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This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been having a good week (Martyna).

This week in IDL we have chosen our new topic, which will start in February. We have chosen climate change (Umar).  We were asked what we would like to learn through our KWL and we were given the outcomes from science to help us pick (Leon, Seren). I am looking forward to the topic as we will get to do a lot of activities about climate change and some experiments (Georgia).

This week in Maths we have been learning to identify a sequence and the rule (Aila). We looked at the Fibonacci sequence, square numbers and triangular numbers (Maria, Georgia).  I enjoyed Maths this week, I understand more about square numbers (Cerys). I was successful because I was able to work out the pattern in the sequence (Finlay).

In writing we used our notes from a topic in the news, to help us learn how to write a newspaper. (Logan).  We wrote a newspaper article about real life problems, I wrote mines about America and Iran (Lachlan). I wrote mines on the Australian bush fires because I like fires. Even though I did not get it finished, I am proud of what I did and I think I was on my way to being successful (Georgia).

This week has been full of exciting things and P7LS are excited about what the next one will bring.

From P7LS  and Miss Stewart


This week in P7AG…

What a busy week we have had in P7AG!

Maths –

This week we have been learning to identify a sequence and explain the rule (Mia). We have been working on complex number sequences and patterns, for example, patterns with the original pattern, Fibonacci patterns, triangular numbers and squared numbers. “I know I was successful because I could recognise the pattern between each number and continued this on to finish the sequence ” (Emma). Liam also added “I know I was successful because I could explain the rule when I was finished .” Mia said “I liked learning about the Fibonacci pattern and about triangular numbers because it made me really think.” Mia and Aaron also enjoyed the numeracy rotations with Aaron saying “I liked doing education city in our rotation because you can play maths games with friends” (Aaron).

Literacy –

We have also read chapter 1-4 of our new class novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross MacKenzie and answered questions about the text. We used what we had heard and the question asked to phrase our answer (Charlie B). We answered questions about what happened in the story and also answered questions about what was suggested by the words (Charlie B).

This week we have been learning to take notes based on current news items. We search newspapers and the internet to select an area and began to take notes under given headings. “I liked using the newspaper to take notes as it related to real life and I knew some things about it already” (Ross).

We also used this information to write a newspaper report (Andrew T). “I know I was successful because I put the information in the order they happened and I set out my newspaper correctly with a headline” (Andrew T). “I found this challenging because I had to put the information under the right heading” (Hayley).


This week we have been developing our understanding of the Scottish culture (Alicia). We learned about tartan and began to create our own using textiles. We have been using wool to create a tartan pattern on a kilt outline (Dylan). “This was relaxing activity but I had to really concentrate to weave the pattern right” said Alicia. “I enjoyed learning about tartan, especially when we found out about the names of the tartans and the clans” (Leah).

We have also been learning to share our interests and how to relate these to my learning. We have been thinking about our upcoming science topic and decided on a topic we are interested in (Allana). After discussing, we decided to use the Australian bush fires as a stimulus and have decided we would like to learn about climate change and the relationship between climate change and natural disasters (Charlie M).

Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!

P7AG and Miss Gillon

This week in P7AG..

Happy New Year to you all. P7AG have had a great week back at school!

Maths –

At the beginning of the week we were learning to round numbers to the nearest given value (Allana). The rounding rule is: “if the number is 4 or below you round this down, if the number is 5 or above you round this up” (Hayley). “I know I was successful because I picked the digit I needed to round and moved to the right of that digit and applied the rounding rule. This told me if I had to round my original digit up or down”. (Aaron).

As the week progressed we began investigating integers (Liam). We were learning to recognise the place value of a negative number. “I are less than zero” (Allana). We also learned to sequence and order integers (Andrew T) and for some of us we began adding with negative numbers.

This week we have focused on a more active approach and have used an array of games to learn and develop our understanding. “I like learning through games because it’s fun and I remember it more” (Daniel).

Literacy –

We have been learning to apply new spelling rules and patterns (Katie- Leigh). “I know I was successfully because I could identify and explain the spelling rule” (Leah). We completed spelling challenges and Katie-Leigh said she found this fun but sometimes challenging.

We were also learning to make appropriate predictions based on our new class novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross Mackenzie (Cameron). “I am looking forward to the new class novel because it looks like a mystery book and I like that genre” (Cameron).

We have also read parts of our new book which detailed the setting before drawing a representation of what we think the setting described looks like. We have been learning to visualise how the setting would look (Summer). “I know I was successful because I included lots of detail on my drawing of the front of the shop called the Nowhere Emporium” (Alicia).


This week we have been learning about New Year celebrations around the world (Charlie M). We have compared these celebrations to that of our own and created our personal New Year’s resolution. We have also been learning about the impact of poverty (Charlie M) and discussed the small steps we can all make to tackle poverty at a national and local level.

