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This week in P3/4 LS

In Primary 3/4 LS we have been very busy this week.

In Numeracy and Maths we have been learning to identify the difference between am and pm. We have changed our group names for Maths to different types of rainforest animals. The cheetahs and sloths have been learning to record 12 hour time in am and pm. The jaguars have been learning to identify 24 hour times and making links to 12 hours. Miss Stewart gave us an event that happens during a full  day and we had to use our am and pm card to show Miss Stewart whether that event takes place in am or pm. I enjoyed this task because I liked having the cards (Layla).

In literacy we are learning to identify the main points of a text. We had to draw and label a picture of one of the main characters using the information from our reading book.  I drew my character Danny from Danny the Champion of the World using the main points of the text.  I used words like helpful because he helps his dad out at the garage (Nate). I enjoyed drawing Mr Mortlock from Beyond the Door. I drew him with his red glasses and his mustache wearing his black suit (Mac).

This week we have finished our scripts for our group presentations and we have been learning to read with expression.  We were standing up with our presentation on the iPads and practising  our speeches. I found this challenging because we don’t feel very confident yet (Jessica, Anika).

In IDL we have been learning to identify the different layers of the rainforest. We have been making a display on the wall outside our classroom. It has been really fun and exciting because we used lots of different materials to make a rainforest. It was challenging getting the sizes correct and working out how much materials we needed to cut out. We just started cutting up resources without knowing where we were going to put them (Eilidh D). So far the display is going well, we have got 5 trees reaching the emergent layer and we have the mud on the forest floor (Nate and Layla).


Enjoy your October holidays.

From P3/4 LS and Miss Stewart

This week in P1HD

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We know that 2D shapes are shapes which are flat. We learned about squares, rectangles, circles and triangles.

“We went on a shape hunt. We had to pick up the shapes and put them in the right place on the carpet.” – Olivia

“A triangle has 3 corners.” – Harvey

“A rectangle has  got a long bit and a short bit. A square has all sides the same.” – James

In Literacy, we have been continuing our phonics lessons. As it is the last week before the October holiday, we revised some of the sounds that we already know rather than introducing any new ones. We also wrote a story called ‘Goldilocks’ visit to P1′ after reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears for our Fairyland topic. Mrs Cuthbert also came to our class to do a Thinking Reader lesson with us. She introduced the book Lost and Found.

“We made some pictures about Lost and Found.” – Kai

“We read the story with the penguin and the boy and the umbrella to make the boat.” – John

“Goldilocks ripped the other people’s house points in my story. Every single one.” – Marcus

In Health and Wellbeing, we had circle time. We read a story called ‘We are gentle… we don’t hurt others’ and we spoke about ways we can be gentle towards others in class.

“You don’t break people’s toys.” – Alex

“You’re not allowed to push.” – Angus

This week in P4/5EG

We have had a busy last week of term in P4/5EG!

In PE this week we were playing dodge ball (Alaa). It was really fun! (Danny).

In numeracy this week we have been learning about place value (Brooke). We have been working in our mild, hot, spicy and extreme groups (Brandyn). The extreme group have been working with negative numbers (Haris). We worked with Miss Grossert  to take a survey about the colour of our school uniform, we worked in groups to create a survey (Emma). After the holidays we are going to go around classes and conduct our survey.

In IDL this week, we went outside and used loose parts (Danny). We were working in teams to create habitats for animals that we chose to live in (Brooke). Loose parts was really fun!

We have been reading our class novel this week, the main character in our story was trying to steal the Grand High Witches secret formula, it was very exciting! (Aaron). We went down to P2OD to read to our buddies, this was fun (Khloe). Eray sometimes finds paired reading difficult, but he has a growth mindset attitude towards it!

In literacy this week we have been describing pictures and writing a report about costal habitats (Ruvimbo). This week we wrote our reports on netbooks using clicker 6 (Kelsi), Kelsi liked using clicker 6 better than writing in her jotter.

We hope you have a lovely October break!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.

