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This week in P6CCLJ

In Literacy this week we have been continuing with our rotations, including working on our an and ar joins. We have also explored how punctuation helps our reading and writing make sense.

As a class we have been summarising a chapter of our class novel “Stormbreaker”and creating a Newsflash to share our summaries with the class.

In numeracy we have been learning to use addition and subtraction strategies. We had a choice of hot, mild or spicy and could choose the strategy that worked for us. Some of us chose to use written standard calculations, our mental math skills or partitioning and using number lines. We have tried working with 3-4 digit numbers, decimals and near doubles this week.

In IDL we have started to create models of our martian habitats. To be successful we had to make sure these matched our designs, choose appropriate materials, consider the atmosphere of Mars and justify what we created.

This week in P.6JDW 27.03.19

In Art, we have been learning about visual elements:  line, shape and patterns.  We created a ‘Funky Easter Bunny’ by using our own ideas of line, shape and patterns.  We designed each section of the bunny and we used fine line pens to create a black and white image.  This lesson was amazing and fantastic!  (Caleb and Nieve)

In Numeracy, we have been learning to solve word problems using our addition and subtraction sums.  First we had to read the word problem and then identify if it would be an addition or subtraction sum.  Sometimes we did chimney sums, sometimes we worked the sums out mentally.  (Kobey)

One group in Numeracy have been learning to add and subtract using 2 and 3 digit numbers.  We have been partitioning numbers to help us add and subtract and we also used number lines.  (Martyna)

In RME we continued to look at the 5 Pillars of Islam.  We know the name of each pillar and we learned about the symbol and the meaning of each pillar.  (Ethan)

We have started to learn about Christianity and we have been learning about Easter.  Some Christians celebrate Easter in churches and others celebrate Easter in their homes.  (Sean)

In Reading, we have been learning to identify the most interesting part of the story.  We worked independently to take some notes and then we shared our ideas with the rest of the group.  (Halle)

In Grammar, we have been developing our punctuation skills.  We were given an unpunctuated paragraph and we had to re-write it using capital letters, full stops and commas.  (Maria)

In P.E, we were doing different poses to test our resilience.  One pose, was a press up pose but only your hands could move forward.  When I first tried it, it was challenging but I kept on trying.  (Ewan)


P.6JDW 20.03.19


In Literacy, my group participated in the ‘hot seat’ activity.  You pick a character from the book and then the others in the group ask you questions.  We are developing our questioning skills by using different question openers, e.g.  who, which, when and what.  (Jayden)

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been learning about the dangers of alcohol and the long-term and short-term effects that alcohol misuse has on the human body.  We worked in pairs and we had to match up the part of the body to the description of the effect.  We all have a good understanding of the effects of alcohol. (Logan)

As part of health week, we learned how to do Judo in our P.E lesson.  Lee, Olivia and Rhys were our instructors.  They showed us how to do flips, hold our partner down and how to land safely.  We enjoyed it.  It was fun!  (Umar and Seren)

In P.E we have been improving our speed and pace skills when running.  We have been completing the bleep test which involves running from line to line and trying to beat the bleep sound.  (Lachlan and Finlay)

In Numeracy, we are learning to add and subtract numbers using different methods.  We can partition numbers to help us add and subtract and we can use chimney sums too.  One group has been adding and subtracting decimal numbers.  (Aila and Euan)

In Music, we have been using the notes we have learned to create a tune on the chanter.   We play the first verse from the song ‘When the Saints go Marching in’ and it is sounding good.  We will keep working on this next week.  (Josh and Leon)



This week in P6CCLJ

It is Health Week and in PE we got someone in to help us do Judo (Cerys). I learned how to do a forward roll and how to safely slam people to the ground (Charlie B). I learned how to do a backward roll (Emma). We learned how to do rolls so we could land safely (Charlie B).

In Maths our group has been learning to add and subtract 3 digit and 2 digit numbers (Addison). We were using partitioning to find the answer (Dylan). Our group was adding and subtracting decimals using chimney sums and mentally (Charlie M).

In HWB we have continued to discuss the dangers of drinking. You should not drive when drinking (Cameron).

