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This week in P3/4LS…

This week in P3/4LS we have finally performed our speech and had the votes.

We are very proud this week as we confidently told our peers why they should vote for us. I was really nervous and I didn’t want to perform but I did it. I was successful because I am now the JRSO leader for next year (Jamie). I am surprised because I am now the Health and Wellbeing representative (Murray). I am delighted because I got the job as sports committee representative with Innes (Anika). Other people who got the jobs are Nate (Digital Representative), Eilidh H (ECO Representative), Eilidh D (Pupil Council Representative) and Michael (WOW Representative). Well done to everyone for taking part!

This week in writing we were describing the setting for our story we are creating. I think it was challenging because it was hard to think of what to write and pick words to describe the setting (Jamie). I think I was successful because I think I used descriptive language and descriptive features (Anika).

This week in Shake it Up we added two new moves on to our sequence. We are working really hard to practise for our performance (Jamie).

In Numeracy we have been consolidating our learning over the last year. We have been remembering how to round numbers, tell the time and multiple and divide. I found it challenge multiplying 2 digit numbers because we had to multiple higher numbers (Nate). I enjoy telling the time on our whiteboard clocks as I enjoy learning to tell the time (Jessica). I was successful rounding to the next decade. I enjoyed the rounding rap (Charlie).

This week in IDL we have been learning to read maps and read for information. We looked at google earth, Think maps to find our street. Then we found the safest route to our school (Charlie). I think I have found a safer way to get to school in the morning (Nate).


At the moment we are finding out information about local tourist attractions around Clackmannanshire. We plan on putting the information into a spark video.

This week we also had a visit from Polly from the Butterfly Conservation. We got to learn more about caterpillars, butterflies and moths and how they keep themselves safe from predators. We loved looking at live specimens and a live chrysalis!

Thank you for reading our blog.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quick week (Aaron).


To increase our knowledge of our timetables, we completed numeracy rotations this morning (Alexandra). Each station had a different game to help us with our timetables.  Erin remembers that 1 station was using the ipad to play ‘Hit the Button’.

We continued our work on fractions this week, and worked on equivalent fractions (Haris). We also learned about placing fractions on a number line (Keira). Ruvimbo remembers that we learned how to convert a fraction into a decimal number.

We also investigated different units of measurement (Danny). We used balance scales to weight different items in the class (Jonathin).  We used grams to weigh a variety of items in the class, we recorded our answers in a table (Megan).


Our story this week was based on our class novel, Gangsta Granny(Kelsi). Our story was imaginative, we had to imagine that an adult in our lives had a secret life (Keira). Khloe, Keira and Megan remember that we were trying to include similes, Metaphors  and adverbs in our story. We also had to include feelings (Erin).

Today, we wrote a diary entry based on a part of our class novel (Danny). We wrote about the main characters nosy neighbor, Mr Parker.


This week we delivered our campaign speeches to the class (Brooke). We then went to the hall and voted for the candidate we thought would be best for the job (Emma). During assembly the election winners were announced (Keira).

We have been investigating the emergency services  this week, we were discussing prank calling and the consequences of it. We wanted to learn more about this so we emailed our local police as a class (Eray). The police replied and told us they would like to visit us teach us all about it, we are very excited!

When investigating our choices and  how we can keep ourselves safe, we read and discussed a variety of scenario cards and had to decide whether they were safe or not (Haris).


Pupils will bring blue snapshot jotters home with them, please feel free to look through them with your child and return them on Monday.

Thank you for reading our blog,

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been working with money. We have been learning to identify coins and create totals. We revised our numbers 11-20 also, as one of our stations.

“I liked using the money. I was counting the coins.” – Eilidh

“I liked playing the coin game where I got to tell people to make the amount of money that I want.” – Jacob

“A 2p and a 2p coin makes 4p.” – Olivia

In Literacy, we have been learning some new sounds: ow and ay. We wrote an imaginative story called Sports Day as we are taking part in Sports Day soon. We will be starting to write a set of instructions next week.

