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This Week in P.4/5


This week we learned about similes and made a poster about them. The learned that we had to compare two things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ (Tyler). I enjoyed doing the similes because some of them were funny (Anabia). I like literacy because I like to up level my writing skills (Tyler). On Thursday the P.4s learned how to ask good questions in different ways. We wrote some questions to ask Lydia from our class novel then used ‘hot seating’ to ask the questions (Lewis).

Numeracy and Maths

In numeracy we started our 6 times table (Eilidh H). We used cubes to work out the 6 times table facts and drew pictures of the facts to help us (William).  We started working on measure in maths. We used a trundle wheel, metre stick , tape measure and ruler then we measured and drew lines with a ruler (Eilidh H).

IDL – Finishing learning about China

We have finished our IDL about China. We tasted some foods from China this week (Ben). We tried different foods like sweet and sour noodles and plain noodles, fried rice, Chinese leaf and beansprouts. My favourite was the sweet and sour noodles (Innes).

IDL – The Apprentice

We started learning about the TV programme called The Apprentice. We were put into teams and our IDL is all going to be about completing tasks with our team. We had to make a team name and a team logo. Our team name is called Child Company and our design is of three kids saying, “wow Child Company is a great place.” (Mac).


Eilidh H won an award at her dancing as a rising star. We are very proud of her. We have more marathon winners this week with Charlie and Ben getting their second marathon. What fit and healthy boys!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog. Have a great weekend!


This week in Primary 5/6 TG

Our timetable has changed a bit so our class blog day is moving too.

Class Assembly

Next week Friday we will be presenting our class assembly in the gym at 9:15am. We hope to see you there.

We have chosen our songs and begun to learn them. A lot of our time this week has been used to plan and organise our assembly.


We had a chance to play comprehension board games this week. We worked in our reading groups to play using our knowledge of context clues and inference.

In Literacy rounds this week we had a chance to answer questions in the role of a character from our reading book, we got creative when learning our new spelling rules and wrote a book review about a book we have finished reading it could have been a chill, challenge or core book. In our final station we used interesting adjectives and conjunctions to up-level a sentence.


We continued our learning in Multiplication.  Some of us used arrays to explore the concept of  multiplication. We checked our understanding of multiplying by multiples of 10.  We explored how we can use our knowledge of doubling and halving to work out double digit times tables.

Health and Wellbeing

We have had many people in our class completing their daily mile marathons. It can be harder to get out on rainy days but we have continued to work hard towards our goal of having the whole class achieve their first marathon.


We continued to work on our sequences in the gym using the equipment in the gym hall. We use our Thursday time to practice the floor routines.


This week we went over our greetings and asked and answered How are you? We have now learned the numbers to 12 and practiced these with a grouping game in the classroom – it got very competitive. We had a great time and now look forward to our time with Mrs Coons each week.


This Week in P5JS

We have had a fantastic week!


We were practicing our spelling on spelling city, this was the first time we used this. We were also learning about the features of newspapers We have worked hard to create catchy headlines using alliteration.


On Thursday we did a Halloween maths problem. We had to figure out who swapped the chocolate frogs for real frogs (Sean). We had to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, rounding and our knowledge of time to work out the clues (Jackson). We all worked really well together in our teams (Ben). We had to use literacy skills to re position the words so that the clues made sense.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE we were learning to use strength in our moves (Abbey).  I liked the climbing frame because I like to climb on it (Anika). I liked the climbing frame because it requires a lot of strength (Nathaniel).


In IDL we worked in groups to create a powerpoint, video or poster to present to the class (Liam). We shared our ‘Climate Change’ presentations with the class (Danny).


In German we were learning how to have a simple conversation (Layla, Erin).  We were learning to say ‘How are you?’ and different answers and emotions (Michael).


In music we joined P4/5 and P5/6. We were learning to sing ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. We also learned some Makaton signs to go along with this (Marilena). We all loved it (Aimee).


Miss Smith is extremely proud of everyone in P5JS for all their hard work this week. Well done P5!

This Week in P5/6 TG

Another week has passed, with lots of excitement and learning!

Literacy  This week we received our new bookmarks, these help us identify chill books, challenge books and our core reading books. We bring these home everyday so we always have something to read.

