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This week in P7JB…

We have come to the end of a very busy first term in Primary 7 where there have been many learning opportunities. The last few weeks have been taken over by Legal Challenge as our court date has been set for mid November. Here is some of the other learning we have been doing this week…


I had to write a letter to the author of my reading book, ‘The Tempest’. There were two authors to choose from because Shakespeare wrote the story but Nick Warburton adapted the book. We had to think of questions and give reasons why we like the book. I know I was successful because I asked questions about how he became an author and I gave three reasons why I liked the book. (Calum)

We had to draw a picture and write where the setting was on a timeline to show where the story would take place. I knew I was successful because I got most of the checklist right and someone from my group peer assessed it. (Donna-Marie)


We finished off the ‘My Teacher is a Superhero’ diary entry. We edited our piece. We had a look through it and if we didn’t spell something right we could correct it. Once we had marked it, another person in the class marked it as well which is called peer assessment. I got all the boxes ticked so I was successful. (Kyra)

We had to mark someone else’s writing work with ‘2 Stars and a Wish’. My wish from my peer was to correct my spelling next time. I could use a dictionary. (Hayley)


We were learning about integers and positive and negative numbers, we had to add and subtract them. We had number lines which we could use to help us that had negative numbers as well as positive numbers. We used temperatures to add and subtract and I think I did well because I got most of the answers right. (Aidan)

My group did some board work with Mr Fergus, there were 8 different questions you had to do in your jotter. It was adding and subtracting decimals from 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers; multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. On some of my column addition and subtraction calculations, my decimal point is not that obvious so next time I’d do it a little bit above the line so it can be seen. (Ellie)

IDL – Legal Challenge

I’ve been a writer so myself and Drew have had to make a newspaper article about our group’s side of the story. We worked with Mr Mathis on it. We had to write about what is happening in our court case but we couldn’t mention names because we had to follow the rules about what could be published before a case went to court. The rule is called ‘sub judice’. (Fern & Drew)

My group finished off a piece of evidence to show how we think a bottle of wine went missing. We made a wine bottle from a plastic bottle coated in paint and we are going to put Stacey and Apple’s fingerprints on it. We made a cheap bottle to show that the insurance claim wouldn’t be paid. (Kate)


We played games of tig and we played dodgeball as well. We were finished our block of rugby. Mr Foley was asking us to focus on different skills and I have got better at decision making about who to pass to. Today there is a rugby festival and some P7s have gone to represent Sunnyside. (Ali)

Have a great break, see you all next term!

Mrs Boyd

This Week in P7RS…

With the October holiday fast approaching, we have been trying to cram in as much learning as possible in this last week of term.

Reading: We have been learning to use our imagination to create a new book cover for our critical literacy book, The Tear Thief. We have bee demonstrating our understanding of our reading books by tuning into all the details (for example, pathetic fallacy) and by writing book blessings. We have been learning this so that we can write our own stories with greater detail, whether they be short or long. Stephanie, Brooke, Harry, Casey and Callum

Writing: We have been learning to use pathetic fallacy, similes and descriptive words and phrases. To do this, we had to plan and write a diary entry for our Superhero Teacher to travel to a new place to use their superpowers. We had to describe the place in detail using our senses. We have been using these skills to help improve our writing. Megan, Miles, Alan, Breagh and Ray

Maths: The Spicy and Extreme groups have been learning about integers. We learned that integers are negative and positive whole numbers. We might use these when talking about sea levels and how deep the ocean is or temperature. We were also learning more about finding lines of symmetry. Izzy, Aiden, Lennox, Jasmine and Aria

IDL: We have been learning to work in a group and work to a deadline to help us work on our School Mock Court Project. The writers have now finished newspaper article 1 and are now planning article 2. The artists have been making shoe box models to show the aftermath of the party. The witnesses have been making and writing diaries to show their side of the story. The gown makers have now made basic gowns and have made 1 wig. Check out twitter for photos. Rhigan, Josh, Thomas, Rebecca and Lila

This Week in P7JB

This week we have been learning about…


In Maths we have been learning about lines of symmetry. We had to identify shapes that had lines of symmetry, as well as drawing the line of symmetry onto a shape. We did this working in pairs. (Ibtasam) We also learned about rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when you can turn a shape it looks exactly the same. (Grace)

