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w/b 26th November


Our nursery learners requested pizza and soup for snack this week.Lots of numeracy language during our discussions about size, how vegetables can change and become smaller and

“yummy”      “good”

“I have pizza at home”

“that looks like blood”


Our nursery learners were estimating how much water was required to fill the containers.

“it’s going to take 10 to fill the bottles up”


The story area has become popular after a wee spruce up! Learners have been independent in reading stories out loud to themselves and their peers, describing the story in their own words and using a range of descriptive language.

“the wheels were flying they were going so fast”

“that’s cow, that’s pigs …..moo” says one of our younger learners

The interest in story telling has created an interest in illustrating their own pictures ….. “that’s the ice, snowflakes and fireworks”

“this is the grass, it’s long really long”

Wonder if we will begin to have plays and storytelling next week?

This week in Nursery (wb 19.11)

New beginnings

We are delighted to welcome Melanie Higgins, our new member of staff and our new learners and their families this week. Melanie will be working with the Yellow group, don’t forget to say hi when you see her.

When you come into our nursery you will see we are busy making changes to our indoor environment – look out for our improved sensory area and changes to our bedtime story storage – remember you can choose books to have a cosy bedtime or anytime story at home.

Taste challenge – pickled onions and beetroot

AM nursery learners were willing to have a go of our new tastes they were fascinated how the beetroot turned their fingers red.

“tasty” “good” “yummy” and even a “yucky

PM learners were a bit more reluctant to try – maybe next time.


We are interested in recognising number in print both indoor and outdoor and are providing a variety of play experiences to encourage this interest. Number lines, find the number, number sequencing and games with a number focus. Hide and seek is proving popular this week – have you tried to hide to the count of 1 – that was a challenge!

This week in Nursery (WB12/11)

Week beginning 12th November 2018

Busy week in nursery this week with parent meetings, Children in Need and the school book fair happening throughout the week. Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to meet with your child’s key person yet, you can still arrange a suitable time.

Children in Need

All our learners enjoyed activities based around Pudsey bear, we loved seeing the children dressed up in their Pudsey items. Our learners were able to decorate Pudsey cakes, make pictures of Pudsey and listen to the story about what Children in Need is all about. Our very own Pudsey bear lost his bandanna and we went on a hunt for this but we never did find it!

Pudsey drawn by Kendal


Taste challenge – rhubarb, lemon and limes

We are challenging our nursery learners to try a variety of fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. This week we are learning about the difference between sweet and sour. “that’s not apple”, “oh it’s not like orange” “I like the lemon” “I can only taste the lemon and lime not the rhubarb”. We even had a go at making smoothies.

Look out for next weeks’ taste challenge!


Largo the literacy lion came to visit the nursery on Monday and Friday, our nursery learners were excited to show him around our nursery and read him stories. We even got a surprise when Mr Mathis brought Largo back on Tuesday and read a story to our PM learners, thank you Mr Mathis!