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This week in P6CCLJ

This has been a busy week in P6CCLJ, we have been focusing on getting ready for meeting our Primary 1 buddies next week.

In maths we have been investigating 2D shapes (triangles) and 3D objects. We needed to identify and define vertices (Alanna) and other properties, such as faces and edges (Charlie B). When measuring we have also learned to convert mm to cm.

The skills we developed in writing were:

  • Letter writing using word processing, being careful to read and edit.
  • To write a letter we needed to use capital letters and correct punctuation. We needed to use paragraphs to introduce ourselves and explain why we would be a good buddy.

In our IDL time we have been delivering more of our personal talks. To give a successful talk you need to:

  • Good eye contact – Bronik
  • A loud and clear voice – Liam
  • You need to know what you are talking about – Bronik
  • It is good to use props like a Powerpoint as it might help your listener to understand – Cerys.

In PE we have been playing rounders, this takes a lot of skills:

  • Concentration to focus on the ball – Ross.
  • Speed and reflexes to catch and hit the ball – Addison.
  • Good accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination – Ross.

This week in P.6JDW 07.06.19

P.6JDW  07.06.19

In IDL, we have been learning about our sense of sight.  First of all we looked at an image of an eye and we learned the names of the different parts.  We can label the pupil, iris, retina, sclera, eyelid and lacrimal duct.  We then learned about the functions of the eye and how our eyes work to allow us to see.  (Ewan and Jayden)

Everyone in our class has delivered a class talk on a topic of their choice.  We have listened to lots of different topics such as Highland, Dancing, Art, Football etc.  We were learning to speak clearly and make sure our voice was loud enough for the audience to hear.  If you were in the audience you had to listen carefully and then you could ask questions at the end of the talk if you wanted to know more about the topic.  We enjoyed listening to all the talks!  (Seren, Maria and Nathan)

In Maths we have been learning to calculate the area and perimeter of shapes.  We have learned that the area means the amount of space it covers and the perimeter means the total distance around the outside of the shape.  To calculate the area we use the formula A = L x B and to calculate the perimeter we add up the length of each side.  (Josh, Ethan, Sean and Alex)

In P.E we played starter activities and were developing our throwing and catching skills.  Then we used these skills to help us play a game of rounders.  We were also developing our team working skills and trying to work together to play the game properly.  (Georgia and Aila)


This week in P.6JDW

P.6JDW  17.05.19

In P.E we are preparing for the Athletics day.  We have been practising our skills:

  • Throwing
  • Javelin
  • High Jumps
  • Long Jumps

I have been enjoying practising my skills.  (Leon)

In Maths, we have been learning to measure the area of shapes.  Area measures the surface of inside a shape.  We measure regular and irregular shapes by counting the squares inside each shape.  We learned to record the measurement in cm2.  (Leah and Summer)

In Coding, we were learning how to complete a puzzle.  We had to get an object from one area to another.  We had to read a set of instructions and try to create a plan for the object to get to the correct place.  We used our knowledge of position and movement and used functions such as move forwards, backwards, turn left and turn right.  (Ethan and Nieve)

In Writing, we have been typing up a buddy application.  We have been using a word document and we had to set the application out correctly.  We had to include our skills and we had to explain any previous experience we have.  We were using persuasive language to help us be successful in our application because we really want to be a big buddy!  (Martyna)

For Democracy Fortnight we have been making posters and creating speeches.  We are hoping to be elected for one of the committees for next year.   We will be listening to all the speeches next Wednesday and then we will vote on Thursday.   (Alex and Jayden)

This Week in P6CCLJ

In writing we have been writing a persuasive letter to apply to be a Big Buddy. Persuasive words and phrases we have used include ‘as you can see…’ ‘this is why…’, also, because and ‘in addition’.

It is Democracy Fortnight. We are all designing posters and writing speeches to apply for Leadership Roles next year. We also began researching the Scottish Parliament.

