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This week in P2D…

This week in Literacy, we have been learning our ‘oa’ sound by reading stories, singing songs, drawing pictures and doing some excellent writing.  We practised using ‘oa’ words in our own sentences with some great results but we need to keep practising writing on the line!

In Numeracy, we have been securing our knowledge of halving in the hopes that we don’t forget this during the holidays. In ‘Think outside the box Friday’ we found several possible answers to a tricky puzzle:

‘Noah saw 12 legs walk by on the way into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?’

We read the fantastic story of ‘The squirrels who Squabbled’ in HWB and learnt some important lessons about sharing! In RME, we read ‘Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat’ and enjoyed learning about the popularisation of bible stories in mainstream media through watching some videos of the musical.

I would like to congratulate everyone in P2D for a fantastic term! I have loved getting to know you all and wish you a wonderful holiday! Can’t wait to have some Halloween fun when you get back!

Miss Davidson

This Week in P1/2S…

We are amazed that the October holidays are here! What a quick term it has been. Thankfully, P1/2S are such hard workers that the term has flown by. They have certainly not been in holiday mode this week – absolutely not! Let us share with you what we have been doing and learning this week…


P1 have been revising the sounds they have learned so far. They have learned s, a, t, i, p and n. They have been practising writing these tricky letters and are beginning to read and spell using these letters with help from Miss Smith. We have also found lots of things in the classroom that begin with those letters including telephone, apple, slippers, insects, paint and a net.

Meanwhile P2 have been learning the oa sound. They have been spelling and reading words with oa in them. They have been using Stretchy Snake to help them do this. They also learned to play Four in a Row – a game to help them practising reading the words themselves. Four in a Row seems to be a big hit!


This week P1 have been thinking of lots of things that they have learned this term including finding numbers on a number line as well as numbers before, after and in between. They have also been using Ten Frames to make numbers and to find 1 more and 1 less. They have also been making numbers in different ways using Numicon.

Halving and doubling is still the order of the day for P2! They have using their cubes and part-part-whole boards to help do this more quickly and independently. They have also been working hard to count using a number line and fill in missing numbers.

This week we have been exploring the story of Joseph and his Coat. We really enjoyed playing with the puppets to retell this story as there were so many – having 12 brothers meant we had a lot of puppets! We also made a mini Joseph and designed our own technicolour coat for him to wear.

We also made worry dolls to take home – make room in the house for these to join your holidays in the October holidays!

Primary 2/3EC week beg 28.09.20

Another busy week at Sunnyside. This week has been Maths Week Scotland, we have continued with our Ancient China IDL, and have continued to embed French into our daily routines.

One of our MathsWeek Scot activities:


During rotations this week P3s revised and consolidated adding and subtracting in 10s. We used a train concept to help us do this as well as visualising the 100 square.

We are becoming much more confident with Place Value and have consolidated our learning through games, activities and manipulatives.

“I like using the ipads to help me with my learning and teaching” Harris

Another calculation that we have been focusing on has been division. We are more confident at identifying the number of objects needed and how many groups to split them into. Primary 3s were introduced to the division symbol ➗ and were using manipulatives to support them in calculating the number sentence.

“I can identify the number of objects we need to get from the problem and then I can share them into the groups” Erin

“The division symbol is like a subtraction sign but it has a dot above and a dot below”  Kyle

In Literacy this week as well as learning a new digraph ‘ou’ we did some imaginative writing. We read the book ‘The pirates who lived next door’ at the end of the story Jim Lad said he would come and collect Tilda on Tuesday for an adventure. We wrote a story about what they might have got up to.

” I thought very hard about my capital letters and full stops as well as what happened in my story. I really enjoyed writing it and I did well!” Melissa

We tried to use all our grammar knowledge and phonics rules to write accurate sentences.

“Our success criteria was to us capital letters and full stops in our writing” Malcolm


We had another exciting China lesson this week. We learned about Dynasties and the first Chinese Emperor.

First we located China on a map.

King Ying Zheng was 13 when he came to power and he wanted a new China. At the time China was spilt into 7 states. The king wanted a United China with 1 set of rules, 1 language and 1 currency. It took him 25 years to achieve this. All of the 7 states has been fighting with each other for over 200 years.

We completed a reading for information task during class. We loved drawing the pictures of Ying Zheng.

