A busy afternoon.

This afternoon Mr Tollerton visited our class. Mr Tollerton was the Headteacher at Warddykes before Miss Deans. He now works with the education department at Arbroath Abbey.

He reminded us that not everyone could read and write in the past. We had already learned that Monks were amongst those who did learn to read and write – and that they spent a lot of time practising – just like we do at school!

He showed us how to make a seal like the ones that were used to fasten letters long ago. They would be made of wax and embossed with a picture. We made ours from plasticene! We had a really enjoyable afternoon and Stanley was interested in learning something more about life in the past in Arbroath.

Mr Tollerton shows us how to make the picture to emboss our seal.


One thought on “A busy afternoon.”

  1. Mr Tollerton knows a lot about our local history. You obviously enjoyed his talk and demonstration. Can you share your seal making with us at the next assembly on Friday, September 17th, 2010

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