Our IDL focus on the lead up to Burns Day will be Scotland with our main focus of textiles and poetry. Therefore this week, we have been learning to recall facts about Scotland, Scottish poetry and textiles and create a mind map of what we already know (Ross). We then said what we want to know and how we want to learn this information (Beth). We agreed we would like more drama, and art within our learning.

Thank you for reading our blog,

P7AG and Miss Gillon

This Week in P7LS…

We had a fantastic first week back.

This week in maths we have been working on using integers and negative numbers (Logan). We have been learning to add positive and negative numbers (Martyna). We use doubled sided counters to represent positive and negative numbers, blue was positive and red was negative (Caleb, Logan and Seren). We flipped over two playing cards and used them to add the integers together (Logan). I think I was successful because I managed to use the right strategies to get the correct answers (Martyna). I think I was successful because I was able to answer the questions confidently (Logan). I think I achieved the learning because I now know what an integer is (Seren). I think it was fun to use the cards and the counters for maths (Caleb).

This week in Scottish Opera, they came to visit to see how our singing is coming along (Josh). We also learned some new actions to our songs (Josh). The person who came told us to add more acting to our singing (Maria). I like Scottish Opera because I like singing (Halle). I enjoy it a lot because I get to sing (Scott).

This week we started our new class novel called The Nowhere Emporium (Jayden). We have been learning to predict the setting, event and characters of the novel using the blurb and the front cover (Sean, Nieve). We also have been learning to visual the shop in the prologue of the book (Aila). We had to draw this based on the description in the story (Aila). The last task of the week was to answer questions based on chapter 1 and 2. I found the comprehension challenging and we didn’t have the book to look back on (Jayden). I enjoyed visualizing the shop because I like drawing (Nieve). It was hard predicting because there wasn’t a lot of information in the blurb (Sean). I quite enjoyed the predicting task, I like the challenge of predicting when there is not a lot of information (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning to write a descriptive setting  (Nathan). This was based on our class novel, the author described the shop in the prologue (Georgia). We had to use ambitious vocabulary, figurative language and ambitious punctuation. I think I was successful because I used different forms of figurative language to make my work more interesting to read (Lachlan). I enjoyed writing because I got to discover how much I was able to write in describing a setting (Georgia). I enjoyed this work because I like using description (Nathan).

This week has been filled with lots of exciting activities and we look forward to what next week holds.

From P7 and Miss Stewart

Learning Journals

Dear All,

At Sunnyside we use online learning journals as part of our reporting process, these provide specific learning learning information and next steps for your child.

Learning journals are updated termly.

If you have not accessed your child’s learning journal or have forgotten the password, please let us know and we can help.

For additional information regarding learning journals please see our guides here

This week ion P7AG…

The countdown to Christmas is on in P7AG and we have had another great week developing our skills and confidence.


We have been learning about the end of WW2 this week. We learned about D-Day (Broink) and about the Allies joining forces to take back France and push the Germans back (Andrew T). We also learned about what happened to Hitler at the end of the war (Allana). We ended the week learning about Victory in Europe (VE) day and the celebration throughout the country (Allana). To summarise our WW2 topic we ordered the main events of WW2 to create a timeline.

This week we continued to rehearse our Scottish Opera songs in preparation for our showcase in January.

Maths –

We have been learning to divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (Charlie M). We used our knowledge of place value to help me divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (Charlie B). We know that each column in the place value grid is ten times bigger than the one before it; when moving from right to left (Allana). We used this knowledge along with our understanding that multiplication is the inverse of division to help divide by 10 (Ross). “I know that you move all of the digits one place to the right if I need to divide my ten, two places to the right if we need to divide by 100, and three places to the right if I divide by 1000” (Addison).

Literacy –

We were learning to find and select information on the internet (Charlie B). We then used this information to make a booklet showing our understanding of a specific topic during WW2 (Ross). We had to write the source we found this information from and take notes from the website or book (Andrew K). “I found it challenging to find the information I needed” (Leah) and “I found it challenging to find good sources” (Charlie B). We then created a booklet containing a contents page, information and reference page. Come along to our showcase at 2pm today to check these out!

We have also been learning new spelling rules and strategies this week (Leah) and put these to practice with our spelling challenges.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend,

P7AG and Miss Gillon



This week in P7AG…

Another busy week in P7AG!


We were learning to identify and use figurative language and we focused on hyperbole this week (Allana). Hyperbole is an example of figurative language (Charlie B). Hyperbole is where you exaggerate when you describe something (Bronik). For example, I could sleep for a whole year (Daniel). We created our own examples of hyperbole (Bronik), and tried to make links with our WW2 topic.

We have also been learning to apply new spelling rules (Ross). We practiced our spelling using rainbow writing (Bronik), robot writing (Alicia), pyramid writing (Hayley), blue vowels (Leah), other hand writing (Ross).


We have been learning to mentally multiply decimal fractions (Leah). We have been trying different strategies to help us (Andrew K). We used the decimal place value counters to help us represent the number and to show our working (Alicia). We completed tasks to show our understanding, for example: we worked on Education city or completed a worksheet (Bronik). “I enjoyed using education city to learn this week because it was more engaging and fun” (Charlie B).


