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This Week in P5/6 TG

After a busy few weeks of rehearsals P6 are in the final preparations for their Scottish Opera performance on Friday afternoon, we hope to see you there!


It’s been all about Scots this week, we have been rehearsing for our celebration even next week Friday. We have also presented our learning in the form of recitals and art work learned and completed at home.  We have used our listening skills to draw Nessie and a Thistle which will be on display next week, we had to follow some intricate instructions.

We have continued to read our class novel Brightstorm and in writing we have written detailed descriptions of a monster character in addition to our daily writing challenges.



We are still leaning about Dinosaurs but we have upped the amount of fraction work we have done – we have folded paper and estimated and drawn fractions and we have used these to compare fractions. We have now moved on to understanding, illustrating and calculating equivalent fractions.  We have been putting our tables knowledge to use to complete these.



We have thought about how we would like to learn about Scottish Inventions, we talked about what we want to do, we are excited about the idea of some more practical activities and going outside to use loose parts to demonstrate our learning.

This week we use a story pathway to retell the story about how Marmalade was invented – Fergus told us this story last week and we could still remember it!


We have finally completed our self-portraits in the style of Frieda Kahlo – with impressive backgrounds, extended neck and dominant eyebrows. We drew our faces thinking about proportion and placing features carefully. We asked our partners to help us identify colours to use for our eyes and hair, we had to think about light and dark too.


We coloured feathers with our goals on them and Ms Belford has used these to make a colourful  wing display – I’ll Spread My Wings and Fly.

We think it’s beautiful.


We did the Bleep test last week and Mr Manson was super impressed with our effort.  On Monday we continued to develop our Badminton skills through playing lots of mini-games.


We can now count up to 31 in German! We played Lotto and Battle Ships to reinforce our skills. Mrs Shepherd from Alloa academy visits every Wednesday to help us practice even more.

This week in P.4/5


We have been writing a couple of stories. We wrote about the man on the moon and Monty the Penguin. The Man on the Moon was about a man who lived on the moon and a little girl who lived on Earth. Monty the Penguin was about a little boy who had a toy penguin but his imagination helped him to think it was a real penguin (Grace). I though I could write with more description and detail in my story so that’s my next step (Michael).  I liked The Man on the Moon story because I liked drawing the plan of it (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We designed the floor plan of a house and had to calculate the area of each room (Eilidh H).  We also calculated the perimeter of each room (Amy J). We started learning about fractions this week. If you half a number, I know that you divide by 2 (Tyler). We were using cubes to help us work out a fraction. We split the cubes into equal groups to find quarters and halves (Rebekah).


On Wednesday a man called Fergus came into our class and told us stories and songs in Scots because we are learning Scots poems and songs in class (Mac). The P.4s later listened to a story and had to retell that story to the P.5s. It was a story about Miss Belford and how she misheard the word ‘ferry’ for the word ‘fairy’ (Eilidh D). I thought it was really fun when we had to draw parts of the story to help us retell the main points of the story (Jamie). I really liked listening to the P.4s retelling the story to us (Tyler). I didn’t like the end of the story because it was a bit disgusting (Anabia).

Scots and Assembly

We coloured in musical notes which were being cut out for a display (Ben). We started to practise a Just Dance video from the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana to show at assembly (Innes). We have been practising our songs every day (Rebekah). We have learned the lines of our class poem ‘Street Talk’ and started to put actions into it (Ben).

This week in P5/6 TG

We’ve had a busy start to the term!

The Engine Shed

On Tuesday we went to The Engine Shed, we had a great time travelling by train. We had a chance to play with thermal camera’s and were surprised to see that the floor was warm! They had underfloor heating from a geothermal heat pump. Next we worked in groups to build a wind turbine. It was fun but super challenging – we impressed the adults with our collaborative skills! After a quick break we visited the auditorium and learned about what Historic Environment Scotland do – they look after our old buildings and find ways to conserve them for future generations.

Then we got to go and explore their facilities, they had some fascinating exhibits. We  looked at  stone structures under a microscope, we explored the density of liquids by turning containers. We loved the enormous map of Scotland and used iPads and augmented reality to explore different aspects of Scotland’s geography. We built a keystone bridge and had a lot of fun walking over it – we were amazed that it worked.

After a lunch break we headed back to Stirling Station and caught our train home.


We have started exploring the Scots language, learning songs and poems for our Scots celebration at the end of the month. We look forward to sharing these with you.  We have continued to read our class novel Brightstorm.


We have continued to explore dinosaur measurements and are exploring the practicalities of keeping a dinosaur as a pet.

We have also begun revising our knowledge of fractions and exploring what we can remember, were getting pretty good at comparing fractions and are more confident using words like numerator and denominator.

Scottish Opera

P6 have had their workshop and are nearly ready for their performance, they can’t wait to share it with you!

This Week in P5JS

It has been a good first week back in 2020!

We are preparing for our class Assembly that will be on Friday 17th January. We hope you all received your invitations .


