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This week in P7B

In P7b we decided to make a mini podcast to summarise our learning. This is our first trial at podcasting and we hope that we will continue to develop this over the coming terms.
We shall post our mini podcast with a link here once Miss Burdett has had a chance to put our wonderful work into one small episode.

Watch this space….

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6 we have had a busy but positive week. “In general it’s been a positive week” (Eray).

In Numeracy we have been practising our division and problem solving skills by using concrete materials to solve problems in multiple ways. We have practised creating our own maths word problems on ‘Think-Boards’. as well as showing problems in numeral and pictorial forms. We have also been learning about dividing numbers which have remainders.

We did a class numeracy assessment this week to check which areas of numeracy we need to focus on next. “I enjoyed the maths test because it was a challenge” (Lewis).

In Literacy we wrote a descriptive poem about Autumn using all of our senses. We had fun in the fresh air taking a sensory walk around the playground where we explored all the things to do with Autumn we could see, feel, smell and hear. We used this experience to create our poems in class where we focused on choosing good adjectives and descriptive verbs. “I enjoyed writing the Autumn poem” (Megan).

In RME we have been learning about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. We enjoyed drawing a portrait of her and practising our art skills.

The weather has been dry and sunny again this week so we have enjoyed getting outside as much as possible for Daily Mile and PE.

We are looking forward to the October holidays and would like to thank everyone in P5/6 for a great first term. We hope you have a great time off and look forward to hearing all your news when we come back.

This week in P4S…

This week in P4S we have been playing lost of games (Kayla).

This week in Literacy we have been playing a new spelling game, Write it Right (Daniel). Firstly we have to write out our spelling words on blank cards, then we turn them over and one person guesses from the other person’s clues what the word is (Jaiden, Daniel). Lastly you need to try and write down the word and spell it correctly (Jaiden). I think I was successful spelling the words correctly because I earned a lot of points for the correct spelling (Catherine).  I think I need more practise because I am not getting all of them correct yet (Evin).

This week in Maths we have been learning to use the inverse operation (Nadia).  The inverse of addition is subtraction (Lucie). We were solving numbers sentences using inverse operations to check if we were correct (Millie). I think I was successful because I was able to work out fact familes (Millie).  I thought I was successful because I was able to get the correct answers by checking the inverse (Nadia). I enjoyed the fishing game (James M).

This week in IDL we have been learning to identify the difference between climate and weather (Reggie). We took our learning outside to find objects clues about the weather and seasons (Krivi, Kyle).  I found orange leaves  everywhere, they have fallen off the trees, and it gave me a clue it is Autumn (Eli). I found wet mud, which suggested it has been raining (Kyle).  My group found out the rocks were slippery and wet suggesting it had been raining (Reggie). I think I am successful because I know that climate it observed long term and weather is observed short term (Krivi).

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for reading.



This week in P3Y…

Phew! We have arrived at the end of term 1! We’re so proud of all we have achieved this term. It wasn’t easy coming back to school and readjusting after such a long time off during lockdown but we have worked hard, stayed positive and shown fantastic resilience.

It was a wonderful week of learning to round of the term. In numeracy and maths, we have been using concrete materials to help with our understanding of place value. We played a board game that involved rolling the dice, moving the number of spaces shown and making the number on the board out of the dienes materials. It was a race against the clock as we tried to complete as many turns as we could. We also worked through some problem solving questions, such as figuring out how many people were on the bus altogether by breaking the question down, and showing our workings as we worked through each step. Today, we explored everyday 3D objects after revising the properties of different 3D shapes. We found various shapes in our classroom, named them and then drew pictures of them. For example, we identified that our water bottles were like cylinders, the tips of our pencils like cones, the rubbers like cuboids and the dice like cubes.

This week, we developed our comprehension skills by answering open and closed questions about the book we are reading. Many of us agreed that open questions allow us to answer the question with much more information. We showed what we understood about our book by redesigning the front cover for it, including key details about the characters, the setting and the story development. On Wednesday, we did a piece of extended writing about what we are looking forward to in our October holidays. We were to include details about what we would like to do, use a full stop and capital letter for each sentence and use a connective such as ‘but’ or ‘and’ to extend our sentences.

It’s been an amazingly arty week in P3! We have explored different artistic techniques like pointillism, marbling, and mixing hot and cold colours to create new shades and tones. We created eye-catching designs for Christmas cards (even though it’s still a wee bit too early to be thinking about Christmas!) and made wonderful Chinese dragons in a range of brilliant colours.

On behalf of Miss Darcy, Mrs Armitage and myself, I wanted to say a huge thank you to every member of our class for their amazing contributions this term. I’m very proud of you all and can’t wait to continue our learning in term 2! Miss Young

This week in P2D…

This week in Literacy, we have been learning our ‘oa’ sound by reading stories, singing songs, drawing pictures and doing some excellent writing.  We practised using ‘oa’ words in our own sentences with some great results but we need to keep practising writing on the line!

In Numeracy, we have been securing our knowledge of halving in the hopes that we don’t forget this during the holidays. In ‘Think outside the box Friday’ we found several possible answers to a tricky puzzle:

‘Noah saw 12 legs walk by on the way into the ark. How many creatures could he have seen?’

