Getting in Touch with the Techie Kids

One of the blogs that we like looking at is the Techie Kids. They are a school in Michigan, USA. The Techie Kids and their teacher, Mrs Moore, often leave lovely comments on our blog. They are also part of Mrs Leakey’s postcard project.

A short time ago Mrs Moore asked if she could have a copy of the postcard reminder which we had featured on our blog. We finally got around to sending it, along with a copy of Flat Stanley’s guide to Arbroath.

Mrs Moore has posted about it on her blog. You can read about it here.

It is very exciting to see ourselves on someone else’s blog. Thank you Techie Kids! We hope we can keep in touch.

Electrical Circuits

This is tricky!

We have been learning about electrical circuits this week. Mrs Stewart gave us two batteries, a battery holder, wires and a bulb with a bulb holder. We had to see if we could put them all together to make the bulb light up. We learned that a circuit must form a loop with the wires from the power source in order for it to work properly. We managed it, although the wires were a bit fiddly!

We are going to use our electrical circuits to light up our lighthouse models when we make them.

Click here for the Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits – a very handy website for finding out all about them.