We have been learning to predict. We looked at the front cover, the pictures and read the blurb (Ciaran). My book is ‘Alex Rider, Stormbreaker’ I predicted the teenage boy would become a spy (Erin). I enjoy this book and can’t put it down (Marilena)!

We practiced our handwriting skills by writing out invitations to our parents and carers (Kaleb).

On Thursday, We put our reading strategies into practice! I learned that I can learn new things from people who are younger than me (Kayley). We met our new P2 reading buddies, my buddy was really funny (Liam).  My buddy is really nice (Nathaniel).  I was enjoying the story with my buddy (Colton).


We have been learning about length (Ben). We were measuring out different objects with rulers and metresticks (Marilena). We were converting these lengths into mm, cm and m (Erin).

We were learning about part, part,  whole with Mrs Jones (Aimee).  I used the place value counters for this (Layla)!We also practiced the jump method for adding (Colton).


We have been learning about resilience in P.E (Layla). We did a 5 minute run and our partners counted how many laps we did (Marilena). I felt exhausted (Sean).


We have been practicing for our assembly (Maja). We all have lines to learn (Marilena). We have been learning how to use the green screen to make short presentations about different fairtrade products and we will show these to our visitors on Friday. We have also been learning to make 3D art. We have all made a fairtrade logo.

We hope to see parents and carers at our assembly!



Happy New Year from all in P.4/5!

We have started back to 2020 in a very hard working mind set.


We have been watching the advert of The Man on the Moon. We drew pictures of the different scenes and then used this as a plan to help us write the story of the advert (Grace).  We read a story called The Lion in the Meadow. We had to read for clues in the text to help us form an opinion. We had to say whether or not we believed there was a lion in the meadow then find the clues to back up our answers (Michael). I originally thought there was a lion but when I read the clues I changed my mind because it said in the text that the lion ate an apple and talked and I know that lions don’t do that (Charlie).  I used the clue about the mum not hearing a lion roar to back up my idea that the lion wasn’t in the meadow (Michael).

Maths and Numeracy

In numeracy we were making a board game to show our knowledge about the times tables. My group made a snakes and ladders game. At each spot on the board, you had to answer a times table question (Lucas). I found answering the times tables questions hard because I need to practise my times tables a bit more (Lewis). My group did a Cluedo based game. There were sums on the back of the cards and if you answer them correctly you can score out a character name, weapon or room (Anabia).  We were also learning to calculate the perimeter and area of a shape and we also did some maths rotations. We have learned loads! (Anabia).

Scots Langugae

We have been learning the Jeely Piece song this week. We have also chosen a Scots poem to learn (William). We picked from ‘To A Brussels Sprout’, ‘The Boy on the Train’ and ‘The Puddock’. I chose to learn ‘To a Brussels Sprout’  (Amy M).  I chose ‘The Boy on the Train’ because it wasn’t too easy and it wasn’t too hard. I haven’t started practising at home but I aim to next week (Eilidh H).

P.4/5 Class Assembly

We have been preparing for our class assembly. We are learning about what makes us unique individuals. We came up with some ideas of what our personalities are like and wrote about each other on a piece of paper that we will show at assembly (Ben). We are also learning some songs for our assembly. They are ‘Seed to Sow’ and ‘Because you Loved Me’ (Rebekah). We coloured musical notes that we will display on the wall at assembly (Innes). Our assembly will be on 7th February.


Thanks for reading our blog! Have a good weekend!


Learning Journals

Dear All,

At Sunnyside we use online learning journals as part of our reporting process, these provide specific learning learning information and next steps for your child.

Learning journals are updated termly.

If you have not accessed your child’s learning journal or have forgotten the password, please let us know and we can help.

For additional information regarding learning journals please see our guides here

This Week in Primary 5/6 TG


We have added new words to our vocabulary from word of the day. Our writing has been based on this and Ms Grossert has been impressed with our ability to include more adventurous words. We have been enjoying our class novel Brightstorm. We have also put our literacy skills to work reading information about Fair Trade in IDL.


We have been working with Mrs Jacobs to improve our understanding of time and to read time on analogue clocks more accurately. When we developed our enterprise stall we applied our numeracy skills to calculating costs and profit.  We ran our stall independently and sold nearly all of our Rudolphs. We plan to spend our profit adding some games to our classroom.  Finally we have been refining our measurement skills. We have been comparing our hands and feet to lifesize dinosaur measurements using the book Lifesize Dinosaurs by Sophy Henn. We are looking forward to continuing this in the new year.


We have been learning about Fair Trade products. We have explored what fair Trade is. We focused on the Cocoa bean and learned about Ghana in West Africa. We learned that fair trade helps farmers in poor countries get a fair price for their products and that there is a community premium paid that helps provide schools and other facilities such has clean water and electricity. We read an article that also made us think about whether or not Fair trade is really a good thing. We took notes from the article and then watched a video clip from people in Ghana talking about the benefits of Fair Trade. We shared our learning in the form of a poster.


