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Guides for using Google Classrooms

With the recent developments around COVID-19, we have begun to implement a digital learning contingency called Google Classrooms.


Please see the videos below for further information:

Via Browser.

Via App:


The app is downloadable for tablets and smartphones via Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Via a Ps4:


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How to submit an assignment:

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Uploading a Photo from PC:

How to upload a photo via iPad:

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Classroom Codes:

If it asks for a classroom code, please find these below:

  • P1EC-  fhyvzlu
  • P1HD – 6pbushs
  • P2 – jquqqo
  • P2/3 – ovnxbqf
  • P3IL – Coka4se
  • P3/4 – Isi4hae
  • P4/5 – W44uxcy
  • P5JS – vtrxvaw
  • P5/6TG – In77kyc
  • P6JDW – Z23uzh7
  • P7LS – lvbnrx
  • P7AG – 7tktuz4

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties please contact us. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

Primary 1EC Week beg 09.03.20


This week we learned the sound ‘z’ The action is a bumblebee.

Our shared text this week was Someone swallowed Stanley. Stanley was a plastic bag. The sea creatures thought he was a jelly fish. A turtle, a whale and the seagulls tried to eat him.

The Turtle started to choke on the bag. A boy helped the turtle. He said that plastic bags d not live in the ocean. They can kill animals.

In our writing this week this week we wrote about Sea turtles:

“Sea turtles have 4 flippers’ Melissa

“Some people try to hunt the sea turtles’ Isla

“The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle” Celestan

“The hawksbill turtle is the only turtle that can eat the coral sponges. The coral sponges are toxic to other turtles.” Callen

“The Green sea turtle could not retract their head into its shell” Angus



Our focus this week has continued to be money and fractions. In money we looked at how we work out change from 10p.

“You have to do a take away sum, 10-4=6” Miley

Next week we are going to extend our learning and look at adding coins to 20p.

We revised our knowledge of fractions ½ and ¼ of an amount this week. We are learning that if it is ½ then the cubes are divided into 2 groups and if it is a ¼ the cubes are divided into 4 groups. Some of us are trying to learn our doubles and halves mentally

“a half is 2 equal shapes” Darcie

“a quarter is 4 equal parts” Cooper

“Half of 8 is 4” Celestan

“We played Hit the Button to help us with our halves and doubles” Cooper

“Half of 10 is 5”

“Double 10 is 20” Celestan

“Double 20 is 40” Ryan McInally


In IDL we have continued to learn about under the sea creatures. This week our focus was on Sea Turtles. We learned lots of facts about them and we wrote a fact-file on Thursday during writing. Mrs Cuthbert was very impressed with how hard we were working.


“There are 7 different species of sea turtles” Darcie

“Green sea turtles cannot put their heads into their shells” Andrew

“The leatherback turtle is the biggest of the sea turtles” May

“The loggerhead turtle eats jellyfish” Angus

This week in P3IL…

This week in P3IL we have been busy in Maths learning all about place value. We have been learning more about the importance of 0 as a place holder. We have been working to partition numbers so we can see how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a 3 digit number. We have been having lots of fun doing this and playing matching games with dienes counters!

In English and Literacy, we have been having A LOT of fun designing and working on our books more. We have also been working using adjectives to our writing to make it more engaging for the reader.

We have also been working hard on practising for the young scots showcase next week. We hope you can make it to hear our beautiful singing!

In our IDL topic for Romans, we have been learning about Roman Numerals and began to learn how to write some numbers in Roman numerals. We also LOVED P3/4NM’s class assembly today all about if the Romans should run the school!

It has been another brilliant week!

P3IL, Miss Low & Mrs. Jacobs

This week in P7AG..

Welcome to our blog!

Trip to the Science Centre

This week we went on a trip to the Science Centre in Glasgow. During our visit we went to see a show called Future Fuels (Charlie M) and learned about how gas can be used instead of fossil fuels (Beth). “I enjoyed the trip because we got to see lots of different things and experiments” (Emma). “I really enjoyed the optical illusions part” (Andrew K). I enjoyed learning new things at the science centre, for example different types of gas and how they are used (Mia). “I really enjoyed the show” (Hala).


This week we have been learning to collect, organise and display data (Hayley/Charlie B). We created frequency tables (Summer) and collected data using tally marks. We also represented the data in a bar chart using an appropriate scale (Charlie B).


This week in writing we continued to write imaginatively (Ross). We focused on finishing our stories about the magical room we created for the Nowhere Emporium (Bronik).

This week in grammar we have been learning to identify different types of nouns (Leah). We focused on countable and uncountable nouns (Leah). We know that countable nouns include: egg, apple and orange (Ross, Hayley and Andrew). We know that unaccountable nouns include:  jam, bread, and sugar (Charlie M).


This week in IDL we have been learning to carry out experiments safely (Alicia). This week we also created different models to monitor and record the weather, for example we made a barometer and an anemometer (Andrew T).

Thank you for reading our blog.

