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This week in P3/4LS

This week we have all been in the Christmas spirit.

In Maths we have been learning to identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes. We got put into groups to build 3D shapes using magnetic polydrons. We had to describe the shapes to Miss Stewart or Miss Leeson using words like, faces, vertices and edges. I liked it when we each were given a shape and we had 30 seconds to describe it (Michael).


In Literacy this week, Miss Ritchie came in to our class and she talked about our class library. She helped us sort our books out in to different genres. We had piles of comedy, science, mystery, adventure, horror, rhymes and comics. I hope this helps keep our library tidy and allow us to choose what we want to read (Amy. Anabia).


In our RME IDL, we decided to change the way we will display our work. We are not creating a spark video anymore, instead we are creating an interactive display board. We drew pictures related to our festivals and we have cut them out keeping a flap. Underneath the flap we have written down the facts we have found out about the festival.  I have drawn a menorah which is a candler holder. Jewish people light the candles during Hanukkah. Currently Jewish people are lighting their candles as Hanukkah started on the 2nd of December and will finish on the 10th of December (Jessica, Jamie). Soon we are moving on to learning about Christianity.

In our enterprise topic, we finished our product. We came up with a name for our jars called ‘Christmas Cosy Candle Jars’, then we decided how much we were going to sell them for. We then sold our jars at the Christmas Fayre and we only have 3 jars left. Hurry if you want to purchase one!

Since our last blog we have had 3 children who have ran their first marathon. Super job, Charlie, Michael and Layla!

Polly from Butterfly Conservation Scotland came in to deliver our first workshop on munching caterpillars. We learned about the life cycle of moths and butterflies. We went outside to find food for caterpillars,  adult butterflies and moths. We realised that our school grounds does not have a lot of food. We are going to plant more food for caterpillars,  butterflies and moths. It was very fun and we are very excited for Polly coming back (Alyxs)!


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog.

From P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P4/5EG

It’s been a short week for P4/5! We have still worked very hard…

In Literacy we wrote about a time machine that took us back to the time of Dinosaurs.  I was taken back in time by a Dinosaur I found in an attic – Kacyleigh.  I traveled through a sparkly door in the basement after I remembered where I had seen the key – Haris. I found a sparkly red portal when I was looking for a sled to play in the snow – Ruvimbo.

We read a dramatic part of our class novel. I felt surprised when Lydia thought about stealing the trophy, I wasn’t expecting that – Alexandra. I felt sorry for Lydia when people started accusing her because I knew it wasn’t true- Lacie. I feel excited to carry on with the story, I want to know what happens next – Kelsi.

In Numeracy we have continued to learn how to use written methods to subtract. I feel quite confident about this, I am looking forward to more complicated calculations next week – Hassan. I’m still finding this a little tricky, I will practice more calculations next week – Jodie.

In IDL we have been learning about sound and how it travels. We watched a couple of videos and made string and cup telephones.  They worked but the voices sounded different – Jaxon. It was quite fun, I wasn’t expecting the phones to work but they did  – Kacyleigh.

Yesterday was our last Gymnastics session in PE.  We have learned to complete inverted moves – Haris. I had to work really hard but I didn’t give up and now I can do an inverted move – Sophie. I am now more confident using the frame  – Eray.

In French we have learned to name family members.

Next week we are looking forward to beginning Christmas celebrations at the School Fayre on Thursday night.

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we had a busy week.

In Maths we have been learning to work out change in our money topic. The Cheetahs have been working out change within 20p, the Sloths have been working our change within £1 and the Jaguars have been working out change within £10. I enjoy using the toy money to make different combinations of coins and notes and use this to work out change (Nate). I like playing the toy shop money game on the iPad because it asks you different questions (Jamie).


This week was Read Write Count Week. We explored the Read Write Count bags. There is story dice, books and games inside. In P3/4LS we focused on using the story dice. There are three, one of them had a character on it, one had a setting on it and the other had an object. We used the story to come up with titles for a new story. In writing we used the dice to create an imaginative story and title. My story was called Bob saves the Day and was about Bob saving his friend Dan from his arch enemy Blob (Michael).


