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This week in P.4/5


We have been writing a couple of stories. We wrote about the man on the moon and Monty the Penguin. The Man on the Moon was about a man who lived on the moon and a little girl who lived on Earth. Monty the Penguin was about a little boy who had a toy penguin but his imagination helped him to think it was a real penguin (Grace). I though I could write with more description and detail in my story so that’s my next step (Michael).  I liked The Man on the Moon story because I liked drawing the plan of it (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We designed the floor plan of a house and had to calculate the area of each room (Eilidh H).  We also calculated the perimeter of each room (Amy J). We started learning about fractions this week. If you half a number, I know that you divide by 2 (Tyler). We were using cubes to help us work out a fraction. We split the cubes into equal groups to find quarters and halves (Rebekah).


On Wednesday a man called Fergus came into our class and told us stories and songs in Scots because we are learning Scots poems and songs in class (Mac). The P.4s later listened to a story and had to retell that story to the P.5s. It was a story about Miss Belford and how she misheard the word ‘ferry’ for the word ‘fairy’ (Eilidh D). I thought it was really fun when we had to draw parts of the story to help us retell the main points of the story (Jamie). I really liked listening to the P.4s retelling the story to us (Tyler). I didn’t like the end of the story because it was a bit disgusting (Anabia).

Scots and Assembly

We coloured in musical notes which were being cut out for a display (Ben). We started to practise a Just Dance video from the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana to show at assembly (Innes). We have been practising our songs every day (Rebekah). We have learned the lines of our class poem ‘Street Talk’ and started to put actions into it (Ben).

This week in Primary 3/4NM

Welcome to our class blog this week!

We were all super-excited to have a Storytelling session from Fergus.  We reminded him of everything that we had done together last time and then he shared some new stories and songs.
– “Fergus the Storyteller told us a Roman story.” (Nadia)
– “Fergus came to our class and he sang songs with us.” (Beth)
– “When Fergus came in to our class he sang us a funny song.” (Mah Noor)
– “I liked it when Fergus was teaching us songs and stories.” (Emma)

In Literacy, we continued learning how to write reports – this week it had to be about hedgehogs.  We needed to include a range of sentence openers.
– “We wrote reports about hedgehogs and we got to find out different facts about hedgehogs.” (Callan)
– “We were writing a report about hedgehogs.  I learned that hedgehogs roll into a ball when they are scared.” (Erin)
– “Did you know that hedgehogs have a spine?” (Cole)
– “Believe it or not but baby hedgehogs are called piglets. (Harry)

In Numeracy, we covered a couple of concepts this week.
– “We finished up learning about money.  We used takeaway menus to find the total of the things we would like to buy.” (Emily)
– “We made our own menus and I had never heard of dragon fruit.  I put it onto my menu.” (Oscar)
– “We’ve been learning about money in our Maths stations.” (Adam)
We also learned about Roman numerals and practised reading and writing numbers using these.  Tomorrow, we are going to do some addition and subtraction sums, using Roman numerals!
– “I saw Roman numerals in my book.” (Rhys)
– “Big Ben has Roman numerals.” (Callan)

In IDL, we learned about the important buildings that would have been built in Roman towns and cities.  We learned their names, what would have happened there and compared them to modern-day.  We drew pictures of these buildings, to put on our brand new Romans display in class.
– “The temple was where they prayed to the Gods.” (Eli)
– “The thermae was where they went to wash.” (Karina)
– “The basilica was the law court.” (Carly)
– “It doesn’t sound comfy to sit on stone seats at the theatre.” (Ava)

Have a lovely weekend!

Happy New Year from all in P.4/5!

We have started back to 2020 in a very hard working mind set.


We have been watching the advert of The Man on the Moon. We drew pictures of the different scenes and then used this as a plan to help us write the story of the advert (Grace).  We read a story called The Lion in the Meadow. We had to read for clues in the text to help us form an opinion. We had to say whether or not we believed there was a lion in the meadow then find the clues to back up our answers (Michael). I originally thought there was a lion but when I read the clues I changed my mind because it said in the text that the lion ate an apple and talked and I know that lions don’t do that (Charlie).  I used the clue about the mum not hearing a lion roar to back up my idea that the lion wasn’t in the meadow (Michael).

