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This week in P7D

In Literacy:

  • We have been creating pieces of imaginative writing, using a variety of writing prompts. A good piece of imaginative writing should have a range descriptive adjectives, setting the scene with verbs and adverbs and figurative language such as onomatopoeia, metaphors, similes, personification.

In Numeracy:

  • We have been learning to solve equations; we needed to use substitution, know that letters can represent an unknown number, simplify like terms and use function machines to find the rules, inputs and outputs.

Other curricular areas:

  • In PE we have been working on our hand eye co-ordination with shooting and batting skills. We have been playing benchball, basketball and rounders.
  • In Drama and Health and Wellbeing we have been learning to recognise healthy relationships, we used drama to explore the qualities of a perfect partner and then act out a a scenario to explore what may be qualities may be missing.
  • In ICT we created a collaborative document to generate summary comments about each other for the year book. We provided feedback on our our comments to support each others success.

This Week In P7B

Written by BB and  KS on behalf of P7B


We researched are own topics to develop a point of view for persuasive writing. Some topics included making apps less accessible to children, ending animal testing and also ending dog fighting.

Also within literacy we watched short film’s and looked at the three S’s which are story, setting and sound.  We also created are own literal, evaluative and inferring questions for the short films.


In maths we started to use the RUCSAC strategy for word problems Read Understand Choose Solve Answer Check. We all started to get really good at it. After that we done our mental maths sheets to get us ready for going to high school, we had to finish them throughout  the week.


On Tuesday we talked about psychology with Miss Wilson about memories and attention ,  and how sleep can effect us and things around us

On Wednesday we started to talk about the Palestinian and the Israeli war, we have learned that unfortunately  240 have been killed in Palestine but mostly in Gaza, also Israel and Hamas have both claimed victory in the latest conflict.

Then on Thursday we spoke about food banks, who uses them and what kind of impact Covid has on them.


In PE we practised rounders and different stations including tennis and football.



This week in P7B

This week in school we have done alot so we are sharing what we have learned this week  

First on Monday we read about the concentration camp and Hitler. We reflected on the past and how it affected the Jews. We felt sad for what all the people back then had to go through. We then took inspiration from the story, and we wrote our own. 

On Tuesday we done creative writing about ghost stories, we got the choice of carrying-on a story Miss Burdett put out for us or writing our own. Some of them were based on off true stories that people in the class had been told or had been through. We also have P.E. We were doing a course but unfortunately the wind was too bad and we had to cope. 

On Wednesday we completed a personal project about what we think we are. We used magazines to use the words we wanted. Also, we carried on our stories from Tuesday and they turned out interesting. We also got our new spelling words to practice. 

On Thursday we had to leave assembly early because we were going on a video call with a Alloa Academy guidance teacher. We were given sheets to write down our worries and what we’re excited about and what we’d miss about primary. The teacher let us ask about the rules and how other people could help us with our learning and things we want to talk about. 

 Written by KJ and BB

This week P7B

This week we have been learning to skim and scan for information using the Brazil reading assessment and the news articles about Leisure Bowl closing. We found out that the Leisure Bowl has been open for 35 years, and will cost over 650,000 to replace and upgrade. We wont have a swimming pool and classes.

We researched swimming, and found out that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, its affordable, a valuable life skill, can save lives and reduces stress and anxiety!

We have been learning about Google-sites, it lets you make your own website, about anything. On Google-sites you can input pictures, information and videos.

At lunchtime on Thursday we started our first writing group where you can write, edit and improve our writing. Here is an extract from one of our writing pieces:

“I had woken up late, so that meant I wasn’t going to get to school on time. Hesitating I leaped out of bed and picked up my clothes that I had ironed the night before from my desk. After getting dressed I ran downstairs and saw soggy cornflakes on the kitchen table, that my mum or dad must have made for me thinking I would be up on time. I ditched the cornflakes and got my pre-made lunch out of the fridge put it in my bag, I grabbed my jacket and house keys shoved my shoes on and sprinted out of the house struggling to lock the door and put my jacket on at the same time.”

This was written by KS P7B

This week in P.7B

It has been a busy week in Primary 7.


We have been planning our Christmas Extravaganza for next week. We had to use our talking and listening skills to plan it out in groups (Cara).  We went out to the playground and made a plan of it so that we know where to set up our stalls (Karis).

Our stalls are:

A Christmas Quiz, football, design a gingerbread house, scavenger hunt, fairy doors and a STEM stall.

Numeracy and Maths

We are designing infinity cubes for our extravaganza.  We had to stick blocks together and made a hinge. Using our maths knowledge the toys were put together (Jaxon).


We were designing gingerbread men and used sewing skills to stick them together. We used cotton stuffing to put inside them (Sophie).  Some of us found it hard especially pushing the needles through the fabric (Karis). Jaxon, Sophie, Darcy, Michael, Courtney, Cara and Kelsi all persevered to make theirs to take home. Two people made pillows by sewing them together as well (Darcy).

Christmas Assembly

Today at assembly it was a whole school assembly and the WHOLE school were there. This included the nursery and the office staff too. It was good to get a chance to see everyone in their own rooms. During the assembly, Miss Belford spoke about Christmas traditions and how they change (Kaiden). We made paper chains that joined up all the classes in the school and everyone from nursery to us in P.7 contributed to them.

We only have another 2.5 days to go until the holidays!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and are getting prepared for the big day. Enjoy your holidays when they come!

Miss Burdett and P.7B.

This week in P7b

Literacy: in literacy we have been finishing our gender equality reports. We had to include headings, subheadings and bullet points. We used our notes to make a report and added evidence to support our opinion. We will be sharing our ideas in a mini newspaper soon!

Numeracy: we have been focusing on division and multiplication in maths this week. Mild have been looking at recalling division facts, hot have been developing strategies for division, including door step method, and the spicy and extra spicy group have been multiplying and dividing fractions!

General: this week we started to map out community, next week we are planning to go for a walk to use our maps. We also looked at coding and started using scratch to build algorithms