We used our Grammar Lapbooks for the first time this week – we used our skimming and scanning skills to find different kinds of words that we can then use in  our writing.

Numeracy  This week we have continued to learn about multiplication. We also extended our understanding of number to include decimal numbers – we still need to work on this although we are much more confident this week.

Max in Class  We had our final session this week and were sad to say good-bye to Amanda and Mary. We spent much of the lesson acting in character as part of the village Adventure – we enjoyed pretending to be adults and having a debate. Mary was very impressed with the way we spoke and how considerate we were of each other.  We had to discuss whether we would choose to make the whole village fitter, a healthy weight or happier. At the end of the discussion we voted and decided to make the village fitter because we thought that fitter people would be happier and have a healthier weight.

Chanter This week we met our instructors and were measured to see what size of chanter would be best.  Once we have our chanters we will also get a letter  for parents to sign so that we can bring it home to practice.

Assembly  Our class assembly is on Friday 15th of November and we have begun preparations. Look out for invites and further information next week when rehearsals will begin.

PE This week we demonstrated our skills to each other in Gymnastics, our skills included rolls, cartwheels, splits, bridges, handsprings and balances. We are work hard to link our movements in sequences.

Next week is Snapshot week, we look forward to sharing our work with you!

This week in P.4/5

We have been busy as always this week.


This week we finished our In the Jungle stories and edited our work on Clicker 6. There were a lot of jungle animals in all the stories and Miss Belford enjoyed reading them. We did some more work on The Tear Thief and located different verbs from the text. It helped us to understand what the tear thief was like.  We tried whisper reading with the whole class this week and some of us are really improving our fluency and expression.

Numeracy and Maths

In maths we finished up on working on positional language. We have begun working with materials to understand how to learn our multiplication and division facts. Anabia was filmed on a timelapse video counting out her cubes. We posted this on Twitter, have a look at her speedy work!


We are finishing up our IDL on China and this week put together a dance sequence with all our knowledge of Chinese dragons and what they represented.


Have a good weekend,


This week in P5JS

We’ve had a busy first week back in P5JS.


In literacy we have been doing rotations. In our rotations we have been learning about homophones and verbs. In writing we were writing about teacher trouble(Marilena) We all enjoyed it (Aimee). We were writing about our monsters Lowly, Thunder, GiGi and Rico (Amelia).


In numeracy, we have been learning about patterns with Miss Allan. I liked the construction materials (Michael). With Miss Smith we have been learning subtraction strategies. I enjoyed working with the counting stick (Thomas). I like using new strategies (Abbey).

Health and Wellbeing

In HWB we set ourselves goals to achieve by the end of the term (Colton). Have a look at our school’s twitter to see our fabulous goals (Ben).


In IDL we have been learning about climate change and different solutions. We used our research skills to find facts and making a poster, video or power point to present this information (Nathaniel).


In PE we have been learning gymnastics. We were learning how to be safe with the equipment and have been practicing new skills (Nathaniel).

Have a good weekend! Miss Smith



This week in P5/6 TG

we have returned from a week of raring to go. It’s been a busy week continuing previous work and looking forward to another busy term.


This week we wrote our final newspaper pieces linked to Holes – we wrote about Stanley Yelnats the 3rd finding the cure for smelly feet!

We have been working hard to extend our vocabulary and to use context clues to work out the meaning of new words – we found out about some unusual phobias.


We have continues our journey into understanding numbers and multiplication. We have explored tenths and hundredths and worked with multiplying number by 10 and 100 – some of us even had a go at 1000.

Health and Wellbeing

In Max in the Class we practised a game called coconuts which was really hard and got really fast. Then we designed our own Scottish Island and named it Sunseeker Island, it included landscape features of mountains, trees, a river, fish in the sea, a loch an extinct volcano and a spectacular cave in the mountains. Finally we added a town called Adventure. We have each been given a character to play as part of this town and have spent time this week developing pictures of our characters.


This week we started our Gymnastics block, on Mondays we use the equipment in the gym – we were excited to use the climbing frames, ropes and springboard again. On Thursdays we will work our floor skills including make shapes, bends and stretches.


We had Mrs Coons in this week and learned a simple conversation in German. We have been practising saying Thank You in German – as us how…


We are looking forward to beginning our Chanter sessions with Mr Tannock next week.  He will measure us for our chanter and introduce us to the instrument.

Daily Mile

Ms Grossert is super impressed that we nearly all run nearly all of our daily mile time. More marathons will be completed soon!

This week in P.4/5

We hope everyone had a good week on holiday. We have kick started this week with lots of busy activities!


We were reading a new picture book called The Tear Thief. We predicted the story from looking at the pictures and wrote our ideas on a post-it note (Jamie). My blue note said it was about a thief who steals tears (Michael).  We practised our handwriting this week and worked on the letters that go beneath the line (Jamie).  We worked on our literacy rotations this week and worked on our spelling with Miss Belford (Anabia). The P.4s also made a mind map of our book Thief.


We have been learning positional language. We used our left and right to make turns (Lewis). We worked outside to do some of our maths. We directed people to make different journeys (Tyler).  We had to use our compass points of North, South, East and West (Anabia). We also had to work out which turns went clockwise and anti-clockwise. We learned the amount of degrees to turn too (Tyler).


This week we learned about a person called Malala and how she came from Pakistan. There were rules that forbid her from going to school. Malala wasn’t even allowed to watch TV  (Mac). She wanted an education so kept going to school but the Taliban shot her in the head (Lewis).  She was moved to England for treatment (Anabia). She fights for the rights of girls to get an education throughout the world (Tyler).


This week the P.5s went to Miss Grossert’s class to learn some German. We have a challenge this week to say thank you and goodbye as often as we can (Rebekah). We also learned how to say how are you? and learned how to reply to that (Eilidh H).


Other achievements

We had lots of marathon winners this week who have managed to run / walk 26 miles since the start of the school year! Ben made it onto the black team in his football training.  Michael tried out karate at lunchtime last week and got a certificate.


We hope you have a nice weekend, P.4/5.

Learning Journals – Parent/Carer Workshop 21st October 2019.

Learning Journals are a secure online reporting system that we use at Sunnyside Primary, we would like to invite any parents/carers to our workshops tonight, Monday 21st October 2019, at 3.15 and 5pm.

These workshops aim to:

  • Ensure you have access to Learning Journals.
  • Share how you can review and comment on observations.
  • Clarify how the school uses these throughout the session.
  • Share how to upload your own observations of wider acheivement.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.

If you cannot make these we have also updated our Learning Journal FAQ’s – available here:

This week in P5/6 TG

It has been a busy final week and we are all looking forward to a short rest before the start of our next term.

Literacy: This week we extended our peer assessment skills by giving feedback to eachother about our daily writing tasks. We worked on using the context of a word to work out what it means, we used plickers cards to pick an answer and found words to fit in a sentence.  This week we learned the words diverse, lighthearted and innovative. Jaxon’s favourite word was lighthearted because it means happy and Eray’s was diverse because we are all different.

Numeracy:This week we started to look at multiplication as repeated addition.  We also discovered a website that can help us at home with maths, it’s called, I feel excited to use it at home. Megan

Health and Wellbeing: This week we had some P5’s join us for two short lessons that introduced the Menstrual Cycle.  We will get more lessons on this later in the year but for now we know what a girl can do if she starts her period in school.

During Max in the class we acted out a story where an old lady dropped her wallet. Each group had a different ending to make up and act out. Brooke

Amanda introduced a new game called coconuts, we counted up to seven but we had to say coconuts instead of seven – it was fun! Emma

PE: On Thursday it was our last basketball session and next  term we begin gymnastics!

Music: Next term we will all start chanter lessons, this is a programme  that the P6 classes did last year and we are looking forward to it.

RME: This week we did an aboriginal style painting  after learning about the Aboriginal Creation Story. It was fun but a challenging style of art. Brandyn

French: We practised writing out the numbers in French, I liked it because it’s nice to learn a new language.

German: Mrs Coons came into the class and spoke to us in German, we managed to work out some of the words. It was our first lesson and we enjoyed trying to figure out the new language, we are already looking forward to more lessons next term.