We were identifying the features of advertisement (Bronik). A good advert should have: rhetorical questions (Ross), powerful adjectives and adverbs (Beth), alliteration (Andrew K), similes and metaphors (Andrew T).

Last week we wrote instructions and we used them to make rainbow rice (Alicia). The rainbow rice can help us to change our mindset and be calm (Mia).

This week in P.6JDW – 15.03.19

In Maths we have completed our work on decimals.  We can add decimal fractions with confidence now.  I have been learning about place value using up to 6 digits whole numbers and up to 3 decimal places.  We completed hinge questions for our next topic on addition and subtraction.   (Aila, Seren, Leon, Jayden, Finlay, Alex, Nieve and Leah)

In writing, we have been learning how to write instructions.  This week we got to choose an item and we created a set of instructions for this item.   We included punctuation and sub-headings. The steps must be logical and numbered.  (Martyna and Lachlan)

In P.E we did a bleep test.  We were learning to build up our resilience and stamina.  We have also been improving our skipping skills.  (Georgia, Ewan, Caleb and Max)

We have been learning what an adverb is and we can now use a variety of adverbs to describe the verb in our sentences.  (Euan)

In R.M.E we have been learning about different religions.  This week we learned about the 5 pillars of Islam.  (Logan, Umar)

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been learning about the dangers of alcohol.  We looked at the effects of alcohol on the human body.  We worked in pairs and we identified the part of the body and then we matched the description of the effects.  (Maria, Josh and Ethan)



This week in P6CCLJ

In Numeracy Group 2 have been learning what a decimal is. If you had 1 tray of toffee split into 10 equal bars, 1 bar would be 0.1 (Cerys). Group 1 have been ordering decimals up to 3 decimal places (Cameron).

During literacy time we have been doing literacy rotations. We had to write out or make our spelling words from a choice of activities (Corey). For handwriting we were joining i to d and g (Andrew T). At the Grammar station we were uplevelling sentences with more interesting verbs (Mia and Alicia). Our reading group did a hot seat activity where Cerys pretended to be a character and we asked her questions about her and her life (Allana).

In HWB we were learning how smoking affects your body. It can cause cancer and affect your lungs (Dylan).

In PE this week we were calculating how many calories we could burn based on the food we ordered from McDonalds (Leah).

We wrote our own mnemonics in IDL to remember the order of the planets, for example My Very Educated McDonalds Just Sold Universe Nuggets (Alicia).

In French we have been learning about feelings, for example:
Je suis froid – I am cold
Je suis content – I am happy
Je suis chaud – I am hot (Aaron)

In Bikeability we were learning to do right hand and left hand turns (Allana). We were in a lane and had to stop at the 2 white lines at the junction to give way to cars (Mia).

This week in P.6JDW


In P.E we have been learning lots of different exercises to do with fitness.  We completed burpees, sit ups, mountain climbers and star jumps.  I found it tiring but I enjoyed it.   (Josh)

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to partition decimal numbers up to 3 decimal places.  We learned that the decimal columns are called tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We used a place value chart to help us.  We also learned how to order decimal fractions.  We enjoyed learning about decimal fractions.  We can order decimal fractions from smallest to largest and from largest to smallest.   (Logan, Ethan, Kobey, Seren and Sean)

In Writing, we have been learning how to write instructions.  We learned how to structure our work and include the correct features, for example: heading, sub-headings, steps in order, steps numbered and equipment needed.   We have created instructions on how to safely check your bike and how to safely ride your bike.   (Summer)

In Literacy, we learned how to create a story hand.  We illustrated a summary of chapter 10 from our class novel – Stormbreaker and then we retold the story using our story hands.  (Summer)

In Health and Wellbeing, we learned the dangers of smoking.

Alex – “Smoking increases the chance of getting cancer.”

Nathan – “Cigarettes are filled with poisonous substances.”

Georgia – “There’s over 4000 chemicals in one cigarette.”

Ethan – “Smoking makes your lungs go black and you can get lung cancer.”