Primary 7AG and Miss Gillon

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been continuing to focus on money, in particular giving change. We were able to use a 2 part process of adding 2 items together to work out the total cost and then subtracting this from 10p to calculate the change required. We also developed our understanding of finding a half of a quantity and played a game called Half–baked on Education City to support this. We used cubes to find out half of numbers to 10 and are aiming to be able to quickly recall these facts e.g. “Half of 4 is 2”. We also learned how to measure the length of objects using non-standard units.

 “We measured the table using pens and it was 8 pens long.” – Faith

“I enjoyed measuring the sand tray. I had to make sure I didn’t leave gap between the pens.” – Phoebe

“We had to count the pennies and put them on the tens frame. We then had to work out the change.” – Finlay


In Literacy, we learned the ‘x’ sound and had opportunities to say, make, break, blend, read and write words with these sounds.  We read Somebody Swallowed Stanley and did a visualising task where we had to draw a picture to illustrate what we think the inside of each of the sea creatures may have looked like for the plastic bag (Stanley). We linked our story into writing and wrote a pledge that we would like ourselves and our family to try to do to help reduce plastic pollution.

“A whale swallowed Stanley. I think it would be all dark inside the whale’s tummy and Stanley would be sad.” – Lucas

“Box has ‘x’ in it.” – Nicholas

“A pledge means something you are going to change. My pledge is to put rubbish in the bin.” – Jayden


In IDL, we continued our Under the Sea topic. We learned about plastic pollution and looked at various pictures of plastic under the sea and on beaches. We discussed what we could see in the pictures, where we thought the plastic may have come from and what we could do to help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

“You could find plastic bottles in the sea and it could be open and fish might not see it and might swim into it and die in there.” – Faith

“Animals can die when plastic gets inside them.” – Abigail

“People throw plastic into the sea. They flush rubbish down the toilet.” – Jessica

This week in P.4/5


This week we have been drawing pictures about the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea (Grace). We are learning to retell a story to improve our memories and listening skills (William). Our teacher told us the story but she didn’t show us the illustrations. We had to use our memory of the story and imaginations to draw our own illustrations in the correct order to be able to retell the story later (Anabia). It was hard to use our imaginations because we had to think about what the little girl might look like and how the kitchen was designed (Tyler). My favourite part of the story was when the tiger drank all of Daddy’s bear because I thought it was funny (Michael).


Numeracy and Maths

We were working on revising decimals and fractions this week. I drew out pictures to help me find a fraction of a number. This is a good strategy for me to work out the answers (Lucas). We also did a maths assessment with Mrs Jones on Thursday (Dennis). I had to figure out the decimal number in one of the questions and I’m sure I got it marked correct (Ben). I thought the easiest one was the missing numbers in a sequence from smallest to largest (Rebekah).


IDL – Mary Queen of Scots

This week we heard that Mary got imprisoned in Loch Leven Castle near Kinross. We designed maps of Loch Leven and the surrounding area (Lucas). We used tissue paper, paint, black card and chalk on our designs (Amy J). in Ydance, we brought the whole story together up until Mary’s marriage.


We have been practising our Scots songs in class and are looking forward to sharing these next Friday at Alloa Academy.  Look in our school bags for letters about this.


Have a good weekend!


This Week in P2/3RS…

Well we have been very busy bees this week! From learning all about knights to building our junk model castles to creating a fantastic ‘Hodgeheg’ display, we have been working our socks off! We have also been learning lots in Literacy and Numeracy. Let us tell you all that we have been learning this week…


Olivia – In writing we wrote about knights – we wrote about being a page, squire and knight.

Dylan – Some people were learning to use Clicker6 to help with writing.

Sky – We were also learning our sounds – wa, ou and ea.

Channing – We were learning to visualise. Miss Smith read a book and we had to imagine what the pictures would be. It was a book about identity.

Erin – We have been reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ and we created a big display full of hedgehogs.


Alex – We have been learning to tell the time. We can tell o’clock times and half past times.

Cody – We have been learning to weigh things to see if they are light or heavy.

Emile – We were learning to weigh using balancing scales to see if we could find things lighter, heavier or about 1/2kg.


Lucie – We have been making model castles up in the art room. We have been using junk to make our castles.

Konard – We included a working drawbridge on our model and a portcullis.

Amber – We have been learning about knights.

Channing – We learned about pages – you had to be 7 to be a page. They had to use toy swords to learn how to use proper swords when they are older. They also played with hunting birds.


This week in P3/4NM

We have been extremely busy this week, with the majority of our work focusing upon getting ready for our Assembly.
– “We practised in the gym hall using our props.” (Mah Noor)
– “We were in the gym hall so we could practise our movements.” (Harry)
– “We got better by practising the songs.” (Callan)

We did a lot of Art this week, to prepare for the assembly.
– “We made the props that we will need and we worked on creating mosaics.” (Emma)

We continued working with Amy as part of the Youth Music Initiative.
– “It was our 2nd last week with Amy.” (Ava)
– “We sang the song ‘Adam and Eve'” (Carly)
– “We were singing ‘The White Cockade’ and we talked about what it was about.” (Erin)
– “We learned some verses of Auld Lang Syne and learned that it means ‘a long time ago’ or ‘in days gone by’. (Lily and Oscar)

See you at our assembly tomorrow!!