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This Week in P7RS…

As our time is coming to an end at Sunnyside, we are working hard to cram in as much learning as possible! Let us tell you what we have been up to this week…

Assembly prep: We have been learning to change lyrics of songs, we have been learning our songs and will be learning our lines soon. When we were changing our lyrics, we were learning about rhythm and making sure the new lyrics kept in time with the music. The activities we have completed this week are changing lyrics, rehearsing, singing and some dancing. Our next steps are to learn the songs better, learn our lines and to practise our acting skills to make our assembly look like a real TV channel. Connor, Alan, Sienna, Skye and Thomas

PE: We have been learning throwing and catching, badminton, under arm swing, fielding in rounders. We have also been learning how to catch the ball correctly. The activities we have been completing this week are playing rounders to work on fielding/spatial awareness skills as well as throwing and catching. We have also played King of the Court to serve the shuttlecock to improve our serving, under arm swing and general badminton skills. Our next steps are to get better at serving and to not use the tennis serve. We also need to try to not hit the shuttlecock out of the court. We also need to focus more to catch the ball in rounders when fielding and hit the ball better with the bat/our foot. Josh, Miles, Izzy and Lila

Judaism: We have been learning about important events and people in Judaism and we have been to research responsibly online. We have learned about important people that include Moses and Abraham and have learned about a specific group of people who take the role of the Rabbi. We have watched short clips about Moses and Miss Smith has read short stories about his life. We have researched about Moses, Abraham, Rabbis, Sabbath, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Hanukkah online. Our next steps for improvement would be that some of use would like to see a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and to learn about the events and people. Stephanie, Megan, Rhigan and Callum

Substance Misuse Education: We have been learning to identify different types of illegal drugs and the effects of legal highs. We learned that legal highs are not legal to take. The activities we did were – we read a booklet about illegal drugs which listed the different types of illegal drugs and the effects they have on the body. We also took notes about legal highs. Our next steps are to identify important information about illegal drugs and to begin our poster page about 1 illegal drugs. Casey, Agata, Breagh and Ronin

This Week in P7RS…

This week in P7RS we have still be working hard despite a few people being off due to the ongoing Norovirus. Hopefully everyone will be back to school soon, ready for our last 3 weeks of Primary School!

PE: We have been learning to improve our gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness skills. We were learning how to make quick decisions and learning fielding skills. To learn this we played rounders and kick ball rounders. We have been practising throwing a tennis ball at the wall and catching it as a warm up. When we were playing rounders we had to throw the ball to all the fielders and then sit down to make sure everyone was included. We also played a game where someone was standing on the bench and we would try to throw the ball to them without fielders catching it. To improve we need to practise catching more and some people need to concentrate more. We also need to try and push ourselves to get round more bases and hit the ball harder. Miles, Connor and Josh

Substance Misuse Education: We have been about legal highs and how the drugs can impact on you physically and mentally. We have been learning that our actions have consequences and legal highs are not actually legal as they have legal and illegal ingredients inside. Small children can easily mistake such drugs for sweets. We have watched Choices for Life video clips to learn about this. These videos let us choose what choices the character Ben would make. If we made responsible choices things would turn out well for him but if we made irresponsible choices, someone would get hurt or potentially die. To improve, we need to think about taking responsible choices in real life. We need to also finish the video clips we have left and to fully understand our actions have consequences. We also need to consider more how drugs and alcohol can have long term effects. Stephanie, Skye and Megan

French: We have been learning to translate words in French stories to understand what is happening. We have also been learning to state characters and identify the plot. We have watched three videos showing French stories and wrote about them in our Literacy jotters. Our next steps to improve are to translate more words to add to our French vocabulary and try to listen out for more words we know and the names of the characters. Brooke, Lila and Agata

RME: In RME we have been discovering parables and miracles performed by Jesus to learn about what is written about him in the Bible. We have been learning about Moses and why he is important. To do this we have watched video clips about Moses when he was a baby. We have also heard some parables Jesus told and some of the miracles we have performed. We have then summarised and evaluated these in our jotters. Our next steps are to make sure we are writing enough about these in our jotters. Sienna, Callum and Marek

This Week in P7RS…

Despite some sleepy heads on Monday, P7RS have worked hard after their residential trip to Dalguise.

