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Primary 1EC week beginning 13.01.20


This week in Numeracy we have been revising o’clock time using the little yellow clocks. We are learning to read and set o’clock times. We also started to look at reading and writing digital o’clock times.

We are doing very well. Mrs Cuthbert is very proud of us!

“The big minute hand always goes up to the top, to the number 12” Rhys

“I love the ‘Wakey Wakey’ Education city game” Callen

We also started learning about a new calculation- subtraction. Subtraction also means take away. We have used concrete materials to help us solve word problems

Eg there were 6 cows in the field. 4 of them went to be milked. How many are left?

We used cubes to help us solve the problem.


To extend our learning we also learned the strategy of crossing out when completing a worksheet.

Eg there were 6 cows in the field. 4 of them went to be milked. How many are left?


On Wednesday afternoon we visited the Spiers Centre Library. Ian read us ‘Room on the Broom’ and then we chose Non-Fiction books for our IDL topic of Under the Sea. We enjoyed looking at the books and spending time in the library.

Our books have now gone into genre boxes in our class library for us to read during literacy rotations and choosing time.

To consolidate our digraphs ai, oa and ie we participated in some diacritical marking.


Fergus the Storyteller:

On Thursday afternoon P1EC had Fergus in class. He told them stories and songs. They loved his enthusiasm and excitement for telling stories. We cannot wait to do some of the ideas he shared with the teachers.



This term we are continuing to learn about different bible stories. This week’s story was about Moses. We heard the story and then created a craft to show our understanding.

This week in P3IL

We have had another brilliant week in P3IL.

In English and Literacy,  we loved having Fergus the storyteller come to visit our class and tell us all sorts of interesting stories! We then heard Whuppity Stourie which is a Scottish story. We went on to create our own story map and retold the story in our writing.

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been working on division. We have being learning many different division strategies such as repeated subtraction, using a blank number line, equal groups and arrays. We have worked very hard on this and are making great progress! Well done!

In our IDL, we have been working on our poems and learning more about Robert Burns. We have enjoyed reading some Scottish Fairy Tales and different Scottish poetry. We will be selecting the finalists on Tuesday  for our competition reciting the poem ‘Skatin’.

What a brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs Jacobs

This week in P.6JDW – 17.1.20

This week in P.6JDW – 17.1.20

Class Trip to the Engine Shed in Stirling

Jack, Leon, Caiden, Airingas, Karis, D’arcy, Grace and Ollie – “On Tuesday we took a train from Alloa to Stirling to visit the Engine Shed.  We learned lots about energy.  We watched a film clip in 3D effect. We worked in groups to build a windmill.  All of our activities were linked to energy and climate change.  Have a look on twitter to see some of our photos!”

Fergus the Storyteller

Kimberley, Stephanie, Aleena, Scott S and Mirren – “On Thursday, we had a visit from Fergus.  He told us lots of stories about Scottish Inventors and he sang us some songs and played his guitar.  It was good fun!

Scottish Songs

Scott M – “We are learning to sing 2 Scottish songs, they are called ‘Shug the Dug’ and ‘Sam the Skull”.  We are singing the songs with P.5/6 and are looking forward to the Scots Showcase event.”


Lewis H and Lily – “On Wednesday, Mrs Shepherd from Alloa Academy came to our class again.  We revised the numbers up to 31 and played some German number games.   On Thursday with Mrs Coons, we played some German number and colour games. “


Michael and Jorja – “We were learning how to use the right hand and left hand at the same time.  It was quite hard to keep your fingers straight.  We played a tune using both hands.”


Sophie and Leah – “We painted our Nessie illustrations and my drawing had red spots and red spikes.  We then illustrated a thistle to match our Scottish Poem – ‘The Thrissle’.

This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been having a good week (Martyna).

This week in IDL we have chosen our new topic, which will start in February. We have chosen climate change (Umar).  We were asked what we would like to learn through our KWL and we were given the outcomes from science to help us pick (Leon, Seren). I am looking forward to the topic as we will get to do a lot of activities about climate change and some experiments (Georgia).

This week in Maths we have been learning to identify a sequence and the rule (Aila). We looked at the Fibonacci sequence, square numbers and triangular numbers (Maria, Georgia).  I enjoyed Maths this week, I understand more about square numbers (Cerys). I was successful because I was able to work out the pattern in the sequence (Finlay).

In writing we used our notes from a topic in the news, to help us learn how to write a newspaper. (Logan).  We wrote a newspaper article about real life problems, I wrote mines about America and Iran (Lachlan). I wrote mines on the Australian bush fires because I like fires. Even though I did not get it finished, I am proud of what I did and I think I was on my way to being successful (Georgia).

