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This Week In P7B

This week on maths we have been focusing on subtraction up to 5 and 6 digits. We also do beat that sums, if you don’t know what that is it is basic maths for the start of morning to help our brains warm up for the challenges throughout the day. We have developed our multiplication skills by using bingo to help us too and we have also played guess my number that helps with place value.

We have focused on poetry and music we have been learning about:

*Personification (not alive but give it human and alive actions)
*Stanza and other words related to poetry
*Songs and comparing them to poetry
*Alliteration (describing words that are the same letter)
*Simile (compare with like/ as)
*Metaphor (Comparing something NOT using like or as)

In bikability we have been learning to cycle safely on the road, we have been looking at getting on the road safely and U-turns. In outdoor focus we have got rid of all the weeds and have planted some plants, including a strawberry bush. We then removed the bad plants and brought new ones. In art a group of us have been looking at taking photos and then editing them, we used the rule of third, using the background and face. In PE we have been learning football rounder’s.

This Week In P7B

Democracy Week
In democracy week we’ve been learning about Westminster and Holyrood. We know that in Westminster we need to be 18 to vote. There’s the house of commons and the house of lords, the House of Commons is green and House of Lords is red. Westminster is in west London and the big tower is called Elizabeth tower and the bell is called Big Ben. There’s 650 MPs, 220 females, and 65 BAME (black, Asian, minority, ethnic). The House of Commons pass over a law/bill and then the House of Lords debate about it and call it a game of ping pong.
In Holyrood government, they have devolved powers. The age to vote is 16. They have power over education, transport and health. And there’s 153 MSPs.

In maths we’ve been learning about addition, subtraction and strategies. A small group of us were reminding ourselves about time. We’re also doing mental maths Monday to Friday.

Science/emotion works
In Science we did gardening, some of us have plants to take care of, some of us were just getting rid of weeds. We also designed our wormeries, we used measurement and scale.

We looked at an animated story called lighthouse.

We also looked at another animation about a boy and his disabled dog.

We talked about the emotions in the animations and the actions. We wrote down the emotions the characters had, their actions, regulation strategies and more.

In literacy we have been reading Coraline. We made an alternative cover for the book Coraline. We also researched words in a dictionary, which I personally found enjoyable. So did I. (Brooke, Sophie and Kaiden the Class Journalists wrote all of this by the way) Alongside completing comprehension about the Scottish Parliament.

We also did speeches for jobs! It was a bit scary but it was alright afterwards. Everyone’s speech were amazing and it was difficult to choose who to vote for.

This week in P7D

As part of Democracy Week we have been writing and giving speeches to try and persuade classmates to vote for us to take on school leadership roles. We know which features to include in speeches like adjectives, repeated phrases, rhetorical questions and emotions. When delivering a speech we know we need to make eye contact, stand upright, use gestures and be confident.

We have been learning to use 4 different methods to calculate addition sums. These include: column addition, partitioning, number lines and rounding.
We have also been learning about the range of different terms to describe the 4 processes: Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide

We took part in a Webinar with representatives from the Westminster Parliament and learned that in Parliament there is 2 houses, The House of Commons and The House of Lords. The Commons make the laws and the Lords read these and make any changes before they go back the Commons (Parliamentary Ping Pong)and then the Bill is signed by the Queen and becomes an Act.

This week in P7B

Literacy: Speech Writing was our focus in literacy this week, we were writing a speech for our application House Captain and Leadership . A great speech should include metaphors, rhetorical questions and adjectives for jobs around the school. We looked at the speeches of Greta Thunberg and Martin Luther King Jr, both were trying to speak against something that was wrong- to change the world!

(Whole class discussion)

Democracy Week:We have been learning what democracy is, democracy is when people vote and have their voice heard. Democracy is a political form of government. We decided who represents us, we had a workshop with Westminster Parliament. My top facts, there are 650 MPs, The House of Commons have green chairs, and the House of Lords have red chairs. We have been learning about democracy and politics, jobs and careers. We researched jobs like campaign managers and Civil Servant careers and how much they get paid.

(Whole class discussion) 

Numeracy: We have been learning about the four functions, focusing on adding and subtracting. We also do mental maths and we did times and division, you choose hot spicy, or mild challenges. We used OWLs to support us. These were multiplication squares, maths packs and our wall math strategies. We will do this every morning to get our brains ready for learning.

(Whole class discussion) 

Worm facts I here you ask? We have it covered…

From P7B

*Jaxon: They help plants grow- Oxygen created through the tunnels around plants 

* Hassan: They help create compost

*Sophie: Break down dead plants and create soil/ compost

*Haris: Feed many different animals (Moles/ Badgers)

*Kaiden: Carbon dioxide removal, through soil.

