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This week in P4/5EG

We’ve had a fun week this week!


Today we done game stations in numeracy (Keira). Our games let us practice addition and subtraction, rounding, division and symmetry (Danny and Eray).

We completed our addition and subtraction hinge question this week (Jaxon). We then started to learn about co-ordinates (Megan). We learnt how to lay out a co- ordinates grid (Danny). We also learnt how to read along a y axis and x axis (Brandyn).


This week we wrote a story about the man on the moon (Brooke). We watched the man on the moon advert (Emma). Then we planned our stories, our plans included the eight key events and how we thought the characters were feeling (Alexandra).

We left our class novel on a dramatic cliff hanger, then we predicted what was going to happen next in the story (Ruvimbo).


This week we went on a trip to Camera Obscura! We went on a coach to get to our trip (Marcus).  While we were there we went through the mirror maze (Erin). We also went through a vortex tunnel (Marcus). We got to go to the top to the Obscura and spy on people in Edinburgh (Megan). One final thing we done was go on the roof terrace, we used binoculars to look at the Christmas market and Edinburgh castle (Eray).

Today we sang the cake and carols event, we were nervous but it was fun (Brandyn).

Thank you for reading our blog,

Haris  (P4/5’s digit leader) and P4/5EG.

This Week in P5AB

We had a very full week this week and even found time to fit in a school trip.


In writing, we wrote a story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity. It had been a Christmas advert a few years ago so we watched it and retold the story to it (Michael). When planning our story, we created a planner that told the main events in the story. We watched the advert a few times to remember the order of the events and picked out 8 main ideas (Sophie). Our success criteria included 3 emotions, 3 WOW words and 3 movements per paragraph (Grace).  The advert was originally a Sainsbury’s one and we hope they would be happy with our stories (Scott S).


We were learning about co-rdinates this week. You often find them on maps (Adam). We drew a 10 x 10 co-ordinates grid then a 15 x 16 grid then a 8 x 14 grid to mark co-ordinate points (Lily). Once we understood how to read co-ordinates and plot points, we followed a set of instructions to make a picture using co-ordinate points (Jorja).

IDL – School Trip – Camera Obscura

On Wednesday we went on a school trip to Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. The building was a big tower with 6 floors (Leah). We started on level 4 and saw hologram pictures.  One of the items was a hologram of sweets and when you tried to pick them up, you couldn’t (Karis). There was a fake fruit bowl on top of a cube covered in mirrors. You could put your head through it and it looked like your head was on the plate but your body disappeared behind the mirrors (Lily). On floor 5 there were lots of electric items. There was a green wall that we stood in front of and pressed a button. When it flashed, our silhouettes remained on the wall. When we got up to the camera obscura we saw the streets around central Edinburgh and got shown a trick where you could pick up people with a piece of card (Airingas). On floor 3 there were CCTV cameras and we could move them around so that we could spy on people in Edinburgh (Grace).  There was a room we went in to show us how hot or cold we were. The hottest parts were pink and red and colder parts were blue and green (Sophie). Finally on floor 2  there was a mirror maze. We had to wear plastic gloves so we didn’t mark the mirrors and it was hard to find a way out (Jack). We went through a tunnel to cross a bridge but the tunnel was spinning, making us think we were moving. It was really hard to walk through and I fell over lots (Karis).

We had so much fun on our trip and would recommend it to anyone else.




Grace and Rebecca represented our school at the First Lego League competition and we are so proud that they returned to school with a trophey.

At judo, Sophie got her red belt with a black stripe on it. She is working hard on her next belt.

Leon and his cousin have been working hard to build a Lego set with 1000 pieces. It is finally finished!



This week in P5AB

In Literacy we have been learning to retell an imaginary story including 3 movements, 3 colours and 3 feelings for each paragraph, to engage the reader. (Lily, Scott S & Airingus).  During Paired reading this week we completed the 3 sharings with our buddies to discuss the shared text. (Lewis H)

In Numeracy this week we have been learning subtraction and when to borrow using chimney sums. (Kimberly)

During P.E. we were learning to follow the rules of a game and show good sportsmanship. (Ollie) On Monday we learned new Christmas Dances for our Christmas Party.  (Karis)  Ask us to show you our dances at home!

We have been learning how to play Jingle Bells on the recorder.  It can be tricky to remember what notes to play and where to put your fingers at the right time. (Caiden)  We have learned to play note C this week and have now moved on to the second verse of Jingle bells. (Sophie)  We are improving our boom Whacker skills by including bass and melody. (Grace)

Look at our achievements this week!

