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Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

Via Browser.

Via App:


The app is downloadable for tablets and smartphones via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Via a Ps4:


With Family Link?

How to submit an assignment:

Click for video

Uploading a Photo from PC:

How to upload a photo via iPad:

How to upload from a smart phone:

Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
  • P1HD – 6pbushs
  • P2 – jquqqo
  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
  • P4/5 – W44uxcy
  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
  • P6JDW – Z23uzh7
  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have been very busy bees this week! From learning all about knights to building our junk model castles to creating a fantastic ‘Hodgeheg’ display, we have been working our socks off! We have also been learning lots in Literacy and Numeracy. Let us tell you all that we have been learning this week…


Olivia – In writing we wrote about knights – we wrote about being a page, squire and knight.

Dylan – Some people were learning to use Clicker6 to help with writing.

Sky – We were also learning our sounds – wa, ou and ea.

Channing – We were learning to visualise. Miss Smith read a book and we had to imagine what the pictures would be. It was a book about identity.

Erin – We have been reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ and we created a big display full of hedgehogs.


Alex – We have been learning to tell the time. We can tell o’clock times and half past times.

Cody – We have been learning to weigh things to see if they are light or heavy.

Emile – We were learning to weigh using balancing scales to see if we could find things lighter, heavier or about 1/2kg.


Lucie – We have been making model castles up in the art room. We have been using junk to make our castles.

Konard – We included a working drawbridge on our model and a portcullis.

Amber – We have been learning about knights.

Channing – We learned about pages – you had to be 7 to be a page. They had to use toy swords to learn how to use proper swords when they are older. They also played with hunting birds.


P2CF Class Blog

This week in Primary 2CF…

It has been another quick, and very busy, week in Primary 2CF.  Thank you to all of the parents and carers who have been able to make it along to Parents Night this week to share our learning.

Here are a few of the things we have been learning about this week.

Maths – fractions, and doubles and halves

“We had to share dots on the back of a ladybird to find out what half of the number was.” Isla

“We cut shapes into halves and quarters.” Angus

“We shared the toppings for a pizza and shared the toppings out equally.  We had to get it right or the customers would not eat their pizza!” Jacob

 Literacy – We wrote about the life of a knight, read more non-fiction books, created a story map for The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight.

“I wrote about what a knight wears. Underneath their armour they were chainmail.  This is so they are protected when they go out to battle.” Andrew

“When a squire is 21 they can become a knight.” John

“We made a story map for the book.  The mouse is a knight and he reads stories to a griffin, a troll and a dragon to make them happy and so he doesn’t need to fight.” Noah

 IDL – We have been learning about knights, and continuing our work with Mrs Smith during YDance, creating moves linked to our castles topic.

“When a knight turns 7 they are a page.  They are a servant for the king and queen.” Erin

“The page turns into a squire.  A squire helps a knight to get ready before a battle.” Claire

“The knights can fight on horses.” Amber

This week in P2CF…

This week in Primary 2CF…

There are lots of fantastic costumes in P2CF today as part of our World Book Day celebrations! Well done to everyone who got involved and dressed up today.

Here are a few of the things we have been learning about this week.

Maths – fractions

“ We were sharing food for a picnic equally with Mrs Jones.” Erin

“We found out that we could chop things up into halves and quarters if we did not have enough.” Braxton

“We always make sure that each person gets the same amount.” Amber


Literacy – We wrote about the life cycles of butterflies, read non-fiction books, and celebrated World Book Day with some of our favourite stories and characters.

“First a butterfly lays eggs, then it is a caterpillar, then it goes in a cocoon, and then it is a butterfly.” Kian

“I dressed up as the BFG.  My dad helped me to pick my costume!” John

“I am Dennis the Menace.  I have black hair, a red and black jumper, and my gran added pictures on Dennis and Gnasher to my costume.” Andrew


IDL – We have continued to learn about different parts of a castle in class and during YDance, and we started using all of the junk material we have collected to build our own castles.

“We worked together in groups of 2 and 3 to share our ideas and try to make a castle.” Noah

“My castle had boxes, toilet roll tubes for turrets, and another box to make a moat.” Zayna

“We used our bodies to make a fence for a castle in YDance.” Angus

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well isn’t 2020 flying by? This week in P2/3RS we have begun Knight School and enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday when we even finished our class novel, ‘The Hodgeheg’. Snapshot jotters will be coming home today, so please have a look through and let the children tell you all about their learning before returning them on Monday.

Let us tell you more about what we have been learning this week…

Numeracy and Maths:

Malcolm – We have been learning to order numbers from small to high.

Archie – We were learning to measure in metres, centimetres, half metres and quarter of a metre.

Amber – We have been learning about money by learning to work out change.

IDL – Castles and Knights:

Harvey N – We have been learning about knights and we are beginning Knight School to learn how to be a knight.

Leah – You need to protect people and be really strong.

Malcolm – You need to protect the King and Queen.

William – Knights have to be good at jousting too.

Alex and Konard – We are planning to make a model of a castle from cardboard boxes and other junk.

