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This week in P5JS.

We have had another great week in P5JS.

In Literacy we have continued to read our book holes (Jackson). We designed character cards for the characters in Holes. We had to write down at least 2 things about the characters and draw a picture (Anika). We also began to write down words that describe camp green lake onto a sensory map (Ciaran).

In Numeracy, we were learning to tell one minute intervals and 5 minute interval times (Lilli). We discussed different words for ‘multiply’ and different methods to help us (Ben).

In Health  and Wellbeing we designed our own learning pits (Layla). We continued to learn different parts of SHANARRI. This week we learned about being Active, we did different exercises such as the plank, star jumps and dancing (Marilena).

In IDL, we started to explore some of our big questions (John-William). I learned that the earth has tectonic plates (Michael). I look forward to exploring this further with P5.

It was lovely to get the chance to meet some parents during our ‘meet the teacher’ event on Wednesday. Miss Smith.



This Week in P5/6 TG


We finished the book Holes in round about two or three weeks.  People in our class loved the book holes and found out that there is another book about holes that is called small steps. Our new class novel is called “The Parents agency”. We are really excited to read our new class novel.

The word of the day for today is humiliated and yesterdays word was flawless. We have been trying to use these new words in our writing.


We are working on addition strategies, most of us have been applying doubling to add two and three digit numbers. We worked in stations and some groups also done Education City.


We started a new project called Max in the Class. We did a game called energy ball, In the energy ball game Mary got a invisible ball and you had to catch the ball. Another game called Tiger Tiger Tiger, what you do in Tiger Tiger Tiger is that a person goes in the middle of the circle and the person in the middle had to pick a person and say it fast three times and if the person says the name quicker then the person in the middle stays in the middle. To make the game harder we got a bean bag and pass it to the person next to you.


In PE we are still continuing basketball. People in the class really liked it, we are now playing in small games.


This week in music we listened to music and guessed the genre, we made notes about lots of different genres and picked our favourite, we now need to find the name of two artists or our favourite genre.


In French we learned about the French Flag, we revised our numbers and learned more greetings.

Class Blog written by class members and recorded by Haris.


This week in P.4/5

We have had a very full week of learning this week.


This week we were using the picture book The Snail and the Whale. I drew some pictures of the main ideas. The snail wanted to sail the world (Mac). We started our literacy rotations. There was a reading station, handwriting station, a grammar station and a chill books station (Charlie).


Numeracy and Maths

In maths today we had to solve problems to work out a number (Amy J). We had different sheets and had to follow the clues to score out the numbers that weren’t relevant until we found the correct answer (Eilidh H). In the SPICY group we made a poster showing the rules of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 (Williiam). I enjoyed making the poster because I have never done that in maths before (Eilidh H). IN the HOT group we were learning to round our numbers to the nearest 100 (Amy M). We also had a chance to use the ipads to play Education City games (Ben).


In IDL we have been adding more to our lapbooks. Did you know that the Great Wall of China is over 13,000 miles? (Tyler). It is the longest wall in the world (Anabia).  We were using the ipads to take videos for practise because next week we are going to record ourselves making a travel guide about China (Tyler). We also watched a video about the Chinese dragon and learned about the history of that story.


In PE we have been doing basketball and benchball. I thought it was very fun because we had to work as a team (Jamie). I improved my team working skills and had fun at the same time (Grace). When I was playing benchball I caught the ball 7 times! (Rebekah)


Thank you to all the families who came to the Parents Information Evening, it was lovely to see you all. Have a good weekend! P.4/5

This week in P5JS

We have had another great week in P5JS!

In literacy, we have continued to read our class novel ‘Holes’. We are using the text to describe and draw the characters (John-William). On Wednesday we created our own monsters to follow us in our writing stories (Danny). My Monster is called Skull and he is a ghost pumpkin (Erin). In Numeracy, we have continued to learn about time (Ciaran).

In HWB we explored the ‘Learning Pit’. We are going to make our own next week.

This Week in P5/6 TG


The story that we wrote this week was called ” Favourite Places ” The story was about a place where you really loved to go to. People had choice to write anywhere that we loved to go to. People really enjoyed to write about the favourite places.

We have continued to read our class novel called ” Holes .” We completed part 1 of the class novel we are now on part 2 of the book. Part 2 is filled with cliff hangers. We have been really enjoying the part 2 of the book.

We started the word of the day. We have a book of words and we would try to use the word when were writing a story. We also do Daily writing.  In daily writing Miss Grossert sets us a short writing task.


We created posters about Maths. We rolled dices, We had a choice of 3,5, or 6 digit numbers then we wrote  take away an amount then we wrote what it equals to.

Some groups done Work sheets and some groups done booklets. In the booklets there was Place value, Sorting big numbers and putting them to smallest to largest and one rounding to nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 and we also wrote numbers in words.


Health and Wellbeing

We worked on our posters about SHANARRI. We cut out our people and stuck them to the wall and we done a worksheet about one of the SHANARRI words and wrote what that word means. Then we stuck it around the peoples.


We read a power point about the structure of the earth and then we done a Quiz about the structure of the earth. People in the class enjoyed it. Except the technical issues!


We listened to different musics and we wrote what we felt like. We really enjoyed it.


In PE we done benchball and we had to do 5 passes to score a point. The orange team won most of the matches.

class blog written  by Haris