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Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

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The app is downloadable for tablets and smartphones via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Via a Ps4:


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How to submit an assignment:

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Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
  • P1HD – 6pbushs
  • P2 – jquqqo
  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
  • P4/5 – W44uxcy
  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
  • P6JDW – Z23uzh7
  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

This week in P.4/5


This week we have been drawing pictures about the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea (Grace). We are learning to retell a story to improve our memories and listening skills (William). Our teacher told us the story but she didn’t show us the illustrations. We had to use our memory of the story and imaginations to draw our own illustrations in the correct order to be able to retell the story later (Anabia). It was hard to use our imaginations because we had to think about what the little girl might look like and how the kitchen was designed (Tyler). My favourite part of the story was when the tiger drank all of Daddy’s bear because I thought it was funny (Michael).


Numeracy and Maths

We were working on revising decimals and fractions this week. I drew out pictures to help me find a fraction of a number. This is a good strategy for me to work out the answers (Lucas). We also did a maths assessment with Mrs Jones on Thursday (Dennis). I had to figure out the decimal number in one of the questions and I’m sure I got it marked correct (Ben). I thought the easiest one was the missing numbers in a sequence from smallest to largest (Rebekah).


IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

This week we heard that Mary got imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle near Kinross. We designed maps of Loch Leven and the surrounding area (Lucas). We used tissue paper, paint, black card and chalk on our designs (Amy J). in Ydance, we brought the whole story together up until Mary’s marriage.


We have been practising our Scots songs in class and are looking forward to sharing these next Friday at Alloa Academy.  Look in our school bags for letters about this.


Have a good weekend!


This week in P3/4NM

We have been extremely busy this week, with the majority of our work focusing upon getting ready for our Assembly.
– “We practised in the gym hall using our props.” (Mah Noor)
– “We were in the gym hall so we could practise our movements.” (Harry)
– “We got better by practising the songs.” (Callan)

We did a lot of Art this week, to prepare for the assembly.
– “We made the props that we will need and we worked on creating mosaics.” (Emma)

We continued working with Amy as part of the Youth Music Initiative.
– “It was our 2nd last week with Amy.” (Ava)
– “We sang the song ‘Adam and Eve'” (Carly)
– “We were singing ‘The White Cockade’ and we talked about what it was about.” (Erin)
– “We learned some verses of Auld Lang Syne and learned that it means ‘a long time ago’ or ‘in days gone by’. (Lily and Oscar)

See you at our assembly tomorrow!!

This Week in P.4/5


This week we are learning Scots songs. One of them is Auld Lang Syne and it was very difficult to learn because some of the Scots was difficult (Innes).  We have also been getting better at Mary Mack. It is a tongue twister but Amy was really happy with our progress this week (Mac). We painted castles this week in order to learn to listen carefully for instructions (Rebekah). We had to listen carefully without talking and look at where exactly we had to paint (Amy M).  We designed word searches about Mary Queen of Scots to stick onto our castle pictures (Eilidh H).



We have been learning about angles. I know that angles are measured in degrees (Murray). I know that a right angle is 90 degrees (Lewis). An obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees (Anabia). An acute angle can be measured from 1 – 89 degrees (Ben). A straight angle is 180 degrees (Tyler).  At the end of the week the P.4s made a poster to show our knowledge of angles (Michael).


IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We learned that Lord Darnley who was Mary’s husband ordered her secretary David Rizzio to be killed (Tyler).  He was stabbed 56 times! (Rebekah).  Lord Darnley was murdered later in the story of Mary’s life and he was found strangled outside Kirk O’ Fields after an explosion (Dennis). Some of us made jewellery boxes for Mary to keep her crown jewels in. We used the net of a cuboid and had to fold the edges neatly.


Please look out for a letter coming home next week to ask for Parent helpers on our trip to Alloa Academy in a couple of weeks time.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog and hope you have a nice weekend.


This Week in P3/4NM

We have spent a lot of time this week getting ready for our Class Assembly, which will be on Friday 13th March at 9:15am.  We can’t wait to showcase what we have been learning to our parents and carers.
– “We have been practising our lines and the songs.” (Beth)
– “We have prepared a list of props that we’ll need.” (Mah Noor)
– “We have been practising where to move to when it’s our turn to act.” (Emma)

We celebrated World Book Day as part of our Literacy.
– “We dressed up as book characters for World Book Day.” (Lola)
– “We are decorating our door to look like Dirty Bertie.” (Oscar)

In Numeracy, we were learning and practising multiplication.
– “We were learning some times tables.” (Emma)
– “We were learning to count in multiples, to help work out the answers if we don’t know it straight away.” (Emily)

In Music, we were working with Amy to learn another song for our Scots Music and Language project.
– “We learned a new Scots song with Amy – it’s Auld Lang Syne.” (Adam)

In IDL, we were learning about the Roman Army.
– “We learned about the armour that the Roman Army wore to protect themselves.” (Erin)
– “The Roman Army invaded most of Europe.” (Jamie-Lee)

See you next week at our assembly!


