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This week in P6CCLJ

It has been a short but busy week in P6CCLJ!

On Tuesday we participated in Level 1 Bikeability. We learned how  to use our brakes properly (Leah).  I like that we got to try new skills on our bike (Cerys).  We ‘M checked’ our bikes to check they work properly (Hayley).

In Maths we divided amounts of money.  We used our times tables skills to help us (Emma).   Some of us have been answering subtraction chimney sums (Hayley),  We had to borrow from the tens column (Ross).

For IDL we have started selling our lollypop reindeers (Alicia).  We will go around classes once a day for pre-orders (Stuart).  We also looked at a road safety PowerPoint and started making Bike Smart posters which have at least 1 rule about how to be safe on a bike (Charlie B).

Enjoy the long weekend and we look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Primary 6, Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs

This week in P6CCLJ

This  is what we have been learning in Primary 6CCLJ.  It was such a busy week last week we didn’t get a chance to complete our blog on Friday!



In writing we continued to draw our illustrations and we wrote the blurbs for our Oliver Twist novels (Charlie B and Beth).



Some of us have been spelling -our words and some spelling -aw words.  To practise our spelling words we have been using a spelling train  (Alicia and Ross).



We used the Blooms orange to create questions about our novels. (Cerys)

We have also been answering predictor questions. (Ross)



We have been learning how to do times tables with amounts of money. (Addison)

Some of us were learning to subtract a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number. (Hayley)



We made an advert and made 200 reindeer lollypops. We went round classes taking pre-orders. (Emma)


Reading Buddies

With our P1 reading buddies we have been reading books from their book bags.  The books we read were Eric Makes a Splash, One Button Benny and I Am Bat.  We used The 3 Sharings to discuss the books.  (Aaron and Andrew K)


Scottish Opera

We started practising our songs for our singing groups.  The groups are the Spaniards, the Jacobites and the Hanoverians.  (Leah)

Our first song was called If The Crown Fits.  (Aaron)

We look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Primary 6, Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs


This Week in P6CCLJ

Here is what we have been learning this week in Primary 6CCLJ.

In Maths we have been working with money and trying to use what we have learned in real world situations like comparing the cost of tickets for two adults and two children versus the cost of a family ticket (Beth). Some of us have been learning to add three digit numbers using chimney sums, partitioning and our mental skills (Ross).

In Writing we have been learning to write persuasive letters. We have written to Mrs Penman to persuade her that our school uniform should be changed (Aaron). Some of us tried to persuade her that P7’s should have a different uniform to the rest of the school to highlight them as the oldest and most responsible people in the school (Addison).

In Reading Miss Ritchie came in again to work on the “three sharings” with us. They are likes and dislikes, patterns and connections and puzzles (Dylan). Next week we are going to share Bookbug books with our primary 1 reading buddies and we are going to use “three sharings” when we talk about the books (Hayley). Some of us have been reading our Rapid Reader books and sharing them with our teachers (Hala).

In IDL we completed our Junior Dragon’s Den business pitches and presented them to Mrs Coons and Mr Mathis (Leah). We had to use good eye contact and speak clearly to our audience (Beth). We then voted and Mrs Coons and Mr Mathis chose the winning product. The Sweet Deers were the winners! (Alicia) Watch out on twitter for our product advert in the next few weeks.

We look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs

This Week in P6CCLJ

Here is what we have been learning this week in Primary 6CCLJ

In Maths some of us have been working with money up to £20 working amounts and change (Aaron). We had to use different strategies to find change including chimney sums and borrowing, and mental strategies. Mrs Coons doesn’t like borrowing. Some of us have been adding two digit numbers (Leah). We have been crossing the ten when writing out our working and doing it mentally.

In Writing we have been composing letters asking for donations for raffle prizes for the Christmas Fayre (Hayley). Our aim was to persuade companies to donate in return for advertising on the Sunnyside Parent Council Facebook page (Charlie B). We all used Clicker 6 for our letters so they looked professional (Addison).

In Reading all our groups have started new books this week. We have all been working on Predictor (Hala & Allana). We had to answer four questions based on the front cover and the blurb (Charlie M). We had to decide what we thought was going to happen.

