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This Week in P2W

What did we enjoy doing?

  • We enjoyed meeting our new teacher, Mr O’Connell. We played ‘Who Stole My Pencil’ and did some Just Dance.
  • We wrote our own reflections of P2W. It was a lovely time to talk about all of our memories and fun learning in P2W.
  • We created our own dinosaur species and designed a habitat with different materials.
  • We loved celebrating some of our friends in P2 when they received their silver or gold house point chart in assembly.
  • Since we are so good at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, Miss Wilson has been teaching us how to count in 4s. We love it!
  • We were also revising how to tell the time in digital formation. Some of us even tried to show quarter to in digital and analogue form.

What do we want to do more of in P3?

  • Lots of art
  • Learning more about dinosaurs.
  • Learning about mythical creatures.
  • More learning about how to tell the time but trickier!
  • More reading
  • Learning about superheroes

Star Moments

  • Dinosaur art – designing our own habitat and dinosaur
  • Preparing for the School Fayre
  • Meet the teacher

17.06.22 – This week in Primary 6A


Please read about our learning from this week.

In Literacy:

Emily- we completed a mood board about feelings and photography

Lacey – we learned a new spelling rule

Alexis – we completed a picture news task on our chromebooks

Jason – we made up a name for our photos

William – we complete a spelling task on the chrome books

In Numeracy:

Kai- We used classroom resources

Erin- For the Summer Fayre we used our addition skills to make floats

Jamie – In our maths assessments we did timestable work

Georgia – In our maths assessments we did division questions.

Lucas – we completed tasks on Splash learn about angles

Gee – In the phased 8 assessment we were working on BOMDAS.

MahNoor – in our phased 5 assessment we had to solve word problems.

In Health and Wellbeing:

Ava- we met our new teacher this week

Tyler – we played swedish long ball

Ben – we played chaos tig as a warm up in PE

Sophia – in PE we had class vs class with P5JD

Anabia – in assembly we reflected on our school year

lily – we have to water our plants every day

Emma – every morning we do daily mile 

Ava – every morning and afternoon we do a check-in

Emily – we completed our class blog

Other areas:

William- we were learning more about Hinduism and the cycle of life

Georgia – we learned about fine, educational and commercial photography.

Lacey – we have helped to organised and run the Summer Fayre

Ava – We had a whole school assembly.

This week in P3/4M

Literacy  – This week we were learning to write a reflective piece of writing. We wrote about our school year.  It was fun to think about the memories but also sad we will be finishing P3/4M.

This week we also got to meet our new class teachers. We really liked them and enjoyed being upstairs in our new classroom.

We did some flower art to think back on our school year. They looked great when we finished them!

We are super excited for the school fayre this afternoon!!

This Week In P1S

It has been another busy week in P1S! We are certainly cramming in as much learning and fun before the summer holidays – let us tell you what we have been learning and doing this week…

This week we have been busy like bees, creating hama bead designs and turning them into magnets to sell at our Summer Fayre. We are hoping to see you there and hopefully buy some of our beautiful designs!

We have also been busy completing our work for the Showcase of Learning all about our trip to Dunfermline Glen. We hope you will be able to come along on Monday and enjoy our Literacy and Art work.

Our P7 buddies also organised a trip to the park for us this week to say goodbye before they begin high school. It was lovely to have this time together as we have enjoyed working with them throughout the year.

10.06.22 – This Week in Primary 6A


Please read about our learning from this week.

In Literacy:

Anabia- We listened to a virtual assembly about this week’s picture news.

Lily – The Jaffa Beans won the Pittencrief Park project.

Ben – We went to the school library.

Sophia – We learned a new spelling rule.

Tyler – P6/7 completed a play called MacBeth.

Ava – in literacy we were whisper reading in our group.

Emma – we read more of our personal reading books.

Carly – we read about NHS superheroes

Anabia – we presented our Pittencrief park presentations to Primary 6/7

Anabia – we played literacy games on the IPAD

In Numeracy:

Halle- In numeracy we completed a textbook page about find the degrees in angles.

Jamie – we were learning more about angles.

Colton – we had to decide what prices we were using for our stall at the fayre.

Carly – In numeracy we named angles

Eilidh – we played angle games on the IPAD. 

Ben – We drew a range of angles using a protractor.

In Health and Wellbeing:

Erin – Every day we complete a morning and afternoon check-in.

Georgia – We played class vs class long ball.

Jamie – we played kick ball rounders.

Charlie – We met our P1 buddies for next year.

Mahnoor – we started to create our energy posters.

Kai – we complete the daily mile everyday.

Ava – in assembly our class got our daily mile marathons

Jason – in assembly Mr O’Connell was talking about respect and inclusion.