We enjoyed a visit from Mrs Shepherd who taught us about  Nikolaustag on the 6th December and shared some Lebkuchen with us, we were surprised that they tasted so good. We have now started learning about colours with Mrs Coons and can now ask Ms Grossert if we can go to the toilet in German!

Christmas Parties

We have had our Christmas Parties and enjoyed the chance to dress up, show off our social dance skills and play some games. Ms Grossert and the other teachers were impressed with how well we participated and the courtesy and respect we showed eachother.

Scottish Opera

Our P6’s have been working hard to prepare their songs for Scottish Opera, we have heard lots of lovely sound coming down the corridor and are looking forward to the final production next term.


We would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


This week in P4/5

This has been a busy week with lots happening, we have enjoyed it! (Charlie)

In numeracy we have started to learn our 7 times table (Eilidh), Miss Coons taught us a cool trick! (Kai) . We  have been looking at symmetry and find symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and patterns( Amy and William).


In our writing we finished our Snowman stories. We started planning a new story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Anabia). It was an old TV advert and we had to write the story of the advert (Lucas).  I enjoyed writing about Mog. My favourite part was when the chestnuts exploded across the kitchen (Lewis). We also did some research about Christmas in different countries. I liked learning about what Christmas traditions are celebrated in other countries (Tyler).


We have been learning about The Apprentice. In PE we worked in our teams to complete challenges. There was Swimball, Blocks and Buisness, Child Company, World Wide, 4 Explosions and ABCD. We raced in different races. There was a skipping race, a running race, a burpee race and star jumps (Alexis).

We can’t believe there are only 9.5 school days left until the school holidays. Time is flying in!

This week in P.4/5

We have had a very busy week in P.4/5!


We have been doing more work on The Tear Thief. She collects tears to make the moon shine brightly (Grace). We learned about pathetic fallacy. If an author uses pathetic fallacy, it’s to show what the weather is doing to reflect the character’s feelings (Michael).  We know that Disney do pathetic fallacy really well and we watched a couple of Disney clips top see this in film media (Ben).  In writing this week we watched The Snowman and picked 8 parts of the story from different scenes. Next week we are going to write our versions of The Snowman from our plan (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning to convert cm into mm and back again (Anabia). We drew a table with 3 columns and showed how measurements could be shown in cm or mm or cm and mm (Lucas). An example of this would be 3.0 cm = 30 mm = 3 cm 0 mm (Lucas).  We were working from the board to answer the questions (Innes). Straight afterwards, Mrs Penman came into the class to say well done to us because we had been working really hard and could explain what we were learning to her (Rebekah).

IDL – The Apprentice

We finished our letters to classes and are waiting for them to be judged (Eilidh H). We made art pieces in groups. We had to copy a picture but each of the team only had one quarter of a piece of paper so we had to work together to make sure our lines matched up (Amy J).  My group is Blocks and Business and we found this task hard because I found tracing the picture hard (William).

Modern Languages

We are learning about parts of the body in French. We also learned about the different types of weather. I know that il pleut means it is raining. I also know le main is French for a hand (Amy M). I know that il neige means it is snowing (Alexis). Il fait froid means it is cold.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our about our work and have a great weekend.


This week and a bit of last week in P5/6 TG


Last week we welcomed many parents to our class assembly about Health and Wellbeing. We were very nervous beforehand but we had practiced a lot and learned 3 new songs.  We had made pictures, we performed random acts of kindness,  Marcus took lots of photos and Haris pulled the powerpoint together.  Our favourite part was when Mrs Penman had to open a bottle that she thought would explode – it was very funny!


This week our focus has been on reading and writing about characters in stories. We read a short text from Krindlekrax about an unlikely hero. We looked for clues about how an author can tell us about a character. Then we had a go at writing our own character descriptions.


We have used a counting stick to think about the 6 and 7 times tables and how we can work out the stations. We used doubling and halving, adding and subtracting to work out each station. We still need to try and remember as many as we can though.

We applied our knowledge of timestables and fact families to division calculating. We are working hard to extend our understanding to bigger numbers.

Coffee and Carols

This week we found out which songs we will be singing and have started learning these songs – we hope you will join us for some festive fun.


We have been exploring what the greenhouse Effect is by researching using our class iPads – we had to draw a diagram and annotate it to show our understanding.


We’ve had our first chanter lesson! We have each been issued with our own practice chanter and we have learned a few basic notes. Mr Tannock demonstrated his bagpipes for us, they were amazing and really loud. We were surprised that he didn’t only play Scotland the Brave but also some familiar songs – including Jingle bells.


We have learned some simple conversation skills and we can count to twelve. We enjoyed playing games in groups with Mrs Coon. This week we have also met Mrs Shepherd from Alloa Academy who will also be helping us learn more German.


We were pleased to welcome a former Sunnysider to our class, she wants to be a teacher so has volunteered to come and help us out.


We had an impromptu session of Football with Leeanne Ross (a Scottish International footballer) because Mr Manson was off.  Our gymnastics block is coming to an end, we have enjoyed developing our skills and routines.