I completed my Judo Grading and got my Red belt with a black stripe. (Sophie)

I passed my dancing exam at the weekend and feel very proud of myself. (Scott S)

I got player of the month in my football team, Alloa Wasps. (Lewis  H)

Congratulations to Lewis K and Josh who earned Superstar Certificates at today’s Assembly.




This week in P4/5EG

We have had an interesting week!


We have continued our learning about subtraction (Aaron). We have been learning to use written sums to help us subtract (Jaxon). This week we have learned how to subtract in thousands (Lacie). We have also been learning to borrow and carry over numbers (Sophie). Jonathin has been using number spinners to make add and take away sums. We have also been using play dough to create our own sums (Brandyn).

This week we also learned about acute, obtuse and right angles (Jaxon).


This week we have been learning about ‘The Mouse for Sale’, we have been discussing why the character was alone and how the character feels (Haris).

This week we wrote a story, the title was ‘The Snowman’ (Megan). We watched a clip and recorded the key events in our picture plans (Emma). We then wrote our story, we were to include how the character was feeling (Danny). Alexandra completed spicy and included 6 feelings in her story.

We also read a text and answered questions about Scottish landscape (Haris). Ruvimbo remembers that a river starts at the top of a hill. Brooke remembers that Loch Ness is the most famous Loch in Scotland. Eray knows that Loch Ness holds more water than all of the Lakes in England and Wales combined. Sophie remembers that Scotland has over 790 Islands, but only 95 are inhabited.


We watched a video about how sound travels, Eray now knows that sound travels slowest through a gas. We tried to make rice move using sound (a speaker), however our experiment did not work! (Ruvimbo). But we were used our growth mindset.

We have been working really hard to practice our songs for cakes and carols (Danny). Alaa enjoys singing with Miss Belfords class.

Thank you for reading out blog!

P4/5 and Miss Gordon.

This week in P.5AB

It has been a short week this week due to the two In Service days but we have managed to do quite a lot in the 3 days.


We have been writing a story about a storm. We picked our success criteria based on what we had achieved in the last story called the footprint (Kaiden). I had to work on putting full stops at the end of a sentence and I got better at that this time (Caiden). We all started our story with the same opening line and had to write the beginning of the story in paragraph 1. Some of use got onto the middle part of the story too (Scott S).


We have returned to our work on column addition. On Monday everyone was working on the same task (Grace). On Tuesday we picked a harder or easier task. Some of us got onto adding three sets of numbers together (Kaiden).


We were working on the ipads to take time lapse photography (Josh).  We chose to draw, make Hama Beads, build Lego or something else and our partner filmed in in the time lapse tool (Michael). Time lapse photography works best with slow movements as it speeds the film up (Lily).

House Meeting

At our House Meeting this week we practised our House Chants (Leon).  In Inglewood House, we scored ourselves out of 10 for how confident we felt. In Ochil House, we were trying to come up with actions to go along with our chant (Scott M). We also watched a mindfulness film from Youtube and felt relaxed (Aleena).


Airingas is a new person in our class and we welcomed him to Sunnyside on Tuesday. He managed to do a double back flip on the trampoline at home – great gymnastics skills! Josh is also trying hard in school gymnastics and is trying to do a back flip on the mats.


Thanks for reading about our week! Have a great long weekend!

This week in P4/5EG

It’s been a short week for P4/5! We have still worked very hard…

In Literacy we wrote about a time machine that took us back to the time of Dinosaurs.  I was taken back in time by a Dinosaur I found in an attic – Kacyleigh.  I traveled through a sparkly door in the basement after I remembered where I had seen the key – Haris. I found a sparkly red portal when I was looking for a sled to play in the snow – Ruvimbo.

We read a dramatic part of our class novel. I felt surprised when Lydia thought about stealing the trophy, I wasn’t expecting that – Alexandra. I felt sorry for Lydia when people started accusing her because I knew it wasn’t true- Lacie. I feel excited to carry on with the story, I want to know what happens next – Kelsi.

In Numeracy we have continued to learn how to use written methods to subtract. I feel quite confident about this, I am looking forward to more complicated calculations next week – Hassan. I’m still finding this a little tricky, I will practice more calculations next week – Jodie.

In IDL we have been learning about sound and how it travels. We watched a couple of videos and made string and cup telephones.  They worked but the voices sounded different – Jaxon. It was quite fun, I wasn’t expecting the phones to work but they did  – Kacyleigh.

Yesterday was our last Gymnastics session in PE.  We have learned to complete inverted moves – Haris. I had to work really hard but I didn’t give up and now I can do an inverted move – Sophie. I am now more confident using the frame  – Eray.

In French we have learned to name family members.

Next week we are looking forward to beginning Christmas celebrations at the School Fayre on Thursday night.