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This week in P4/5EG

We have had a fun week (Brooke).


This week was our class assembly, we began by having a dress rehearsal in the hall, our reading buddies from P2CF came to watch us (Emma). We then preformed our class assembly to the P3-7s and our parents and carers (Hassan). Danny thinks doing the assembly was fun. Jodie thinks doing the assembly was frightening. We had some trouble with our microphones, but we all used our growth mindset and didn’t give up!

We voted for our top 3 favorite dresses to show at our assembly (Hassan). We also learned what they different parts of a castle are and what they are used for. We looked closely at different Scottish castles using google earth, we then planned how we would build a castle out of loose parts (Haris). We drew a labelled diagram to help us build our loose parts castle after the February break (Jodie).


On Wednesday we researched Nelson Mandela on the internet and took notes (keira). We used our notes to create power points.

We read out our diary entries from last week and voted for the ones we wanted to include in our assembly (Emma).  We also wrote a cold piece, the title of our story was ‘The Jungle’ (Erin). We had to include at least 5 descriptive words or phrases (Ruvimbo).

During circle time this we read a story called ‘Dogger’. We then completed a 3 sharings about the story (Haris). We were able to make lots of connections with the story and spoke about how they main character was feeling.


On Wednesday we continued our work on compass points (Khloe). We completed a text book page. Some people looked at 4 point compasses and some looked at 8 point compasses (Jaxon).

This week we went outside for a  math lesson, we were learning about measure (Alexandra). When we were outside we measured different things in the playground. Jonathin measured sticks, leafs and some of the trim trail.

We have also been learning how to calculate the perimeter (Lacie). We now know to calculate the perimeter you need to use a ruler to measure each side of the shape and then add up the length of each side (Haris).

We hope you have a lovely February break!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.




This Week In P.5AB

It has been a quick term and we have been working hard to fit as many things in as possible.


We have been writing an imaginative story called ‘In The Jungle’ (Grace). One of our success criteria was to include at least 5 descriptive words or phrases and I thought I managed that (Stephanie).

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have started some work on measurement. We were measuring how long different shapes and lines were with a ruler (Michael). We worked on a textbook and chose from a MILD, HOT or SPICY task (Caiden). Today we looked at different shapes and calculated the measurements in mm, cm or m (Ava).  We learned that the perimeter of the shape is the measurement round the outside (Leon).

IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

This week we learned about the different castles that Mary Queen of Scots hid in before moving to France. They were Stirling Castle, Inchmahome Priory and Dumbarton Castle (Jorja). We also learned about the different features of a castle. We will be using loose parts to create our own castles and this week we designed what they would look like (Aleena).


We learned 3 new songs on the boomwhackers. We learned a song from Moana and Rio and a pop song called Rolling in the Deep (Lily).  We learned two new notes on the recorder and practised low D and E to the song ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ (Kimberley).


We have been learning skills in badminton then progressed on to using those same skills in tennis (Rebecca).  I learned that if you hit the ball too hard, it went too far so I had to hit it more softly (Ava).  To serve the ball I had to hold it up and drop it carefully (Ollie).  I learned that you had to get the power just right in order to hit it well (Josh).


Ollie learned how to play new music on the piano this week. Lily, Rebecca and Mirren have been learning the sword dance at highland dancing while Ava learned how to do the highland fling. Leon has been able to do a backflip as a gymnastic move while Airingas learned how to do a forward flip on the grass. Sophie, Ava and Rebecca represented our school brilliantly at Gymfest last weekend and we are so proud of them.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a great weekend.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had an interesting week (Lacie).


This week we have all moved on to duration (Kacyleigh). We learned that duration is how long an event lasts (Brooke). We learned how to calculate duration (Jaxon).

We used clocks to help us, we put the start time on the clock and counted on in five minute intervals until the finish time (Eray).

We have also been learning about compass points, we learned the 8 compass points (Jaxon).



This week we wrote directions from the school playground to Alloa library (Brooke).  We used google maps to show us the route and help us think about the directions (Aaron). We are going to use the directions we wrote to help us walk from the school to the library (Emma).

