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This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have had a magical week.

Firstly we want to say a big WELCOME to Dennis who has joined our class this week and to his sisters who have also joined the school!

We have had lots of different Literacy tasks this week.

On Monday we were learning to write a personal piece of writing. First we interviewed our friend about what they done during the February holiday. Then we wrote about our February holiday. I was successful because I wrote in first person and I wrote in past tense. I need to remember to add in my thoughts and feelings (Layla).

This week we were learning about adverbs, an adverb describes the verb. We had lots of different stations. At one of the stations we had to change adjectives in to adverbs. The rule is you add  ‘ly’ at the end of the word. I was good at sorting adverbs and adjectives and putting ‘ly’ on the end (Anika).


In writing we were continuing to learn about writing instructions. This week we wrote instructions for ‘How to play snakes and ladders’. To be successful we need to write in order, we also to use bossy verbs at the beginning of each step. It is also important to use connective openers. I found it tricky to get the bossy verbs at the beginning of my steps (Nate).

This week we had a special visitor, Fergus the story teller. He taught us a song and read us lots of stories. I liked the story about the little girl with the shoe, who became famous for her singing because it was an inspiring story (Amy). We hope that Fergus comes back (P3/4LS).


In Maths this week we have been learning to calculate durations of time in whole hours and half hour intervals. I found this a bit challenging, I am successful at counting forward but I need to practise counting backwards (Ben).

We have started to learn about coding. We have been learning to create algorithms (an algorithm is when you give a computer a set of instructions). We  took pictures of Lego to make a set of instructions for another team to try and follow. We also played games and gave the computer simple instructions, like move forward, turn left and right. I have found this easy to start with and I hope it gets harder (Charlie).


This week in our toys topic we started off by learning how to identify and describe materials. We had different stations with toys made from different materials, we had to think about what they felt like and how we would describe that. We then had to write, draw and label our favourite toy describing what it is made of. I was successful because I had good adjectives to describe the material of my favourite toy (Michael).


You can see all our amazing work when our snapshot jotters come home next Friday.

We hope you have an amazing weekend.


P3/4 and Miss Stewart

This Week in P7RS…

Thankfully P7RS came back after the February break ready to throw themselves into this term. We have had a rather busy week, let us share with you what we have learned…

Reading – We have been learning to read and analyse a text for information. We have also been learning to answer thick and thin questions using information from a text. In order to do this, we have been continuing to develop our skimming and scanning skills.

We have been reading First News articles to do this. From reading articles, discussing and answering questions about them we have realised that we need to spend more time answering thick than thin questions and to read the question carefully to make sure we are skimming and scanning for the correct information.

We need to continue to practise answering these questions – particularly thick questions. Josh, Miles and Rhigan

Bikeability – We have been learning to ride our bikes safely on the road.

We took part in a Bikeability lesson where we learned to do a safe stop, safe start and a U turn. We learned to check the road before we go and to give a signal when entering and leaving the road. We were also reminded how to complete a bike safety check.

Next time, we need to develop our confidence signalling as it involves taking one hand off the handle bars and making sure we check behind us for passing cars. Rebecca, Megan and Casey

WW2 (writing) – We have been learning about Anderson Shelters and visualising what it might have been like to spend time in one. We have also been learning to use descriptive language/techniques and making sure we have used all our basic punctuation correctly (capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks).

We have been trying to do this by writing a diary entry about spending a night in an Anderson shelter. To add description/details, we have been considering what they might have eaten and drank, the smell and what they may have done to take their minds off what was happening outside. We have also been trying to include lots of emotions words as it would be quite frightening having to enter an Anderson Shelter.

We need to finish these off next week before exploring evacuations and rationing. Connor, Alan and Callum

Maths – The Spicy and Extreme groups have been learning to find a fraction of a number by using division strategies. To help us do this, we have been practising the written algorithm (bridge strategy) and then answering questions from textbooks. For example, we have completed questions like 1/3 of 135 which is 45.

We need to practise finding fractions of bigger numbers and also finding equivalent fractions.

The Hot group have been learning to use fraction walls to help them order and compare fractions. They have had to order lots of different fractions and have realised that if the numbers in the fraction are big it does not mean the fraction is bigger – for example 1/10 is bigger than 1/12.

Next week the Hot group will also begin finding equivalent fractions, using their fraction walls at first and then without. Brooke, Izzy and Aria

WW2 (technology) – We have been learning to build Anderson Shelters and we have had to think about how we can structure our Anderson shelters to withstand a ‘bomb’.