Last week of Term 1 in P.6JDW

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to compare fractions.  You have 2 different fractions. First we had to identify the larger denominator then change the other fraction to have the same denominator.  After that, we worked out what the denominator was multiplied by and use the same number to multiply the numerator.  By doing this, we could then compare the fractions and we used these symbols to identify if the fraction was less than, more than or equals:  < > =  For example:  ¼ < ½  (Halle)

For Writing this week, we have been using our character descriptions and settings work to help us create an illustrated picture book about Oliver Twist.  In my illustrated picture book, I wrote about Oliver meeting the Artful Dodger and how he took him to meet Fagan.  Oliver didn’t want to work for Fagan so he stayed at a shop.  I included speech marks in my story when I used dialogue.  (Aila)

In Reading, we learned how to be a ‘Passage Master.’  We had to identify the most interesting parts of the story and discuss this with the group.  I am reading ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ and I think the most interesting part was when Danny had the amazing idea of poaching pheasants.  (Maria)

In P.E we had the choice of playing football or taking part in the ‘Beep Test’ so I choose to play football.  It was 4 a side and I was the Captain.  We had to use a sub every 5 minutes.  I used my communication, passing and dribbling skills to help me play the game.  (Jayden)

We have really enjoyed Term 1 in Primary 6 and we have all worked really hard.  We are looking forward to sharing more of our learning after the October holidays!



This Week in P1NM

We have made it to the end of our first term at school – look how much we have grown, matured and learned since August!

This week we have been learning about shapes in Maths.  We went on a shape hunt around the classroom and made sticky tape shapes on the carpet.  We drew around different shapes to design our own shape aliens.  We can name and describe the following 2-D shapes:

Circle – “A circle looks like a zero.” (Zac)
Square – “A square has 4 straight sides.” (Megan)
Triangle – “A triangle has 3 straight sides.” (Kyle)
Rectangle – “A rectangle has 4 straight sides.” (Amelia)  “It has 2 short sides and 2 long sides.” (Braxton)

In Literacy we were practising all the sounds that we have learned so far.  Mrs Muir was SO pleased that we are remembering more sounds every time!  We looked in our Phonics jotters at the sounds we wrote today – m, a, s.  We then compared them with the page where we wrote them for the very first time at the start of September.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  “They are better now because we kept on practising.” (Kyle)

We started a new Thinking Reader task about ‘Room on the Broom’.  We made predictions about what may happen in the story:

“The witch’s hat is going to blow off.” (Andrew)
“The cat is going to jump off.” (Vincent)
“The witch doesn’t get to fly because the broom keeps going down.” (Isla)

We read and discussed ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ for our Fairyland project.  We acted out the story and had fun being the different characters in our Drama lessons.

In Health and Wellbeing we learned about having  hearing loss.  We learned what it was like to have a hearing loss and learned how to put on and take off hearing aids.  We watched a cartoon as it got quieter and quieter, and we wore sound-cancelling headphones while our teacher tried to tell us what to do.  Ms Butkowska read us a story about a fairy who couldn’t hear very well – he kept getting all the wishes wrong.

“I liked putting the hear aid on Brian the Lion’s ear.” (Kian)
“I have 2 hearing aids.” (Alesha)
“I liked sliding the hearing aid onto the model ear.” (Andrew)

We hope that you all have a lovely October holiday – from P1NM!

This Week in Primary 6CCLJ

Even though it is our last week of term, we have not slowed down in our learning.

In Maths one group has been sequencing and ordering numbers from smallest to largest (Daniel). The other group has been working on ordering fractions (Beth). Last week we were only comparing 2 fractions but this week we made it more complicated by adding a third, fourth or even fifth fraction. We had to make all the denominators the same to put them in order (Emma).

In Writing we have been working on our Oliver Twist stories (Alicia). We have challenged ourselves to use speech marks in our writing (Charlie B). We also had to try to include at least one simile (Beth) such as, as sneaky as a ninja (Bronik) and as sly as a fox (Dylan).

In Reading some of us have been working on Summariser. When we write a summary we pick out the most important bits and write only three or four sentences to show what has happened (Mia). Other groups have been doing the Illustrator task. We selected an interesting part of the text and drew our own illustration to match (Cameron).