* Cara: Worms are lots of different colours

*Sophie/Michael: By giving them names we humanised and connected with the worms!

*Kaiden: There are 27 different types of worms in the UK



Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

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Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
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  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
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  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
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  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

This week in P7AG..

Welcome to our blog!

Trip to the Science Centre

This week we went on a trip to the Science Centre in Glasgow. During our visit we went to see a show called Future Fuels (Charlie M) and learned about how gas can be used instead of fossil fuels (Beth). “I enjoyed the trip because we got to see lots of different things and experiments” (Emma). “I really enjoyed the optical illusions part” (Andrew K). I enjoyed learning new things at the science centre, for example different types of gas and how they are used (Mia). “I really enjoyed the show” (Hala).


This week we have been learning to collect, organise and display data (Hayley/Charlie B). We created frequency tables (Summer) and collected data using tally marks. We also represented the data in a bar chart using an appropriate scale (Charlie B).


This week in writing we continued to write imaginatively (Ross). We focused on finishing our stories about the magical room we created for the Nowhere Emporium (Bronik).

This week in grammar we have been learning to identify different types of nouns (Leah). We focused on countable and uncountable nouns (Leah). We know that countable nouns include: egg, apple and orange (Ross, Hayley and Andrew). We know that unaccountable nouns include:  jam, bread, and sugar (Charlie M).


This week in IDL we have been learning to carry out experiments safely (Alicia). This week we also created different models to monitor and record the weather, for example we made a barometer and an anemometer (Andrew T).

Thank you for reading our blog.

Primary 7AG and Miss Gillon

This week in P7AG…

Welcome to our Blog!


This week we have been investigating 3D shapes and objects (Summer).

Neptune group – We identified the properties of 3D shapes, for example the number of vertices, edges, faces (Liam). We have also been learning to create nets for 3D shapes (Ross). Today, we were learning to draw 3D shapes and we even had a go at representing the sides you can’t see with dashed lines (Summer). We also practiced calculating the area of a cuboid and a triangular prism (Cameron).

Jupiter – This week we used precise measurements to make nets.  “To be successful I know I had to measure each side accurately before using a ruler to draw these” (Aaron).  We then cut our nets out and made the 3D shape (Andrew K). We also learned how to  calculate the area of a 3D shape (Alicia) – when each surface area was detailed in a drawing. To do this we added together the area of each face to find the answer (Bronik) or multiplied (Leah).

Venus – We have been learning to name 3D shapes. We have been identifying how many vertices, faces and edges a shape has (Corey). “I enjoyed the matching game when I was matching the name of the shape, with the picture and its net” (Hayley).



We have been learning to write imaginatively. This week our writing was based on the book the Nowhere Emporium (Hayley). The Nowhere Emporium has rooms created by magic (Mia). These rooms include a snow globe room, and a space room. “When the people go in they feel like they are there” (Alicia). We then designed our own rooms, by creating a plan before using this to help write our story.

  • “My room was a Candy Land, where everything was made of sweets, not chocolate” (Leah).
  • “My room took me to a race track with go karts and as soon as you enter the room, you end up in the race” (Andrew T).
  • “My room is a gaming room with lots of different game consoles and every game you can imagine” (Aaron).

We have been learning to answer questions related to the text the Nowhere Emporium (Dylan). We are beginning to develop our wondering skills whilst being read to.

We gave been learning to to find and select important information (Dylan). Our new IDL topic of Climate Change, and we have been reading factual reports . This week we used a weather climate change report and were answering questions about the impact of the climate change on the weather.


We have been investigating climate change and the impact these changes have on our weather systems (Addison). We carried out an experiment this week about the water cycle (Corey). We first watched a video which described the steps of the water cycle (Charlie B). The first part of the water cycle is when the heat from the sun warms up the water and it turns to gas (Bronik). This is called evaporation (Corey). Then the water gas gets colder it turns back into water again, this process is called condensation (Allana). Then water falls from the sky, as either snow, rain, hail or sleet (Charlie B). This is called precipitation (Cameron). The water is collected by the sea and rivers and then the cycle starts all over again. Then we created a mini water cycle inside a plastic food bag. These are on our windows and we will check these next week.

We have been decorating our door for World Book Day (Leah). We created designs for our door (Hayley) and voted for our favourite design. The winner was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Corey). We used mixed media and worked collaboratively to create the book display. We created this with paint, card, pen, tin foil and tissue paper. Come along to our Sharing the Learning Meeting next week to see our wonderful display!

Thank you for taking the time to read out blog.

Primary 7 and Miss Gillon.

This week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been busy learning more about our new topic.