We wrote a diary entry, we pretended to be Mary Queen of Scots (Emma). We wrote about how Mary would be feeling on her trip back to Scotland from France (Hassan).

We have been working on our note taking skills this week, we watched a short video about Gandhi and took notes. We then used the notes to create a power point (Eray).


Yesterday we made our own dress’s with fabric for our assembly (Megan).  The dresses were creations that could have been presented to Mary queen of Scots (Jaxon).

We have also been practicing our lines for our class assembly (Hassan). We also added drama into our assembly (Jaxon). We have included a coronation in our assembly (Danny).

We hope you have a nice weekend!

P4/5EG and Haris.

This week in P.5AB

We have had a very full week of learning in P.5. We were rehearsing for our class assembly and showcased our work this morning. P.5AB made their teacher the proudest teacher in Clacks today with their performance. We are really grateful for all the families who came to see us this morning and who came back up to the classroom to see more of our work.


We have been learning how to do imaginary writing (Airingas). In literacy we have been making stories titled ‘In the Jungle’ (Scott M). We have to remember capital letters, full stops and to correct our work (Caiden B).

Numeracy and Maths

This week we tried out stations about time, we played dominoes, ipads and whiteboards to problem-solve (Grace). All the groups have been problem-solving in written questions (Stephanie).


We put on an assembly and lots of people liked it (Lewis K). We used different instruments to make it better (Josh). We had three recorder songs (Ollie). We also used boomwhachers for Ghostbusters, Paris and Tetris, and the xylophones for Ghostbusters (Jack).


We found out that the Queen Mary ship was named after Mary of Teck (Jorja). On Wednesday we made dresses for Mary Queen of Scots out of fabrics (Rebecca).  We made crowns out of modroc (Ava). We learned a rhyme for what happened to Henry the Eighth’s wives (Sophie).

Our learning environment

We talked about respect for everyone and hard work (Lewis H). We reflected on our environment and what things make a good learning environment (Scott S).


I learned some new moves in wrestling (Caiden).  I learned some new moves at taekwondo (Scott M).

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope you have a good weekend!

This week in P4/5EG

We have had an awesome week (Megan).


This week we have continued our work on instructions. We made iced biscuits (Keira), we took notes on what instructions you need to follow to make them.

We then went onto writing instructions (Danny), we had to make sure they were in chronological order (Jaxon). We learned that chronological order means in the order in which things happen (Danny).


We used gold paint, gems and glitter to decorate our crowns (Sophie). We learned that Mary Queen of Scots was crowned when she was a few months old (Eray).

This week we were given our line for our class assembly, our assembly will let us share all our knowledge about Mary Queen of Scots with parents and carers (Eray).

We also learned that when Mary was fleeing from Scotland to France she hid in 3 places (Ruvimbo). We know she hid at Stirling castle, Inchmahome Priory and Dumbarton Castle (Ruvimbo). We created our own drawings of the castles and painted them with watercolors (Khloe and Erin).


The publishers were writing about what their favourite part of their reading book is and why (Haris). The Illustrators were being question masters, writing questions about their group reading book (Emma).

On Monday visitors came to see our learning in reading (Haris). We were talking about the black dog and trying to prove how the characters in the story were feeling. We looked closely at facial expression and the word choice of the author (Haris). Later in the week we predicted what would happen next in the Black dog (Haris).


This week we have continued our work on time. The hot group have been playing a time board game where you need to read the time out accurately (Aaron). The hot group were learning about 5 minute intervals this week (Brandyn).

The spicy group were learning about 24 hour time (Kelsi). They converted 12 hour times into 24 hour times (Kelsi). We had to look carefully at whether a time was AM or PM.

The mild group completed some new learning this week, they learned about quarter to times (Jaxon).

Congratulations to Jonathin, our burns poem finalist, we look forward to hearing your poem at assembly on Tuesday!

Thank you for reading our blog, P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P.5AB

We have been busy learning lots of things this week and working out what to say in our upcoming assembly on Friday 1st February at 9:15am. We would love to see Parents / Carers at our assembly and hope you got your tickets earlier in the week.


