Bottle Greenhouse

We have had deliveries of plastic bottles to our classroom every day for the plastic bottle greenhouse that we are hoping to build over at our allotment. Lots of people throughout the school have been busy saving them for us. Thank you everybody.

When we have a spare moment we are busy washing them, removing the labels and cutting off the bottoms. We have quite a lot of bottles already but are still looking for more. The target is 1,500.

The cutting bit is quite tricky to get started.
The bottles need to be fitted together.

One thought on “Bottle Greenhouse”

  1. Good on you,it wont take long to get all the bottles together, then you can get growing all year round. I built a plastic bottle greenhouse 3 years ago, if you want to see it and hear about how i built mine – with my tips such as stack the bottles upside down so the condensation doesn’t collect at the joins and go green… – see it on squidoo

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