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Learning Journals – Parent/Carer Workshop 21st October 2019.

Learning Journals are a secure online reporting system that we use at Sunnyside Primary, we would like to invite any parents/carers to our workshops tonight, Monday 21st October 2019, at 3.15 and 5pm.

These workshops aim to:

  • Ensure you have access to Learning Journals.
  • Share how you can review and comment on observations.
  • Clarify how the school uses these throughout the session.
  • Share how to upload your own observations of wider acheivement.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.

If you cannot make these we have also updated our Learning Journal FAQ’s – available here:

This week in P.4/5

We have worked hard all term and can’t believe it is the holidays already!


In our literacy rotations we were making a poster about our human rights. Mine was about the right to good food and water (Jamie). We had been learning about human rights and read the book ‘We are all born free’ to learn about human rights (Grace).  My favourite picture in the book was of a doll and it was representing our human right to never be tortured (Anabia). This week we finished our ‘Up in Space’ stories. In my story I wanted to find out if there were aliens and when I saw them they invited me into their house (Eilidh H).  We also visited the library this week to change our chill books. I got a new book called ‘Stitch Head’ (Ben).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning about co-ordinates. We had different co-ordinate grids and had to plot the points then join the points together to make a picture (Rebekah). We also learned about the 8 times table and did some work in our jotters (Lucas). We have been sequencing numbers in numeracy and the SPICY group have been working out the value of numbers to 1,000,000 (Jamie).


We contributed more to our lapbooks by doing more research about China (Anabia).  We chose to finish off our powerpoints about Chinese foods (Rebekah). The P.5s went to do some health work with P.5/6TG and the P.4s learned about the Forbidden City.  We drew pictures of the Emperor’s Palace and coloured them in (Jamie).


Jamie was awarded the Captain’s armband to play 3 games at his football club. You have to tell your team mates what to do in this role and Jamie was pleased to do this! He then scored a hat trick on one of his matches!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this week. Have a happy weekend and an amazing holiday!


This week in P3/4NM

This has been another busy week!

In Maths, we were learning all about position and movement.  We were using compass points and co-ordinates to give and follow directions and to locate positions.  We worked out that Ashley Terrace is to the North of our school and then used this knowledge to work out the position of different parts of our school and local community.
– “Asda is to the South of the school.” (Oscar)
– “Mr Foley’s gym hall is at the North end of our school.” (Tyler)
– “The bowling green is to the East of the building.” (Hannah)
– “The dinner hall is at the West of our school.” (Callan)

This also linked to our IDL.  This week, we looked at a map of our local area and plotted the location of familiar local places.  We found the Leisure Bowl, Asda and some other sites around the town.  We located some other towns/villages in Clackmannanshire and discussed their position in comparison to Alloa, using the compass points that we learned in Maths.

In Literacy, we were learning to create a summary of a familiar story, using our Equitable Literacy book – ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’   We needed to identify 5 main events from the story and then sequence them in the correct order.
– “George bought some clothes at the shop.” (Callan and Carly)
– “The giraffe was cold.  He got a scarf from George.” (Cole and Rhys)
– “The mice’s house got burned down.” (Halle and Erin)
– “George found a bag of his old clothes.” (Lola, Lacey and Ava)
– “The animals sang a song to George.” (Hannah and Harry)

We wrote imaginative stories about ‘The Friendly Alien’, with a HUGE focus on including capital letters and full stops at the correct points in a sentence.
– “An alien jumped out of the head teacher’s office on the way to assembly.  I told the head teacher that it was a reward but it wasn’t!” (Ava)
– “When I got back to class I saw a strange looking alien.  I went into shock.” (Oscar)
– “Lacey and I were in the office then an alien appeared behind Mrs Duffy.  She passed out!” (Harry)

In RME, we used the Christian Bible story about Ruth to make us think about friendship.  We worked with a partner to sort out statements, deciding whether they were qualities expected of a good friend.  We then ranked them in order, depending on what we felt was the best quality of a good friend.  We all agreed that a good friend is someone you can trust.

Have a really good holiday week!  Goodbye from P3/4 … until next time!


Online Safety Awareness Workshops – Tuesday 29th October

Keeping children safe online is one of our main priorities and is an area of great concern. Many of our children access the internet and social media e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with no awareness and understanding of the consequences and risks that they put themselves in.