We read the fantastic story of ‘The squirrels who Squabbled’ in HWB and learnt some important lessons about sharing! In RME, we read ‘Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Coat’ and enjoyed learning about the popularisation of bible stories in mainstream media through watching some videos of the musical.

I would like to congratulate everyone in P2D for a fantastic term! I have loved getting to know you all and wish you a wonderful holiday! Can’t wait to have some Halloween fun when you get back!

Miss Davidson

P6M – week beginning 5.10.20

This week in P6M……


We have been writing imaginatively and we used the topic grids in clicker 6 to help. We had to add similes to our writing. Layla & Marilena

We wrote acrostic poems about characters from Wonder. Amelia & Aimee

We learned about metaphors and made some of our own to describe body parts. Alexandria & Abbey

We have been using empathy to talk about a character’s point of view. We had to choose a scene from Wonder and write about how Julian felt. Erin



We have been learning about how we can identify different angles. Thomas

We learned how to give directing using a compass. We used the compass points North, South, East and West. Nate

We learned how to use a protractor to measure angles. Michael

We made a poster with all our angle facts. We learned that angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees. Anika


As part of poverty week we have been learning about how poverty affects people.

We discussed how it affects their mental health, the physical effects and financial impact. People living in poverty don’t take things for granted. Kayley

Some people living in poverty don’t have a TV. Aimee

We did an activity where we had questions that we had to disagree or agree with and explain our reasons. Abbey

We made a power point about poverty in pairs. Jackson


It has been a really busy term in Primary 6 and we are ready for a holiday. We hope everyone has a great time over the  October holidays. Stay safe.


Primary 5A week beginning 05.10.20

This week in Primary 5A

Welcome to our weekly class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Ava – We wrote another story with our monsters called the Magic Carpet. We focused on describing what our monster could see and feel to describe a setting. We wrote about our weekend news to develop our sentences.

Eilidh – We completed comprehension questions about Percy Jackson.

Mah Noor – We have revised our spelling rules from the term.


Carly – We went outside to use our right angle finders and find right angles.

Mah Noor – We were cutting out shapes and folding them to find the lines of symmetry.

Anabia – We are going to complete a times tables challenge.

Grace – We were identifying the properties of 2D shapes.

We have learned to complete rock, paper and scissors using acute, right and obtuse angles.

Lucas – we were finding angles in 2D shapes.

Health and Well being:

Mah Noor – We have filled other people’s buckets by writing kind notes.

We were discussing body sensations for emotion works.

Ben – We have looked at the yellow cog in emotion works.

Harvey – the yellow cog talks about emotion triggers.

Other Curricular areas:

Emily – We played games to learn colours in German like 4 in a row and a pairs game.

Carly – We created Christmas cards for the parent council.

Ben – We completed French games on an iPad to consolidate our learning.

We did an end of term quiz about our learning.

Halle – In German we learned how to ask people their favourite colour

This Week in P1/2S…

We are amazed that the October holidays are here! What a quick term it has been. Thankfully, P1/2S are such hard workers that the term has flown by. They have certainly not been in holiday mode this week – absolutely not! Let us share with you what we have been doing and learning this week…


P1 have been revising the sounds they have learned so far. They have learned s, a, t, i, p and n. They have been practising writing these tricky letters and are beginning to read and spell using these letters with help from Miss Smith. We have also found lots of things in the classroom that begin with those letters including telephone, apple, slippers, insects, paint and a net.

Meanwhile P2 have been learning the oa sound. They have been spelling and reading words with oa in them. They have been using Stretchy Snake to help them do this. They also learned to play Four in a Row – a game to help them practising reading the words themselves. Four in a Row seems to be a big hit!


This week P1 have been thinking of lots of things that they have learned this term including finding numbers on a number line as well as numbers before, after and in between. They have also been using Ten Frames to make numbers and to find 1 more and 1 less. They have also been making numbers in different ways using Numicon.

Halving and doubling is still the order of the day for P2! They have using their cubes and part-part-whole boards to help do this more quickly and independently. They have also been working hard to count using a number line and fill in missing numbers.

This week we have been exploring the story of Joseph and his Coat. We really enjoyed playing with the puppets to retell this story as there were so many – having 12 brothers meant we had a lot of puppets! We also made a mini Joseph and designed our own technicolour coat for him to wear.

We also made worry dolls to take home – make room in the house for these to join your holidays in the October holidays!

This week in P1HD

Primary 1 wish to share our weekly evaluation of learning this week for our Glow Blog.


What’s gone well?

  • Using number fans to show 1 more than/ 1 less than.
  • Using play dough to make hats, to practise our fine motor control.
  • Retelling the story of Joseph and His Coat using puppets.

What do we need to do better?

  • Missing out numbers when using our counting stick.
  • Finding numbers before and after without using our number line.
  • Our colouring in skills (staying in the line and covering all the white spaces).

What do we want to do more of?

  • Playing in the dolls’ house during choosing time.
  • Showing amounts in different ways, in Numeracy.
  • Maths games on the iPads e.g. Chinese Dragon Game (ordering and sequencing).

Star moments

  • Blending ‘satipn’ sounds to make CVC words.
  • Finishing some of our bronze house point charts.
  • Using our gross motor skills to lie on our backs on the floor and reach up to draw pictures under the table.