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This week in P3/4LS…

This week we finally met our new teacher!

On Wednesday the whole school went to meet their new teachers. Unfortunately our class are splitting up, 5 people are going to a new Miss Smith and the rest of the class are going to Miss Mitchell. Miss Mitchell’s class were making a poster about what we can’t imagine life without (Anabia, Eilidh). I said family, friends and chocolate (Eilidh H). I said being unique, family, friends and watermelons (Anabia). I am excited to have Miss Mitchell as a teacher (Eilidh H). Miss Smith’s class were playing lots of getting to know you games (Anika). My teacher very nice and I’m looking forward to having her as my teacher (Anika).

For our ‘My Community’ topic we finished our posters and put a tweet out to persuade people to come to our community litter pick. We also went round the classes to ask people to help. Please come and help on Monday 24th June at 3:15pm- 4:15pm (P3/4LS).

We have finished our Butterfly power points and movies. We we shared our learning with Polly and P1NM. We have had the best time learning with the Munching Caterpillars project.


P3/4LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P2AG


In Numeracy, we have been learning to estimate and measure the volume and capacity of an item (Harry T). We know to measure the volume of an item we can use a “measuring jug” (Abbaigh). To record the volume of an item we can us either “litres” or “millilitres” (Ruva). We also know that there are 1000ml in 1 litre (Noah).

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

This week we have been learning how to look after our body. We know that we must “keep ourselves clean” (Lily) have “a balanced diet” (Harry N), and have “lots of rest/sleep” (Adam). We also learned:

  • “A balanced diet should not have too much high fat foods; like cakes and ice cream. It’s ok to eat these as a treat” (Abbaigh).
  • “To keep myself clean, I was my hands after going to the toilet and I make sure to brush my teeth in the morning and at night” (Beth).


Writing – In writing this week, we have continued to refine our personal writing during our news writing lesson. We also learned to up skill our imaginative writing by re-drafting our recent imaginative piece. We included more interesting vocabulary to make it more interesting for our reader.

Phonics – In phonics this week we have worked hard to develop our spelling skills. We have been using our phonics knowledge to spell new and unfamiliar words.

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.

This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to measure and compare lengths. We have been using non-standard units to do this, for example pens and gym shoes. We have also been consolidating our work on subtraction within 10.

“We’ve been trying to measure the board with gym shoes and also the teacher’s desk.” – Malcolm

“We have been learning to measure our chair with gym shoes and a table.” – Zayna

“The tallest object in our class was the whiteboard and the shortest thing was the iPad cabinet.” – Harvey

In Literacy, we have been revising the sounds ch, air, j and fr. We realised that ‘ch’ and ‘air’ together made ‘chair’. We wrote a set of instructions titled How to draw a house.

“In my set of instructions, first you had to draw a square, then a triangle for the room.” – Jacob

“Frog starts with ‘fr’.” – Claire

“I read a book called Up and Down and the butterfly went up and down and it flew away.” – Malcolm

For Health and Wellbeing, we continued to identify ways to stay safe. We looked at objects that are safe/ unsafe to touch and learned about staying safe around harmful substances (medicine). 

“You can’t touch electric wires.” – Noah

“You’re allowed to touch a cushion. You can’t touch a knife .” – Kai

“An adult gives you medicine but you’re not allowed to touch it without an adult telling you to. ” – William

This week in P1NM

This has been our last full week of Primary 1, and we have been busy!

In Literacy, we have been revising some of the Special Friends sounds that we learned earlier in the term.  We used these sounds to read and spell words.
– “th…i…s … this” (Kyle)
– “j…ar … jar … a jar of jam” (Vincent)
– “t…er…m … term … it’s our last term in P1” (Andrew)
– “sh…ou…t … shout” (Megan)
– “f…or…m … form” (Josh)
– “b…oy … boy … point to a boy” (Kian)

We wrote our final set of instructions.  This week, we had to write about ‘How to Draw a House’, making sure that the instructions were in the correct order.
– “First draw a square.” (Alesha)
– “Next draw a triangle for the roof.” (Megan)
– “Then draw a door and windows.” (Erin)
– “Finally draw a chimney.” (Amber)