The Spicy group were doing adding and taking away of decimals. We got a sheet and had to do adding first and then taking away. I feel I did pretty good. (Drew)

The Extreme group did adding and subtracting of decimals. We sat on the carpet with whiteboards and chose certain numbers from the board and we added and subtracted 10s, 100s and 1000s to/from the numbers. I think I did good because we worked it out in the end. (Will)


In our writing lesson we were writing a diary entry, ‘My Teacher is a Superhero.’ We wrote about how our teacher went through a portal. We had to use similes such ‘as sharp as a knife’ or ‘as soft as a feather’ to describe the setting. (Eva and Husnain)
During our writing we had to draw the setting of the diary entry.


We continued our work with our Mock Court this week. We were required to make notes this week to help us as part of our evidence. The ‘Witnesses’, ‘Solicitor’ and the ‘Researchers’ worked together.

The gown makers started making the gowns out of a bed sheet. Miss Smith’s Mum came in to help us with this. It was very interesting. (Aimee)

The witnesses started to create a ‘scene’ out of cardboard boxes. (Teigan)


Jake, Will, Grace, Kyra, Josh, Rhigan, Eva, Fern, Ewan, Euan, Emma and Ellie went to Cross Country leagues on Tuesday. P6s, P5s then P7s ran in groups to get the fastest time we could. Eva came 5th and Grace came 6th. We did quite well. Next week we have the Championships. (Jake)

In P7RS this week…

With the holidays approaching, P7RS have been working hard to make the most of their time this term. Here is a summary of what they have been learning and doing this week.

Reading: We have been learning different literary techniques including word choice, similes, pathetic fallacy and symbolism. To learn this we listened to a book called ‘The Tear Thief’ that had these literary techniques in it. We then looked more at pathetic fallacy and symbolism. We found out that pathetic fallacy is when the weather in a story matches and shows the feelings of characters. We looked at Disney film clips to find examples of pathetic fallacy. We realised it is used all them time in books and films. We think we need to know about this as we can include these techniques in our writing to improve it. Stephanie, Connor, Marek and Breagh.

HWB: In HWB we have been learning to use different NME strategies to help us been alert or calm down so we are ready for learning. We have tried using hama beads and soduku more this week. This is important to learn to help us focus more on our learning. We have been learning about terror, flight, fight, alert or calm states. We have been learning about these so we know what we can do to control our emotions if we are stressed or scared. We have been learning about periods using Betty for Schools resources. Brooke, Ray and Rhigan.

IDL: For Legal Challenge the solicitors, researchers and witnesses have been learning to analyse texts carefully and skim through texts to find information about the case. The gown makers were learning to sew and use different materials to create wigs and gowns.  The gown makers have also been learning to use a sewing machine and how to fix it when the needle snaps! The artists have been learning to create models. There are 2 versions of the model to show the 2 sides of the case. Izzy, Alan, Casey and Aiden.

Maths: We have been learning to add and subtract 1000s numbers to whole numbers using our knowledge of place value to help us. We have also been learning to add and subtract decimals. We have also been learning to find lines of symmetry in shapes. We have been doing board work for this and also homework. It is important to learn about symmetry as it may help you in the future if you are building or designing something – such as a building or piece of clothing. Miles, Josh, Lila and Callum.

Writing: In writing we have been learning to use pathetic fallacy and create exciting settings and use these in our Superhero Teacher Diary Entries. As it is a diary entry, we have also been learning to write in first person. We are learning this because in the future we want to produce exciting stories. Ronin, Agata, Lennox and Thomas.

This Week in P7JB

We have had yet another busy week in P7. We are moving forward with our Legal Challenge tasks and are starting to think about our transition to High School. We have spent some time working with a new picture book ‘The Tear Thief’ and have been using some critical literacy skills to find out as much as we could about it.