This week has been full of exciting things and P7LS are excited about what the next one will bring.

From P7LS  and Miss Stewart


This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to read, write and draw o’clock times in both an analogue and digital format. We have also started to look at subtraction and have been using the crossing out method to help us work out how many are left. We have been singing along to the months of the year song every day and are becoming more familiar with naming these months in order. We have been continuing to use our bunny ears to show different amounts, as shown on a dice.

 “We were crossing out to take away.” –Jorgi

“We were learning how to say the months of the year out loud. – Lily

“The big hand points to 12 and the little hand to the hour.” – Finlay

In Literacy, we have been consolidating the following diagraphs: ai, oa and ie. We read the story Tiddler, as part of our new IDL (Under the Sea), and used this as a stimulus to develop our visualisation skills through drawing a picture to match a part of the story. We also began to write a set of instructions titled How to brush your teeth, after discussing the purpose of instructions and where we might find them. We continued to do Show and Tell on our favourite fairy tales, linking into last term’s topic.

“We had to ask and answer questions about the books for Show and Tell.” – Zack

“’ie’ has the ‘i’ sound.” – Logan

“You have to put toothpaste on your brush first and after that, brush your teeth.” – Abigail

“We had to think about the pictures in our head and draw them.” – Phoebe

In RME, we continued to learn about Christian stories and read the story of the birth of Moses. We did a follow up craft activity to help us understand and remember this story.

 “The pharoh wanted to kill all the baby boys.” – Abigail

“They made a basket and hid Moses behind the leaves.” – Oscar

This week in P.4/5


We have been writing a couple of stories. We wrote about the man on the moon and Monty the Penguin. The Man on the Moon was about a man who lived on the moon and a little girl who lived on Earth. Monty the Penguin was about a little boy who had a toy penguin but his imagination helped him to think it was a real penguin (Grace). I though I could write with more description and detail in my story so that’s my next step (Michael).  I liked The Man on the Moon story because I liked drawing the plan of it (Jamie).

Numeracy and Maths

We designed the floor plan of a house and had to calculate the area of each room (Eilidh H).  We also calculated the perimeter of each room (Amy J). We started learning about fractions this week. If you half a number, I know that you divide by 2 (Tyler). We were using cubes to help us work out a fraction. We split the cubes into equal groups to find quarters and halves (Rebekah).


On Wednesday a man called Fergus came into our class and told us stories and songs in Scots because we are learning Scots poems and songs in class (Mac). The P.4s later listened to a story and had to retell that story to the P.5s. It was a story about Miss Belford and how she misheard the word ‘ferry’ for the word ‘fairy’ (Eilidh D). I thought it was really fun when we had to draw parts of the story to help us retell the main points of the story (Jamie). I really liked listening to the P.4s retelling the story to us (Tyler). I didn’t like the end of the story because it was a bit disgusting (Anabia).

Scots and Assembly

We coloured in musical notes which were being cut out for a display (Ben). We started to practise a Just Dance video from the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana to show at assembly (Innes). We have been practising our songs every day (Rebekah). We have learned the lines of our class poem ‘Street Talk’ and started to put actions into it (Ben).

This week in P7AG…

What a busy week we have had in P7AG!

Maths –

This week we have been learning to identify a sequence and explain the rule (Mia). We have been working on complex number sequences and patterns, for example, patterns with the original pattern, Fibonacci patterns, triangular numbers and squared numbers. “I know I was successful because I could recognise the pattern between each number and continued this on to finish the sequence ” (Emma). Liam also added “I know I was successful because I could explain the rule when I was finished .” Mia said “I liked learning about the Fibonacci pattern and about triangular numbers because it made me really think.” Mia and Aaron also enjoyed the numeracy rotations with Aaron saying “I liked doing education city in our rotation because you can play maths games with friends” (Aaron).

Literacy –

We have also read chapter 1-4 of our new class novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross MacKenzie and answered questions about the text. We used what we had heard and the question asked to phrase our answer (Charlie B). We answered questions about what happened in the story and also answered questions about what was suggested by the words (Charlie B).

This week we have been learning to take notes based on current news items. We search newspapers and the internet to select an area and began to take notes under given headings. “I liked using the newspaper to take notes as it related to real life and I knew some things about it already” (Ross).

We also used this information to write a newspaper report (Andrew T). “I know I was successful because I put the information in the order they happened and I set out my newspaper correctly with a headline” (Andrew T). “I found this challenging because I had to put the information under the right heading” (Hayley).


