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This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a fun, calm and relaxing week.

In Literacy we are making our own robot characters and creating stories about them. (Mac)

In Numeracy we did text books on division. (Jamie) We practised using the written ‘bus-stop’ method to solve division problems.

In P.E we had an outdoor sports day – we also had an extra P.E lesson and in that we did throwing and catching games (todge-ball with rugby balls instead of round balls). I enjoy mush ball which is a mix of regular balls and different balls. (Sophie-Leigh)

In I.D.L/art we made collages of Scottish landscapes (Callum). We did it with paint and tissue paper from different magazines and catalogues. It was amazingly awesome (it did take ages though).

In Health and Wellbeing we have been learning about consent (Jamie). Consent is A LOT bigger than I thought to be honest and I know now to ask people if I have their consent.

Have a lovely day/weekend all!

Hope to see you all soon and good luck in your new classes after summer.

A selection of our collage works-in-progress.

This week in P5/6S

We have had a very enjoyable but busy week in P5/6S.

In Literacy we have been learning more about punctuation and all the different ways to use a comma correctly. We also practised our spelling rules and learnt about creating a character. We invented our own robot characters inspired by the story ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We discussed how the author had used repetition, similes, personification, onomatopoeia and adjectives within their writing to give details and provide impact.

In Numeracy we continued practising our division skills by playing dice games to create number sentences. We also used our measuring skills as part of our Human Body topic to estimate and measure the size of body parts. Did you know the small intestine is approximately 7 metres long?

We have enjoyed PE with Miss Clarkson this week and we have been taking part in team games.

In IDL we have made models of skeleton ribcages and learnt about the composition of blood and how the stomach breaks down food through class experiments – these involved plastic bags, crackers, lemonade, cereal, marshmallows, water and food colouring! We also located where all the major organs are in the body.

In French we created our own French menu to practise using our French vocabulary. Everyone enjoyed creating their own individual menus with their favourite foods.

Have a lovely weekend.

11th June 2021 P6M Blog

This week in P6 we had a very busy week!

In Numeracy this week most of the have been focusing on budgeting a holiday.  We had to think about our budget and what we will spend it on. We thought about the appropriate clothes, activities, travel, food and drink and accommodation. If there was 2 people going our budget would be £2500 and if it was a family of 4 the budget would be £5000.

In Literacy we were finishing our sandwich book review. For each layer of the sandwich we had to describe a different part of the story. For example the layer of lettuce would be a summary of the class novel or the cheese would be your favourite part from the book. We also learnt more about joined up writing  and practised joining R and I. In our writing lesson we wrote about the travels of a five pound note. We had to describe the feelings the five pond note would experience during their adventure.

In IDL we labelled the inside and outside of an eye and the ear. We talked about how we could hear different sounds.

In Health and Well being we were learning about the effects of alcohol. We had to present what we learned, for example a power point or a poster.

By Marilena and  Anika.


This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a busy week.

In Literacy we watched the animated film ‘The Present’ and answered inferential questions about it, thinking about what we saw and what we could work out from the clues in the film. We also practised our spelling rules and making connections with our reading. “Today we had a spelling test. I liked it but found it hard!” (Sophie-Leigh). “I enjoyed it but I think I got most wrong.” (Tyler)

In Numeracy we started a new maths topic. “We started division. I hated fractions but I like divison” (Callum). We also did some more mental maths practise.

In Health and Wellbeing we were learning about the skills and qualities needed to be a parent or carer in order to keep children happy, healthy and safe.

We learned about Pride Week and created colourful t-shirt designs to support this.

We were also looking at future careers and getting creative thinking up a new sweet product. We had to design what we would like that to look and taste like.

In PE with Miss Clarkson we did some team work. It was girls against boys and the girls won – it was a good game though!

In French we made French café menus. “I really liked it.” (Tyler)

Have a good weekend –P5/6 and Miss Steel

Some of our new sweet designs.

This week in P6M


Today we were calculating the range, mode and median (Colton).

We have been learning how to calculate pi and the circumference of a circle (Marilena).

Some of us also calculated the radius of a circle (Anika).


We finished our class novel The Nowhere Emporium then wrote a sandwich book review (Lilli).