In recent times we have seen a rise in; children who have been targeted by adults online; who have been bullied online; and who have posted inappropriate images and content which have resulted in them being significantly at risk.

Therefore we have asked NSPCC to support our mission by offering online safety workshops for parents. You may feel that you are able to monitor your child’s usage, however, we would strongly advise taking this opportunity to further support you in keeping your child safe.

This workshop is completely free, light refreshments will be provided, and will take place on Tuesday 29th October at 1:30pm and again at 4pm.

Please contact the school office if you wish to attend.

This Week in P.4/5

This week Miss Belford has been teaching all week and she has really enjoyed all the great work and behaviour that has gone on this week! It was lovely to see some parents join us on Thursday afternoon to see what we are learning in our IDL.



In the FRODO group we have been reading ‘Holes’ and I think it has been really good. I liked the bit when Stanley got arrested (Grace). In our Equitable Literacy lessons, we have changed our picture book. We are now reading The Smartest Giant in Town. I liked the bit when the giant’s trousers fell down (Jamie)! My favourite part was when the giant helped the giraffe (Jessica). In our writing lesson we wrote a story about space. My one was about aliens taking a kid into space (Michael).


We have been learning to sequence numbers. The HOT group have been counting forwards and backwards within 1000. We worked on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s (Lucas). In the SPICY group we have been sequencing numbers up to 1,000,000 (Jamie). We were also learning to partition numbers to show their values (Eilidh H).


We have been working out where co-ordinates are placed on a grid. We plotted points on the co-ordinates grid then joined them up to make a picture (Amy M).  One of the pictures was an add sign and one was a divide sign (Ben).


In IDL we filmed a travel guide about China (Eilidh H). We also filmed an intro to the travel guide. My intro was ‘Welcome to SSP News, today we are going to be talking about China. SSP News stands for Sunnyside Primary News (Eilidh H). Did you know that the Great Wall of China was built by over 1000 men? I found that out in my research (Amy J). We also learned about Shanghai, Xi’an and Hangzhou when we did some research and included these facts in our travel guides (William).


A few more children received their daily mile marathons this week. We have been running were far! Amy M was putting on a show at Blue Dance Academy and she won a trophy for it. Eilidh H came 2nd in her dance competition too.


Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have a nice weekend.


This week in P3/4NM

Hello from all of us in P3/4NM – here is some of what we have been doing this week:

In Literacy, we did more grammar work from our Equitable Literacy text, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’  This time, we needed to read the text and identify verbs, to find out what the characters were doing.
– “asked” (Mah Noor, Lily and Jamie-Lee)
– “crying” (Emily and Adam)

– “falling” (Erin and Nadia)
– “helping” (Carly and Lacey)

We wrote imaginative stories today, called ‘Alien Planet’.  Everyone had their own target, to make improvements from last week.
– “My target/wish was to have a capital letter and a full stop in at least 6 sentences.” (Tyler)
– “My target/wish was to look at my plan and use those details in my story.” (Halle)
– “I found a wormhole and it took me to a slime park on a planet.” (Beth)
– “I went to a planet and there was an all-you-can-eat restaurant.” (Hannah)

In Numeracy, we were learning more addition skills.  Some of us were learning to add, which included carrying in some of the columns.  Others were learning to use an empty number line to add through a decade.  This was much easier than last week’s strategy!

As part of #MathsWeekScot, we watched the problems presented by P5JS on the BBC website.  We used addition and subtraction mental strategies to solve them.

In HWB, we were discussing poverty, in preparation for next week’s Challenge Poverty Week.  We discussed what it means to be living in poverty and thought about the financial and emotional problems that this could bring.  We talked about what is important to be happy (needs versus wants) and even suggested some ways that we could help others who may have less than us.
– “it made me think when i saw a video clip of a big sister giving up her food so that her little brother could eat.” (Lily)
– “I was shocked that one family on the video didn’t have a TV.” (Karina)

– “Love from your family is more important than having electronic games.” (Ava)

See you next week!

This week in P.4/5

We have had a very busy week.