We used a variety of materials to build our Anderson Shelters including shoe boxes and other materials we have brought in from home. We had to think about how we can make them historically accurate – adding sand bags, camouflaging them, adding bunk beds, newspapers for entertainment, vegetables growing on top, radio, lamps. The Anderson Shelters had to be big enough for a family of 6 Lego figures.

We made our Anderson Shelters in groups – we had to remember to not be hefty hogs or lazy logs. We all managed to make an Anderson Shelter in our groups within the time frame too. We have bombed them and thankfully all survived! No Lego figures were injured! Ray, Marek and Aiden

This week in P2AG

Welcome to P2AG’s Blog


This week in IDL we started exploring our new topic – Energy. On Monday, we were given a series of clues and we had to use our detective skills to work out our new topic . We even had two people guess correctly..WOW! We also established some questions we would like to explore as part of our topic. These questions have shaped our learning this week as we started to learn about the appearance of the sun and the two types of energy it gives off. We now know:

  • The sun gives off two types of energy: “light and heat” (Millie),
  • The sun is “10 times wider than earth” (Ruva),
  • The sun is “a star” (Oscar),
  • The sun is the same shape as earth – a sphere (Nadia).

We were also learning to describe the earth’s movement around the sun and how this causes day and night. We used drama to focus on the movement of the earth. We worked with a shoulder partner to take on the role of the sun or the earth and were able to show how the earth moves by ‘spinning’ and ‘orbiting’ around the sun. Please ask us, we would love to show you!

We now know:

  • “The sun never moves” (Oscar),
  • “The earth spins” (Tia),
  • “When the earth is facing the sun, it’s daytime. When the earth is not facing the sun then it’s night-time” (Noah),
  • It takes “earth 24 hours to spin [fully]” (Abbaigh).


In reading this week, we worked on the text ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers (Harry N). We were learning to ask questions about the text and select information to support our answers.  We have also been learning to summarise the book in a few short sentences.

In phonics this week, the green group focused on the ‘i-e’ sound and the orange group focused on the ‘er’ sound.

This week in writing, we wrote a scientific report based on an experiment we carried out. Before beginning the writing process we set up our experiment to test which objects would melt in the sun (Beth). We had: ice, butter, chocolate, crayon, rubber and a sharpener (Nikola). We made a prediction about what we thought was going to happen (Harry T) and were able to list the equipment needed (Reggie). We then investigated the scientific language associated with each section. We now know:

  • Hypothesis “means making a prediction” (Oscar),
  • Diagram is a fancy word for “a picture with labels” (Millie),
  • Conclusion is where you tell the reader “what happened in the experiment” (Harry T).

The results of our experiment showed the ‘ice melted in the sun’ (Beth) however the other items did not. We wrote a conclusion to summarise our results (Oscar) and thought that if we were to try the experiment in the summer, the butter and the chocolate might melt (Eli).


This week in Numeracy, we have been learning to halve numbers up to 20. We started the week revising what we already know about fractions. We said how many halves or quarters make up one whole and reminded ourselves how to write this mathematically. We then focused on halving cakes containing candles and making sure each side had the same number of candles. We became so confident that we moved on to building our own arrays to answer halving questions. We now know that:

  • There are “two half’s in a [one] whole” (Nadia),
  • “If we halve something both sides need to be the same size or have the same number” (Reggie),
  • “Half of 4 is two” (Harry T),
  • “Half of 20 is 10” (Ruva).

Thank you for reading our blog.

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.

This Week in P1NM

Welcome back after the holiday week!

This week has been Snapshot Jotter week, so all of our work has gone into this special jotter.  We will bring it home next Friday (1st Mar) so that we can share it with our families.

In Maths, we have been learning to use analogue clocks (the ones with hands) and digital clocks (the ones with just numbers) to read and make o’clock times.
– “The big hand is at 12 and the little hand is at 8 … 8 o’clock.” (Zac)
– “The big hand is pointing to 12 and the little hand is pointing at 5 … 5 o’clock.” (Layla)
– “3:00 … 3 o’clock.” (Josh)

In Reading, we have been listening to stories about the characters that are going to be in everyone’s reading books next week.  We have been learning to read their names.  They are called …
– “Kipper” (Jack)
– “Biff” (Isla)
– “Chip” (Amber)
– “Mum” (Andrew)
– “Dad” (Leighton)
– “Floppy” (Amelia)

In Writing, we wrote imaginative stories about a Lollipop Person, linked to our work this week on how to safely cross the road.
– “The lollipop lady’s stick blew away because it was windy.  She had to buy a new one.” (Megan)
– “The lollipop man was happy because he loved his job.” (Vincent)
– “The lollipop lady held up his stick and the traffic stopped.” (Antos)

We have been planning what we would like to learn in our new project, called Under the Sea – we can’t wait to get started next week!

