls but I didn’t try anything new.  Next time I will give new things a go! (Megan)

We are looking forward to the following things next term.

  • I am looking forward to learning how to Ski as I have never tried this before.  (Rhigan)
  • I am looking forward to putting on the final production of Scottish Opera. (Lila)
  • I am looking forward to completing more writing pieces because I like it and I am getting better at it all the time.  (Lennox)

We wish a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2019!