In Numeracy, we were measuring the length or height of objects, but we didn’t use a ruler.  We used hand-spans, pens and even our gym shoes to measure in non-standard units.  Once we had measured each object in the class, we had to compare them to work out which was the shortest/tallest or the shortest/longest.
– “Mrs Muir’s desk is taller than the homework box.” (Jack)
– “The chair is shorter than the whiteboard.” (Amelia)
– “The table is longer than the red tray.” (Fraser)

In Health and Wellbeing, we were learning more ways to keep ourselves safe.  We learned that there are safe and unsafe substances in our homes.  We learned that children should not touch unsafe substances.
– “Only adults can use bleach to clean the house.” (Zac)
– “Children shouldn’t use matches.” (Josh)

We also learned that medicines should be kept out of the reach of children.  We should never take medicines by ourselves and our adults need to make sure that they give us the right amount.  We completed a ‘Medicine or Not Medicine?’ activity, to make sure that we all know the difference.
– “This bottle is medicine because there’s a picture of a sore throat and chest.” (Kyle)
“A lot of the children thought that the packet of throat lozenges was actually sweeties.” (Mrs Muir)

We will be bringing home some of our P1 next week – we can’t wait to show you what we have learned!

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a good week (Keira).


We have started looking at equations this week (Emma). We learned how to answer sums that included letters instead of numbers. We answered questions to cement our learning. We chose between mild, hot and spicy options (Hassan).  We also learned that if a number has a floating 2 after it, you need to square the number, which means multiply it by itself (Hassan).

Some pupils have worked with Miss Snaddon to take away tens and units (Jodie).

We have been practicing our 7 times table this week and are growing in confidence with it (Caleb).


For writing this week, we wrote an imaginative story about either an earthquake or a tsunami (Erin). We included feelings and senses in our story (Alexandra). In the beginning of our stories, we focused on giving information about the characters appearance and where they live (Danny).

We wrote a  newspaper article about our class novel (Kelsi). We wrote a dramatic story detailing events from a terrible car crash that happened in the story (Ruvimbo). We took on the role of detectives and wrote about how we think the crash happened.


We have been learning how to live in a more sustainable way this week. We watched a video which taught us about current renewable energy sources in the world (Haris). Eray remembers that one current idea is to place solar panels on the moon as the moon can receive more sunlight, this energy could then be beamed down to Earth. However, scientists are still working hard to improve this idea.  We then designed our own renewable energy sources that would help the planet (Megan). We are going to build models of our ideas on Monday.

We learned all about the 3 R’s – they are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Hassan). We learned all about the impact waste has on the environment and how to reduce this. We looked at animations of the  earth which show how it is being damaged and discussed this. We then designed our own Earths, the pictures show how the earth is being damaged by humans (Ruvimbo).

In P.E we have been working on striking and fielding (Keira).

Lots of people from the class has a great time at the school disco, thank you to everyone that organised it!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.



This Week in P.5AB

This has been our last full week in P.5AB and we have filled it with lots of things.


We are coming toward the end of our pirate stories. Stephanie was the first person to finish her story and have it made up into a book. All of the other children have been working on finishing their chapter 4 and naming their story. We have had lots of really great language and illustrations.

Numeracy / Maths

We have been working on data handling this week. We used pedometers and did laps of the playground to count our steps. We collected the data each day then used it to create bar charts to display the data.

End of Year

We have been thinking about our memories of P.5 and there have been many happy memories. We have really enjoyed working as a class and have remembered happy times on trips, with visitors and memorable lessons. We are in the process of creating a Spark Video to show our memories.

There have been many achievements over the year and I am so proud of this class and the successes they have all had. Today we were too busy to contribute to the class blog so I am writing this on my own today. I am taking this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed teaching your children this year and am sure they will have even further  success in P.6

Miss Belford

P2CF class blog – 2018/2019

After Miss Belford’s wonderful assembly today, P2CF have been looking back at some of our favourite things from the school year.  Here are some of our highlights.

Harvey – making a string telephone.

Kayla – painting farm animals.

Cody – using balls in gym.