“In my story, I wrote that someone was starting at the start line and an adult said “3, 2 ,1, go!”” – Faith

“The ‘ay’ sound starts with an ‘a’.” – Zayna

“I got a Star Writer award today because I did good writing and good drawing. I included the word ‘zoomed’.” – Alex

For IDL, we continued to learn how to share our opinions through voting, as part of Democracy Fortnight. We went to the assembly hall and voted for our pupil group representatives and used ballot papers and real ballot boxes.

“We had to put a cross at someone’s name and we put it in the real ballot box.” – Claire 

“We voted for WOW monitors to see which person would get to hand out the WOW badges. That means they have to walk to school every day.” – Harvey

“We got to go to the assembly hall and find out who the winners were.” – Malcolm

This week in P2AG

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

With the European elections this week, we have been learning about the election process (Harry T) and how to create a campaign. We created our own campaign for the school leadership group elections.  To do this we designed a poster (Harry N) and wrote a speech. We then presented our speech and poster to the class in order to convince our peers we were the best person for the job. On Thursday we went to the “poling station” and voted for our preferred candidate by placing an ‘x’ in the box.


Writing – In writing this week, we were learning to write persuasively (Abbaigh), as part of our IDL focus. We wrote a speech (Cole), as detailed above, to tell others why we would be a good candidate for the leadership role we had applied for. We then re-drafted our writing (Jaiden) to up level our work and improve our chances of being elected.

Phonics – This week we have been learning to identify and use the ‘ear’ sound (Nadia). We know the following words have the ear sound:

  • “gear” (Tia),
  • “ear” (Oscar)
  • “fear” (Noah).
  • “tear” (Cole).

Handwriting- This week we have been learning to form our letters correctly. We learned to form lower and upper case letters correctly (Callum). We made sure to position the letters on the line (Reggie) and make sure they were correctly sized.


In Numeracy, we have revising various maths and numeracy covered this year. We have been learning to identify coins and work out “total costs” (Ellie). We were also learning to calculate change (Reggie) and know we need to subtract to work out the total change (Oscar). We were also learning to split objected in half (Ruva) and quarter (Abbaigh). We then consolidated our knowledge of quarter past times on both the analogue and digital clock.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.


This Week in P.5AB


We have been continuing with our pirate story this week. we started chapter 2 which is called ‘The Storm’. In this chapter our pirates had to brave a terrible storm. Unfortunately some of the ships were wrecked and the pirates ended up on a deserted island. What will happen next? We all illustrated an island with different things on that will be written about in our next chapter.

Numeracy / Maths

We have been continuing our work on times tables this week and need to keep practicing at home to get our accuracy levels up.  We also looked at shapes with different lines of symmetry and created our own symmetrical patterns. We then moved on to looking at the 8 compass points and enjoyed playing a game outside with the points.

Election Day

On election day we all said our speeches to our class and campaigned to be elected as the leader of a pupil group next year. Sophie, Lewis H, Leon, Michael, Scott S, Rebecca and Kimberley were voted in for session 2019-20. We are so proud of them and everyone who was brave enough to say their speech.

Health and Wellbeing – Alcohol Awareness

We learned about the effects of alcohol on the body this week. We learned that we have to be 18 to buy and drink alcohol and the reasons why younger people shouldn’t drink alcohol. We are learning about the risks involved when alcohol is drunk and will be continuing to learn about alcohol and cigarettes next week.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and we hope you have a nice weekend!



This week in P2CF…

We have had a busy week in P2CF, here are some of the things we have been learning about this week!


In Numeracy, we have been learning ordering and sequencing numbers.
– “We were putting numbers in order from smallest to biggest.” (Catherine)
– “We were counting backwards and forwards from big numbers up to 100.  I did it without a 100 square.” (Leah M)
“I knew that something takeway 7 was 6.  I knew the missing number was 13 because I knew that 6 and 6 was 12.” (Aimee)


In Literacy, we wrote a story about a cheeky chicken.

