Happy 2011 from the Superstars!

Happy new year to all our pupils, parents and anyone else who is visiting.  We hope you all have a brilliant year ahead.

This is the picture Mrs Stewart had made into a postcard. We will be sending them to each of the 50 American States in the New Year as part of our postcard exchange.

2 thoughts on “Happy 2011 from the Superstars!”

  1. Happy New Year To all the kids at P3S Superstars . ur blog just get s more interesting. Photos are really smart and u look excited and interested in the stuff much better than my school days. The design of your Happy New Year sign really Coooooooooooool man!! Enjoy the rest of your year in p3s.And all the best in collecting lots and lots of money for the RNLI. God bless + Takecare fae June W.

  2. Hello Mrs Whyte. Thank you for you lovely comments. We are hoping to raise lots of money for the RNLI. They have been great when we have visited the lifeboat station!

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