Maths: We have been learning to develop our multiplication and division skills. In the Hot group we have been learning to complete division sums with remainders. We have also revised multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. In the Spicy and Extreme groups, we have also been to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been learning to develop our skills completing algorithms. We have completing textbook pages and played games on the iPads. Our next steps are to improve our speed and accuracy when complting algorithms. Ronin, Casey, Alan and Jasmine

WW2 research: We have been learning to create an informative text to show our learning about our chosen area to research about WW2. We have also learned to research quickly and have developed our PowerPoint skills. To learn this we have created PowerPoints, Flipcharts, Posters or Reports. We believe our next steps are to complete our tasks quicker in order to complete our texts in time for parents/carers to see at the Open Day next Friday. Thomas, Miles, Izzy and Sienna

Athletics Championships: Overall, we have learned how how to calm ourselves when under pressure. For shotput, I (Stephanie) placed 6th. I learned how to throw a shotput ball correctly using the right technique and Mr Foley practised with me in the gym on the lead up to the event. During the event I had to stand side-ways with my elbow up and the ball touching my neck. I think my next steps may be to practise more on my technique to try and get a medal.

I jumped in the Athletics and completed the high jump. I learned how to stand over a higher rope. I practised at lunchtimes with Mr Foley and I got a gold medal (Brooke).

For the 100m sprint, I learned to keep myself calm during the race. I came 4th. I think I needed to practise to improve my performance (Aria). I also took part in the relay and practised passing on the baton with Mr Foley.

I (Josh) did the 200m sprint. I practised before the event in my own time. I came 6th and I also took part in the relay. I think I should have practised a little bit more.

Dalguise: We have learned how to tie a figure of 8 knot to make a raft stable so we didn’t sink. We learned how to fire arrows to try and hit a target. we played some games to see what we would use to eat our lunch and what toppings we would put on our pizzas. We have used equipment to help us get to the ground safely from climbing. For our activities we did the zip line, giant swing, archery, trapeze, raft building and most of the activities taught us team work or independence. Callum, Rhigan, Lennox and Skye

This Weekend in P7RS…

This is a rather unusual blog post as we normally discuss and share with you our learning during the week. Many of us however, spent the weekend together at Dalguise and Marek thought it might be a good idea to share with you some our thoughts and feelings about our P7 residential trip.

I really liked the giant swing as it went up and high and then we just dropped ourselves down – Alan

I really liked the raft building because it was a successful challenge and we all got very wet – Stephanie

The trapeze was great but it was also quite scary if you looked down. It was scary when you had to jump off but because we were attached to a harness you just floated down – Brooke

I liked the Jacob’s ladder because it was hard to get up some of the logs but it was fun to try and get up high and get your friends up using each other and the ropes – Josh

My favourite was the trapeze because I liked heights and jumping off things so the perfect combination – Rhigan

I really liked raft building as we got to build our own rafts and then we had to try and get the other teams to fall off their rafts – Aiden

My favourite was archery because I had never done it before and it was fun – Callum

I also liked archery because I was good at it but we also played fun games like make your own pizza – Thomas

I liked the raft building because I enjoyed building the raft and trying to stay afloat. One time our raft capsized and fell on the side but we managed to sort it and get back on  – Ronin

I liked where we were staying as the beds were comfortable and I liked who I was sharing with – Agata

I really enjoyed the zip line because it took me a long time to go on but it was really fun when you hit the end and then bounced back – Aria

My favourite activity was the big swing because when we went on it Josh pulled the string to let it go but I wasn’t ready but that made it more fun – Miles

I liked the zip line because we got to lower ourselves down at the very end and I enjoyed that – Rebecca

I liked problem solving as when we did the thing in the circle where you had to hold hands with someone who was not next to you and then create a knot and untangle yourselves and we ended up being in 2 different groups – Izzy


This Week in P7RS…

This week is an exciting week in P7 as most of us prepare to head off to Dalguise this weekend. This hasn’t stopped us from learning lots this week however!