This week in P3/4NM

We have had a very busy first week back after the February holiday!

In Literacy, we were using our report writing skills to write a report about ‘Being Healthy’.  We had to make sure that the information was accurate and relevant, and that it was written in the correct section.  Each section had its own heading and we needed to use a range of sentence openers to make it more interesting for the reader.
– “It’s a well known fact that if you are healthy you might have less illnesses.” (Lola)
– “Believe it or not but you shouldn’t eat sweeties all the time.” (Rhys)
– “You should only have sports drinks if you are doing sport.” (Harvey)
– “You should try to sleep for ten hours.” (Tyler)

In Maths, we were trying out the ‘Act it Out’ and ‘Draw a Picture’ strategies to solve a range of problems.  We compared our answers and explained how we worked it out, so see if there was an easier or quicker way to solve the problems.
– “I worked out that if 6 of us were all to shake hands then the first person shakes 5 hands and then everyone else does it.  I counted 5…10…15…20…25…30.” (Karina)
– “My group acted out the whole thing and we counted 30 handshakes.” (Emily)
– “It was confusing drawing out all the different ways the person could travel to 4 different places until we used different colours for different ways.” (Hannah)

In Health and Wellbeing, we finished up our RSHP lessons.
– “We made posters about what a baby needs to survive and we learned how a baby gets breastfed.” (Primary 4)
– “We learned why it is important to wash hands and to be clean, and we learned about autism.  We found out that the words gay, lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual can be used to describe who a person falls in love with.” (Primary 3)

In IDL, we were learning about the Roman Gods and Goddesses.  We carried out some more research and then made a Top Trumps game.
– “I want to find out more about Mars and why he was defeated if he was the God of War.” (Jamie-Lee)
– “Minerva should have a high power score because she could turn people into stone.” (Nadia)

In Music, Amy came in again to teach us Scottish songs.  We were singing a song called ‘The White Cockade’ and we were working out what the Scottish words meant.

This week in P.4/5

We’ve had a very full and busy first week back.


This week we have been learning Scots words and songs with Amy Lord (Dennis). We are learning a song called Mary Mack. It’s about a girl who is getting married. The chorus is hard because it’s a tongue twister and hard to get all the words pronounced correctly (Ben).  The P.5s went to German this week while the P.4s did some spelling practise and we also helped make a display for the corridor (Ben).  Next week in Scots we are going to practise a song by Robert Burns (Innes).

Numeracy and Maths

We started learning about decimal numbers this week. We have been learning to know what a decimal number is (Anabia). We have been converting decimal numbers into fractions (Lucas). I find it a little bit challenging – especially sequencing the numbers (Anabia).

IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We learned about why Mary Queen of Scots moved back from France (Eilidh D). We used different kinds of materials to create an outfit for Mary to wear. We also learned about Mary marrying her second husband Lord Darnley who was also her cousin. He started showing his true colours before they married by drinking a lot of wine and being rude to Mary’s friends (Tyler). We drew pictures of Mary Queen of Scots and other people from the Stuart period (Mac).

Health and Wellbeing

We were learning about relationships and health this week. We were finding out about how babies are made and how they are looked after in pregnancy (Murray). We are also learning about how to take care of a baby and know what a baby needs to survive (Grace).  We made a list of what a baby needs. Some of these are milk, food, clothing and a cot (Michael).


Thanks for reading our blog. Have a good weekend!


