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Primary 2/3EC Week beginning 14.12.20

This week we continued with our shared text ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’  This week we completed a sequencing task as well as a story hand where we had to identify the main characters in the story so far.

We redrafted our Santa Letter for our Christmas Writing which will be sent home before the holidays. We are very pleased with how our booklet is coming along.

“I enjoyed redrafting my Santa letter”   Malcolm 

“I really enjoyed doing my Christmas writing, it was lots of fun”    Melissa

At the beginning of the week we read the Nativity and then completed sequencing and reading task, this is also in our Christmas Writing booklet.

“ I loved sequencing the Nativity pictures”  Emily

In Numeracy on Wednesday and Friday we completed some Christmas Maths. We learned about co-ordinates and how to read these and then find them on a grid. We then completed some Christmas examples. We found a present and a Santa Claus.

“I chose the challenge sheet and it was a little hard. When I finished it I discovered the picture was Santa Claus”    Layla 

“I picked the challenge sheet, it was a little bit complicated”  Jacob 

“I chose both the easy and challenge sheet. I found them both easy!”    Becky

We also looked at symmetry this week and used a ruler as the line of symmetry and coloured cubes. We completed our own symmetrical patterns.

“It was easy for me, but it was cool because we got to make patterns” Erin

“The line down the middle was called the line of symmetry”   Hana

 On Tuesday we had our Christmas Party. We all had a ball. We played Musical chairs and bumps, Christmas Corners and Pass the parcel.

We did some dancing too and Miss Clarkson taught us Superman and the Cha Cha Slide.

To finish off our afternoon we sang a couple of Christmas songs.

“I won Musical Chairs, I got a prize. It was a selection box”    Celestan 

“I won Musical bumps and I got a bag of Haribos as a prize”    Isla 

“ I enjoyed taking part in my Christmas Party”   Harris

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had an amazing but very fast week. We really enjoyed our last full week.

In Literacy we were doing rotations. Some of the rotations were : Christmas comprehension questions, creating a Christmas word search and we also wrote a letter to Santa.

In Numeracy we continued learning about kg, grams cm and metres. We also played about with bee bots with Miss Belford. “I really liked when we were playing with bee bots” (Murray).

In Art we were making Christmas trees using cotton buds. We made paper chains for assembly. We made them so that each class would connect together in some way.

We also made some toilet paper owl decorations today. ”I really enjoyed making them today“ (Michael and Kacy-leigh).

In P.E we played a few games of dodge ball and gangster rounders. “We played prisoner dodge ball which was super fun , super-five dodge ball and just normal dodge ball which was really fun!” (Callum). “I really enjoyed it!” (Caleb).

Because this is the last blog of the year, all of us in P5/6S want to wish you all very happy and jolly Christmas!

From P5/6S and Miss Steel (and Miss Jones also.)

Merry Christmas! Hohoho.

This Week in P1/2S…

What a Christmassy week it has been!

We were very excited to write our letters to Santa.

We all told Santa what we wanted for Christmas by either drawing, labelling words or writing sentences.

We made sure that we sounded out please (plees) and added this to our letters because we make sure we use our manners in P1/2S!

Some of us asked for technology like x-boxes or playsations, some of us asked for a great story to enjoy, some of us asked for racing cars, some of us asked for guitar pics and other goodies!

Some of P2 made an effort to think about Santa this Christmas since he is so busy! Some asked him what he wanted for Christmas, whether the elves were working hard and some of us even told Santa a joke!

Why does Santa wear a black belt?
Because he is so good at karate – I bet he will love that one!

Today, we posted our letters to Santa at the post box. We had to make sure we wrote the address in our neatest handwriting and put the stamp on the right way.

In Maths, this week we have been leanring all about shapes – some of the shapes we have been learning about include circle, octagon, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, hexagon and pentagon.

We were describing them by talking about the number of edges and vertices the shapes have.

We also had an amazing time at our party – we danced, laughed, danced and danced some more! All of the children and adults had a brilliant afternoon – well done to all the children for really embracing the Christmas spirit!

This week in P4S…

This week in P4S we have had a busy fun week.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning to add and subtract. We have been using dienes materials and place value counters. I think I need a bit more practise using the place value counters (Reggie).  I think I was successful in both adding and subtraction because I was able to use the counters to check my answers (James F). I think I was successful because I was using the strategies to add and subtract (Jaiden).

This week in Literacy we were learning to write a letter. We wrote a letter to Santa.  I was successful writing my letter because I wrote who it is from, who its to and said why I was writing the letter (Catherine). I think I was successful because I included the address (Daniel).