French: We have been revising to say numbers 1 – 20. We have been revising our colours. We learned that brown is marron. We have been learning to state and write food and drinks that we like in French. We also revised how to ask and answer questions like what is your name and where do you live. In French we need to now practise speaking about food and drinks, maybe practising as if we are in a cafe. Connor, Alan, Stephanie and Lennox

Health and wellbeing: In health and wellbeing we have been learning what smoking and alcohol can do to your body and your mental health. It can have an impact of your hygiene and effect your lungs and breathing. In health and wellbeing we watched videos called ‘Sophie’s story’ and ‘Liam’s story’ which were about peer pressure, smoking and alcohol. We also learned about relationships and created a good friend recipe. We need to do more research and activities to learn more about the consequences of drinking too much alcohol. Miles, Josh, Casey and Agata

Science: In science this week we have been learning about the 3 different types of rocks you can find. They are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. We learned the possible uses the rocks had, their names and how they were formed. We solved riddles, sorted rocks into groups and watched a video and took notes to learn more about these rocks. On the last lesson we tried to make models of the rocks using tin foil, crayon sharpenings and hot water. Next time we need to make better models and try working in a team better. Skye, Megan and Breagh

Writing: we have been learning to write a cold piece for term 4 to write our final writing in primary 7. We want this writing to include description, literary techniques and punctuation. We have worked on this over the course of the week. Our next steps are to finish on time, use more literary techniques in our own made up stories. Harry, Aria, Rebecca and Lila

Maths: We have been revising co-ordinates, ordering, rounding and money word problems. We have been revising as we are continuing to complete our assessments. We played games and textbook pages to help us revise. We need to revise different subjects next week and for BODMAS we need to try using different orders, i.e. cubed. Jasmine, Marek, Aiden and Callum

This Week in P7TG

We’re off to Dalguise tomorrow so we thought we’d post early!

In Literacy this week we continued our exploration of poetry and read several new poems. We extended our understanding of poetic devices by writing some of our own poems too.

We read more of our class novel and revised our use of prediction to help us understand a text better.  We completed activities to revise new spelling rules and we chose two activities to share our understanding of our reading book.

In Numeracy our main focus has been solving word problems and revising our knowledge of written calculations. We worked in collaborative groups and wrote problems for eachother to solve.

In Health and Wellbeing we have been thinking about and discussing the different relationships we have with people in our lives. We explored what qualities we would look for in a friend and talked about peer pressure.

In PE we have continued to develop our athletics skills and some of our team have been practicing hard at lunchtimes.

We are very excited about going to Dalguise and are looking forward to reporting on it next week.

This Week in P7RS…

Even though it has only been another 4 day week we have still managed to cram a lot in! Here are P7RS to tell you about their learning.

Maths: We have been learning to partition decimal numbers. We’ve been learning to add and subtract whole and decimal numbers using the written algorithm and we’ve been sequencing numbers. The activities we have be doing to learn this include completing sections of our phase assessments, stations – Maths games, textbook pages and working with Miss Smith at the whiteboard. Our steps for improvement are to try and maintain our concentration when completing our phase assessments. Some of us also feel we need more time to practise partitioning decimal numbers and working our sequences. Ray, Jasmine, Sienna and Stephanie

WW2: We have been learning to research responsibly and use reliable websites. We have been researching an area of interest of our own choice about WW2. We have begun using reliable websites (not Wikipedia) and take notes so that we can make texts in the next couple of weeks. To help us keep on track we need to improve our time keeping and remain focused on our task. Agata, Lila, Casey and Callum