In IDL we created a character profile for the Victorian character we were given at the start of our topic (Charlie M). We showed what we have learned during our topic by including information about our character’s lives (Cerys).

Thank you to those parents/family members who were able to attend our assembly today. It was wonderful being able to share our learning with you, and we hope you enjoyed it! We think we rocked it!

We hope you have a wonderful and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd October. – Mrs Coons & Mrs Jacobs


This week in P7JB…

We have come to the end of a very busy first term in Primary 7 where there have been many learning opportunities. The last few weeks have been taken over by Legal Challenge as our court date has been set for mid November. Here is some of the other learning we have been doing this week…


I had to write a letter to the author of my reading book, ‘The Tempest’. There were two authors to choose from because Shakespeare wrote the story but Nick Warburton adapted the book. We had to think of questions and give reasons why we like the book. I know I was successful because I asked questions about how he became an author and I gave three reasons why I liked the book. (Calum)

We had to draw a picture and write where the setting was on a timeline to show where the story would take place. I knew I was successful because I got most of the checklist right and someone from my group peer assessed it. (Donna-Marie)


We finished off the ‘My Teacher is a Superhero’ diary entry. We edited our piece. We had a look through it and if we didn’t spell something right we could correct it. Once we had marked it, another person in the class marked it as well which is called peer assessment. I got all the boxes ticked so I was successful. (Kyra)

We had to mark someone else’s writing work with ‘2 Stars and a Wish’. My wish from my peer was to correct my spelling next time. I could use a dictionary. (Hayley)


We were learning about integers and positive and negative numbers, we had to add and subtract them. We had number lines which we could use to help us that had negative numbers as well as positive numbers. We used temperatures to add and subtract and I think I did well because I got most of the answers right. (Aidan)

My group did some board work with Mr Fergus, there were 8 different questions you had to do in your jotter. It was adding and subtracting decimals from 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers; multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. On some of my column addition and subtraction calculations, my decimal point is not that obvious so next time I’d do it a little bit above the line so it can be seen. (Ellie)

IDL – Legal Challenge

I’ve been a writer so myself and Drew have had to make a newspaper article about our group’s side of the story. We worked with Mr Mathis on it. We had to write about what is happening in our court case but we couldn’t mention names because we had to follow the rules about what could be published before a case went to court. The rule is called ‘sub judice’. (Fern & Drew)

My group finished off a piece of evidence to show how we think a bottle of wine went missing. We made a wine bottle from a plastic bottle coated in paint and we are going to put Stacey and Apple’s fingerprints on it. We made a cheap bottle to show that the insurance claim wouldn’t be paid. (Kate)


We played games of tig and we played dodgeball as well. We were finished our block of rugby. Mr Foley was asking us to focus on different skills and I have got better at decision making about who to pass to. Today there is a rugby festival and some P7s have gone to represent Sunnyside. (Ali)

Have a great break, see you all next term!

Mrs Boyd

This Week in P.5AB


Today we visited the library and picked 2 books to read as ‘chill books’ (Kimberley). I picked a Tom Gates book because my brother used to read them and enjoyed them so I thought I would give them a shot too (Stephanie).  I picked a book called Divergent because I read a book by the same author in P.4 and enjoyed it so I wanted to pick another one (Karis). I picked a Susan Prince book called ‘Hairy Bill’ because it seemed quite funny and easy to read (Sophie).

Numeracy and Maths

In the SPICY group we have been learning how to write big numbers that have numbers up to millions (Zoe). In the EXTREME group we were learning about decimal numbers for the first time (Jorja).  We were learning about numbers less than 0 and how they are split into tenths (Grace). The EXTREME group got a chance to play Sumdog and some of us even use Sumdog at home (Scott S).

IDL – Natural World

We have been learning how to use Adobe Spark Page which is an App on the ipads (Aleena). We created an All About Us page that was to practise using the functions then we made a Natural World IDL page to show some of our knowledge from the work we have covered this term. We wanted to assess our knowledge about different animals so we created a set of Top Trumps cards showing the information (Caiden).  In our Lapbooks we have been showing what we know about different animal habitats and checking that we have met the success criteria set at the start of the term (Stephanie).