This week in P3/4NM

This is what we have been learning in Primary 3/4NM …

In Numeracy, some of us were learning about decimals.
– We learned that instead of using fractions, you can use decimals instead, like 0.3 (3 tenths).  10 tenths in decimals is 1.0″ (Callan)
Some of us were learning number sequences.
– “We learned about the number before and after.  We counted in multiples of 6, 7, 8 and 9.  We were practising adding 100 to numbers, to make number sequences.” (Emily)
– “We were counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s  and 10s.  We used odd and even numbers to make sequences.” (Adam and Cole)

In Literacy, we wrote our final report about animals.
– “We wrote a report about elephants.  I had to make sure that I had 3 facts in each section.” (Lola)
We also practised our note-taking skills.
– “We had to listen to Mrs Muir telling us information.  We had to write down the important details to help us to remember.” (Eli)
– “We looked up websites and took notes to help us make a poster next time.” (Halle)

In IDL, we learned about what the Romans did to relax.
– “It’s not fair that they used to hunt and kill animals for fun.” (Oscar)
– “They went to the theatre to watch the actors and musicians.” (Emma)
– “The audience would vote to decide whether the losing gladiator would live or die.” (Hannah)

In RSHP lessons, the P3s were learning about different families and talking about feelings and keeping safe.
– “Some children are fostered or adopted.” (Cole)
– “You only need 2 people to make a family.” (Nadia)
– “I trust my family to keep me safe.” (Rhys)
The P4s were learning about staying safe on the internet.
– “We learned that you don’t give out your personal information, like your name, address or school.  If someone asks you for personal information when you are playing a game, then you should leave the game.

Have a lovely week off next week!

This week in P.4/5

We have had a very busy week this week.


On Tuesday we researched information about Linlithgow Palace and created leaflets (Anabia).  I enjoyed writing the leaflets and my favourite part was drawing the picture (Lewis). I got to learn all of the famous residents of Linlithgow Palace and I liked it (Tyler).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning to tell the time to 5 minute intervals (Jamie). In the SPICY work we were learning how to change between 12 hour and 24 hour times. I think I was quite good at it (Michael). In the HOT work the teacher asked us to read the times and make times up on the clocks in class (Grace).

IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

We used the ipads to search for interesting facts about the Kings and Queens of Great Britain (Rebekah). I enjoyed searching for facts about Queen Victoria (Mac). We also used watercolour paints to design pictures of the castles Mary Queen of Scots was hidden in before she travelled to France (Alexis).  P.2/3 invited us to visit their class because our IDL linked to their IDL on castles. They had designed a great hall and we were asked to be there for the opening (Eilidh D). We enjoyed playing with everybody and it was a really happy environment.


Our class assembly was today. We had a lot of fun at it. We had a Power Point to show our proud moments (Amy M). We had so much fun achieving in P.4/5 and I really liked singing the songs (Colton). I liked the singing too. I was kind of brave to say my line at assembly (River). I enjoyed the speaking parts and the singing (Amy M).

We are very proud of our assembly and we hoped Parents enjoyed it too.

Have a great weekend!


This week in P3/4NM

Hi from P3/4NM!  Here is some of what we have done this week …

In Numeracy, we were learning more about fractions.  Some of us were learning about equivalent fractions, and how to identify a fraction of a shape.  Others were learning how to find a third, fifth or tenth of a whole number.
– “1/5 of 20 means you need 5 plates and you are going to share 20 sausages.” (Adam)
– “It says you need to find 1/3 so that needs 3 plates for the cakes.” (Cole)
– “Two quarters is the same as one half – it takes up the same amount of space on the shapes.” (Lily)
– “Learning about fractions is interesting.” (Emma)

In Literacy, we read a new Equitable Literacy text called ‘The Great Big Book of Families’.  We used this book to talk about our own families and to discuss what this means for our own identity.
– “You only need two people to have a family.” (Halle)
– “Some people are fostered because they can’t be looked after by their first family right now.” (Cole)

We were writing reports about great white sharks, so we needed to write about their classification, appearance, habitat and behaviour.
– “I liked writing about great white sharks.” (Emily)
– “We got to learn new facts, like they can go without food for 3 months.” (Callan)
– “My target was to remember to write in full sentences.  I did it!” (Nadia)

We had a visit from Amy, from the Youth Music Initiative.  She is going to work with us for 6 weeks and then we will be taking part in a performance.  She asked us which song we know without needing to look at the words.
– “We sang Dance Monkey and Old Town Road because we knew them off by heart.” (Nadia)
– “Amy came in and we learned 3 new Scottish songs.” (Erin and Mah Noor)

In IDL, we learned all about the different foods eaten by the richer and poorer Romans.
– “The Romans ate unusual food – it made me feel sick to hear about it!” (Emma)
Ask us what we learned, and we will tell you!!

– “The best part of the week for me was in Thinking Skills.  I had to draw a picture which needed to have 4 random objects in it.” (Jamie-Lee)

Have a nice weekend!