This week in P7JB

We’ve had a very active week!


The first thing we did was a bike check  – the M check. When we got on the road we practiced going along one side of the road then stopping safely. After that we did u-turns, which is where you turn 180 degrees so that you are on the other side of the road. Finally we learned how to go around a parked car by using the arm indicators.    (Will and Kate)


In Art we focused on WW2. We drew a town/city after an air-raid. We drew using only a fine-liner and we weren’t allowed to use pencil. The reason we weren’t allowed to sketch it out in pencil first was because if we made a mistake we would have to be resilient and try and improve our work. (Grace, Fern and Ellie)



For Skiing we were learning how to control our speed when we were going down the slope. I got a little bit higher up the slope (Ali). I learned how to use the tow lift and control my speed, it was a really fun experience (Drew).  I worked hard to learn to keep my skis in a pizza shape (Husnain).  I finally learned how to use the tow after i had some help from the instructor (Ibtasam).


I made measurements and put tape on the carpet to see the actual size of an Anderson shelter. It could only hold 4 people and was very cold. We drew a town that was damaged by an Air raid. (Thomas and Connor)

In Literacy we have begun to develop our note taking skills using different sources of evidence. We read different pieces of evidence from the National Archives and thought about what information they gave us.

In Numeracy we have been working on the written algorithm for multiplication, some of us have looked at word problems in different contexts. Next week we begin to use our multiplication and division skills to work with fractions.

This week in P4/5EG

We have had an action packed week (Jaxon).


Today we started learning about the area of shapes (Erin). We know that the area is the space inside a shape (Eray). We completed mild, hot or spicy worksheets about area (Emma).

We continued our work on perimeter, we looked at measuring the perimeter of more complicated shapes (Sophie).

On Wednesday we were learning about 2D shapes, we learned that they are flat (Khloe). We learned that the ‘D’ in 2D shapes, stands for dimensional (Ruvimbo).


This week we started a new structure for our reading lessons (Jaxon). We now work in 4 stations, with a different activity at each station (Ruvimbo). Megan thought this was really fun. Danny loved doing this. Jaxon found of the activities difficult, but he didn’t give up.

This week Fergus, the story teller, came into our class (Hassan). Fergus came into our class, he sung 2 songs and told us 3 stories (Jodie). One of his stories was about Mary Queen of Scots, about her escape from a castle (Marcus).  We were able to showcase our knowledge about Mary Queen of Scots.

Today, we drew a story board which summarised the story ‘The Black Dog’ (Ruvimbo). We had to fill in the first and last boxes, before filling in any of the other boxes. This was to make sure we were able to include all the important events in the story.

This week for writing, we made leaflets (Sophie). Our leaflets were about either Stirling or Loch Leven Castle (Erin). We had to include information about Mary Queen of Scots time in the castle (Eray). Eray knows that Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner in Loch Leven castle. We also had to write about the location of the castle (Jonathin). We also wrote about the appearance of the castle (Brandyn).


This week we went outside to use loose parts, we used them to build a castle (Haris). We then printed a photo of our castles, stuck it in our snapshot jotters. We used the photo to create a labelled diagram of our castles (Megan).

Thank you for reading our blog,

P4/5 and Miss Gordon.



This week in P1HD

In Maths, we have been learning how to tell o’clock times. We have been looking at both analogue and digital clocks and have been drawing the hands onto clocks.

“The big hand stays at 12 and the small hand points to a number.” – Angus

“We have been drawing the small hand and the big hand onto clocks. The big hand points to 12 and the small hand points to a number and that means it’s an o’clock time” – Harvey

“5 o’clock. The small hand points to 5” – Claire

In Literacy, we have been introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree books with Biff, Chip and Kipper. We are going to start reading these next week and are all very excited!

“Chip is a boy.” – John

“Chip and Biff are twins.” – Paige

“We have been learning to read. I like when we needed to write words using our Fred Fingers.” – Malcolm

“I read a book called The Secret Room. My favourite part was the part when they found the secret room.” – William

For IDL, we learned about road safety. We read a story called Ziggy’s Sports Day and discussed ways we can travel safely on the roads. 

“Stop, Look, Listen and Think.” – Olivia

“I cross the road all the time holding my daddy’s hand.” – James

“If you are in a car, you have to be safe by wearing your seatbelt.” – Noah

“A lollypop lady goes in the middle of the road with her lollypop stick to stop the cars so people can cross.” – Faith


This week in P2CF…

There has been a lot of great learning happening in P2CF this week after our week off!