– “My story was about a farmer who had laid some seeds and the chicken ate them all!” (James F)

“The cheeky chicken in my story ate socks from the washing line.  The  farmer had to chose the chicken to the hen house! The farmer was disappointed!” (Ayleigh)

-”My target for writing is to add more wow words to my story.” (Channing)


In IDL, we have been voting as part of democracy fortnight.

– “We told the class reasons why we thought we would be good at doing the job and convince them to vote for us.” (Erin)
– “I will be the digital leader next year.  I am excited about my job!” (Emile)

“I am going to be in the health and wellbeing group. I was very surprised and very happy when Mrs Penman said my name.” (Aimee)

This Week in P7RS…

Despite some sleepy heads on Monday, P7RS have worked hard after their residential trip to Dalguise.

Maths: We have been learning to develop our multiplication and division skills. In the Hot group we have been learning to complete division sums with remainders. We have also revised multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. In the Spicy and Extreme groups, we have also been to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. We have been learning to develop our skills completing algorithms. We have completing textbook pages and played games on the iPads. Our next steps are to improve our speed and accuracy when complting algorithms. Ronin, Casey, Alan and Jasmine

WW2 research: We have been learning to create an informative text to show our learning about our chosen area to research about WW2. We have also learned to research quickly and have developed our PowerPoint skills. To learn this we have created PowerPoints, Flipcharts, Posters or Reports. We believe our next steps are to complete our tasks quicker in order to complete our texts in time for parents/carers to see at the Open Day next Friday. Thomas, Miles, Izzy and Sienna

Athletics Championships: Overall, we have learned how how to calm ourselves when under pressure. For shotput, I (Stephanie) placed 6th. I learned how to throw a shotput ball correctly using the right technique and Mr Foley practised with me in the gym on the lead up to the event. During the event I had to stand side-ways with my elbow up and the ball touching my neck. I think my next steps may be to practise more on my technique to try and get a medal.

I jumped in the Athletics and completed the high jump. I learned how to stand over a higher rope. I practised at lunchtimes with Mr Foley and I got a gold medal (Brooke).

For the 100m sprint, I learned to keep myself calm during the race. I came 4th. I think I needed to practise to improve my performance (Aria). I also took part in the relay and practised passing on the baton with Mr Foley.

I (Josh) did the 200m sprint. I practised before the event in my own time. I came 6th and I also took part in the relay. I think I should have practised a little bit more.

Dalguise: We have learned how to tie a figure of 8 knot to make a raft stable so we didn’t sink. We learned how to fire arrows to try and hit a target. we played some games to see what we would use to eat our lunch and what toppings we would put on our pizzas. We have used equipment to help us get to the ground safely from climbing. For our activities we did the zip line, giant swing, archery, trapeze, raft building and most of the activities taught us team work or independence. Callum, Rhigan, Lennox and Skye

This Weekend in P7RS…

This is a rather unusual blog post as we normally discuss and share with you our learning during the week. Many of us however, spent the weekend together at Dalguise and Marek thought it might be a good idea to share with you some our thoughts and feelings about our P7 residential trip.

I really liked the giant swing as it went up and high and then we just dropped ourselves down – Alan

I really liked the raft building because it was a successful challenge and we all got very wet – Stephanie

The trapeze was great but it was also quite scary if you looked down. It was scary when you had to jump off but because we were attached to a harness you just floated down – Brooke

I liked the Jacob’s ladder because it was hard to get up some of the logs but it was fun to try and get up high and get your friends up using each other and the ropes – Josh

My favourite was the trapeze because I liked heights and jumping off things so the perfect combination – Rhigan

I really liked raft building as we got to build our own rafts and then we had to try and get the other teams to fall off their rafts – Aiden

My favourite was archery because I had never done it before and it was fun – Callum

I also liked archery because I was good at it but we also played fun games like make your own pizza – Thomas

I liked the raft building because I enjoyed building the raft and trying to stay afloat. One time our raft capsized and fell on the side but we managed to sort it and get back on  – Ronin