Maths and Numeracy

In numeracy we were making a board game to show our knowledge about the times tables. My group made a snakes and ladders game. At each spot on the board, you had to answer a times table question (Lucas). I found answering the times tables questions hard because I need to practise my times tables a bit more (Lewis). My group did a Cluedo based game. There were sums on the back of the cards and if you answer them correctly you can score out a character name, weapon or room (Anabia).  We were also learning to calculate the perimeter and area of a shape and we also did some maths rotations. We have learned loads! (Anabia).

Scots Langugae

We have been learning the Jeely Piece song this week. We have also chosen a Scots poem to learn (William). We picked from ‘To A Brussels Sprout’, ‘The Boy on the Train’ and ‘The Puddock’. I chose to learn ‘To a Brussels Sprout’  (Amy M).  I chose ‘The Boy on the Train’ because it wasn’t too easy and it wasn’t too hard. I haven’t started practising at home but I aim to next week (Eilidh H).

P.4/5 Class Assembly

We have been preparing for our class assembly. We are learning about what makes us unique individuals. We came up with some ideas of what our personalities are like and wrote about each other on a piece of paper that we will show at assembly (Ben). We are also learning some songs for our assembly. They are ‘Seed to Sow’ and ‘Because you Loved Me’ (Rebekah). We coloured musical notes that we will display on the wall at assembly (Innes). Our assembly will be on 7th February.


Thanks for reading our blog! Have a good weekend!


Learning Journals

Dear All,

At Sunnyside we use online learning journals as part of our reporting process, these provide specific learning learning information and next steps for your child.

Learning journals are updated termly.

If you have not accessed your child’s learning journal or have forgotten the password, please let us know and we can help.

For additional information regarding learning journals please see our guides here

This week in P3/4NM

Happy New Year!

We were all happy to see our friends again this week.  As the week went on, we were all feeling more awake and back into our usual routine!

In Numeracy, we continued the work about money that we started before the holidays.  Everyone was learning to find the total of 2 or more amounts, using the different addition strategies that we already know.  We linked our learning to real-life experiences, talking about different shopping scenarios.

In Literacy, most of our work this week has been about reports.  We read reports about different animals and learned how to find specific information in a report, to answer various questions.  We learned to start with the vocabulary from the question, find those words within the report and then ‘read around’ them to find the actual answer.  At the same time, we also learned some amazing facts about animals!
– “Pythons can live for 40 years.” (Tyler)
– “Leopards eat their prey immediately after catching it.” (Eli)
– “Nocturnal means that foxes move around and eat at night.” (Jamie-Lee)

We then used what we had learned to write a report of our own – ‘All About Dogs’.  We used headings to organise the information and had to make sure that the report contained only accurate and relevant facts.
– “Classification – Dogs are vertebrates which means that they have a backbone.” (Mah Noor)
– “Appearance – The colour of dogs depends on what type they are.” (Cole)
– “Habitat – Some dogs are rescued and go to live in a rescue home.” (Hannah)
– “Behaviour – Dogs like to play with chew toys.” (Lily)

We started our brand new IDL this week – we will be learning about the Romans.  We all had the chance to say what we think we already know and what we would like to learn about.  We had some ideas about some of the things that we would like to say, make, write and do.  We started the project by placing the Roman era on a timeline of historical events and we studied the story of Romulus and Remus to discover how Rome was built and got its name.
– “Roman soldiers wore armour.” (Lola)
– “Rome is in Italy.” (Carly)
– “I’ve got a book about Rome.” (Rhys)
– “Romulus killed Remus.” (Adam)

We’ll tell you more once we learn more next week!

This week in Primary 3/4NM

Welcome to our last class blog of the year!

In Literacy, we have been learning how to answer questions in full sentences, rather than 1 or 2 word responses.  We learned how to use words from the question to help us to form the answer.  We had to make sure that the sentences were grammatically correct, and that they contained the necessary capital letters and full stop.