This week in P.6JDW


In Numeracy, we have been learning to work with negative numbers. We made a negative number line using numbers from 0 to -20.  We used our positive and negative number line to add and subtract numbers.  We identified missing numbers on a negative number square.  (Nathan)

In Numeracy, my group have been learning how to order 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers. First we had to look at the 3 digit numbers and identify the smallest number and then we worked our way up to the largest number.  (Leah and Reuben)

We had our second bike ability lesson on Monday. We were learning how to cross the road safely, walking with our bike and we learned how to do U-turns safely without hitting any cars.  We also learned how to signal left and take a left turn on to a side road.  I felt confident and safe.  (Leon)

In French, we have been learning to say how we are feeling. I learned:

  • I am tired – Je suis fatigue.
  • I am happy – Je suis content.
  • I am sad – Je suis triste.
  • I am angry – Je suis fache.


In Health and Wellbeing, we have been learning about first aid. We learned about the recovery position and the steps that you need to follow to put someone in this position.  We then worked with a partner and put them in the recovery position.  We also learned about the DR ABC rule and we made a poster stating what each letter stands for:  D – Danger, R – Response, A – Airway, B – Breathing and C – Circulation. (Euan)


This week in P6CCLJ

We have had a busy time in P6CCLJ since returning from the holidays. Here are some of the things we have been learning…

In Literacy we have been doing whisper reading, which is where the whole class reads aloud at the same time and the teacher comes round and listens to specific children one at a time. I like reading this way because I think it helps me to read more accurately (Charlie B).

We have also been writing instructions for how to ride a bike safely. We had to include key task words, make sure that all steps were numbered and sub-headings (Ross & Mia).

In Grammar we have been learning to up-level our sentences by using a variety of interesting adjectives. An example of how we do this is: A dog went for a walk. We could up-level this to: An adorable, fluffy dog went for a long and windy walk to the beautiful park (Dylan & Addison)

In Numeracy we have started working with decimals. We have thought about the value of digits in a number, and can identify numbers with a given digit value, for example we had to find a number that had three tenths, and we found 37.369 (Beth & Addison). Some of us have been working on ordering 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers. We know that all the 3 digit numbers will be smaller than the 4 and 5 digit numbers and we had to cross out the ones that we had already used (Cerys & Corey).

In IDL we have been creating oil pastel pictures of the planets to help us name the planets in order (Alicia). We also worked in three groups to investigate static electricity, gravity and magnetism. The gravity group began by defining gravity and then dropped a selection of objects to see which would fall faster. We thought the heavier the object was, the faster it would fall. the static electricity group created static electricity using balloons and investigated whether we could make objects move using only the static we had created. We were surprised by what we found out! The magnetism group investigated a selection of objects to see if it was magnetic. We watched a video to see if magnets work the same way in space.

In our Bikeability training we have been learning how to safely pass parked cars when cycling on the road. We also know how to check our bikes to make sure they are safe to ride. (Cameron & Allana)

In PE we have been working on our fitness. We have worked at different stations including skipping, burpees, sit ups, press ups and hill runners. (Andrew T)

This week in P.6JDW

In P.E we are improving our badminton skills by playing a round robin tournament where we play in groups of 4.  The first 2 people play against each other and whoever wins achieves 1 point.  Then the third and fourth person play against each other until someone scores.  To win the game you have to score 5 points before any other player.  (Lachlan)

In Numeracy, we have been learning to round a decimal fraction to the nearest whole number and we can also round decimal fractions to 2 decimal places.  We used a fun game on the Ipads called Rocket Rounding and this helped us to round.  Our group worked really hard and we all managed to solve the questions.  (Maria)

In Reading, we have been completing lots of enjoyable tasks.  This week I completed the ‘Link Maker’ task.  For this, I had to relate the book to my life, making links between my experiences and the experiences of the characters.  I chose the ‘Create’ reading fan and this task was to create a play from the story.  I worked in a group of 3 and we decided who was going to play which character and then we wrote out a play script and finally we acted out a scene from the story.   (Maria, Georgia and Aila)

On Tuesday, for Safer Internet Day 2019, we were learning how to keep ourselves safe online.  First, we discussed the internet rules that we already knew and then we worked our way through a power point, learning more rules and learning the age restrictions on online games and apps.  We also learned about the dangers of opening emails from strangers and downloading games, and how viruses can damage our computers.  One main rule for children is to always have your parents beside you when you are using the internet.  We created a poster showing all the safety rules.  (Ethan and Nieve)