This week in IDL we have been learning to research. We have been reading about how different countries celebrate Christmas. I found out that Canada celebrate on the same day as the UK and it is not snowy (Ellie). I found out that in Japan they eat KFC for Christmas (Reggie). We found out that Mexico celebrate from the 12th December to 6th January (Nikola and Krivi).

Thank you for reading our blog.

Make sure you check out Christmas Spectacular in google classroom.


This week in P2D….

We have been really focussed on talking about our feelings and building emotional resilience. Many of us struggle with getting upset and not knowing how to calm ourselves down. We have been doing lots of fun and interesting activities such as circle times, mindfulness colouring, meditation, yoga and discussions around what we can do to make ourselves feel better.

We have also had some Christmas fun such as making Rudolphs and our amazing Christmas party where we played pass the parcel, musical statues and Christmas corners!

We’re all quite tired and looking forward to a well deserved rest!

Merry Christmas!

This week in P.7B

It has been a busy week in Primary 7.


We have been planning our Christmas Extravaganza for next week. We had to use our talking and listening skills to plan it out in groups (Cara).  We went out to the playground and made a plan of it so that we know where to set up our stalls (Karis).

Our stalls are:

A Christmas Quiz, football, design a gingerbread house, scavenger hunt, fairy doors and a STEM stall.

Numeracy and Maths

We are designing infinity cubes for our extravaganza.  We had to stick blocks together and made a hinge. Using our maths knowledge the toys were put together (Jaxon).


We were designing gingerbread men and used sewing skills to stick them together. We used cotton stuffing to put inside them (Sophie).  Some of us found it hard especially pushing the needles through the fabric (Karis). Jaxon, Sophie, Darcy, Michael, Courtney, Cara and Kelsi all persevered to make theirs to take home. Two people made pillows by sewing them together as well (Darcy).

Christmas Assembly

Today at assembly it was a whole school assembly and the WHOLE school were there. This included the nursery and the office staff too. It was good to get a chance to see everyone in their own rooms. During the assembly, Miss Belford spoke about Christmas traditions and how they change (Kaiden). We made paper chains that joined up all the classes in the school and everyone from nursery to us in P.7 contributed to them.

We only have another 2.5 days to go until the holidays!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and are getting prepared for the big day. Enjoy your holidays when they come!

Miss Burdett and P.7B.

This week in Primary 5A – 18.12.20

This week in Primary 5A

Welcome to our weekly class blog. We will be sharing what we have been learning about this week, what we enjoyed and what we are looking forward to.

Let us tell you about our week.


Emily – We learned a new spelling rule.

Lacey – We started a new class novel.

Alexis – We made predictions about our new class novel.

Anabia – We summarised our group novels so far.

Amy – We made predictions about our new group books.

Carly – We completed a Christmas wordsearch.

Ben – We created a Christmas wordle containing words that remind us of Christmas.


Callan – we have been trying to read analogue and digital clocks.

MahNoor – My group worked on half past and o’clock times.

Amy – My group is moving on to reading quarter past and quarter to times.

Anabia – We were analysing time tables to figure out times and duration.

Ben – My group read the time to 5 minute intervals.

Alexis – My group read the time to 1 minute intervals.

Carly – We solved a problem to find out what the elves made at Christmas.

Ava – We made a Christmas board game.

Health and Wellbeing:

Anabia – We finished an emotion works revision task.

River – We played kick ball rounders in PE.

Lucas – We worked on our throwing and catching skills.

Carly – We continued to complete our secret student in Pe.

Other Curricular areas:

Callan – We completed word puzzles.

Mah Noor – We made consortina decorations.

Lacey – We connected the classrooms with paper chains

Halle – We had assembly

Tyler – In German we learned how to say our Birthdays.

Amy – In German we wrote our Birthday on a whiteboard.

We wrote our class blog.

This week in P5/6S

This week in P5/6S we have had a busy and very fast week.

In Literacy we were doing a spelling check-in. “I thought it was very fun” (Jessica). We also spent time practising our Christmas songs which we performed and videoed today with Mr Mathis. We are looking forward to sharing these with you soon.

We were writing out our cookie recipes to practise our handwriting skills. “I thought this was really fun” (Sophie-Leigh).

In Numeracy we were learning about weighing and measuring using kg and grams. We were also remembering how to use weight and measure in everyday life such as shopping and baking.

On Tuesday we had our Christmas party. “It was really fun and the ice-lollies were yummy!” (Mac and Rebekah). “I enjoyed doing the Just Dance routines” (Tyler).

For Assembly we had a special story time with Scottish songs. “I thought it was really good” (Megan). We were given crisps and sweeties from the Parent Council for this – a very big thank you from P5/6S. We all enjoyed eating them.

We hope you all have a very merry and festive weekend from P5/6S.