In Numeracy and Maths, we learned about 2 different problem solving strategies – ‘Draw a Picture’ and ‘Use Real Objects’.  We used these strategies to solve different problems.
– “The penny problem was really tough.  I thought I had worked it out but I actually hadn’t!” (Erin)
– “The Christmas bauble problem was easy for me because I worked out all of the different colours I could use.” (Rhys)

In Science, the P3 children made a magnetic game.  We all designed our very own town map and drew a Santa with his sleigh.  We attached magnets to the sleigh and used another magnet to guide Santa around the town, delivering presents on his way.
– “It’s hard to control because the magnet is making the other magnet repel.” (Eli)
– “If I use the right pole on my magnet, I can get Santa to move.” (Oscar)
The P4 children have designed their own Christmas pictures, which had to include.  Tomorrow’s job will be to build an electrical circuit which will light up the bulb on Rudolph’s nose!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
See you in 2020!

This week in P3/4NM

This is our last full week before the Christmas holidays and we have been as busy as ever!

In Literacy, we were writing instructions about ‘How to Decorate a Christmas Tree’.  Earlier in the week, we told Mrs Muir each instruction step-by-step, with her only doing EXACTLY what we told her.  Today, we wrote these instructions, following what we had said.
– “Begin by getting the Christmas tree out of the box and put the stand up.  After that spread the branches out, making sure that you have one branch at the top for the angel.” (Halle)
– Wrap the flashing fairy lights around the gorgeous tree and plug it in to see if they work.” (Lola)
– “Make sure the lights are not tangled.  Don’t forget to put decorations and tinsel on the tree.  You may mot want tinsel but maybe you do.” (Callan)
– “Finally put a star or angel on top of the tree.” (Eli)
We were also learning how to give a summary of a story that we have read.  A lot of us used the ‘Hand Strategy’ for this – ask us to explain!

In Numeracy, we continued learning about money.  We all had to count up how much money was in different examples, with the maximum amount (£1, £5 or £10) depending on which group we are in.  We also needed to say which coins we would use to create amounts of money, trying to use the fewest coins possible.
– “98p is easiest if you use 50p, 20p, 20p, 5p, 2p and 1p” (Harry)
– “That’s easier than using 9 ten pence coins and 8 one pence coins.” (Cole)
Some of us were also working on converting between pence and pounds/pence, using decimal notation.
– “478p = £4.78” (Emily)
– “109p = £1.09 …. don’t forget to have the 0” (Erin)

We really enjoyed taking part in ‘Coffee and Carols‘ on Tuesday!  we had worked hard in class, and at home, to learn the words for our songs.  Thanks to everyone who helped us.
– “I practised at home using a YouTube video for the music.” (Oscar)
– “My mum and sister were there watching.” (Cole)

In IDL, we counted up the money that we made from selling our key chains at the Christmas Fayre.  We worked out that, even after we pay back Mrs Muir for her outlay, we have made a profit.  A couple more of us want to buy a key chain this week and then we will know our final total.  We can then decide how to spend the money we made!

In Science, P3 children were investigating magnets and magnetism.
– “If the 2 North poles touch, they will repel.” (Eli)
– “2 poles that are the same will make each other push away.” (Beth)
– “Magnets will attract to iron and steel.” (Eli)
We then carried out an experiment to predict and check which everyday objects are magnetic.

P4 children were investigating electricity.  We identified everyday objects that are powered by electricity and sorted them, depending on whether they used batteries, mains or both.  We also took part in activity to show that, as soon as a light switch is pressed, the electricity immediately lights up the bulb.  We acted this out, in a circle, showing that the electrons have to travel non-stop around a circuit.
– “We need more than 1 electron at a time.” (Halle)
– “We need one electron each.” (Jamie-Lee)
– “We need to pass them non-stop, so that we only hold one at a time.” (Lily)

This Week in P3/4NM

We have been SO busy this week.  As well as the usual subjects on our timetable, we have also been working on some Christmas-themed activities.

In Literacy, we each had to plan and deliver a structured talk, like a book blessing, called ‘My Favourite Book.’  Our parents and carers helped us with the planning and we presented in front of the class either yesterday or today.
– “My favourite book is ‘Puppy Academy: Scout’ because dogs are my favourite animal and it is an interesting story.’ (Lacey)
– “My favourite book is called an annual because it comes out every year.” (Tyler)
– “I would recommend ‘Tom Gates is absolutely Fantastic (at Some Things)’ to anyone my age as it has funny pats in it and has funny pictures too.” (Ava)

In Health and Wellbeing, we made and tasted lemonade, in preparation for this week’s instruction-writing lesson.
– “I thought the lemonade was really good at first but then it began to taste really sour.” (Oscar)
– “I thought that it was too sweet for me.” (Erin)
– “The lemonade was good because I thought it tasted liked Sprite.” (Mah Noor)

In Art, we learned how to make a chain of paper dolls, all holding hands.  We have been studying the book ‘Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson in our Literacy lessons and wanted to try it out.  We learned how to fold the paper into a concertina, before drawing and carefully cutting out the image.  we made ours into Gingerbread People, in time for Christmas.

For our IDL, we were discussing the skills, abilities and qualities that we need to pursue our desired careers.  For our Christmas Fayre Enterprise Stall, we finished the production of our Christmas key chains.  We are going to count up our money on Monday, to find out if we made a profit or loss, so there is still time to purchase one, if we would like.  Thanks to Miss Low for looking after our stall on the night!

In Numeracy, we showed Mrs Muir what we could remember from having been taught about money in previous years, and from handling money in real life.  We will continue this work next week, including in our IDL discussions.  We learned that money is not the only way to pay for items and services – there are debit cards, credit cards and other payment options available.

This week in P4/5

This has been a busy week with lots happening, we have enjoyed it! (Charlie)

In numeracy we have started to learn our 7 times table (Eilidh), Miss Coons taught us a cool trick! (Kai) . We  have been looking at symmetry and find symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and patterns( Amy and William).


In our writing we finished our Snowman stories. We started planning a new story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Anabia). It was an old TV advert and we had to write the story of the advert (Lucas).  I enjoyed writing about Mog. My favourite part was when the chestnuts exploded across the kitchen (Lewis). We also did some research about Christmas in different countries. I liked learning about what Christmas traditions are celebrated in other countries (Tyler).


We have been learning about The Apprentice. In PE we worked in our teams to complete challenges. There was Swimball, Blocks and Buisness, Child Company, World Wide, 4 Explosions and ABCD. We raced in different races. There was a skipping race, a running race, a burpee race and star jumps (Alexis).

We can’t believe there are only 9.5 school days left until the school holidays. Time is flying in!

This week in P.4/5

We have had a very busy week in P.4/5!


We have been doing more work on The Tear Thief. She collects tears to make the moon shine brightly (Grace). We learned about pathetic fallacy. If an author uses pathetic fallacy, it’s to show what the weather is doing to reflect the character’s feelings (Michael).  We know that Disney do pathetic fallacy really well and we watched a couple of Disney clips top see this in film media (Ben).  In writing this week we watched The Snowman and picked 8 parts of the story from different scenes. Next week we are going to write our versions of The Snowman from our plan (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning to convert cm into mm and back again (Anabia). We drew a table with 3 columns and showed how measurements could be shown in cm or mm or cm and mm (Lucas). An example of this would be 3.0 cm = 30 mm = 3 cm 0 mm (Lucas).  We were working from the board to answer the questions (Innes). Straight afterwards, Mrs Penman came into the class to say well done to us because we had been working really hard and could explain what we were learning to her (Rebekah).

IDL – The Apprentice

We finished our letters to classes and are waiting for them to be judged (Eilidh H). We made art pieces in groups. We had to copy a picture but each of the team only had one quarter of a piece of paper so we had to work together to make sure our lines matched up (Amy J).  My group is Blocks and Business and we found this task hard because I found tracing the picture hard (William).

Modern Languages

We are learning about parts of the body in French. We also learned about the different types of weather. I know that il pleut means it is raining. I also know le main is French for a hand (Amy M). I know that il neige means it is snowing (Alexis). Il fait froid means it is cold.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our about our work and have a great weekend.