This Week in P2/3RS…

After the February break, we have been back working hard hoping Spring will come soon. We will begin Knight School next week to learn the skills and attitudes of noble knights. Some of this learning will take place outside, so please make sure that your children have jackets and sensible shoes in case the ground is still a little wet after all this horrible weather. In the mean time, let us tell you what we have been learning this week…


Malcolm – We were creating a poster because we are opening a gift shop for our Great Hall.

Eilidh, Reece, Channing – We had to include a list of things you can buy, pictures, how much things cost.


Aimee – The title had to be big and clear so people can read it.

Dylan – We have been learning our new sounds ea and wh.


Erin – We have been learning about centimetres and metres. 2m is 200cm.

Emile – We have been learning to change centimetres to metres and metres to centimetres.

Amber – We have been learning about shapes with Mrs Jacobs. We were learning to count edges and faces.

Health and Wellbeing (RSHP):

Olivia – We have been learning about life cycles of butterflies and frogs in P2.

Antos and Malcolm – We have been learning about different body parts like the penis and bottom. We have been learning the Pantosaurus song to help us remember that our private parts are private in P2.

Cailean – We have been learning about relationships in P3. We learned that if two boys love each other, in a romantic way, we would say that they are gay. If two girls love each other in a romantic way they can be called gay or lesbians.

27/02/2020 – P2CF Class Blog

This week in Primary 2CF

Here are a few of the things we have been learning about this week.

Maths – We have been learning about fractions.

“ We used pancakes to help us learn about fractions.” Amber

“We shared out the toppings onto pancakes to make them equal.  We added the things to make sure it was fair.” Erin

“A half has 2 parts, and a quarter has 4 parts.” Angus


Literacy – We read a story called The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight, used non-fiction books in class, and wrote about the frog life cycle.

 “Non-fiction books are about the past and real things, and fiction book are made up stories like fairytales.” Jacob

“We learned about the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.  First the frog eggs into tadpoles, then into froglets, and then into adult frogs.” Erin

“I wrote 4 sentences about the frog life cycle.” John and Zayna


HWB – We have learned about looking after animals, life cycles, people who can help us and who we can trust, and about friendships.

“We put the pictures of the life cycles of the frog and butterfly into the right order.” Noah

“We used a leaf to make a tree and wrote about our friends and things we like about them.” Amber

“We found out about different people in our class by playing human bingo.” Jacob

This Week in P2/3RS…

This week in P2/3RS we have been LOVING our learning… I wonder if that is with Valentine’s Day around the corner? We even learned about the story of St Valentine and how he had a day named after him.

Let us tell you what else we have learned this week…


Olivia – We have been learning to read non-fiction books to learn facts we don’t know yet.

Sky – We have been learning new sounds. I learned Flippy Dolphin sounds – o-e and u-e.

Erin – We also learned wh- and ph which makes a f sound.


Reece – We have been learning about money. We have been adding up coins to see how much we have got.

Konrad – We have been learning to work out change using 100 square.


Emile – We have been looking at other rooms in the castle. We were learning about castle kitchens.

Cody – The castle kitchen was different from ours as they have lots of wooden things and no cupboards.

Emile and Aimee – They also do not have fridge and they cook food on a spit on a fire.

Week beginning 10.02.20 P2CF

This week in Primary 2CF

We hope that you all enjoyed our assembly about the alphabet last Friday! Thank you to everyone who was able to come along and see our magnificent assembly and hard work, and thank you again for helping everyone learn their words at home.

Here are a few of the things we have been learning about this week.

Maths – we have been learning about sharing things equally.

“ We have been using cubes to help us share things into groups” Zac

“I am finding dividing work very easy” Amelia

“We had to share the lollies out between 2 people” Zyna

“ I found dividing a little tricky” Kyle


Literacy – We read a story called There is No Dragon In This Book.

After reading the story we had to identify different punctuation marks. We found question marks, full stops and we identified an elipsis … in the text.

“I liked the story as it had Jack and the Beanstalk in it.” Megan

“I liked the part where th Giant sneezed the sun out because all the animals were freaked out! Noah

“When the dragon tried to save the day by breathing fire and relighting the sun.” Wallace

 IDL – We have been learning about different parts of a castle, and designing castles that we will make out of recycled junk after the February holiday.

“Some castles have cannons.” Braxton

“ Castles have a portcullis. This is a big giant door that has spikes on it!’” John

“A castle has arrow slits to fire the arrows at enemies” Jacob

“Castles have drawbridges. Drawbridges help people cross the water. The water is called a moat.” Isla



We have started to design our Castles for junk modelling:

Assembly – We all enjoyed sharing our learning about the alphabet during our assembly.

“ I liked when I made the letter K in class” John

“ I liked when we were doing the Quick Quack Quentin story because we were acting out the story.” Amber

“We made the letters with Mrs Cuthbert in class. We used cotton buds to make the dots.” Kian

“We learnt all the words in the alphabet song!” Alesha

“I felt I did not have enough time to practice my words, but I did well on the day” Andrew