Carly – in assembly mr O’Connell talked about identity.

Other areas:

Carly- we change the date in French every day.

Lucas – In German we were learning about length of hair, colour of eyes and hair and if your hair is straight or curly.

Jason – This was outdoor learning week

Ava – we created Summer Fayre posters and stall posters

Alexis – we planted plants to look after and take home.

This Week in P2W

What’s went well?

  • In Health and Wellbeing, we continued our ‘Compliments Flower’, where we choose a member of the class and say lovely words of kindness to them.
  • For art, we created our own patterned keyrings for the school fayre. Come along and check them out next Friday!
  • We all did so well in our phonics assessment. Mrs Doherty even came round today to give us all an A+ sticker. Well done to us!
  • We did a problem solving quest in teams where we had to work out lots of numeracy problems and solve the clues.

What could do we do better?

  • We want to get better at writing a bit quicker in the time that we have.
  • Counting in 2s, 4s, 5s and 10s.
  • Walking quietly through the corridors since we are going to be big P3 role models to younger children soon.

What do we want to do more of?

  • Summer crafts
  • More time on the Chromebooks  – dance mat typing
  • More writing opportunities

Star moments

  • Our Summer disco
  • Dance Mat typing on the Chromebooks
  • Making keyrings for our school fayre.

This week in P3/4M

Literacy – This week we have been learning to write imaginative stories. We did this by writing a story about being a squirrel in a park, when a school trip arrives. This was a lot of fun.

Numeracy – We have been learning to calculate change.  We have been pushing ourselves by trying to increase the amounts. This has been tricky but we have found that the jump method helps.

This week was super exciting because we had our school disco! It was amazing! There were lots of songs and there was a photobooth! We are already excited for the next one.

This Week In P1S…

After a long weekend, P1S returned to school ready to face our last few weeks of Primary 1 (who can believe it is June already) full of energy and enthusiasm. Let us tell you what we have been doing and learning this week…

We have been very excited this week to begin creating our crafts for the Summer Fayre. We have begun creating magnets for fridges, radiators or dish washers using Hama Beads. We have tried to make our magnets using our knowledge of pattern. Hama Beads are quite tricky as they are so small and fiddly so we are practising our patience and perseverance to complete them!

We have been learning about why and how to phone 999. We know that we only phone in an emergency and have been acting out different emergencies in our house corner. We have learned all the different emergency vehicles that emergency services can drive and arrive in and enjoyed creating our own versions from Lego.


Please read about our learning from this week.

In Literacy:

Emily- We have completed rotations.

Erin – we have completed an SWST assessment

Lily – we wrote an imaginative story on google docs or with scholastic story starters

Sophia – we were reading buddies with a partner

Anabia – we learned a new spelling rule

Callan – we self and peer assessed our reading ability.

Ava – we discussed a story through picture news

Anabia – we read our personal reading books

Ava – every monday we go to the school library.

In Numeracy:

Callan- we revised angles

Ben – we were using protractors to measure angles in degrees

Anabia – we were finding missing angles

Emily – we added angles to 90, 180 and 360 degrees

Jason – we have learned about supplementary and complementary angles

Jamie – Lee – we also kind of learned about rotation – 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees

Ava – we were on the ipads and played some games on splash lear

In Health and Wellbeing:

Erin- everyday we do a daily mile

Colton – we played dodgeball at a lunch club

Anabia – every morning we do a morning check-in

Alexis – every afternoon we check-in in German

Gee – some children see a wellbeing worker

Jason – In PE we learned about fielding and striking

Lucas – In PE we played kickball rounders

Sophia – In PE we learned how to play long ball

Emily – In dodgeball we worked in a team.

Other areas:

William – we attempted to get extra golden time by taking on a secret mission.

Jason – we learned about complimentary colours on the colour wheel

Harvey – we also learned about contrasting colours on the colour wheel

Anabia – we drew peacocks for our Pittencrief park topic

Ava – Mrs Coons came back and taught us German

Emily – Mrs Coons taught us how to describe ourselves in German

Ava – Every week we take on a responsible job.

Carly – every morning we go over the french date and weather.

Sophia – we learned how to saw our hobbies in German

Emily – we completed a german wordsearch about hobbies

Erin – we played German games online and a pairs game

Harvey – we completed our Pittencrief park presentations for next week

This week in P3/4M

Literacy – We were learning to spell words with the “ng” and the “nk” spelling.  We watched some videos to help our learning and used different rotations to help us practise.

Numeracy – We have been learning to calculate change. This has been great for practising our adding and taking away skills. This is challenging but we are enjoying working with money.

Music – This week we were learning to create our own music with the Chrome Music Lab with Miss Belford. This was a lot of fun and we were able to be really creative.