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This week in P3IL…

This week in P3IL we have been very busy! In IDL, we have been making Christmas cards to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We are so happy with how they turned out, thank you to all who came along and bought cards!

In Maths and Numeracy, we have been working hard on multiplication and beginning to learn a bit about division.

In English and Literacy we have finished our news articles and been working on our reading strategies. Ask us about tommy tracker (following with your finger) and sound talk it (say each sound).

We are excited for the last few weeks before Christmas!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

Week Beginning 02.12.19 Primary 1EC


This week has been non-stop rehearsing for the Nativity, The Innkeeper’s Breakfast. All tickets are sold out and I am sure that you will enjoy the performance.

We have been working hard to perfect our lines, speak clearly and to remember our stage directions. A small group of us have been learning a simple dance to accompany one of our songs.



This week we learned a new digraph.

“We learned the ai sound’   Summer

These words have ai in them

“hair” April

“aim” Celestan

“train” Callen

“rain” Hana


The children are becoming very confident at building words containing their digraphs.

“Mrs Cuthbert, can you challenge us and give us a 5 letter word?” Kristofer

Kristofer came out and correctly built the word ‘train’



This week in Numeracy we looked at ordinal numbers:

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc

This is a new concept for the children and they have done very well.

“I found that really easy Mrs Cuthbert. I am going to self-assess my work green”  Andrew

Next week we will continue to build on this knowledge

With Miss Elizabeth we investigated Carroll Diagrams. We were able to identify the different criteria on the diagram and sort the elves accordingly.

This week in P7AG…

Another busy week in P7AG!


We were learning to identify and use figurative language and we focused on hyperbole this week (Allana). Hyperbole is an example of figurative language (Charlie B). Hyperbole is where you exaggerate when you describe something (Bronik). For example, I could sleep for a whole year (Daniel). We created our own examples of hyperbole (Bronik), and tried to make links with our WW2 topic.

We have also been learning to apply new spelling rules (Ross). We practiced our spelling using rainbow writing (Bronik), robot writing (Alicia), pyramid writing (Hayley), blue vowels (Leah), other hand writing (Ross).


We have been learning to mentally multiply decimal fractions (Leah). We have been trying different strategies to help us (Andrew K). We used the decimal place value counters to help us represent the number and to show our working (Alicia). We completed tasks to show our understanding, for example: we worked on Education city or completed a worksheet (Bronik). “I enjoyed using education city to learn this week because it was more engaging and fun” (Charlie B).


We have been learning to set up and run an enterprise (Alicia). We designed and made super snowmen tree decorations (Summer). We worked out the profit and created a pricing list (Dylan). We also shopped around for the products but we found this difficult because we had to divide the total cost by the total items (Bronik). We then sold our items at the Christmas fayre, using persuasion to convince shoppers to buy our product (Ross). Thank you to all our customers who bought our items!

With Christmas coming up, we have been learning our Christmas carols and associated Makaton (Charlie M). Makaton is a type of sign language (Mia).

Thank you for reading our blog,

P7AG and Miss Gillon

This Week in P3/4NM

We have been SO busy this week.  As well as the usual subjects on our timetable, we have also been working on some Christmas-themed activities.

In Literacy, we each had to plan and deliver a structured talk, like a book blessing, called ‘My Favourite Book.’  Our parents and carers helped us with the planning and we presented in front of the class either yesterday or today.
– “My favourite book is ‘Puppy Academy: Scout’ because dogs are my favourite animal and it is an interesting story.’ (Lacey)
– “My favourite book is called an annual because it comes out every year.” (Tyler)
– “I would recommend ‘Tom Gates is absolutely Fantastic (at Some Things)’ to anyone my age as it has funny pats in it and has funny pictures too.” (Ava)

In Health and Wellbeing, we made and tasted lemonade, in preparation for this week’s instruction-writing lesson.
– “I thought the lemonade was really good at first but then it began to taste really sour.” (Oscar)
– “I thought that it was too sweet for me.” (Erin)
– “The lemonade was good because I thought it tasted liked Sprite.” (Mah Noor)

In Art, we learned how to make a chain of paper dolls, all holding hands.  We have been studying the book ‘Paper Dolls’ by Julia Donaldson in our Literacy lessons and wanted to try it out.  We learned how to fold the paper into a concertina, before drawing and carefully cutting out the image.  we made ours into Gingerbread People, in time for Christmas.

For our IDL, we were discussing the skills, abilities and qualities that we need to pursue our desired careers.  For our Christmas Fayre Enterprise Stall, we finished the production of our Christmas key chains.  We are going to count up our money on Monday, to find out if we made a profit or loss, so there is still time to purchase one, if we would like.  Thanks to Miss Low for looking after our stall on the night!

In Numeracy, we showed Mrs Muir what we could remember from having been taught about money in previous years, and from handling money in real life.  We will continue this work next week, including in our IDL discussions.  We learned that money is not the only way to pay for items and services – there are debit cards, credit cards and other payment options available.

This week in P4/5

This has been a busy week with lots happening, we have enjoyed it! (Charlie)

In numeracy we have started to learn our 7 times table (Eilidh), Miss Coons taught us a cool trick! (Kai) . We  have been looking at symmetry and find symmetry in a variety of 2D shapes and patterns( Amy and William).


In our writing we finished our Snowman stories. We started planning a new story called Mog’s Christmas Calamity (Anabia). It was an old TV advert and we had to write the story of the advert (Lucas).  I enjoyed writing about Mog. My favourite part was when the chestnuts exploded across the kitchen (Lewis). We also did some research about Christmas in different countries. I liked learning about what Christmas traditions are celebrated in other countries (Tyler).