I liked where we were staying as the beds were comfortable and I liked who I was sharing with – Agata

I really enjoyed the zip line because it took me a long time to go on but it was really fun when you hit the end and then bounced back – Aria

My favourite activity was the big swing because when we went on it Josh pulled the string to let it go but I wasn’t ready but that made it more fun – Miles

I liked the zip line because we got to lower ourselves down at the very end and I enjoyed that – Rebecca

I liked problem solving as when we did the thing in the circle where you had to hold hands with someone who was not next to you and then create a knot and untangle yourselves and we ended up being in 2 different groups – Izzy


Last week in P3LH

P3LH had a very busy week preparing for their class assembly on Friday, which was a huge success!

We are so proud of our language skills and that we were able to stand up and showcase these for our fellow pupils and parents.

A huge thank you to all the parents who came along to show their support.

In literacy, we were learning to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ correctly before a word. We learned that the rule is if the word starts with a vowel, you must use ‘an’ before it but if it starts with a consonant, then you would use ‘a’. BUT there are some exceptions, if it starts with ‘u’ and you hear the long u sound (like unicorn) then you must use ‘a’ and if you have a word that starts with a ‘h’ but it is silent (like hour), then you must use ‘an’.  Very tricky but we were getting the hang of it!

In numeracy, we have been learning to multiple a multiply of 10 by 2, 5 or 10. We had use to our times table knowledge to help us calculate the sum before adding a zero to it. We had to make sure we understood its place value and that we were calculating the answer accurately.

We also prepared our speeches for Democracy Fornight. We discussed our skills and qualities and thought about how these would help us when taking on a role within one of the groups. We planned our speech and then wrote it in full sentences. We made sure we were giving reasons why we should be voted and tried to use persuasive language to help us. We are excited to present our speeches to the class!

Snapshot jotters will be coming home on Friday 24th May, we can’t wait for you to see our hard work.

P3LH and Mrs Hunter

This week in P3/4LS…

This week it has been really busy because it has been Snapshot  Jotter week, Walk to School week and Digital Learning week. It has also been the last week of Democracy Fortnight.

We have continued to learn how to identify our skills and qualities. This week we have created a speech and finished our posters for our campaigns. I found it challenging to think of something to write after my introduction on my speech (Anabia). I think I was successful because I identified my skill and qualities and I gave examples (Eilidh H).







In Maths we have been learning to sort and organise data. The Jaguars have also been learning to interpret data. At the beginning of the week, the class went on a litter pick to survey what types of litter we could find in the playground (Jamie). We used the data to create a bar chart and we also created a digital version on the iPad (Eilidh, Jamie). I found it challenging to make sure the bar chart on the iPad wasn’t blank (Anabia).  I found it hard because there are lots of different buttons on the iPads (Michael).

In Literacy we have been learning to find evidence in a text. We had to read pages from the class novel and then answer questions. We had to find the evidence and answers in the pages we were reading. It was challenging to find the evidence because there were a lot of words (Charlie). I was successful because I found all the evidence in the text (Mac).

In writing we were learning to create a character. We had to come up with where our character lived, names, likes, dislikes, skills and talk about why the character was special (Amy). Then we drew a picture of our character and labelled round it adjectives to describe their personality and their looks. Once we came up with all this information we then wrote a descriptive paragraph (Mac). I was successful because I managed create a new character, I think I also had neat handwriting (Murray).

In PE we have been doing lots of sports outside. We were learning to build up our stamina (Charlie). We were tasked with running  for a long time (Mac, Murray, Charlie). I was successful because I kept running without stopping (Charlie).

This week in Shake it Up we were learning to add more risk to our supportive dances. We had two new dance moves where we had to balance on our partner (Anika). It was challenging because it was heavy to hold our partners (Jessica). It was challenging because when we were leaning back it was hard supporting each others weight. If someone went back too much you would fall (Nate).


Well done to Tyler for achieving her first marathon and Nate and Ben for achieving their second!

Next week we are looking forward to delivering our speeches and voting.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart