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This Week in P2/3RS…

How is it December? This year seems to be whizzing by! P2/3RS are making sure however that they are learning as much as possible before the Christmas holidays. Let us tell you about what we have been learning and doing this week…


Lucie – We have been looking at the stories and games in our book bags.

Amber – We wrote letters to Santa this week. We told him what we would like for Christmas and we asked him some questions like, ‘Are the reindeer ok?’

Alex – We learned our i-e using Flippy Dolphin to help us the cl sound.


Marcus – We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Sky – We have been learning to split up numbers using part-part-whole.

Emile – Some of us have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables this week using the x sign.

Cody – We have been doing adding sums. We have added 10 and been adding to 10.

Archie – Some of us learned to use a textbook to do Maths work this week.


Malcolm – We have been learning to complete a survey to see which craft we should make for the Christmas Fair. This helped us to decide to make our North Pole sign decorations for the Fair.

Erin – We made our craft this week. We had to paint the lollipop sticks white, then let them dry, then get a blue, red or green pen and put diagonal lines on them and then put our North Pole sign on with glue dots.

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well you will never guess where we have been this week… INSIDE the human body! As well as continuing to learn new sounds, practise our writing skills and counting, building and describing arrays, P2/3RS enjoyed learning about what is inside our bodies and the different jobs that each organ does. Let us tell you about our week…


Frankee – We have read The Smartest Giant in Town this week.

Olivia – We enjoyed singing the Giant’s song.

Channing – We were summarising the story and picking out the main pieces. 

Leah – This week we met Flippy Dolphin.

Erin – Flippy helps us with our vowels. She helps us check whether to use the short or long vowels. This help us read and spell a-e words.

Alex – I practised spelling ss words.


Antos – We have been learning about arrays.

Reece – Arrays have columns and rows.

Aimee – We have been learning to count arrays. We have been learning to count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.


Kai – We have been learning about what is inside people.

Dylan – We learned about where the brain, heart, lungs were in the body.

EIlidh – We learned that we have a liver.

Aimee – We learned about the bladder and how it is important when you go to the toilet.

Archie – Your stomach helps break up your food into little pieces.

This Week in P2/3RS…

Following the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night the last couple of weeks, P2/3RS enjoyed a week of learning new things such as the Good Samaritan story, the part – part – whole maths strategy with Mrs Jones and sharing items into different groups. Let us tell you about our learning…


Lucie – We have been reading and doing work on Stickman.

Channing – We have been summarising Stickman so we took the main pieces out of the book and drew pictures and wrote sentences. We had to pick whether to do the mild, hot, spicy or extreme.

Frankee – We have been learning sounds.

Konrad – We have been looking at ff, oo, ck.

Dylan – We also learned about ee and ll.


Emile – We have been learning about taking away and adding with Mrs Jones.

Aimee – Mrs Jones taught us to look at part-part-whole for numbers.

Eilidh – We have been learning to share in Maths.

Cailean – When you are sharing you need to make sure you share so groups have the same amount.


Antos – We learned the story of the Good Samaritan.

Dylan – The story taught us that we should always be kind!

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well our time in Brazil has come to an end! We have had great fun learning to play samba music, shimmy, explore the rainforest and this week create some Brazilian art.

Let us tell you more about our learning this week…


Eilidh – We have been learning to work out groups of problems.

Archie – We used our new cubes to figure out groups of questions.

Reece – We have been making up number stories trying to think of sums to make up those numbers.

Aimee – We also got a new dice which helped us make up our own groups of questions and using the 100 squares for number stories.


Frankee – We met Chunky Monkey this week!

Eilidh – Chunky Monkey likes to chunk the word up into parts you already know.

Erin – Chunky Monkey would like cat because he would spot at and then sound out the c and add it to at to say cat.

Lucie – We have been learning ff and oo sounds.


Emile – We were learning about the background and foreground of pictures.

Dylan – We have created Brazilian art with a background in pencil and foreground in paint.


This Week in P2CF

Wow, its been a fantastically busy week again in P2CF. We have been working busily with Mr Mathis, Miss Elizabeth and Mrs Jacobs.

In Literacy:

We have been learning some traditional Japanese tales – looking at the story of the 2 frogs and the story of Momotarou.