Daniel – using the climbing frame in the gym hall.

Kacey – making a string telephone with Leah.

Leah C – going to the summer disco.

Amber D – loose parts play with the nursery children.

Aimee – everything about gym with Mr Foley.

Cailean – playing football in the playground.

Catherine – doing gymnastics in PE.

Ayleigh – making a paper kilt.

James F – visiting the Kelpies.

Dylan – learning to play basketball in PE.

Kyle – working with big reading buddies.

Channing – going to see the Kelpies.

Emile – making a string telephone and getting to try it out.

Leah M – using the big ropes with Mr Foley in PE.

Lucie – going to the Kelpies.

Archie – getting to look inside the Kelpies.

Ashley – looking at photographs of the Kelpies being built when we were inside them.

Reece – listening to stories and finding out that the Kelpies change colour at night time.

Amber T – going to the Kelpies for our trip.

Logan – walking up to see the Kelpies.

Carrieanne – seeing the Kelpies with Mrs Dunn.

Erin – when Fergus visited and told us some stories and sang songs.

Mr Fergus – getting to work with Primary 2OD after the Christmas holidays.  Everyone in the class has worked so hard this year.  I am very proud of them all!

We have had such a busy year in P2 and we are all looking forward to a fun summer before Primary 3!  Thank you for reading our blog posts and have a great summer holiday!

Our week in P4FM

June has been a really busy month for us.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to compare weights.  We learned that there are 1000g in 1kg have been converting  between different units of measure.  We have also been practising our algorithms! We’ve used our skills in addition and multiplication to solve word problems for the past 2 weeks ( We are loving it! – Colton) and have still to do subtraction and division.

In Literacy and IDL, we have been learning about non-fiction texts and leaflets in particular. We are creating a tourist leaflet persuading people to visit and stay in Clackmannanshire as part of our community topic. First, we used i-pads to research information about leisure facilities  and where people would perhaps like to visit in our County (Katherine). Our audience is families, so we had to think of activities and places where both adults and children would enjoy visiting (Callum, Thomas). In trios, we had to choose 3 activities for adults and 3 for children so we had a mixture (Kaleb, Kelsey). Once we had used the 5 Ws to investigate all the information readers would need, we looked at some real tourist leaflets to identify the common features of each and to give us some ideas for when we make our own (Lexi, Maja). It was amazing to see how much information can be put into a small leaflet!( Katherine)

Our next step was to turn the information we’d researched from bullet-pointed facts into persuasive sentences. In pairs, we highlighted examples of persuasive words and phrases in tourist brochures, which we used to help us write our own sentences about our places. It made our job quite easy when it came to writing them (Colton). We are now ready to start our actual leaflets and are considering layout. There’s a lot to think about when making a leaflet! (Aimee)

In PE, we have been focusing on rolling, catching and on teamwork and sportsmanship in games (Marilena).

We made posters this week to advertise our community litter-pick which takes place on Monday, 24th June from 3.15 to 4.15pm. All families are welcome and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Hope the weekend is good!

This week in P3/4LS

This week we’ve had lots of fun designing things.

For Maths on Monday we went out to the garden area to sample how many minibeats we could find in the planter. We recorded our information in a tally chart, then the next day we put our information together in charts. We were learning to use the iPads to display information. We made bar charts, pie charts and line graphs. The best way to display the information was with the pie chart or the bar graph because it was the clearest thing to look at (Anika). I found it hard to get the bar chart on to the iPad. This is the second time I have ever done this but I am getting better (Nate).

We have continued to create our Butterfly powerpoints for the P1s. We have added more information and pictures. We are almost done. I think we have one funny slide and I am looking forward to sharing this with P1 (Anika). I have found it a bit challenging getting the pictures from the internet on to the powerpoint (Ben).

On Monday in P.E. we were learning to consolidate our learning with P1s. We had different stations to go round like, throwing and catching and balancing. I enjoyed throwing and catching the hoop (Anabia). I enjoyed throwing up the fabric and trying to clap in between because I thought it was cool how it floated up (Tyler).

We are looking forward to meeting our new teacher next week.

From P3/4 and Miss Stewart