In IDL we have split into our companies and have been working on our persuasive pitch to try to persuade Mrs Coons to give us her £20 (Ross). We have created a PowerPoint presentation, a script, a design and a prototype in preparation for our pitches (Cerys). Hopefully we can let you know all about our chosen product next week!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs

P.6JDW 26.10.18

This week for IDL we were learning about Victorian hospitals and we were identifying the similarities and differences between Victorian hospitals and modern-day hospitals.  Mrs Devine-Watt set the facts out around the class so it was like a ‘hunt for facts’ game.   (Umar)

In Numeracy we have been learning how to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction.  We had to use our multiplication skills and addition skills to help us.  (Kobey)

In my Numeracy group, we have been using playing cards to play a hundreds, tens and units game.  You get a pile of cards and remove the Kings, Queens, Jacks, Jokers and Tens and then you are left with numbers 1-9.  One player chooses the top card and you decide if you want to place that card in the H, T or U column on your whiteboard.  The aim of the game is to make the largest number and beat player2.  It is lots of fun and I am looking forward to playing it again next week.  (Nathan)

For Reading, my group got a new reading book this week.  First of all, we looked at the front cover and we read the blurb.  We made predictions and shared our ideas with the group.  We then learned about a new reading detective task – Mind Mapper.  To complete this task, we had to read our story then identify the important parts and record these in a mind map.  (Ewan T)

In Drama, we made a little island and we decided on a name for our island and town.  We were given out character cards and we read through a personal profile.  We have to come up with a character name and illustrate our character.  Next week, we will act as our character in an island game.  (Lachlan)

This week in P.6JDW

This week in P.6JDW.

In Maths, we have started to learn about money.  First, we completed our hinge questions which lets Mrs Devine-Watt know what we already know and what learning needs to take place.  Yesterday we learned how to find the total costs of items to £5.00 and today we moved on to finding the total costs to £10.  I was able to complete my tasks because I used my addition skills.  (Ethan)

In Numeracy I was learning how to add 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers.  I partitioned the numbers first then I added the ‘tens’ together then the ‘units’ together and finally added both those answers together.  I also used a number square to help me add.  (Reuben)

In Reading, I read the next few pages of my book ‘The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me’ then I was being the ‘Word Finder’ where I identified unfamiliar vocabulary and then I used a dictionary to find out the meaning.  I recorded this in my jotter.  For example, ‘porcelain’ which means white, hard, shiny ceramic.  (Max)

Today, we recalled our knowledge of how to write a letter and thought about what must be included, for example, an address, postcode and telephone number of the sender.  We planned to write a letter to different companies to ask if they could donate us prizes for our Christmas Fayre raffle.  I completed my plan and I am looking forward to writing my letter next week.  (Logan)

In P.E we were learning to do gymnastics.  We had the ropes and the climbing frame out.  We had to use our muscles and strength to pull ourselves up the rope and then we could make shapes, for example star shapes.  (Nieve)

This week in P6CCLJ

We can’t believe it is already Term 2, and we have already gotten started with so many interesting activities.

In Maths we have been working on changing between mixed numbers and improper fractions (Mia).

The rest of us have been working with hundreds, tens and units and partitioning 3 digit numbers.

In Writing we have been writing descriptive sentences using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs (Leah). Nouns are a place, object, person or thing like table, chair, London or Beth (Beth). Adjectives are describing words like cool, beautiful or hard (Andrew T). Verbs are doing words like, running, walking or sprinting (Aaron). Adverbs describe how you do something like quietly or slowly (Emma). We wrote sentences like “The ocean was calm and the palm trees were swaying lightly.” Can you spot the noun, adjective, verb and adverb in our sentence? (Charlie B)

In Reading some of us have been Character Spotters, which is where you pick a character and choose four adjectives to describe that character. We then chose some text from our book that proves it (Liam). We have been concentrating on reading fluently and not reading like a robot, only one word at a time (Dylan & Cerys).

In IDL we have started our new topic on Enterprise. We will be making things to sell at the Christmas Fayre (Emma). We have been working on deciding on a product that we think we can make lots of and that people will sell (Charlie M). Mrs Coons is giving us £20 and we hope that we will make lots of profit (Corey & Allana).

We look forward to sharing our learning with you again next week! – Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs