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This week in P3/4 LS

In Primary 3/4 LS we have been very busy this week.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning to identify the difference between am and pm. We have changed our group names for Maths to different types of rainforest animals. The cheetahs and sloths have been learning to record 12 hour time in am and pm. The jaguars have been learning to identify 24 hour times and making links to 12 hours. Miss Stewart gave us an event that happens during a full  day and we had to use our am and pm card to show Miss Stewart whether that event takes place in am or pm. I enjoyed this task because I liked having the cards (Layla).

In literacy we are learning to identify the main points of a text. We had to draw and label a picture of one of the main characters using the information from our reading book.  I drew my character Danny from Danny the Champion of the World using the main points of the text.  I used words like helpful because he helps his dad out at the garage (Nate). I enjoyed drawing Mr Mortlock from Beyond the Door. I drew him with his red glasses and his mustache wearing his black suit (Mac).

This week we have finished our scripts for our group presentations and we have been learning to read with expression.  We were standing up with our presentation on the iPads and practising  our speeches. I found this challenging because we don’t feel very confident yet (Jessica, Anika).

In IDL we have been learning to identify the different layers of the rainforest. We have been making a display on the wall outside our classroom. It has been really fun and exciting because we used lots of different materials to make a rainforest. It was challenging getting the sizes correct and working out how much materials we needed to cut out. We just started cutting up resources without knowing where we were going to put them (Eilidh D). So far the display is going well, we have got 5 trees reaching the emergent layer and we have the mud on the forest floor (Nate and Layla).


Enjoy your October holidays.

From P3/4 LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P3/4 LS

This week has been exciting in P3/4 LS.

In numeracy and maths we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock and digital clock. The Mild group have been telling the time to o’clock, half past and quarter past. The Hot group have been working on telling the time to quarter to on analogue clock. The Spicy Group have been telling the time to quarter to on digital clocks. Lots of us have been so successful in our learning that we moved on to more challenging work. Some of us even started working on 5 minute intervals. It was so fun learning using the iPads on the telling the time game (Innes). We also were playing card games to help us tell the time (Anika).


In reading we have been paired reading with P7B. Jamie has been reading The Magic Finger with his buddies and thought it was really funny because the character changed their names to Mr and Mrs Egg (Jamie).  Jessica has been reading the BFG with her buddies and would recommend other people to read the book.

In IDL we have been learning to create a speech using our animal fact files. We used the iPads and the Netbooks to successfully use Clicker 6 and Word to type up our speeches. Some people have two slides to talk about during the presentations and some people have one. I thought it was exciting because not all of us use the Netbooks for our writing every week (Eilidh H).

The most exciting bit of the week was when ZooLab came into our class and showed us rainforest animals. We learned lots of interesting facts about rainforest animals. I held a cockroach, it had lots of legs and it was ticklish (Nate). Did you know that cockroaches sense things with their antennae? I held an African Snail, a Corn Snake and a Millipede. My favourite animals was the Corn Snake because it was long and scaly (Mac). Did you know that Millipedes roll up like a poo and smell like a poo so they have less chance of being eaten by predators? I also held the Corn Snake called Iggy, i thought it was soft (Anabia).  We had an amazing time with ZooLab we would recommend it to others.

This was the best week at school so far.

From P3/4 LS and Miss Stewart




This Week in P3/4 LS

This week P3/4 LS have had a great week.

In Numeracy we have been learning to describe how we solve subtraction tasks. The Mild group have been using numbers to 20, the Hot group have been subtracting to and from decade numbers and the Spicy group have been working out higher decade subtraction mentally.  The Spicy group have been using wolf numbers (nearly numbers) as a strategy for subtraction. The Mild group were using dice, number lines and cubes to help them with subtracting. I like using the dice and cubes in my learning because it’s fun and it makes me do my work faster (Alyxs).

In writing we learning to persuade our readers by using more interesting vocabulary. We used out litter letters from last week to up-level them by typing them up on the netbooks using Clicker 6. I thought it was fun because I have never used Clicker 6 before (Layla).

In reading we all got new books. We started off looking at the front covers to help us predict what will happen in our stories. I like predicting because you get to guess. When you start reading the book you can get a surprise because you don’t know what is going to happen (Eilidh D).

In IDL we are learning to use PowerPoints to display information. This week we learned how to use transitions and animations to make our PowerPoints more interesting. We also used Google to find pictures. My team found an Orangutan sleeping in it’s nest (Nate).

In IDL we have also been researching animals and classifying them.  We were given a different Rainforest animal to look up in a book. We had to identify if the animals were a mammal, a fish, an amphibian, a reptile, a bird or an Invertebrate. We then had to find out if it was a predator, prey or both.  I enjoyed researching the different animals because it was interesting (Jamie).

We hope you have an awesome week.

From P3/4 LS and Miss Stewart


P4FM Class Blog, 21.09.18

This week in P4FM, in our Rainforest topic, we learned about the 4 layers of the rainforest: Emergent; Canopy; Understory and the forest floor (Michael). Now, we are starting to look at the different animals living in each layer (Erin). We used netbooks to find our information and facts (Callum). On one website it said that some animals have adapted to live in the rainforest (Thomas). We discovered that some of the animals are deadly poisonous! (Layla). Some animals stay mostly in one layer, whist others move between them (Abbey).