Writing: We have been learning to write a descriptive story. We have been learning to punctuate our writing correctly. We are trying to write stories (cold pieces) without the teacher’s help. We are trying to include different literary techniques including metaphors, personification and pathetic fallacy. We are trying to write the best piece of writing we can. Lots of us are writing about an evacuee called Eric. Next time, we need to try and finish our stories, add as much description as we can and the correct punctuation. Miles, Ronin, Alan and Connor

PE: We have been learning to improve our athletics skills. We have been learning the correct way to do long jump, high jump and shot put. To do the shot put you need to put it right next to your neck and bend your knees to help you push the ball further when you throw. For the long jump, you can either do a run up or put your feet on the mat and see how far you can jump. For our high jump you have to lift your feet carefully and try not to hit the rope as you jump over it. We think our next steps are to practise these skills more. We could try to put the rope higher when jumping and try to aim to throw the javelin further. To improve we could go our on the bowling green  and use the metal javelins to help us throw them further. Megan, Izzy, Rebecca and Aria

This Week in P7TG

After another long weekend we were straight back to work. We’ve been getting excited about our trip to Dalguise next week but have managed to stay on task.

In Numeracy we have finished off our work on Division and the Extreme group worked on the All the Fours Challenge – they’ve nearly done it! We also worked collaboratively to solve simple word problems and will work more on this next week.

In Literacy we have worked hard to read a variety of poems, seeking out the imagery used by Poets, we are really good at spotting similie, metaphor, alliteration and personification.  We have begun to justify our opinions about different poems. In Writing this week we used our notes and additional research to organise information about D-Day into a poster.

In Health and Wellbeing we have explored and discussed the different relationships in our lives. We know that these can make us feel different emotions and we talked about how we show these emotions.

In RME we recapped the story of Exodus and the significance of Moses to the Jewish People, next week we will look at the festival of Passover.

In PE we continued to practice athletics skills and Mr Foley named the team to go to the championships in a couple of weeks, they have letters to bring home today.

This Week in P7RS…

What another busy week! P7RS have been working hard on a variety of projects and skills.

Substance Misuse Education: This week we began learning Substance Misuse Education. We have been creating our KWL grids to see what we know, what we want to learn and how we can learn. We watched a video showing a boy Liam who found himself in a tricky situation involving smoking. We began learning about peer pressure and what you should do if you find yourself in a tricky situation. Next time, we will look more at the laws about smoking and have further discussions. Rebecca, Aria, Brooke and Harry

Maths: We have been learning about fractions, percentages, decimals and time. We have been revising our fractions, percentages and decimals knowledge and have completed assessments about our learning. We learned about the DST triangle and how to use it for journeys. Others looked at calculating durations so we know when an activity will end depending on how long it lasts and the time it started. We need to practise using the DST triangle more and increase our confidence with knowledge about how many minutes are in an hour, how many hours are in a day etc. Sienna, Josh, Ronin and Thomas

WW2, D-Day and VE-Day: We have been learning to explain the story of D-Day or VE Day through a movie trailer. We got into groups of 4 or 5 and had have all the information we researched about these events ready to include in our trailer as well as acting out how people would have felt on those days. We had to work co-operatively in a group and help each other. We have researched a variety of facts about D-Day or VE-Day and wrote them on a large research sheet. These were included in our trailer. Next week we will view our trailers and assess them. Agata, Lila, Izzy and Jasmine

Glow Blogs: We have been learning to use on-line communities to communicate. We were all able to successfully log on to Glow and write a blog post about our successes and achievements in Primary 7. We had to tag it to the correct section and then write and then proof read our post carefully. Some people need to finish their blog post next week as they didn’t finish it so we need to work on our time keeping. Aiden, Callum, Ray and Marek

PE: We have been learning how to do a long jump, high jump and throw the javelin. We have been improving our team work skills. We have been learning how to push ourselves. We practised doing the high jump and long jump using mats to help us land carefully. We also practised holding and throwing the javelin correctly. Next week we need to continue practising these skills and maybe learn about throwing the shotput. Skye, Breagh, Lennox and Connor