In IDL we have been learning about the water cycle. We linked this to climate change and we made our own water cycles in a bag so we can see the process of evaporation and condensation. We are going to place these round the school in different temperatures to find out if temperature changes the water cycle process in anyway. I thought it was fun because we were drawing on a bag instead of paper (Aila). I enjoyed that we had to link our measure skills in this task (Nathan).

This week in Maths we have been learning to investigate 3D shapes. We have been identifying the different properties, making 3D shapes and we have even had a go at drawing 3D shapes.  I found it hard to draw shapes because it was hard to draw the inside lines (Jayden).  I think learning 3D shapes have gone well because I have understood my tasks this week (Martyna).

This week in writing we have been learning to write imaginatively and use more description at the beginning of our stories. We had to describe a character from our class novel approaching and entering a door. I think I was successful because I used a lot of description and figurative language in my writing. I think I was successful because I used lots of descriptive words to describe the door. I used the senses touch and see to help me describe (Seren).

We hope our next week is also going to be a great week (Scott).

From P7LS

This week in P7LS…

This week was snap-shot jotter week. Look forward to reading our work when we bring it home.

This week we have started our new IDL topic and we have been learning about global warming. Our first lesson took place in YDance when we learned about CO2 getting trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere, which is called the Green House Effect (Aila, Halle, Josh). We created a circle and some people were given coloured scarves to represent CO2 and radiation. The rest of us were the Earths atmosphere. We used movement to show how the CO2 is trapping radiation and that is how the earth is getting warming (Aila, Halle, Umar, Josh). I thought it was fun because we got to act out how the Green House Effect works (Halle). I thought it was interesting learning about the Green House Effect and acting it out (Aila). Later on in the week we also learned how Global warming and humans are affecting the worlds climate (Josh).

In writing we have finally finished writing our stories for the 500 words challenge (Georgia). Our teacher helped upload the stories yesterday (Lachlan). I think it was quite hard, I went over the 500 words limit (Logan). I found it easy to use figurative language because we have spent the last few months learning about different examples (Sean). At first I found it hard because I wasn’t concentrating but then when it came nearer to the deadline I started to work faster (Georgia).I found it fun because I enjoy writing imaginative stories using figurative language (Lachlan).

This week we started learning about percentages (Jayden, Maria). We started off by looking at percentages using a 100 square, then we started to look at percentages of a number then the price (Jayden, Ewan). I got a bit confused at the start, but throughout the week it got easier. I enjoyed converting percentages from a fraction then to a decimal (Seren). At the start I thought it was quite easy but as we progressed I found it challenging, e.g. 30% of £5. I have a strategy for working this out now (Maria). At the start I found it easy then it got harder when we used fractions that couldn’t simplify down easy (Ewan). When we first started I thought it was easy, then I thought it would be harder than what it was (Jayden).

I am looking forward to next week and IDL because I like learning about the Earth and I want to make it better (Martyna). I am looking forward to next week because it is world book day and we have a competition (Ethan).

This week in P7AG….

Literacy –

We have been learning to write imaginatively (Allana). We continued our 500 word challenge (Charlie M) and submitted these on Thursday. “You can win books if you are first, second or third” (Aaron and Alicia). We focused on editing and re-drafting our writing (Andrew T) to include more ambitious vocabulary by up-levelling and including figurative language (Allana).

We were also learning to find and select information from our class novel (Allana) called The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie (Corey).  It is an adventure, fantasy, and mystery book (Leah and Ross). In chapter 10, Daniel (the main character) went into a room and fell into space, where he was floating (Hayley). Daniel met Mr Silver’s Daughter and he learned that Ellie could not been seen by anyone outside for the emporium and was not magical (Alicia). We had to use inference, to help us to answer the questions (Addison). Inference is when something is implied by the words but not said (Charlie B).


Neptune Group – We have been learning to calculate percentages of an amount (Dylan). We first explored the link between fractions, percentages and decimals to help us. We know that:

  • 75% is the equivalent to the fraction 3 quarters (Ross). To work out 75% of 24 we first need to divide by 4 and then times our answer by three (Beth/Allana).
  • We know that 25% is the same as one quarter and can divide a number by 4 to work out the percentage of an amount (Charlie B).

Jupiter Group – We have been learning to explore the link between fractions, percentages and decimals (Aaron). To convert a decimal to a percentage we multiply the decimal by 100 (Ross). If the fraction is 50 over 100 then the fraction would be 50% which is the same as one half (Charlie M).

Venus Group – We used dienes materials to help calculate the fraction of a number (Hayley). To work out two thirds of 14 we split our counters into three groups first and add together the number of counters in 2 groups (Hayley).

Health and Wellbeing –

We learning about how babies are made, how they grow/develop and how they are born.

We have also been learning about contraception and the different types.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

P7AG and Miss Gillon