We were in ‘Critical Literacy’ groups and before we read a book we were looking at two pictures to infer information about the character. We were predicting what was going to happen next in the story ‘The Tear Thief’. Once we had heard the story, some of my predictions were correct. (Will)

We did reading with our P3/4 buddies. We were using the ‘5 Finger Rule’ to choose a book. My reading buddy did OK when he was reading the book so the book he had was at an OK level for him. (Ali)


In numeracy, every group was doing adding and subtracting of decimal numbers. My group used a textbook and we had to round to the nearest tenth or whole number to find the approximate total or difference. I know I was successful because we marked our own and I did quite well. (Jake)

We were learning how to make a rap about 3D objects and we had to include how many vertices, edges and faces it had. We worked in a group and ours was about a cylinder. We finished the rap and it made sense. (Eva)

IDL – Legal Challenge

The ‘Gown Maker’ group were adding slides to our PowerPoint and then we drew round our solicitor to make an outline of the gown. We had to make it longer with longer sleeves than the prototype so that it fits. (Kyra)


A woman, Kate, from the School Support Service came in to visit to help us understand what it was like to move onto High School. She showed us a PowerPoint with photographs of what the school might look like, what uniform was like and she told us what time school started and finished. I’m not that nervous about moving to High School, I’m quite excited! (Grace)

When Kate came she told us that the brain was the most important organ in our body. Each part of the brain controls each part of us like emotions and it helps tell your heart to pump the blood and it tells the muscles in your body to move about. She told us this to explain why we might be feeling scared about going to High School. (Brandon)

In P7RS this week…

It was another busy week in P7RS – we are here to tell you what we have been learning.

Reading: We were looking at  a book called ‘The Tear Thief’. We were learning to develop our critical literacy skills. That means we were developing our inference skills and have been looking at how movement words were used and to help broaden our vocabulary. We have been learning this as in the future it could help us in our jobs to understand texts. Casey, Josh and Jasmine.

Addition and subtraction: We have been learning to use decimals in addition and subtraction. We were adding the decimal numbers together and subtracting the decimal numbers from each other using our preferred strategy. We have been learning to do this to help us become more confident using decimals and improve our addition and subtraction skills. Aiden, Marek, Alan, Agata and Breagh

Maths (shape): We have been learning to recall the properties of 3D shapes. We learned this by creating raps about 3D shapes in our critical literacy groups. It is important to recall knowledge to keep it fresh in your mind and making raps means we will be able to remember it more. You can check out some of our raps on the school twitter feed. Ronin, Thomas, Brooke and Rebecca

IDL: We have been continuing to work on our Legal Challenge Project. The gown makers this week were learning to create patterns independently. They did this by drawing round the solicitors to try and create an accurate and fitting pattern. We have also created newspaper articles about the case, shoe-box models of the house in the case and more. By completing these tasks, we have been learning to work to a deadline and take on a role within a team. We have been learning all this in case we want to take up a job in law in the future. Callum, Megan, Izzy, Harry and Connor

P7 Homework Grids

Please find below a link to the P7 Spelling and Reading homework grids. These will ‘run’ until the end of November, one activity should be completed from each grid per week.
Numeracy/Maths homework will be stuck into jotters and spelling words will be written in on a Monday.

Please ensure all homework jotters are returned to school on a Thursday, even if homework is not fully completed.

Reading grid – Mild

Reading grid – Hot

Reading grid – Spicy

Spelling grid 1

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Boyd & Miss Smith

This week in P7JB

It has been a busy week in P7JB, particularly with Legal Challenge activities. We are ready to submit our first piece of work for the competition (the ‘Initial Writ’ by Pursuing Team; Ali, Ellie, Fern & Drew) – wish us luck!


In writing we did a diary of a superhero. We had to write a part as if they were at school and then a part from when they turned into a superhero. (Kai)


In my group we had to do a Bookopoly task which was ‘Structure Street’ and we had to pick 3 consecutive chapters and do a summary about the chapters. I think I did fine, I completed all my work. (Aidan)

We were given an unknown text and we had to read a chapter or two and then we had to identify the characters, setting and plot. (Aimee)


My group was learning new strategies that would help us in maths. Mrs Scotland gave us a sheet and we had to use column subtraction. I feel like I can do it, I got the first few correct. (Connor)