P3 enjoyed sharing our bag with our parents. I like playing the trump cards because whatever animal you pick, you have to try and beat the other person with a higher number.

In RME we are learning about the many different Jewish Festivals. We have been researching different festivals. Each group has a different festival and we are planning on making a spark video to display our information.

This week we used our Christmas craft designs to create our Christmas craft prototype. We made lots of changes to our designs and will start making lots next time.


This week we have started learning our Christmas songs for the Pensioner’s Concert at the Town Hall and the Cake and carol event at our school. My favourite song is  Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Amy and Jamie). See below the links to the songs we are using to help us practise.

Have a lovely week and keep being safe.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart.

P4FM’s Week

On Monday, we did Maths and Reading and had our very first singing practice for the Cakes and Carols day and so that we can perform at the Town Hall for Alloa’s Pensioners.

We’re learning 3 songs, but our favourite one is Feliz Navidad (Kaleb). We will be learning Makaton to go with “Let it Snow” (Layla). We are also singing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” (Katherine). Miss Stewart thinks we are really good already (John W). Next week we will be making up actions for the other two carols (Callum).

On Wednesday morning, we had Childsmile in school but we also made a start on making our Christmas Tree Decorations with fabric. We are hoping to sell them at the Christmas Fayre on the 6th of December.

At PE, we are doing gymnastics. We climb up the ladders, do pull ups, climb using the ropes, do balances on the mats ( Rebekah, Lilli, Layla, Kayley). Most of the class are loving it.

We are also pleased that Sunnyside won The Gold Award for our fantastic Sports participation and clubs. Well done Sunnyside!.

Last but not least, today was a non-uniform day again. This week’s reason was to donate toiletries and bottles for the Christmas Fayre. Our class contributed loads! Well done P4FM (Miss Mitchell).

This Week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS exciting things have happened.

In Numeracy and Maths we are learning to use money to pay for items and work out how much change we get back. The Cheetahs had to find the total cost within 50p, the Sloths were using different combinations of notes and coins up to £10 and the Jaguars were using different combinations of coins and notes up to £20. I enjoyed role playing with the money and having to pay the shopkeeper for items (Amy).

This week in reading, we finished our class novel, ‘The Enchanted Wood’.  We were learning to use information from the text to create our own ideas. We had to create our very own land. I designed the ‘Land of Candy’, it has lollipop trees, candyfloss bushes and a gummy floor (Anika).

In Literacy we have been introduced to Fables. In writing we are learning to identify the morals within stories and we had a go at writing our very own fable. A fable is a short story that tells you a life lesson, for example the Hare and the Tortoise tells us that speed isn’t everything and that there are other ways to win. We had a special visitor called Largo the Lion who helped read the Lion and the Mouse to us. We had a go at writing our own version of this fable. Here are a few pictures of Largo’s visit to P3/4LS.

In IDL we have started a new topic and we have moved on to learning about Judaism. I like this topic so far because we are learning lots of new facts (Nate). I liked reading out the script of Abraham with Nate and Charlie because I liked pretending to be another character (Anabia). I liked learning about the Ten Commandments and then coming up with our own ones (Jamie).

This week in P3/4LS we have had 3 people achieve their Marathon. Well done to Innes, Anabia and Eilidh! Great Job!

Lastly,  we have also been learning about keeping ourselves safe at the railway. Network rail want us to share this video with as many people as possible to keep people safe on or around the railway. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and LIVE!

Network Rail primary school safety talk

Stay safe and be happy.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart


This week in P4/5EG

We have had a great week learning new and interesting things!


We have continued to work on written addition, we have been practicing how to write out the sums correctly. We have also learned how to carry over numbers into the next column (Kacyleigh). Megan found learning how to carry difficult but she kept trying!


We learned about the properties of a liquid this week (Alexandra). We tested different liquids to find out how viscous they were (Keira). Yesterday we made our own hot air balloons out of tissue paper (Aaron). We used a hair dryer to heat the air molecules up in the hot air balloon (Eray). When they were full of hot air they floated (Jodie).