Each slice is a different part of the book review.  The top slice (bread) is the book title and each filling is something like a summary or favourite part or setting (Erin).

We were working on the difference between plurals and possession then we started using apostrophes to show plural noun possession (Ben).


We continued with Sophie’s story and were learning about consequences (Kayley).


We continued practising counting to 79 in French and started to learn how to say the alphabet.  We then had to spell our first name (Anika).

In German we continue to write our weather reports (Liam).


We have been researching and making posters about the brain (Layla).

We also make our own optical illusion pictures (Thomas).


This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6 we have an amazing week but we are sad that John Wilson is leaving to move to a new school. We are all going to miss him.

In IDL we are learning about the five senses alongside making posters about them. (Sophie-leigh)

In Art we made Scottish landscapes using monochrome! (Tyler). We practised our colour mixing skills to paint our landscapes.

In Literacy we wrote news articles based on our class novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’. (John W)

In Numeracy we learned more about data, bar graphs and line graphs and practised drawing and labelling these accurately.

During ERIC time we read news stories and I learned a lot of new words I didn’t know before! (Sophie-Leigh)

Have a lovely week end all!

I will miss you all dearly and I hope to see you all again. (John W.)

This week in P6M


We started learning about the radius and diameter of circles.  The radius is half of the diameter.  The diameter is from one side of the circle to the other going through the middle.  We also looked at bar graphs, line graphs and trend graphs and practised reading different scales on the frequency axis.  (Thomas, Marilena, Liam, Alexandria and Amelia)



We have been using apostrophes to show possession.  We also practised joined handwriting.  (Thomas, Marilena, Liam, Alexandria and Amelia)




We were learning about love and what it means.  We watched a video called Choices for Life about peer pressure and had to speak about what we would do in different situations.  We had to identify when Sophie was under peer pressure and what she could have done.  (Erin, Michael, Abbey)



We were learning about different parts of the brain.  The frontal lobe is responsible for personality and social interactions.  The optical lobe processes light.  The temporal love is your long term memory. The parietal lobe is responsible for feeling pain, coldness, warmth and touch.  We were taking notes from a presentation and will use this information next week. We also made leaflets on Publisher about not smoking.  (Ciaran, Zak, Maya, Sean, Anika, Layla)



In French we have been learning numbers to 79 then we ordered number words from soixante to soixante-dix-neuf.  We also learned how to say I love, I like, I don’t like and I hate.  We used these to give our preferences about colours.  (Murray, Nate, Aimme and Keeley)

We made weather maps to show what different types of weather are in German.  These helped us understand how to say the weather in German.  (Abbey and Erin)

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a good week.

Half of us did Bike-ability and the other half will do it next week.

In Numeracy we learned about data, in that we did a lot of surveys to collect information. We are learning how to present this in charts and graphs.

In Literacy we wrote our plan for a newspaper article, based on our class novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’.

In P.E. we played dodgeball it was very fun (Megan).

In R.M.E we did Rangoli art with coloured rice (that smelt like vinegar).

In Shakespeare we looked at the Macbeth story and how evil him and his wife were. His wife manipulated him to kill King Duncan.

In IDL we are making inventions – we are not done yet but might be soon. We also drew trees and created line drawings.

I hope everyone has a good week from P5/6.

This week in P6M


In numeracy we enjoyed playing bingo working out percentages of an amount and playing Countdown.  We also did some assessments and everybody was trying hard.  Anika and Liam




During imaginative writing we had to continue a story in the same style as the writer.  We wrote about an octopus that attacked a city.  We also practised our handwriting and answered comprehension questions, making sure we explain our reasons.  Colton, Lilli, Marilena and Nate




During our IDL lessons we were learning about the lungs.  We continued making PowerPoints about them and how they work.  We also watched a video and listened to a song about the lungs.  Michael, Zak, Amelia and Ben.



In German this week we have learned about the weather.  Wie ist das Wetter? is the question you ask if you want to know ath the weather is.  You could say es ist kalt (it is cold), es ist heiβ (it is hot), es ist sonnig (it is sunny), es ist windig (it is windy), es regnet (it‘s raining) and es schneit (it’s snowing).  In French we learned to count up to 79.  We also practised having a French conversation asking what is your name, how old are you and where do you live?  Erin, Maja, Alyxs and Kaleb