In Maths we have been tiling with 2D shapes. We need to make sure there are no gaps or overlapping. For area we have been calculating the area of compound shapes.

In P.E. we have been doing high jump, shot put and javelin. You must not run out when anyone is throwing.

In HWB we have been learning to name emotions, the body sensation and related behaviour.

By Corey, Bronik, Leah and Stuart.

This week in P.6JDW 09.05.19

09.05.19  P.6JDW

In Maths, we started to learn about 3D objects.  We created lots of different 3D objects using cocktail sticks and white tac.  We were learning to count the edges, faces and vertices and we used our models to help us identify the properties.  I made a square based pyramid.  It has 5 vertices, 5 faces and 8 edges. We were learning to identify 2D shapes within 3D objects.  To help us with this, we created 3D objects made from a cardboard net.  Ewan and Seren

This week and next week is Democracy Fortnight.  We learned about democracy, found out what it means and what happens during elections.  We learned about different political parties and research some MP’s.  We worked in groups of 5 and we played a board game, which was fun!  We had to read out a debate and then as a group we had to discuss the statement giving our own opinions.   Ethan

In P.E we have been improving our running skills by running around the playground and picking up bean bags.  If you reached the green bean bag it meant that you were first, yellow for second place and red for third place.   Lachlan

We have been learning when to use full stops and questions marks.  We wrote out sentences and made sure we added either a full stop if it was a statement or a question mark if it was a question.  Nathan

In Writing, we have been learning to write an imaginative story and ensuring that our stories have a beginning, middle and end. I have been using clicker 6 to type my story.  Caleb


This week in P6CCLJ

Primary 6CCLJ have started Democracy Fortnight by looking at what a democracy is. This means that our country is ruled by the people.

Today in Maths we have been making fortune tellers for 2D Shapes (Leah). We have been learning about quadrilaterals and polygons (Ross). We can name and describe trapezium, rhombus, kite, pentagon, parallelogram, octagon and hexagon (Bronik and Beth). With Mrs Cuthbert we have been calculating area (Stuart). We use the formula a = l x b (Beth).

Our IDL topic is the human body (Charlie M). We have been learning about the digestive system (Aaron). We recreated a model of this using cornflakes, bananas and water (Charlie M). Now we know how the oesophagus, stomach, large intestine and small intestine work. Last Thursday we were learning about the nervous system and how our body reacts (Charlie B). We made a human chain to test our reactions (Charlie M).

In Literacy we have been doing spelling rotations (Corey). For writing we wrote an imaginative story after watching a clip called The Present (Dylan). We are trying to include exciting adjectives, plot, connectives, more detail, different types of punctuation, a variety of sentence openers and paragraphs (Charlie B, Dylan, Corey, Aaron, Charlie M).

P.6 Curriculum Newsletter April to June 2019

Primary 6 Curriculum Newsletter

April ~ June 2019


Dear Parent/Carer, 

Below is our focus for this term for different areas of the curriculum. We hope you find this information helpful. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any further help.
Mrs Coons, Mrs Devine-Watt and Mrs Jacobs

Context for Learning  

The Human Body:

  • Identify the bones and joints.
  • Identify the main muscles.
  • Identify the major organs and their purpose.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining the health of our organs and the consequences of neglect/ill health.


  • Explore a variety of non-fiction texts.
  • Find information using the contents page, glossary, captions and index.
  • Write logically sequenced advertisements, using headings, sub-headings and bullet points to organise information.
  • Use persuasive language when writing an application form to apply to be a big buddy.
  • Engage an audience with a clear, logical and structured presentation.
  • Ask and answer related questions.

Numeracy & Mathematics

2D Shape and 3D Objects:

  • Explore a range of 3D objects and 2D shapes and use mathematical language to describe their properties.
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between 3D objects and their nets through practical activities.
  • Draw 2D shapes and make representations of 3D objects.