On Tuesday we had a visitor in the classroom, we done drama with our visitor (Brooke).  We practiced different movements and voices during the workshop (Danny).

This week the JRSO organised a visit from the police into our classroom (Jonathin). They were teaching us about road safety (Sophie).


This week we read-over and self assessed our  writing, ‘The Footprint’. We identified what we are really good at and what we can improve. On Thursday this week we used clicker 6 to re-draft our stories (Keira).

Aaron is enjoying paired reading, he likes talking to his little buddy about whether or not they are enjoying the books we are reading to them.


This week we have been learning inverted movements. We have been practicing how to position our bodies correctly (Haris). We have also been learning how to dive-roll (Brandyn).



This Week in P4FM

On Monday, Mr Fergus read us ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by  Julia Donaldson. Our job was to find pairs of rhyming words (Michael) .

We found – trail and snail, rock and dock, snail and whale, foot and soot,  put and foot (Erin), night and tight (Marilena), tail and whale (Kayley). Most people would score the book 9 or 10 out of 10.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from one of our parents – Mrs Scacchi. She was teaching us about characters in drama (Colton). First, we did activities to warm up our bodies and our voices (Marilena). She  also linked some on the activities to our class novel ‘The BFG’ (Katherine). Our favourite activity was when we had to say our own names using a funny voice (Callum). We thought it was funny when she did the ‘Floss’ (Ciaran).

In Maths this week we are learning more about money. We have been learning to write amounts of money using 2 decimal places. We have been calculating change using jump strategy (Kaleb) and by rounding up amounts to the nearest pound (Kayley). We will be working with money next week too.

We wrote our ideas about things that were unsafe for us to do, Amelia

We played a stop, look and listen game with the parachute, Lexi

We wrote ideas about how we can keep ourselves safe on the roads, Rebekah

Barry and Barry, the policemen, asked us questions and we had to run to the corner we thought was correct, that was fun. Lilli.

Last but not least, today is Children in Need day, so it is a non-uniform day at school. 25 of us gave a donation towards it. We will find out how much the whole school gave next week.

Have a SPOTTACULAR (Thomas) weekend from all in P4FM!


This week in P3/4LS

This week we have enjoyed creating a lot of art.

This week in Numeracy we are learning to multiply and divide. The Cheetahs continued to work on multiplying single digits using their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The Sloths were multiplying using 2, 3,4, 5 and 10, were also building and describing arrays. The Jaguars have been challenged to multiply 2 digit numbers using 2, 3 , 4, 5 and 10 times tables. I liked playing the maths train game because it was a challenge using these numbers (Nate). I liked completing the division page in my workbook because it was tricky and I liked it (Anabia).


In literacy we have been learning to use information from the text to help us create our own ideas. We used information from our class novel, chapter 31. The Land of Birthdays, to draw what we would dress up as if we could choose anything. I thought it was fun designing ourselves because you could draw anything you wanted. I drew myself as a unicorn (Anika)


In writing we took out persuasive pieces from last week and up leveled them. I found this tricky because we needed to make sure we used the feedback to improve our work (Eilidh D).

This week we have been celebrating more success. Anika and Mac have both achieved their marathon in Daily Mile. Great effort!

In IDL we were learning to use shape, colour and line in our rainforest art. We had to use the pictures from our topic books to copy an animal or plant. I drew a howler monkey and I found it tricky because of the lines (Ben). We put our drawings on our display. Look at it now.


This week we have been learning about Remembrance. We made a poppy wreath that we will lay at the Alloa Remembrance service on Sunday 11th. We drew around our hands and coloured in some poppies.  Then we were learning to write an acrostic poem, and wrote our own remembrance poems. I enjoyed  writing the poems because it is something I haven’t done often (Tyler). Today some of us shared our learning during assembly.



We cannot wait to share our Snapshot jotters with you at the weekend. Remember we need to bring them back on Monday 12th.

Have a great week.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart

If you can make the remembrance event at Alloa on Sunday, a reminder we are meeting at 10:30am in the Lidl carpark.