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This week in P.6JDW

In P.E we are improving our badminton skills by playing a round robin tournament where we play in groups of 4.  The first 2 people play against each other and whoever wins achieves 1 point.  Then the third and fourth person play against each other until someone scores.  To win the game you have to score 5 points before any other player.  (Lachlan)

In Numeracy, we have been learning to round a decimal fraction to the nearest whole number and we can also round decimal fractions to 2 decimal places.  We used a fun game on the Ipads called Rocket Rounding and this helped us to round.  Our group worked really hard and we all managed to solve the questions.  (Maria)

In Reading, we have been completing lots of enjoyable tasks.  This week I completed the ‘Link Maker’ task.  For this, I had to relate the book to my life, making links between my experiences and the experiences of the characters.  I chose the ‘Create’ reading fan and this task was to create a play from the story.  I worked in a group of 3 and we decided who was going to play which character and then we wrote out a play script and finally we acted out a scene from the story.   (Maria, Georgia and Aila)

On Tuesday, for Safer Internet Day 2019, we were learning how to keep ourselves safe online.  First, we discussed the internet rules that we already knew and then we worked our way through a power point, learning more rules and learning the age restrictions on online games and apps.  We also learned about the dangers of opening emails from strangers and downloading games, and how viruses can damage our computers.  One main rule for children is to always have your parents beside you when you are using the internet.  We created a poster showing all the safety rules.  (Ethan and Nieve)


This Week in P.6JDW

In Numeracy, we have moved on to rounding numbers.  We started off with rounding to the nearest 10, then moved onto 100 and some groups were rounding to the nearest 1000.  We used fun online games to challenge ourselves to round 5 and 6 digit numbers.  We have been helping our class friends to remember the rule:  if the number is 0-4 you round down and if the number is 5-9 you round up.  (Ewan and Finlay)

We have been learning about the planets in our solar system and we have been learning about the order in which they are positioned.  We used soft pastels to create a picture of the planets and we surrounding the planets with fading stars.  To help us remember the order of the planets, we create our own mnemonics.  It was fun! (Kobey)

For Writing and IDL we have been researching facts about a specific planet.  We have been looking out for key facts and we have been learning how to record our facts in note form.  We then used our notes to create a report and we have been learning how to set out a report, using headings and subheadings.  (Aila)


This week in P6CCLJ

It has been a busy week in P6CCLJ!

Maths this week has focused on rounding. We have learnt to round to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. An example of this would be rounding 1256 to the nearest ten is – 1260, the nearest hundred would be 1300 and the nearest thousand would be 1000. The rule for rounding is to look at the place value that comes before, so for rounding to the nearest ten I look at the units. we can use this to estimate (Katie-Leigh, Hayley, Charlie B, Charlie M and Allana).

Our IDL is Planets, this week we have been finding facts to create a presentation. We found facts about size, exploration and orbit. We will film our presentations against the green screen and share them with the class. This is using our reading, ICT and speaking and listening skills. Working in pairs also means we need to use teamwork (Andrew T, Cameron, Leah, Allana and Charlie M).

In HWB this week we have been learning how to put someone in the Recovery position. This is really important because it could help us save a life (Aaron).

Please check twitter to find out more about our exciting work this week.

P.6JDW 23.01.19


On Friday we did our Scottish Opera Performance.  We worked in our different groups with our leaders and created actions to go with the 5 songs.  We got to wear costumes too!  We did a dress rehearsal to the whole school and then we did the performance to our parents.  My Mum said she enjoyed it!  I thought it was really fun! (Aila)

I really enjoyed learning the songs and the movements for Scottish Opera.  (Summer)

In P.E we have been learning how to serve and catch bean bags with the racket.  We worked with a partner and we tried to keep the shuttlecock up in the air and not let it drop to the floor.  We have been improving our shuttle control. (Leon and Ewan)

In P.E I have been learning to improve my racket and serving skills.  I think I am improving.  I am able to serve and then I can hit the shuttlecock back to my partner.  (Max)

In IDL we have been finding out facts about planets.  We took notes on one planet and recorded this on a planning sheet.  We used the planning sheet to help us write a report on a planet.  I typed up a report on Mercury.  I found this task really fun as I learned new facts about Mercury.  (Georgia)

For writing, we researched the planet Mars using books from the library and online sources.  We took notes of the facts we found.  We then used Clicker 6 to write a report.  (Caleb and Finlay)

In writing, I have learned how to structure a report.  We researched facts about a planet and took notes of important facts.  We looked through power points and used online sources to find facts.  I typed up a report about Saturn.  (Seren)

In Maths, we have been learning to calculate durations in 1 minute and 5 minute intervals.  It was quite tricky but we managed it in the end.  We used the small clocks to help us.  (Maria)

In Maths, Group 1 have been learning to calculate the durations of time in minutes and seconds.  We had to remember that 60 seconds are in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour.  We used our addition and subtraction skills to help us calculate durations.  (Umar)

In Maths, Group 1 also learned how to interpret and use timetables.  We used train and bus timetables to plan a day out.  We used the 24 hour time when planning our day out.  We used online sources to find the information.  (Logan)

This week in P6CCLJ

At the start of this exciting new term P6CCLJ have been busy!

In Maths some of us were calculating time durations (Beth). This will help us to read a timetable (Charlie B). We have been focussing on quarter past and quarter to times (Bronik). Some of us have been working on o’clock and half past times using digital and analogue clocks (Alicia).

Our new IDL topic is space (Stuart). We had to research what a celestial body is then to research information about the celestial body we chose (Dylan). Some of the interesting facts we discovered include:
Saturn has 62 moons (Dylan).
The sun is all the colours mixed together (Emma)
NASA are researching on Mars to see if humans can live there (Leah)
Europa is the smoothest object in space (Charlie M)
The sun is a yellow dwarf star (Cerys)
There are 1 billion trillion stars in the observable universe (Allana)

In our writing lesson we wrote a non-chronological report about a celestial body (Cerys). Every paragraph has a sub-heading (Allana and Leah).

In HWB we have been learning to identify the difference between an accident and an emergency (Ross).

During PE on Monday we were running around the track to measure our heart rate (Andrew K).

Today we all sang together to practise our Scottish Opera songs (Emma). Tomorrow people from Scottish Opera are coming to help us and see how we are doing and probably sing with us (Addison).

We look forward to sharing our learning next week – Primary 6, Mrs Coons and Mrs Jacobs

This week in P6JDW

It has been a busy first week back in P6JDW. Here are some of the skills we have practiced this week.

In Reading, We have been learning to  create character descriptions, to summarise a book chapter and predict what the stories we read are going to be about. (Kobey, Nathan and Ethan). To do this we had find key information about the character, plot and setting (Umar, Logan, Maria).

In Maths, we have been learning to read time (Finley). Some of us have been learning how to calculate durations of time. We have learned this by drawing clock faces, writing the time in words and digits and listening to the teachers and each other. (Nieve, Leon and Seren).

In IDL, we have started a new topic about Space. We identifed what we know, how we want to learn and what we want to know. We also came up with names for the topic. Some of our suggestions were:

  • Intergalactic research (Kobey and Seren)
  • Our starry Solar System (Halle and Aila)
  • The universe and how it works (Georgia and Nieve)
  • Sky to space (Lachlan and Ewan).

What do you think of our cool topic names?