We wrote a cold piece of writing called ‘Under the Sea’ (William). A plane crashed in mine and there was only one survivor – it was me! (Ben) I was in a submarine and a shark came in my story (Amy M). We did our literacy rotations. We did stations of handwriting, grammar, chill books and working with Miss Belford on our reading books (Eilidh H).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning our 4 times table. Every day we do some mental maths and answer 4 times table questions. On one slide we have 12 seconds to answer 4 questions. It is beginning to get easier for me (Jamie). We have also been learning about 3D shapes. We learned about the names of shapes and how many corners, edges and faces each one has (Grace).  In the SPICY group we have been sequencing numbers up to 10,000 (Michael).

IDL – Scotland and China

IN IDL we have been learning about Chinese dragons (Rebekah). There was a dragon called Nian. He came to the village and destroyed the houses. Then we had to make up our own story about a Chinese dragon (Ben). We also designed and created Chinese lanterns this week (Innes). We also looked at the map of Clackmannanshire. We labelled the map with towns and villages like Alloa, Sauchie, Menstrie and Dollar (Innes).


In PE we have been learning rugby and benchball this week (Amy M). We played a game of seaweed tig (Dennis). It is a catching game as a warm up activity. We also did a rugby touchdown game where we learned some of the skills of the game (Innes).


Dennis has been learning to bake his own pizza this week. We are hoping he will make some for us! Jamie has been making scrambled eggs for his mum and dad. Impressive cooking skills! Eilidh H went to a dancing competition on Sunday in Glasgow. She came fourth in her category. She is attending another one in Paisley this weekend. What a busy girl! At gymnastics, Rebekah has been practising her skills and can now do a front walk over by herself. Innes is learning to be more of a team player by passing the ball to others in a game.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and have a nice weekend.



This week in P3/4NM

We hope you enjoy reading our blog for this week!

In Numeracy, we have continued our work on addition.  Some of us were working on a tricky strategy to be able to add to a 2-digit number, e.g.
– “17+9–>10+7+9–>10+16=26” (Harry)
– “It was hard for me because it was challenging to lay it out properly.” (Oscar)
– “It seemed really complicated to me.” (Emma)

– “I used the pattern of the ones we had already done to work it out by myself.” (Nadia)
The rest of us were learning to add 3-digit numbers, including some examples which had carrying.
– “You have to start by adding the units, then the tens and finally the hundreds.” (Lily)
We all spent some more time getting to know and use Education City.  We love it!

In Literacy, we wrote imaginative stories about ‘The Magic Potion’.
– “I found a harlequin potion in a shop.  I drank it and it turned me into a unicorn.” (Lola)
– “When I was looking for the vinegar I saw something strange in the cupboard.  it was a magic potion.” (Emma)
– “When my family and i drank the potion it gave us very powerful powers.” (Karina)
– “After science class we all drank a potion that tasted like worms.” (Emily)

In Science, we split open a bean that would be planted in soil.  We could see where the tap root was going to develop from.  We then sequenced the 4 stages of germination.

In RME, we learned about the reasons why Christians celebrate Harvest.  We found out about some of the ways that Harvest is celebrated, and we will compare this to Judaism next week.

This week in P.4/5

We have had a very full week of learning this week.


This week we were using the picture book The Snail and the Whale. I drew some pictures of the main ideas. The snail wanted to sail the world (Mac). We started our literacy rotations. There was a reading station, handwriting station, a grammar station and a chill books station (Charlie).


Numeracy and Maths

In maths today we had to solve problems to work out a number (Amy J). We had different sheets and had to follow the clues to score out the numbers that weren’t relevant until we found the correct answer (Eilidh H). In the SPICY group we made a poster showing the rules of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 (Williiam). I enjoyed making the poster because I have never done that in maths before (Eilidh H). IN the HOT group we were learning to round our numbers to the nearest 100 (Amy M). We also had a chance to use the ipads to play Education City games (Ben).


In IDL we have been adding more to our lapbooks. Did you know that the Great Wall of China is over 13,000 miles? (Tyler). It is the longest wall in the world (Anabia).  We were using the ipads to take videos for practise because next week we are going to record ourselves making a travel guide about China (Tyler). We also watched a video about the Chinese dragon and learned about the history of that story.


In PE we have been doing basketball and benchball. I thought it was very fun because we had to work as a team (Jamie). I improved my team working skills and had fun at the same time (Grace). When I was playing benchball I caught the ball 7 times! (Rebekah)


Thank you to all the families who came to the Parents Information Evening, it was lovely to see you all. Have a good weekend! P.4/5