In Numeracy, we have been learning about fractions.
– “We have been learning how to split things into 2 and 4 equal pieces.” (Amber D)
– “We drew pizzas and cut it into quarters.  We put our favourite toppings on the pizza. I had cheese, ham, pepperoni and sweetcorn.” (Amber T)
– “If the pizza was cut into 2 pieces it would be in half.” (James F)

In Literacy, we worked with a storyteller called Fergus.

– “Fergus told us stories and sang some songs. I liked the Loch Ness Monster Song.” (Catherine)
– “I liked the story about the sun and the God Apollo.” (Lucie)

-”I liked the story about the woman and the baby who had a farm.” (Ayleigh)

In IDL, we have been learning about the sun.

– “The sun is a big ball of fire and lava.  There is gravity on our planet but not in space.  If we didn’t have gravity we would float away.” (Kacey)
– “The sun is 100 times bigger than the Earth.” (Leah)

“I want to find out why it is hotter in the summer than it is in the winter.” (Erin)

Most of our work this week has gone into our Snapshot jotters.  We cannot wait to bring them home and share them with you next Friday.

This Week in P.5AB

We have had a really busy week with lots of different activities.


This week we started literacy rotations. There were three stations. The first one was working with our teacher, the second was spelling and the third was reading chill books (Lily). On Monday we practised the rotations so we knew what to do and on Thursday we used the rotations for working on aspects of literacy (Jorja). The rotations lasted for 15 minutes (Ava).


We were revising subtraction in written sums this week (Grace). We were also learning to calculate the perimeter of a shape (Sophie). Some of us were using the textbooks and some people were using the ipads (Stephanie). In the textbook we had to calculate the perimeter of shapes in mm, cm or m (Airingas).


We started sewing in our IDL time this week because Mary Queen of Scots would have liked sewing (Scott M). Before the holiday we planned out using loose parts to build castles so we went out to do that today. After a while we experimented and some groups opened a ‘hobby shop’, a lemonade stand and a ‘Tesco’ shop (Michael).

Y Dance

This week we had to get into our bubble space to make movements (Airingas). We did something called ‘copycat’ and had to copy all of Mrs Smith’s movements (Kaiden).  We thought about how Mary Queen of Scots would have felt, coming back to Scotland and came up with 8 movements to practise with a partner (Jorja).

Music Technology

We had a visitor this week called Rory (Lewis H). We had to pick a colour and name the emotions felt when we thought about that colour (Leon).  We listened to music and described how we felt and which colours we thought of when we heard the music (Aleena). We recorded some people on a microphone then used a special keyboard to make their voices sound funny (Scott S).


A storyteller called Fergus came into our class. He sang two songs and told us two stories. One of them was about a smith who came across fairies (Karis). Another story was about Mary Queen of Scots and her escape from Bothwell Castle (Sophie).


Lewis H ran in a cross country event and got two medals for it.  Airingas is making good progress at boxing and he has moved onto kickboxing.


We hope you have a good weekend.


This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have been really busy.

We have started our new Health and Wellbeing topic this week called Safety. This was a really good time to start as it was Internet Safety day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we were learning about Online Safety Day. We were learning to read for information. We had to read a passage about online safety and then we had to answer questions. Did you know you have to be 13 years old or older to have a Facebook account (Tyler)? I thought it was challenging because it was hard finding the answers in the passage (Amy).

We continued our learning about the importance of being safe online. We used drama to act out a performance on how to be safe online. Go to twitter to view one of our videos, but REMEMBER to BE SAFE ONLINE (Alyxs)! I was successful in my performance as the Dad because I told the little girl how to be safe online with strangers (Mac).


In writing this week we linked with our Toys topic and we started to learn about how to write instructions. Our task was to write instructions for making a  paper snail. We explained the materials needed then we wrote out the steps in order. In  our instructions we had to use bossy verbs and time openers (Anabia, Eilidh H). I think I was successful because I had my writing in order (Anika).

This week for one of our topic lessons we were learning to make a timeline. We used past and present toys and had to display them on a line in date order from past to present. I was successful because I managed to put all the toys in the correct date order (Jamie). I found it challenging because we had to put the toys in order (Charlie).


We also started comparing toys from the past and present. We used words to describe our toys and put them in to a Venn diagram to display similarities and differences in how we would describe them. Lots of the toys from the past were wooden.



In Maths we are continuing to learn about fractions. We are learning to identify and colour fractions of shapes and share a single item equally. I was confused when working out fractions using word problems, but I’m not confused now. In my group we shared our strategies and I now get it (Nate)!

We hope you enjoy your week off!  Don’t forget to BE SAFE ONLINE!

We successfully followed instructions this week to make a flapping bird.

From P3/4LS and Miss Stewart