We did some shape work with Mr Fergus. We had to make a 3D shape with a rope. The rope was tied and you couldn’t untie it. We had to do it in a group of 2 or 3. We had to work together to make the shape which we chose. Mr Fergus checked that we had the right number of edges and vertices. (Ibtasam)

IDL – Legal Challenge

My group were drawing a Ming vase and then we had to take some photos of the gown makers at work. We then made a Ming vase from plasticene which was very hard because the plasticene was cold but we finally made it. We had to destroy it in the end to see how it would look broken. (Kyran)

In my group we made a timeline about Apple (daughter of the Pursuers). We had to show what happened at the party according to Apple. (Husnain)

We had to make a prototype gown for the solicitor. We had to sew paper to make the gown. Miss Smith’s mum helped us use the sewing machine. The solicitor had to try it on and… it fitted! (Thomas)

My group started to plan a newspaper article which will have an interview with the Pursuers and the Defenders. It will also have an advert and some entertainment news. (Ahmed)


We ran around the football pitch and got a token. We kept on going around to try and run a marathon. The most laps I got was 5. (Josh)

In P7RS this week…

It has been another busy week in P7RS! Here’s a snippet of what we have been up to…

Reading: The Gangsta Granny group have been learning to create higher order thinking questions. Once we had created these questions we answered them. These questions are tricky to answer sometimes as the answer is not always found in the book, it requires some deeper thinking. The Harry Potter group were learning to put themselves in the place of a character by writing an autobiography. We had to include basic information about the character (Dr Jekyll) and about the tricky situation he has found himself in. The Horrid Henry group answered remembering questions about their book and completed a word finder task.

IDL: We have been learning to remember facts from our court case and use those facts to think about how we could win our case. This has helped us learn how to create convincing arguments. The gown makers have been learning to make patterns for our solicitors’ gowns and even got a shot on a sewing machine. They also started making the solicitors’ wigs. The writers were creating a newspaper article. This contained an interview with one of the families involved in the case. Some of solicitors and researchers have been working hard to complete paperwork on time.

Maths: We were learning how to make 3D shapes from nets. This meant that we had to use our measuring skills very carefully. Some people have been learning to use a pair of compasses to draw circles. We also learned what the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle is. We have also been learning to develop our subtraction skills by using our favourite strategies.

Writing: We have been learning to write in the first person and include WOW words in our writing by creating a diary entry for our superhero teachers. Some superhero teachers have saved people who were trapped in ferris wheel or stopping her evil sister from taking over the world!

This Week in P7JB

We have had lots of great learning experiences in P7JB this week! It was good to have so many families in our classroom on Thursday at ‘Meet the Teacher’ too.


We were learning to create an imaginative piece of writing. We were describing what our superhero looked like and if they were heroes or villains. We used the plan from last week to do our piece of writing. I did okay, I was close to finishing it. (Connor)


We did Bookopoly. We wrote Tweets about the book ‘Kidnapped’. We picked the character we wanted to write about. We wrote the Tweet as if we were the character, we wrote about an event and their feelings. We used a Tweet template to make sure it was 280 characters or less. (Drew)

We learned how to use the ‘5 Finger Rule’ because we were going to have P3 or P4 reading buddies. If you don’t mess up any words it’s too easy, 1 or 2 mistakes is a perfect choice, 3 or 4 mistakes you should ‘give it a go’ and 5 mistakes means the book is too hard. We used it on Thursday with our reading buddies. (Kai)


In our groups we had to create a card game and write instructions and make a poster. It had to have addition in the game. (Eva)

We did some number and money work. For number work we did some chimney sums in addition and there was a bit of money in it as well. I think I did quite good. (Fern)


We worked in groups of 4 to make a court room out of Lego and we had to label each bit to show where each person sat. There were pursuer solicitors and defence solicitors. (Aimee)


We did a ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ feelings chart to understand how he feels. In the movie he doesn’t want to be a bad guy any more so he goes to another game. He makes a change in his life. (Logan)

At Buddy Time, we were teaching our little buddies how to write their name using a dotty name chart. We needed to do each letter at a time and then let them copy. Then we did their whole name and they copied. (Teigan)


Check back next week to see what else we have been up to!

P7JB and Mrs Boyd