Modern Languages – French

We have been learning how to say the names of colours in French and Makaton (Aleena). I know that rouge is red in French (Kimberley). In Makaton, the sign looks like you are putting on lipstick (Ava). For colours, the words in French are les couleurs (Jorja) and the Makaton sign looks like you are waving with all your fingers being the different colours (Caiden).


Josh, Lewis K and Lily earned their first marathon this week. Lily was proud to be the first girl to earn her marathon. Rebecca joined joined Lily and Mirren in starting highland dancing this week. We’ll soon have our own dancing troupe! Caiden is starting to join a gym that his Dad goes to in order to learn about MMA.

This Week in P7RS…

With the October holiday fast approaching, we have been trying to cram in as much learning as possible in this last week of term.

Reading: We have been learning to use our imagination to create a new book cover for our critical literacy book, The Tear Thief. We have bee demonstrating our understanding of our reading books by tuning into all the details (for example, pathetic fallacy) and by writing book blessings. We have been learning this so that we can write our own stories with greater detail, whether they be short or long. Stephanie, Brooke, Harry, Casey and Callum

Writing: We have been learning to use pathetic fallacy, similes and descriptive words and phrases. To do this, we had to plan and write a diary entry for our Superhero Teacher to travel to a new place to use their superpowers. We had to describe the place in detail using our senses. We have been using these skills to help improve our writing. Megan, Miles, Alan, Breagh and Ray

Maths: The Spicy and Extreme groups have been learning about integers. We learned that integers are negative and positive whole numbers. We might use these when talking about sea levels and how deep the ocean is or temperature. We were also learning more about finding lines of symmetry. Izzy, Aiden, Lennox, Jasmine and Aria

IDL: We have been learning to work in a group and work to a deadline to help us work on our School Mock Court Project. The writers have now finished newspaper article 1 and are now planning article 2. The artists have been making shoe box models to show the aftermath of the party. The witnesses have been making and writing diaries to show their side of the story. The gown makers have now made basic gowns and have made 1 wig. Check out twitter for photos. Rhigan, Josh, Thomas, Rebecca and Lila

This week in P3LH

It has been a busy week in Primary 3, getting ready to finish up for our October holidays.

We have started a new class novel, it is called ‘The Nothing to see here hotel’  by Steven Butler. We used the front cover and the blurb to make predictions about our new book. Hannah thought that the Granny Troll would get out of her bed and the Prince Goblin would make her get out of her bed and stop being lazy! Halle thought that Frankie finds a secret door in his room and as soon as he steps into this secret room, he turns into a seagull. We can’t wait to see if our predictions come true!

In writing, we were writing a newspaper article about a very special guest that  visited us last week! We used the 5 W’s to help us structure our article. We spoke about Alex and his animals from Zoolab who came to P3, We wrote about touching and learning new facts about the Rainforest animals.

In IDL, we have been researching information about the layers of the Rainforest using a search engine on the iPad. We wrote down our information about who lives in each layer in note form. Once we had all our notes, we used Spark to begin creating a presentation about the layers of the Rainforest. We were able to add music, voice clips and text to our presentations. We can’t wait to share them with the class!

In maths, we have been learning to add and subtract numbers. In the mild group, we were working on subtracting numbers to 20 using a number line to help us (Mah Noor). In the hot group, we were subtracting multiples of 10 from a 2 digit number, I found it a bit tricky to start with but I kept trying and I never gave up (Amy). In the spicy group, we were learning to subtract bigger numbers using our knowledge of number bonds to help us, for example we know 7 – 2 = 5 so 97 – 2 = 95 (Lucas).

In French, we learned basic classroom commands like Bonjour (Lily), silence (Tyler), regardez-moi (Hannah and Lola), asseyez-vous (Callan and Lily) and levez-vous (Grace and Hannah).

We are looking forward to our October break but can’t wait to come back to continue with our hard work!

Primary 3 & Mrs Hunter