We have been learning about The Apprentice. In PE we worked in our teams to complete challenges. There was Swimball, Blocks and Buisness, Child Company, World Wide, 4 Explosions and ABCD. We raced in different races. There was a skipping race, a running race, a burpee race and star jumps (Alexis).

We can’t believe there are only 9.5 school days left until the school holidays. Time is flying in!

This Week in P2/3RS…

How is it December? This year seems to be whizzing by! P2/3RS are making sure however that they are learning as much as possible before the Christmas holidays. Let us tell you about what we have been learning and doing this week…


Lucie – We have been looking at the stories and games in our book bags.

Amber – We wrote letters to Santa this week. We told him what we would like for Christmas and we asked him some questions like, ‘Are the reindeer ok?’

Alex – We learned our i-e using Flippy Dolphin to help us the cl sound.


Marcus – We have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Sky – We have been learning to split up numbers using part-part-whole.

Emile – Some of us have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables this week using the x sign.

Cody – We have been doing adding sums. We have added 10 and been adding to 10.

Archie – Some of us learned to use a textbook to do Maths work this week.


Malcolm – We have been learning to complete a survey to see which craft we should make for the Christmas Fair. This helped us to decide to make our North Pole sign decorations for the Fair.

Erin – We made our craft this week. We had to paint the lollipop sticks white, then let them dry, then get a blue, red or green pen and put diagonal lines on them and then put our North Pole sign on with glue dots.

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we consolidated our learning of number through various activities and stations around the classroom. We also started to use ordinal language (first, second, third etc.) when using our class Advent Calendar.

“We need to open number 5 because that’s the fifth.” – Oscar

“We need 2 more to make 5.” – Oliver

In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘ai’ and used our new Jolly Phonics computer software to introduce this . We read the story Rapunzel, as part of our IDL, and linked this into our literacy tasks for the week. We retold the story of Rapunzel in our writing and also did a visualisation task where we were able to draw a picture to illustrate a part of the story. We were introduced to a new reading strategy called Eagle Eye and had opportunities to whisper read our core reading books using this strategy.

“I was successful when I used the picture clues to help me read the words.” – Oscar

“I was successful when I spelled the word ‘cat’ because I said it out loud.” – Phoebe

“I liked it when I wrote in my jotter. I wrote about the prince climbing up the tower.” – Lily

“I liked the drawing I did of the tower.” – Finlay

“We self-assessed our writing.” – Phoebe

In IDL, we practiced our Nativity each day in preparation for the upcoming performance. We also learned about the story of Christmas to help us make links and to understand where the Christian celebration originated from.

 “I enjoyed when I got to be the star in the nativity because that’s a very special part of the nativity. Otherwise they wouldn’t have found baby Jesus.” – Faith

“The king wanted to kill baby Jesus so Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to Egypt.” – Oscar


P3IL week beginning 25/11/19

This week was a short week but we did a lot of learning!

In Maths and Numeracy, we continued to learn how to multiply and the different language that can be used. This week we focused on creating equal groups and repeated addition in order to solve various multiplication challenges.

In English and Literacy, we have been working more on our news articles about the koala that was rescued from the bush fire in Australia.

In Science we have been learning about germs, how they spread and proper hand washing techniques to stop them spreading! We got to use UV gel and a UV torch to see how they spread and how effective our hand washing techniques are.  It was a lot of fun!

Looking forward to another week of learning!

P3IL, Miss Low and Mrs. Jacobs

Primary 1EC week beginning 25.11.19


This week we are in full flow with Nativity rehearsals. The children are working hard to learn all the songs and actions and narrators are practicing their lines. Please find time to go over these with your child at home.

There are still some families who have not asked for tickets for the Nativity. If you would like to come to our Nativity performance there are still some tickets available so please hand in your request form asap.



This week we focused on reading number words. Given that we have not covered lots of the sounds that can be found in the spelling of these words Primary 1 are doing really well. We played teddy bear counting on the SMARTboard and working in pairs to complete a matching game.

Using number to 10 flashcards the children showed their understanding of the language of maths. Show me number before/after/in-between, 1/2 more than/less than.


Our focus for writing this week was looking at sentence structure and punctuation. Initially the children read through a series of words and then put them in the correct order.

After discussion around what a sentence needs to have the children identified that sentences need a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end.

We then looked at a text about Kipper. Using skimming and scanning the children identified full stops in the text, these were highlighted in yellow and then they identified all capital letters. These were highlighted in blue.

We then used our knowledge of punctuation and played the punctuation thief game.

‘I loved scanning the bag looking to see what the thief stole’ Miley


This Week in P7LS…

This week in P7LS we have been busy learning new things, as we missed a lot last week due to Max in the Middle.

This week in Numeracy we have been to subtract. Some have been learning how to subtract 2 digits by 3 digits and some 3 digits by 3 digits (Georgia). We have been using the chunking method to help us subtract mentally (Maria). One day I will have to learn how to do the chunking method in my head so that I don’t have to write it down (Georgia). I think I was successful because I used the decompose and compose method to subtract (Lachlan). I was successful at partitioning my numbers (Finlay).

In IDL we have been reading extracts from a new novel called The Boy and the Striped Pyjamas (Sean). We were learning to explore characters in a text (Umar). We had to fill in a grid about the characters we had met in the first chapter. We had to write about what we knew about the characters and then our opinions on the character (Aila). I thought it was challenging as we didn’t know a lot about all the characters, we had to use inference to work things out (Summer). I quite enjoyed the chapter so far because it was interesting and I’m excited to see what else goes on in the story (Aila).

This week in writing we were learning  to use  description in our writing. We were to write  a descriptive story about the holocaust (Euan) I think I was successful because I was able to use lots of figurative language (Umar) I feel like I was successful because I used lots of ambitions vocabulary  (Seren). I feel like I was successful because  I used lots of figurative language (Neive).

From P7LS