2 thoughts on “Mind Mapping”

  1. I think your Mind Map is terrific! It\\\’s so hard to decide what the most important ideas are but you have done it so well. Anybody could use your map to help them to understand more about Rubbish.
    It is interesting that you have used Mind Genius (I think) to create your mind map. I am a teacher working in both primary and secondary schools and we usually use Kidspiration in primary.
    I like to put pictures in my mind maps. Sometimes images tell us more than words!
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your learning.

  2. Hello Ms Williams
    I have used Kidspiration and we really liked it but we don’t have it in the education authority where I work now. We tried to add pictures but our computers aren’t working properly at the moment! I think we will have a go again next week. Thank you for posting on our blog and for your kind comments. The Superstars

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