This week in P2D…

After some weeks of getting ourselves mentally and intellectually prepared with lots of phonilogical awareness activities, we are now back at learning sounds and this week our focus has been on the digraph ‘ai’. We’re very happy to be using jolly phonics again and keeping our teacher right as she hasn’t used it before!

In Numeracy, we have been developing our knowledge of halves and doubles and put these skills into context today by sharing a ‘picnic’ between two people. At first we thought we couldn’t share 1 apple between 2 people but we had a good think and came up with a solution: half each. Have a look at the picnic below and ask us how we halved all the items!

In HWB, we read about the ‘Bad Tempered Ladybird’ and considered how often, it takes a lot more effort and engery being grumpy than it does being kind and friendly. We made our own ladybirds to remind us of this.

This Week in P1/2S…

P1/2S barely even noticed the months change from September to October. With so much learning going on, we are definitely going to earn a restful and relaxing October break. We are not chilling yet though, oh no! We have plenty of learning left to cram in during out last week of term. Before that begins, let us fill you in on what we have been learning this week…


In P1 we have learned the p and n sounds. Our action for p is that we pretend our finger is our candle and we puff it out and our action for n is that we spread our arms out wide and pretend to be an aeroplane going ‘n n n’.

In P2 we have learned the ai sound. We have been reading and spelling words like rain, tail and paint. We have also been learning about capital letters and when to use them.


In P1 we have been using our 10 frames to help us count 1 more and 1 less. We have also been learning to find different ways to make numbers – when we made 6 some people made it using 3 and 3 whilst other people made it using 4 and 2.

In P2 we have been learning to half and double numbers up to 20 using our cubes and part-part-whole board to help us. We noticed that halving and doubling are linked so if you find half of a number you know what that number is doubled – it is rather handy!


This week we explored the Christian story of ‘Daniel and the Lion’s Den’. It is from the Bible. We liked this story because Daniel was a goodie who was hardworking and tried hard. The ‘baddie’ governors were eaten by the lions in the end which we decided was not very nice but fair since they tried to get Daniel eaten by lions! We made lions from paper plates and built our toy lions a den from Lego to help us remember the story. We also retold the story using puppets in our puppet theatre.

Week beg 14.09.20 Primary 2/3EC


This week has been very busy with lots of different learning experiences. The children are working exceptionally hard and I am really proud of their progress.


This week we had a grammar focus on Upper and Lowercase letters. The children were able to link this learning to The Nouns work that Mrs Jacobs has been doing with our class on a Thursday. They were able to make the link that some uppercase case words were Proper Nouns eg  Erskine Street, Cyprus etc

The children then worked in pairs to match upper and lower case letters.

‘We learned about Upper and lowercase letters in the alphabet. It was good fun. We had to match the upper case letter with the lower case letter’    Isla

Primary 2/3 were also very impressed with their Wisper Reading this week. We did one session outside as part of Clackmannanshire’s big outside read.

‘We took part in Whisper reading- it was amazing. We also did this outside as part of the BIG read outside  Melissa and Erin



In  numeracy we have been revising sharing/dividing. We have been using practical materials to help us do this. We are able to collate the correct number of item and then identify and share the objects equally.

‘I have really enjoyed maths this week, it was really fun!’ Fraser

With Mrs Jacobs we have been revising basic 2D shapes. We did lots of different activities and games to show our prior knowledge.


We are very excited about our China topic and this week we looked at Chinese writing. We learned that Chinese writing is called Hanzi

‘I loved doing Chinese names!’ Melissa

‘We wrote our own names in Chinese and it was really fun! We got to do this ourselves’ Erin

Think you will agree that our writing looks fab!!!


This week in P2D…

This week in P2D,  we have learnt the names and sounds of all the letters in the alphabet and how to sign them in British Sign Language! Why not take a look at the video and we can show you at home?! We have also reminded ourselves of all the characters in the Biff, Chip and Kipper books and practised reading some.

In Numeracy, we have have been learning about symmetry. We know that for a shape, pattern or picture to be symmetrical both halves need to be exactly the same. We have also been finding halves of numbers up to 10 using our part-part whole board.

In HWB, we read ‘The boy who loved everyone’ and discussed how we can show people we love them with our actions as well as our words. Finally, we read ‘Jonah and the Whale’ in RME and enjoyed making some awesome art!