We sequenced the stories we learned using our prior knowledge and by checking the story made sense. We learned all about Kimbushi story telling using cards instead of animations.

In Maths:

We have been working hard on our knowledge of number, counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We also revised our knowledge of number and colour patterns before looking at a spooktacular halloween shape activity.


We continued our learning about Japanese culture, making amazing Bandannas using the Japanese flag and words. We learned all about the Rugby World Cup and practiced traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom dancing.

This Week in P2/3RS…

Here we are again! We have enjoyed continuing to learn about Brazil after a week off last week and have also continued our Julia Donaldson in Literacy whilst using ten frames LOTS in Numeracy. Let us tell you about our learning…


Channing – We were learning to summarise and we summarised Room on the Broom. We picked out the main bits of the story.

Archie – We were learning to write an imaginative story.

Olivia – I wrote about the witch dropping a magic spell book and a guinea pig helping her find it. The guinea pig then went on the broom.


Antos – 30 – 5 = 2

Aimee – We were learning to use small sums like 7 + 3 = 10 to help us answer bigger sums like 37 + 3 = 40

Reece – We have been learning to use 10 frames to help us add and take away.


Malcolm – We were learning to make art from Brazil. We were colouring in with pencils and will use paint next week.

Emile – We were learning about the background and foreground of picture.

P2CF Class Blog – 24/10/2019

It was lovely to see everyone back at school and excited for the new term this week.  Here are a few of the things we have been doing in Primary 2CF this week.

In literacy we wrote a new part to add to the story of Room on the Broom.  Here are a few of our ideas.

-In my story the witch lost her hair and it fell into the park.   The cat helped her get it back. (Megan)

-The witch lost her cauldron and it landed in a tree.  A monkey found it for her. (Jacob)

-The witch lost her cape and it fell into a zoo.  A lion took it. (Paige)

-We have also been using the qu sound.  It is in the words squirrel, queen, quilt, and quiz. (Erin)

In IDL we have continued to explore Japan and made models of Mount Fuji.  We then became scientist and made the volcanoes erupt.

-We used water, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, washing-up liquid, and food colouring in our volcano mixtures. (Angus, Megan, Zayna, James, Andrew)

-When we added the vinegar bubbles came up and out of the volcano. (John)

-The bubbles looked purple and pink. (Noah)

-The food colouring made the bubbles pink.  It didn’t look like lava! (Jack)

In numeracy we have been consolidating our learning on doubles and creating patterns with colours, shapes, and numbers.  We have also been counting in 2s to help us double numbers. (James)

What a busy week!

This week in P2/3RS…

After the holidays we have come back to school ready for another fun-filled term. We have had another exciting week sharing our holiday news and dancing the night (or early evening) away at our Halloween Disco. Let us tell you what we have been learning about this week…


Dylan:  The Gruffalo – we were learning to write an imaginative story about what the Gruffalo did when he ran away. I used the Gruffalo Child’s story to help me think about where the Gruffalo would go. 

Emile and Aimee: Stretchy Snake – to help us read tricky or words we don’t know we stretch out the sounds like a snake and then push them together. He will help us if we get stuck on a word. 

Numeracy and Maths:

Harvey: Some people have been learning to double and find near doubles. We used 10 frames and counters.

Cailean: Some people were learning to use sums to 10 to help us do sums with bigger sums like 53 + 7. We can use 3 + 7 to help us. 


Luicie and Malcolm – we built Lego houses like the Foolish Man and the Wise Man. You can find this story in the bible. 

Reece – They built their house in different ways. The best way to build your house was on the rock. We are going to try to be like the wise man.

Learning Journals – Parent/Carer Workshop 21st October 2019.

Learning Journals are a secure online reporting system that we use at Sunnyside Primary, we would like to invite any parents/carers to our workshops tonight, Monday 21st October 2019, at 3.15 and 5pm.

These workshops aim to:

  • Ensure you have access to Learning Journals.
  • Share how you can review and comment on observations.
  • Clarify how the school uses these throughout the session.
  • Share how to upload your own observations of wider acheivement.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.

If you cannot make these we have also updated our Learning Journal FAQ’s – available here: