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This week in P3/4LS…

This week in P3/4LS we have finally performed our speech and had the votes.

We are very proud this week as we confidently told our peers why they should vote for us. I was really nervous and I didn’t want to perform but I did it. I was successful because I am now the JRSO leader for next year (Jamie). I am surprised because I am now the Health and Wellbeing representative (Murray). I am delighted because I got the job as sports committee representative with Innes (Anika). Other people who got the jobs are Nate (Digital Representative), Eilidh H (ECO Representative), Eilidh D (Pupil Council Representative) and Michael (WOW Representative). Well done to everyone for taking part!

This week in writing we were describing the setting for our story we are creating. I think it was challenging because it was hard to think of what to write and pick words to describe the setting (Jamie). I think I was successful because I think I used descriptive language and descriptive features (Anika).

This week in Shake it Up we added two new moves on to our sequence. We are working really hard to practise for our performance (Jamie).

In Numeracy we have been consolidating our learning over the last year. We have been remembering how to round numbers, tell the time and multiple and divide. I found it challenge multiplying 2 digit numbers because we had to multiple higher numbers (Nate). I enjoy telling the time on our whiteboard clocks as I enjoy learning to tell the time (Jessica). I was successful rounding to the next decade. I enjoyed the rounding rap (Charlie).

This week in IDL we have been learning to read maps and read for information. We looked at google earth, Think maps to find our street. Then we found the safest route to our school (Charlie). I think I have found a safer way to get to school in the morning (Nate).


At the moment we are finding out information about local tourist attractions around Clackmannanshire. We plan on putting the information into a spark video.

This week we also had a visit from Polly from the Butterfly Conservation. We got to learn more about caterpillars, butterflies and moths and how they keep themselves safe from predators. We loved looking at live specimens and a live chrysalis!

Thank you for reading our blog.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quick week (Aaron).


To increase our knowledge of our timetables, we completed numeracy rotations this morning (Alexandra). Each station had a different game to help us with our timetables.  Erin remembers that 1 station was using the ipad to play ‘Hit the Button’.

We continued our work on fractions this week, and worked on equivalent fractions (Haris). We also learned about placing fractions on a number line (Keira). Ruvimbo remembers that we learned how to convert a fraction into a decimal number.

We also investigated different units of measurement (Danny). We used balance scales to weight different items in the class (Jonathin).  We used grams to weigh a variety of items in the class, we recorded our answers in a table (Megan).


Our story this week was based on our class novel, Gangsta Granny(Kelsi). Our story was imaginative, we had to imagine that an adult in our lives had a secret life (Keira). Khloe, Keira and Megan remember that we were trying to include similes, Metaphors  and adverbs in our story. We also had to include feelings (Erin).

Today, we wrote a diary entry based on a part of our class novel (Danny). We wrote about the main characters nosy neighbor, Mr Parker.


This week we delivered our campaign speeches to the class (Brooke). We then went to the hall and voted for the candidate we thought would be best for the job (Emma). During assembly the election winners were announced (Keira).

We have been investigating the emergency services  this week, we were discussing prank calling and the consequences of it. We wanted to learn more about this so we emailed our local police as a class (Eray). The police replied and told us they would like to visit us teach us all about it, we are very excited!

When investigating our choices and  how we can keep ourselves safe, we read and discussed a variety of scenario cards and had to decide whether they were safe or not (Haris).


Pupils will bring blue snapshot jotters home with them, please feel free to look through them with your child and return them on Monday.

Thank you for reading our blog,

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P3/4LS…

This week it has been really busy because it has been Snapshot  Jotter week, Walk to School week and Digital Learning week. It has also been the last week of Democracy Fortnight.

We have continued to learn how to identify our skills and qualities. This week we have created a speech and finished our posters for our campaigns. I found it challenging to think of something to write after my introduction on my speech (Anabia). I think I was successful because I identified my skill and qualities and I gave examples (Eilidh H).







In Maths we have been learning to sort and organise data. The Jaguars have also been learning to interpret data. At the beginning of the week, the class went on a litter pick to survey what types of litter we could find in the playground (Jamie). We used the data to create a bar chart and we also created a digital version on the iPad (Eilidh, Jamie). I found it challenging to make sure the bar chart on the iPad wasn’t blank (Anabia).  I found it hard because there are lots of different buttons on the iPads (Michael).

In Literacy we have been learning to find evidence in a text. We had to read pages from the class novel and then answer questions. We had to find the evidence and answers in the pages we were reading. It was challenging to find the evidence because there were a lot of words (Charlie). I was successful because I found all the evidence in the text (Mac).