This week we have been developing our understanding of the Scottish culture (Alicia). We learned about tartan and began to create our own using textiles. We have been using wool to create a tartan pattern on a kilt outline (Dylan). “This was relaxing activity but I had to really concentrate to weave the pattern right” said Alicia. “I enjoyed learning about tartan, especially when we found out about the names of the tartans and the clans” (Leah).

We have also been learning to share our interests and how to relate these to my learning. We have been thinking about our upcoming science topic and decided on a topic we are interested in (Allana). After discussing, we decided to use the Australian bush fires as a stimulus and have decided we would like to learn about climate change and the relationship between climate change and natural disasters (Charlie M).

Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!

P7AG and Miss Gillon

This week in Primary 2CF – 17.01.20

Primary 2CF have been excited to see Mr Fergus back this week. We also had an interesting visitor called Fergus. He is a storyteller who sang to us and told us 2 stories about a king and a queen.


Megan – We have been whisper reading with Mrs Doherty.

Isla – We have new reading buddies, we are working with Primary 5. They read us a story.

Zayna – We have been reading a story called “Oi Frog”.

Jacob – We have chosen an animal and writing about the parts of the animal.

Claire – We have been listening to the Gruffalo in Scots.

Erin – We wrote Scottish words to describe the Gruffalo.


Noah – We have been finding missing numbers in 100.

Angus – We were counting up to and back from 100.

Kian – We have been learning to find hexagons.

Layla – We know what a pentagon is.

Jack – We know that an octagon has eight sides.


In RME we have been listening to stories that teach us something, our story taught us to be kind to others.

We have been practicing our Scot’s poems, story and songs for the school showcase.

We have been planning our topic learning and we will be learning all about Castles.

This Week in P2/3RS…

We had an exciting morning on Wednesday. Fergus, the storyteller, came to visit us again. The children were thrilled to see Fergus again and remembered lots of the stories and songs he told last year. Let us share the stories Fergus told us this year…

Konrad – We have begun learning about castles. We have begun learning about the outside of castles and have been learning about the Great Hall.

Dylan – Fergus, the storyteller, came to visit us again and we were very pleased to see him! He told us stories about castles.

Amber – He told us a story about Mary Queen of Scots. She lived hundreds of years ago. Even though she had a husband, she wouldn’t let him be King because she wanted to be the Queen by herself.

Leah – She was in a battle and was trapped in a castle. She tried to escape dressed as a boy. One of the guards smelled her perfume and then her friend hit him with a stick, making his eyes go dizzy and then she escaped.

Reece – Fergus told us another story about a nasty King and a rooster.

Olivia – The rooster wanted the King to give him back the penny he stole from him.

Dylan – It was a gold penny.

Emile – The rooster has swallowed a lot of bees and then let them out his mouth and they stung the King so he got his gold penny back which he shared with his owner.

This week in Primary 3/4NM

Welcome to our class blog this week!

We were all super-excited to have a Storytelling session from Fergus.  We reminded him of everything that we had done together last time and then he shared some new stories and songs.
– “Fergus the Storyteller told us a Roman story.” (Nadia)
– “Fergus came to our class and he sang songs with us.” (Beth)
– “When Fergus came in to our class he sang us a funny song.” (Mah Noor)
– “I liked it when Fergus was teaching us songs and stories.” (Emma)

In Literacy, we continued learning how to write reports – this week it had to be about hedgehogs.  We needed to include a range of sentence openers.
– “We wrote reports about hedgehogs and we got to find out different facts about hedgehogs.” (Callan)
– “We were writing a report about hedgehogs.  I learned that hedgehogs roll into a ball when they are scared.” (Erin)
– “Did you know that hedgehogs have a spine?” (Cole)
– “Believe it or not but baby hedgehogs are called piglets. (Harry)

In Numeracy, we covered a couple of concepts this week.
– “We finished up learning about money.  We used takeaway menus to find the total of the things we would like to buy.” (Emily)
– “We made our own menus and I had never heard of dragon fruit.  I put it onto my menu.” (Oscar)
– “We’ve been learning about money in our Maths stations.” (Adam)
We also learned about Roman numerals and practised reading and writing numbers using these.  Tomorrow, we are going to do some addition and subtraction sums, using Roman numerals!
– “I saw Roman numerals in my book.” (Rhys)
– “Big Ben has Roman numerals.” (Callan)

In IDL, we learned about the important buildings that would have been built in Roman towns and cities.  We learned their names, what would have happened there and compared them to modern-day.  We drew pictures of these buildings, to put on our brand new Romans display in class.
– “The temple was where they prayed to the Gods.” (Eli)
– “The thermae was where they went to wash.” (Karina)
– “The basilica was the law court.” (Carly)
– “It doesn’t sound comfy to sit on stone seats at the theatre.” (Ava)

Have a lovely weekend!