We were making instructions titled ‘How to make iced biscuits’, using bossy (Jack) and time connectives  (Adam).  We had the chance to ice biscuits and eat them before writing our instructions (Jack).

We made predictions by looking at the text the ‘tear’ thief (Scott M). We read the story and were able to prove if our predictions were right or wrong. We found out that tear thief stole tears from the crying children (Michael).  The tears were more valuable than diamonds (Caiden).


We were playing dominoes. We were also learning about 24 hour clock and 12 digital clock (Airginas).

Art and Design:

In photography we were doing light trace photography, for this we needed a dark room, and we made patterns with  lights whilst Miss Belford took photographs (Rebecca).  We were doing pictures of thirds outside with a partner using ipads  (Stephanie).



This week in music we played boomwhackers, recorders and ‘true colours’  in makaton signing (Jorja).  We have been prepared for assembly using all of these instruments (Grace).  We practised ‘hot cross buns’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’ for recorders (Lily).




In P.E. we have being doing badminton with partners, we have also been learning how to practise backwards hits with the rackets (Karis).





This week in P4/5EG

We have had a amazing week (Aaron).


On Monday we made play dough pizza (Sophie). We followed a recipe and used he correct ingredients to make our own play dough,  After that we wrote instructions that would help someone to make play dough.

On Wednesday we watched our last animated short, called fright lite. We wrote about what made the boy in the clip scared and then about how he was brave (Jaxon). We also done 3 sharings about the clip. We liked how the boy was brave and saved his teddy (Ruvimbo).

We read ‘The smartest giant in town’ and discussed how the characters feel (Haris). We looked at the characters facial expressions and the word choice of the author to help us discover how the characters in the story felt (Aaron).


This week we learned about Mary Queen of Scots early life (Haris). We learned that she was crowned when she was only a baby (Danny). On Monday we made planned how we would make our own crowns in our groups (Haris). Then we measured our heads to find out what size they are, we used the measurement to help us cut enough card to make our own crowns (Emma).


This week we have been learning how to read and draw time on an analogue clock (Jaxon). Some groups were learning about o’clock, half past and quarter past times while other groups were looking at times to 1 minute intervals.

The mild group have been challenging each other, working in pairs. One person showed a time on an analogue clock, the other person had to write the time on a whiteboard (Jodie). Jonathin found this a bit tricky, but he kept trying.

The spicy group began looking at 24 hour time this week (Megan). We learned that 24 hour times are PM times (Danny). We also learned that if you add 12 to the hour, it becomes the 24 hour time, for example; 1 o’clock becomes 13:00 (Ruvimbo).


Thank you for reading our blog!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P.5AB

We have been working well in Primary 5 this week. We have started preparing our class assembly on 1st February.


This week we wrote a set of instructions on how to make a playdough model (Kimberley). We had to include a goal, the ingredients, the steps had to be in chronological order, use bossy verbs and time openers (Sophie). Later in the week we made some playdough. We got a choice of pink or blue colouring and I chose blue (Karis). We got to mix it up with our hands and then we enjoyed playing with it (Leah).

Numeracy and Maths

We are still learning to tell the time at 5 minute intervals (John). We played a few time games as a starter activity and my favourite was the pairs game (Adam). We did a warm up with Miss Gallagher on rounding numbers to the nearest 10 one day then the nearest 100 then the nearest 1000 (Lewis H).

Expressive Arts

We have been practising playing the boomwhackers to pieces of music (Lewis K).  We also took our recorders back out and were learning 3 new songs. One was called Hot Cross Buns (Jack).  The others were called Mary Had A Little Lamb (Lewis K). The last one was called Au Clair De La Lune (Aleena).


We have been learning badminton skills in PE this week (Michael). We did different stations to practise our skills. One of them was catching throwing and catching the shuttlecock to improve our hand-eye co-ordination (Caiden). One of the stations was serving the shuttlecock on the badminton raquet to hit a cone (Scott M).

We hope you all have a fun weekend!