Length, Perimeter and Area:

  • Measure the length, width and height of objects.
  • Calculate the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes using mm, cm and m.
  • Calculate the area of squares and rectangles using the formula A = L x B.

Health & Wellbeing

Food and Health

  • Have an understanding of food hygiene and safety.
  • Become aware of the food journey process.
  • Prepare and cook a variety of simple foods.


  • To improve and consolidate our performance in Athletics.



This week in P.6JDW

P.6JDW  24.04.19

My Literacy group finished reading the book ‘The Great Glass Elevator’ and we worked in pairs to summarise the story.  We created a poster detailing the main events in the stories, illustrations of characters, descriptions of the characters and descriptions of the settings.  (Aila)

In Maths, my group are learning about 2D shape.  Today, we learned about the pentagon.  A pentagon has 5 straight sides and 5 vertices.  We have also been learning about regular and irregular shapes.  I played a shape game with Seren and Euan.  We all had a board each with lots of different 2D shapes on it, we took turns to roll the dice and whichever shape it landed on, you had to name the shape and then outline the shape on your board.  The winner was the person who was first to outline all the shapes in a row.  (Leon)

In my Maths group, we were learning about the different types of triangles such as scalene, isosceles, equilateral and a right angle.  We have been learning to identify the properties of each triangle:

  • Isosceles – 2 sides of the triangle are the same length
  • Equilateral – all sides are the same length
  • Scalene – all sides are different lengths
  • Right angle – has a 90 degree angle                                            (Georgia)

In P.E we have been learning how to keep fit.  We have been improving our running skills.  We have been completing relay races where we run for a distance and pass on a baton to the next person.

We have been developing our team working skills.  We are improving our listening skills by listening to all people in our team and we are developing our communication skills.  (Alex)

This week in P6CCLJ

In Literacy this week we have been continuing with our rotations, including working on our an and ar joins. We have also explored how punctuation helps our reading and writing make sense.

As a class we have been summarising a chapter of our class novel “Stormbreaker”and creating a Newsflash to share our summaries with the class.

In numeracy we have been learning to use addition and subtraction strategies. We had a choice of hot, mild or spicy and could choose the strategy that worked for us. Some of us chose to use written standard calculations, our mental math skills or partitioning and using number lines. We have tried working with 3-4 digit numbers, decimals and near doubles this week.

In IDL we have started to create models of our martian habitats. To be successful we had to make sure these matched our designs, choose appropriate materials, consider the atmosphere of Mars and justify what we created.

This week in P.6JDW 27.03.19

In Art, we have been learning about visual elements:  line, shape and patterns.  We created a ‘Funky Easter Bunny’ by using our own ideas of line, shape and patterns.  We designed each section of the bunny and we used fine line pens to create a black and white image.  This lesson was amazing and fantastic!  (Caleb and Nieve)

In Numeracy, we have been learning to solve word problems using our addition and subtraction sums.  First we had to read the word problem and then identify if it would be an addition or subtraction sum.  Sometimes we did chimney sums, sometimes we worked the sums out mentally.  (Kobey)

One group in Numeracy have been learning to add and subtract using 2 and 3 digit numbers.  We have been partitioning numbers to help us add and subtract and we also used number lines.  (Martyna)

In RME we continued to look at the 5 Pillars of Islam.  We know the name of each pillar and we learned about the symbol and the meaning of each pillar.  (Ethan)

We have started to learn about Christianity and we have been learning about Easter.  Some Christians celebrate Easter in churches and others celebrate Easter in their homes.  (Sean)

In Reading, we have been learning to identify the most interesting part of the story.  We worked independently to take some notes and then we shared our ideas with the rest of the group.  (Halle)

In Grammar, we have been developing our punctuation skills.  We were given an unpunctuated paragraph and we had to re-write it using capital letters, full stops and commas.  (Maria)

In P.E, we were doing different poses to test our resilience.  One pose, was a press up pose but only your hands could move forward.  When I first tried it, it was challenging but I kept on trying.  (Ewan)