In writing we were learning to create a character. We had to come up with where our character lived, names, likes, dislikes, skills and talk about why the character was special (Amy). Then we drew a picture of our character and labelled round it adjectives to describe their personality and their looks. Once we came up with all this information we then wrote a descriptive paragraph (Mac). I was successful because I managed create a new character, I think I also had neat handwriting (Murray).

In PE we have been doing lots of sports outside. We were learning to build up our stamina (Charlie). We were tasked with running  for a long time (Mac, Murray, Charlie). I was successful because I kept running without stopping (Charlie).

This week in Shake it Up we were learning to add more risk to our supportive dances. We had two new dance moves where we had to balance on our partner (Anika). It was challenging because it was heavy to hold our partners (Jessica). It was challenging because when we were leaning back it was hard supporting each others weight. If someone went back too much you would fall (Nate).


Well done to Tyler for achieving her first marathon and Nate and Ben for achieving their second!

Next week we are looking forward to delivering our speeches and voting.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


This week in P4FM

Welcome back to our class blog. We have been spending time in groups to create  a review of our class novel, “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. It has taken time to write about the plot, main characters and settings, but now we are ready to pull it all together and display what we’ve done. Some groups are displaying their work in a Hogwart’s shaped book, whilst other groups are displaying their work on a coat hanger mobile. We have enjoyed working in groups (Thomas, Callum, Ciaran, Katherine) and helped each other through the process (Marilena, Erin).

In Literacy rotations, we worked on identifying speech marks in texts. Some of us were highlighting speech in text, others were cutting and sticking correct punctuation into the right place in a sentence, whilst others were identifying alternative words to said in books. We still have to get more practice though until we are confident (Ciaran, Rebekah, Lilli).  Some of us are learning about the features of non-fiction texts through identifying examples in a range of non-fiction books (Amelia, Zak, Abbey).

In Kodaly music this week, we were introduced to the musical stave. It’s the lines the notes sit on when reading music. It has been interesting working out which notes are high and which are lower. It is not as easy as we thought it would be, but we are starting to get the hang of it (Lilli, John, Liam).

In Y dance, we moved onto our new dance moves which we will be performing in a showcase at the end of the month. We have to move with a partner across the floor, making up our own way of getting there (Lexi, Abbey, Colton, Liam).

In Numeracy, we moved from directions and compass points to coordinates and 4 figure grid references. We are looking forward to transferring our newly learned skills to read local maps (Jackson, Kayley, Kaleb).

Have a great weekend!


This week in P4/5EG

We have had a busy week (Lacie), and have enjoyed the warm weather!


This week we have continued learning about fractions, we have been learning about equivalent fractions. We completed worksheets to help us (Jodie).  We know that equivalent means equal to (Hassan). Sophie learned how to use the shading of shapes to help her find equivalent fractions. To find an equivalent fraction you need to multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number (Jaxon).

We have also been learning about weight (Erin). We were using a balance scale to weigh cereal (Haris).


We have continued our work on formal letters. We wrote letters to Kellogg’s cereal company (Brandyn). We were writing to them to ask them to improve the nutritional information they provide on their boxes (Eray).

We read the story of ‘ The boy who cried wolf’, we learned that the moral of the story is to not tell lies (Haris). After we had read the story we worked in groups to act out the story (Kelsi). We had to include the key events of the story (Ruvimbo).

We have been learning about metaphors (Hassan). Jaxon knows that a metaphor is directly comparing two things without using like or as. Some pupils found metaphors difficult so we are going to keep working on them next week.


We have continued our work on democracy (Keira). Eray knows that the European elections are next week. In class we wrote a campaign speech for the school group we want to run to be part of (Ruvimbo). Our speech had to include why we would be a good representative and why people should vote for us (Sophie). Eray remembers that we cannot bribe people to vote for us and we cannot make promises we can’t keep in our speech.

We have also been learning about Buddha (Brooke). Khloe remembers that Buddha means teacher. We learned the story of Buddha (Sophie). We then created our own Mandalas after learning that Buddhists believe that Mandalas symbolises the universe (Eray and Brooke). To create our Mandalas we drew a circle around a paper plate and cut it out (Haris). We then folded it into quarters and drew a design on 1 quarter (Aaron). To create a symmetrical Mandala we folded it over and rubbed the back with a spoon to transfer the pattern (Marcus).

Mrs Nun came to teach us music (Jaxon). We learned a new note this week (Danny).

Thank you for reading out blog, we hope you have a lovely weekend.

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P3/4LS…

This week was another short week, however we have been working extremely hard.

This week in Maths we have moved on to data handling and we have been learning to sort and organise data. We have been using information and asking the class different surveys like our favourite genres or our favourite colours. We then used this information to create bar graphs (Anika, Amy, Eilidh). I found it tricky to get the scale correct (Anika). I found it tricky making sure the boxes were all the same size (Eilidh). I found it challenging to make sure I had it fully labelled (Amy).

This week in Shake it Up we moved on to a different topic, My Community. We were learning how to support others during our movements because it is important to trust and support each other in a community. I found it challenging to hold on to each other because my hands were sweaty. I think I was successful because I was able to keep a good grip of my partners hand and got on to extra challenges.


For topic this week we have been linking our health and wellbeing to our My Community topic. We have made ‘Me on a Map’ circles that shows the world around us. I found it hard to remember the difference between county, country and continent (Michael). I found it tricky to remember things in our country (Anabia).



For the first week of Democracy Fortnight, we have been thinking about what group we are going to campaign for. We have been learning to identify our skills and qualities. One of my skills and qualities is that I have a good imagination which means I’m good at writing imaginative stories (Michael). I am helpful because I like to pick up litter in the playground to keep our school clean and to help earn our ECO flag (Anabia).

Next week we are excited to start campaigning…


P3/4 and Miss Stewart


Our week in P4FM

Although we had a shorter week this week, we still managed to get through a lot! In Maths, we’ve looked at angles, turns and compass points. I like how it all links into time and fractions (Thomas, Marilena). We went outside for a right angle hunt…but we weren’t scared! (Murray). We had angle eaters and found loads of right angles that we never knew were there before (John William). Others were looking for all angle types: acute; obtuse and reflex if we could. It was great fun being outdoors (Callum, Colton).

In literacy, we were sad to have to finish our Harry potter novel because we have loved it so much (Amelia, Lilli, Marilena, Maja). We are making a fancy book review mobile from a coat hanger (Layla). We worked in cooperative groups to complete writing and illustrations about characters, plot and setting. It’s going to look amazing when it’s done (Erin, Katherine). We had great fun doing all the tasks and have some fantastic examples of writing and drawing.

In Y-dance this week, we continued with our counterbalance moves and even put all 4 moves together into a dance (Lexi, Maja). In Kodaly music, we’re stating to learn about musical notes as well as the beat and rhythm. It is hard to concentrate on the movements and sing the song at the same time, but it is fun and we are getting better every week (Katherine, Lilli).

In PE, we’ve been practising our athletic skills in throwing and junping (Marilena, Callum). We had to complete different stations like – high jump, long jump, javelin to increase our heart rate (Thomas, Liam). It’s been a busy week! Have a good weekend from P4FM!


This week in P4/5EG

We have had a fast week (Sophie).


This week we began a new topic. To find out what group we are in, we done hinge questions (Jaxon). Our new topic is fractions, decimals and percentages (Erin).

We began by looking at halves, quarters and thirds of shapes (Jodie). We know how many parts of a shape you have to shade to make halves, quarters and thirds (Sophie).

Today, we learned that the top number on a fraction is the numerator and shows how many pieces you have and the bottom number on a fraction is called the denominator and it shows how many pieces there are altogether (Jaxon). Miss Gordon set us a challenge to remember what the numerator and the denominator are by Monday we can get a house point (Eray).

With this knowledge we moved onto finding a fraction of number (Haris). To find the fraction of a number you need to divide by the denominator to find a fraction of a number (Eray).


This week in writing we wrote a letter to Mr Gove (MP), to ask him to take some action against Global Warming (Kelsi).

We done reading stations (Keira). We have been focusing on punctuating sentences correctly. This week we started a new novel, its called Gangsta Granny (Haris). Megan is finding this novel really funny. Ruvimbo is finding the novel exciting and she really wants to see what happens next.


We learned about Ramadan, we learned that it includes fasting for 30 days (Megan). After the fasting is finished the festival Eid begins (Megan). Ruvimbo remembers that for Eid families gather and have a celebration, with lots of food and presents.

We had another music session with Mrs Nun (Jaxon).

We also learned about Democracy this week (Haris). We watched a video which explained it and discussed it as a class. Democracy means ‘ruled by the people’ (Emma). It means that we get a say about whats happening in the country (Megan).

Thank you for reading our blog,

Miss Gordon and P4/5EG.