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Supper Club is back! Starting Monday 28th October!

What is it ?

A free, fun, family learning group, held here at Sunnyside each term. It focuses on learning life skills with families, based on what interests them. We aim to support our families and build links in our community.

What do we do?

We take part in different activities and games, from CPR training to sewing workshops, PE games to maths and literacy activities. Children and adults have taylor made activities based on what they want to do.It runs from 3:15-5:15pm, or if you wish to gain your elementary skills qualification we start at 2:15pm, with your children being bought to the club after school.

We all come together to prepare and eat a 2 course meal as a Sunnyside family.

Upto 6 parents can also achieve their Elementary Cooking Skills Certificate (SVQ recognised) working with our friends from NHS Forth Valley (from 2:15pm).

When can I come?

Supper Club starts again on 28th October, at 3:15pm for 6 weeks…if you would like to attend please let the school know ASAP.


Learning Journals – Parent/Carer Workshop 21st October 2019.

Learning Journals are a secure online reporting system that we use at Sunnyside Primary, we would like to invite any parents/carers to our workshops tonight, Monday 21st October 2019, at 3.15 and 5pm.

These workshops aim to:

  • Ensure you have access to Learning Journals.
  • Share how you can review and comment on observations.
  • Clarify how the school uses these throughout the session.
  • Share how to upload your own observations of wider acheivement.
  • Answer any further questions you may have.

If you cannot make these we have also updated our Learning Journal FAQ’s – available here:

This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have had a rather exciting day – we are very proud and happy with how our assembly went this morning. We hope you enjoyed learning about Brazil, wandering through the Amazon Rainforest, hearing some samba beats and joining us for a shimmy!

Here is what we thought of our assembly…

People said their lines really clearly and didn’t get nervous! The butterflies in our tummies didn’t fly around too much. Malcolm

I loved playing our rainforest samba during our assembly. Everyone clapped so I think they enjoyed it too! Leah

We played our music well, we made sure we listened and watched Miss Smith and listened to all the instruments. Alex

We sat really well in assembly to make sure the audience were listening to the person who was speaking. Dylan

Everyone said their line so we are proud. Antos

I liked playing the music the best because I think we sounded like a real samba band. Eilidh

I liked when we did the singing and dancing. The audience joined in too. I didn’t get nervous when I said my line. Harvey

This week in P5/6 TG

It has been a busy final week and we are all looking forward to a short rest before the start of our next term.

Literacy: This week we extended our peer assessment skills by giving feedback to eachother about our daily writing tasks. We worked on using the context of a word to work out what it means, we used plickers cards to pick an answer and found words to fit in a sentence.  This week we learned the words diverse, lighthearted and innovative. Jaxon’s favourite word was lighthearted because it means happy and Eray’s was diverse because we are all different.

Numeracy:This week we started to look at multiplication as repeated addition.  We also discovered a website that can help us at home with maths, it’s called, I feel excited to use it at home. Megan

Health and Wellbeing: This week we had some P5’s join us for two short lessons that introduced the Menstrual Cycle.  We will get more lessons on this later in the year but for now we know what a girl can do if she starts her period in school.

During Max in the class we acted out a story where an old lady dropped her wallet. Each group had a different ending to make up and act out. Brooke

Amanda introduced a new game called coconuts, we counted up to seven but we had to say coconuts instead of seven – it was fun! Emma

PE: On Thursday it was our last basketball session and next  term we begin gymnastics!

Music: Next term we will all start chanter lessons, this is a programme  that the P6 classes did last year and we are looking forward to it.

RME: This week we did an aboriginal style painting  after learning about the Aboriginal Creation Story. It was fun but a challenging style of art. Brandyn

French: We practised writing out the numbers in French, I liked it because it’s nice to learn a new language.

German: Mrs Coons came into the class and spoke to us in German, we managed to work out some of the words. It was our first lesson and we enjoyed trying to figure out the new language, we are already looking forward to more lessons next term.

This week in P.4/5

We have worked hard all term and can’t believe it is the holidays already!


In our literacy rotations we were making a poster about our human rights. Mine was about the right to good food and water (Jamie). We had been learning about human rights and read the book ‘We are all born free’ to learn about human rights (Grace).  My favourite picture in the book was of a doll and it was representing our human right to never be tortured (Anabia). This week we finished our ‘Up in Space’ stories. In my story I wanted to find out if there were aliens and when I saw them they invited me into their house (Eilidh H).  We also visited the library this week to change our chill books. I got a new book called ‘Stitch Head’ (Ben).

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning about co-ordinates. We had different co-ordinate grids and had to plot the points then join the points together to make a picture (Rebekah). We also learned about the 8 times table and did some work in our jotters (Lucas). We have been sequencing numbers in numeracy and the SPICY group have been working out the value of numbers to 1,000,000 (Jamie).


We contributed more to our lapbooks by doing more research about China (Anabia).  We chose to finish off our powerpoints about Chinese foods (Rebekah). The P.5s went to do some health work with P.5/6TG and the P.4s learned about the Forbidden City.  We drew pictures of the Emperor’s Palace and coloured them in (Jamie).


Jamie was awarded the Captain’s armband to play 3 games at his football club. You have to tell your team mates what to do in this role and Jamie was pleased to do this! He then scored a hat trick on one of his matches!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this week. Have a happy weekend and an amazing holiday!


This week in P3/4NM

This has been another busy week!

