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Winter Ice Art

This week we made some winter ice art to hang on the trees in our school garden.

Mrs Stewart saw this fantastic idea on this website:


There are lots of ideas on this site for children and schools to do during the various seasons.

On Tuesday we went into the forest behind our school to collect natural objects such as pines cones, leaves and twigs. This was great fun!

Look what I've found!

When we got back to class we sorted them all out.

On Wednesday we chose some of the things we had collected and put them into a cup and and topped it up with water. We also put in a piece of string as a handle and a bit of glitter for some festive sparkle. We then put them in the freezer.
On Thursday they had become beautiful pieces of winter art which we could display in our garden (until they melt!). We think they are beautiful.

A closeup!

Snowflake Art on Friday

Hard at work making the snowflakes!

This has been a really hectic week with all the practices going on for our Christmas school shows. Nevertheless, as we are an art loving class, we still managed to fit in some this week.

We made these pictures by cutting out snowflakes from white paper and sticking them on to black card. We then used our oil pastels to draw snowflake shapes in the negative space. We then added some sparkly details with glitter glue. Right now we are waiting for the glue to dry but we think they will make a fantastic display next week.

All finished!

A selection of pictures.

Snowy Warddykes

Cosy Stanley!

We were off yesterday due to all the snow. Quite a lot of children couldn’t make it in today because the snow is very deep and the paths are all very slippy.

Luckily Stanley was dressed for the weather!

In the morning we had fun painting some seasonal snowmen.

The snow started to fall really heavily at lunchtime. We were all sent home so we could build some real snowmen!

Firework Art on Friday

As you may have noticed from previous posts, we always do an art lesson on Friday afternoons, before our Golden Time.

This week we are working on a class art project. We used a large sheet of black paper and took it in turns to throw kitchen roll soaked in fluorescent paint at it. The paint “splatted out” to look like fireworks. It is a work in progress as we will have to finish it next week, once the kitchen roll “splats” have dried.

We thought you might like to have a look at the fun we had making it in the meantime!

Mixing the paint.
To be finished next week ...........