Last week we created our own characters and so this week in writing, we used interesting words to describe our characters (Lexi).

In maths, we have been adding using 3 different ways – partitioning, jump strategy and using a 100 square. I found the jump way the best (Zak). Most people used partitioning and we all tried using 100 squares (Thomas). Next week we will be practising subtraction.

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4 LS

In P3/4LS we have been enjoying our week.

In Numeracy we are learning to describe using our knowledge of number structures to add. The Mild group are using their doubles and near doubles, the Hot group are adding from and to a decade number and the Spicy group are solving higher decade addition. I like the mental maths train game because when we get the answer right the carriage sparks and the train leaves (Nate). We have been playing hit the button and using our doubles (Mac).

In Writing we are learning to develop our persuasive writing skills. We wrote a letter to Sunnyside to persuade everyone not to drop litter and put their litter in the bin.

This is part of my letter: “Don’t litter because you can unfortunately completely hurt animals and you might get fined. Stop and think before you litter. Is it good to litter or not?  (Eilidh H).”

Another example of our writing this week.

In IDL we are learning to use PowerPoint to display information. We used our animal fact files to start making a PowerPoint. It is a lot of fun because we like using the iPads in our learning (Jamie).

Thank you for reading; we can’t wait to write our next blog.

P3/4LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P4FM

This week, we’ve been creating our own character in class (Abbey).

Some of us used wool for hair (Katherine) whilst others cut up scraps of fabric and made clothes (Aimee). Next week, we are going to write about our characters and describe what they do in their spare time (Erin). “I felt really excited about making my character”, Thomas. “I made shoes for my character”, Murray.

During maths, we learned a card game to help us remember 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. It was called “War” Murray really enjoyed it.  We could use 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards to play against a partner (Sean). Our teacher found a clip of how to play it on Youtube.

Another game we enjoy playing is “Making ten”. I really enjoy playing this game as I can play it on my own (Kayley).

In our Rainforest topic, we sorted out pictures of living and non-living things (Callum). We also learned about the 7 characteristics of living things, with some pictures as examples. (Zak, Abbey).

Our class novel is the BFG and so we used our imaginations to write our own dream labels using either a good or a bad dream. Some of us found it ok, but others thought it was tricky (Amelia, Jackson).

We all hope you have a nice weekend!

This Week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have been enjoying our learning. In numeracy we have been learning how to build and describe numbers. We have been playing Blast Off on the iPads. It is fun because you have to press the right answer then the rocket flies away (Innes). We also played a game where we had to guess the number on our forehead using questions. I really like the game because it’s fun when you get the number correct (Amy).

In reading we are learning to read different types of books. Eilidh and Tyler have been reading Roddy Doyle books. In their story Mr Mack went to jail because he robbed a bank. I really enjoy the book because it’s really funny (Tyler).

In writing we are learning to persuade our reader. We were writing to Aliens that took over our school. We used ambitious vocabulary to try to persuade them to give back Sunnyside (Anabia, Ben).

In IDL we have been learning about rainforest animals. We split into groups and each group decided on a different animal such as Jaguars, Green Anacondas, Poison Dart Frogs and Orangutans. We went outside to measure the length of each animal using a ruler and metre stick. The Green Anaconda was the longest animal at 9m. Did you know that 8 children can lie the length of a Green Anaconda’s body (Eilidh)?

Have a great week from Miss Stewart and P3/4LS.

This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have enjoyed our week in school. In numeracy we have been learning to build and describe numbers. The spicy group are learning to build numbers using 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. The hot group have been using 100s, 10s and 1s. The mild group have been using 10s and 1s. We have been writing down, standard form, expanded form, picture form and word form of numbers. I like playing the basketball place value game because it is fun and I like it when the basketball goes through the hoop when I get it right (Alyxs).

In reading we are learning to predict what is happening in our stories. We have been looking at the front covers for clues and then the pictures throughout the book.

In writing we have been learning how to write a simple story independently using our V.C.O.P skills. My story was about Joe who went to space in a rocket. He met an Alien and they became friends (Jamie).

In IDL we told Miss Stewart what and how we wanted to learn  in our new topic called The Rainforest. We want to learn more about animals and what they eat. We also want to learn about the different levels of the forest. On the iPads we went on Google Earth to find the Amazon Rainforest. Did you know that the Amazon River is over 4000 miles long? (Nate).

Have a great week. We hope you enjoyed our blog.

From Miss Stewart and P3/4LS

This week in P4FM

This week P4FM have been learning to order 4 digit numbers, this is the thousands, up to 9999 (Michael, Katherine and Sean). We also sequenced these numbers, they jumped up in tens (Callum).

We learnt to write a personal account about our early lives, We wrote about our nursery, our homes, school and family. We do this to share information with other people (Lilli, Kayley, Abbey).

In IDL, we have been learning about where the hottest parts of the world are.  We discovered that they are in the middle of the earth. (Murray). We found out that Rainforests are in between the two tropics around the Equator. (Callum and Katherine). The whole class is looking forward to learning about all the different animals there are. (Colton)