In Maths, we were learning all about position and movement.  We were using compass points and co-ordinates to give and follow directions and to locate positions.  We worked out that Ashley Terrace is to the North of our school and then used this knowledge to work out the position of different parts of our school and local community.
– “Asda is to the South of the school.” (Oscar)
– “Mr Foley’s gym hall is at the North end of our school.” (Tyler)
– “The bowling green is to the East of the building.” (Hannah)
– “The dinner hall is at the West of our school.” (Callan)

This also linked to our IDL.  This week, we looked at a map of our local area and plotted the location of familiar local places.  We found the Leisure Bowl, Asda and some other sites around the town.  We located some other towns/villages in Clackmannanshire and discussed their position in comparison to Alloa, using the compass points that we learned in Maths.

In Literacy, we were learning to create a summary of a familiar story, using our Equitable Literacy book – ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’   We needed to identify 5 main events from the story and then sequence them in the correct order.
– “George bought some clothes at the shop.” (Callan and Carly)
– “The giraffe was cold.  He got a scarf from George.” (Cole and Rhys)
– “The mice’s house got burned down.” (Halle and Erin)
– “George found a bag of his old clothes.” (Lola, Lacey and Ava)
– “The animals sang a song to George.” (Hannah and Harry)

We wrote imaginative stories about ‘The Friendly Alien’, with a HUGE focus on including capital letters and full stops at the correct points in a sentence.
– “An alien jumped out of the head teacher’s office on the way to assembly.  I told the head teacher that it was a reward but it wasn’t!” (Ava)
– “When I got back to class I saw a strange looking alien.  I went into shock.” (Oscar)
– “Lacey and I were in the office then an alien appeared behind Mrs Duffy.  She passed out!” (Harry)

In RME, we used the Christian Bible story about Ruth to make us think about friendship.  We worked with a partner to sort out statements, deciding whether they were qualities expected of a good friend.  We then ranked them in order, depending on what we felt was the best quality of a good friend.  We all agreed that a good friend is someone you can trust.

Have a really good holiday week!  Goodbye from P3/4 … until next time!


Online Safety Awareness Workshops – Tuesday 29th October

Keeping children safe online is one of our main priorities and is an area of great concern. Many of our children access the internet and social media e.g. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok with no awareness and understanding of the consequences and risks that they put themselves in.

In recent times we have seen a rise in; children who have been targeted by adults online; who have been bullied online; and who have posted inappropriate images and content which have resulted in them being significantly at risk.

Therefore we have asked NSPCC to support our mission by offering online safety workshops for parents. You may feel that you are able to monitor your child’s usage, however, we would strongly advise taking this opportunity to further support you in keeping your child safe.

This workshop is completely free, light refreshments will be provided, and will take place on Tuesday 29th October at 1:30pm and again at 4pm.

Please contact the school office if you wish to attend.

This week in P2CF

In literacy We have been practicing ng, ch, th and sh.

We needed to find our sounds in our library books, we built words with Miss Higgins and identified new words with our sounds and drew and wrote them out. (Megan, Andrew, Jacob, Amelia, John, and Leighton).

Mr Fergus showed us the Monkey King story and we created our our picturess, crowns and tails.

In maths we we have been learning to add doubles. We did this by making sums using lego, singing the doubles song, played a special connect 4 game with Mrs King and making totals using our whiteboards and ten frames. (Erin, Jacob, Zayna, Paige, Isla, Angus, Andrew and Jack).

In IDL we have been learning about Japan:

We have learned…..

  • How to count to ten in Japanese.
  • That Japan has a lot of people and is very busy, especially the biggest city Tokyo.
  • How to say hello in Japanese.
  • That Japan has volcanoes and the most famous is mount Fuji, Scotland used to have volcanoes like the one under Edinburgh Castle.
  • We learnt about Sushi, a japanese food. We tried it and create pictures.
  • We also learnt that their are bullet trains and some pretty bad weather.

(Claire, Zac, Kyle, Braxton, Andrew, Jacob and Amber).

This week in P5JS

We’ve had a busy week in P5JS


In literacy, we were learning to explain the job of the visualiser in reading (Nathaniel). Miss Smith was very impressed with the illustrations from different parts of our class novel, Holes.  We were learning to find interesting words from our reading book and use the dictionary to help us find their meaning (Aimee). We have been doing rotations in literacy, We do spelling, grammar and reading (Jackson).


In numeracy, we were learning to do subtraction (Abbey). I liked doing subtraction (Ciaran). We have been using the counting stick to practice counting in 2’s 3’s and 5’s (Maja). We sometimes started on different numbers for example we could start on 15 and count in 3’s or starting on 1 and counting in 2’s – This was tricky! (Abbey).

Health and Wellbeing

In health and wellbeing, we had been learning about being brave. We made posters about being brave they included words like “Don’t give up” and “Follow your dreams” (Colton). Look out for our eye catching posters around the school soon (Danny)


In PE,  when we came out of the changing room we all did a quick warm up (Layla). Then we played a game of bench ball. Bench ball is when a person throws a ball at another player and needs to try to get it to the bench on the other side (Kaleb). In your groups a person goes on the bench and your team must pass the ball to the other side of the bench (Alexandria). If you catch the ball you get a point (Anika). We like playing this game!


We had our first German lesson! We were learning to explore the German language. We had to try to translate German to English (Erin). We liked the challenge! We cannot wait for our next lesson I liked learning German (Ben).


It’s been a brilliant first term with P5! Thank you for being a brilliant class. I hope you all enjoy your break, see you after the holidays! Miss Smith.