We have been learning to set up and run an enterprise (Alicia). We designed and made super snowmen tree decorations (Summer). We worked out the profit and created a pricing list (Dylan). We also shopped around for the products but we found this difficult because we had to divide the total cost by the total items (Bronik). We then sold our items at the Christmas fayre, using persuasion to convince shoppers to buy our product (Ross). Thank you to all our customers who bought our items!

With Christmas coming up, we have been learning our Christmas carols and associated Makaton (Charlie M). Makaton is a type of sign language (Mia).

Thank you for reading our blog,

P7AG and Miss Gillon

This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been busy learning new things, as we missed a lot last week due to Max in the Middle.

This week in Numeracy we have been to subtract. Some have been learning how to subtract 2 digits by 3 digits and some 3 digits by 3 digits (Georgia). We have been using the chunking method to help us subtract mentally (Maria). One day I will have to learn how to do the chunking method in my head so that I don’t have to write it down (Georgia). I think I was successful because I used the decompose and compose method to subtract (Lachlan). I was successful at partitioning my numbers (Finlay).

In IDL we have been reading extracts from a new novel called The Boy and the Striped Pyjamas (Sean). We were learning to explore characters in a text (Umar). We had to fill in a grid about the characters we had met in the first chapter. We had to write about what we knew about the characters and then our opinions on the character (Aila). I thought it was challenging as we didn’t know a lot about all the characters, we had to use inference to work things out (Summer). I quite enjoyed the chapter so far because it was interesting and I’m excited to see what else goes on in the story (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning  to use  description in our writing. We were to write  a descriptive story about the holocaust (Euan) I think I was successful because I was able to use lots of figurative language (Umar) I feel like I was successful because I used lots of ambitions vocabulary  (Seren). I feel like I was successful because  I used lots of figurative language (Neive).

From P7LS


P7AG’s Blog

What a fantastic week we have had in Primary 7AG. We had the pleasure of working alongside Dan and Swain from the Max in the Middle project, run by the NHS. The main focus of the week was learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy through both our diet and exercise.

On ‘Meeting Monday’ we played games in the morning (Stuart) before beginning our choreography for dance 1 (Charlie M). We also created the character of Max and decided on what traits we felt the character should have.

On ‘Tasty Tuesday’ we practised our dance routine (Leah) and created drama scenes to share Max’s story (Hayley).  We also learning how to safely prepare food before trying these during the tasting sessions. We prepared:

  • Salmon Boats with Salmon (Emma), Lettuce (Corey) Mayonnaise (Allana), Dill (Leah), Chives and Carrots (Andrew T).
  • Cheese and biscuits (Daniel) with Brie (Addison), wensleydale with apricot (Dylan) and soft cheese,
  • Fruit tumbles, which included peach (Hala), pineapple (Bronik), rice crispies (Cameron), Greek yogurt (Charlie B), berries (Beth) and honey (Ross).

On ‘Workout Wednesday’  we learned dance two (Alicia) and completed various drama skits.

On ‘Thinking Thursday’ – we brought all our learning together to create a show (Summer).

On ‘Finale Friday’- We presented our learning to our parents and careers as part of our showcase (Andrew T).

We wish we could do it all over again!!!

Primary 7AG.

This week in P7AG….

Hello and welcome to Primary 7AG’s Blog!

Maths –

We have been learning to subtract mentally (Ross). We used the partitioning strategy to help us subtract in smaller chunks (Hayley). We also choose if we wanted to use place value counters to help with subtraction (Corey).

We were also learning to apply our knowledge of subtraction when we worked on word problems (Leah). Those who felt confident choose to have a go at subtracting decimal numbers using the partitioning method (Charlie B).


Literacy –

We were learning to use punctuation correctly, where focused the use of an apostrophe (Emma). I know that an apostrophe goes after the word and before the s to show the item belongs to the person. E.g. Allana’s pencil case. We also learned the difference between “its” and “it’s” and know that it’s is short for it is (Daniel). We have been learning to select information from them book The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Addison) to create a character profile.


Spelling –

We have been learning new spelling rules and strategies this week (Andrew T) and put these to practice with our spelling challenges.


Writing –

We were learning to use figurative language in our writing (Aaron). Our writing was based on our topic of WW2. The context for our writing was a story was based on the feelings and emotions felt by the Jewish people when the Nazis came to collect them for the concentrations camps (Mia). I know I was successful because I included punctuation in the correct places and included onomatopoeia – which is an example of figurative language (Bronik).



We have been learning about the holocaust and who was taken to these camps (Alicia). This week we created a leaflet about the holocaust (Cameron). We had to listen, select and make notes based on the information. I found the note taking difficult because it was quick and there was a lot of information (Summer). I know I was successful because I completed a leaflet that was attractive for the reader and it had information about the holocaust (Charlie M).

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.