Fabulous Fame in the making!

On Monday we did our first complete read and sing through of Fame, we are doing really well. On Wednesday Mrs Gordon helped choreograph our first dance and on Thursday Mrs Bell started our singing sessions. Next week some of us will have an after school dance session- details will be dojo’d out to parents. Show dates have been confirmed as March 4th and 5th, tickets will hopefully go on sale at the end of next week or the start of the week after.

The Poppy Bud came to visit on Monday, it was very informative and interesting. We were very suprised at how well it had been put together. We liked hearing the different stories and making a poppy of our own.

We have been working extremely hard on our F1 projects. We will need to finish these next week in order to have time to rehearse the presentations for the 11th February.

In maths we have started working on real life cases that need to be solved using numeracy and maths. This is good fun and we will work on a few different ones in the coming weeks.

Next week we start skiing- please remember that if we are skiing we must be in school on Tuesday for 8.15am.

Have a great weekend.

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂


Primary 7s have been revising on their multiplication and division strategies.

They been learning about WWII.  This involved lots of cooperative work, researching and script writing.  In addition to this, the children have analysed the poem ” The Sodger’s Rerurn” by Robert Burns.  They  then wrote their individual narrative poem which included  Scottish words.  They have done themselves proud!

They have also created oil pastel portraits which used the subject of children during WWII.  This type of art was inspired the work of  a Scottish artist named Joan Eardley.


Crazy, Crafty, Crackin P7a’s

This week we have focused on Robert Burns and Joan Eardley.

We looked at a few of Robert Burns poems as well as reading about his life. We tried to work out what the Scots words he had used meant, this tricky and we all had to help each other. After this we investigated Joan Eardley

We researched Joan Eardley and looked at her works of art. We then created drawings inspired by her works. Then using,  the poetry of Robert Burns to help us, we wrote poems about Joan, her life or her art work.

In Numeracy we looked at currency exchange and how to calculate different foreign currencies. We also worked out the price of different items in different currencies to see which were cheaper.

In Science we finishing off our F1 work, our competition date is next month and we want to make sure we are all ready.

We had Fame rehearsals on Monday and Thursday. These are going well and next week we will be starting our dance choreography with Mrs Gordon.

We have reintroduced the Star Table, we are now responsible for nominating the people we think have shown the values of our school. The people at the table will change each Friday, depending on the nominations.

Next week we have a visit from the Poppy Bud on Monday, this will intoduce us to what they Poppy Factory does and why it is so importanty.

Have a lovely weekend, the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂


We are so proud of all the P6s and P7s  for presenting their Scottish Opera  to the whole school.  They have worked extremely hard and it paid off! Well done all of you.  You have made everyone so very proud!

This week we have;

  • Researched facts about life during World War II.
  • Looked into the work of Joan Eardley who is a Scottish  artist.  We will be creating art work influenced by her techniques.
  • Learnt to multiply numbers using mental strategies.  We also learnt formal written methods of multiplication and division.
  • Discussed feelings and opinions about WWII.
  • Some of us used our knowledge of the four operations and used BODMAS for calculating answers.

Next week, we will focus on writing poetry inspired by Robert Burn’s poetry.

Have a lovely week everyone!


Christmas Fun in P7b

This week we have been working on creating winter silhouette  painting.  We learnt to blend shades of blue.  We also learnt to gradate colours in our painting to show light and dark contrast.

We enjoyed a STEM challenge as we created origami Christmas trees.  Many of us demonstrated resilience by never giving up.  Some us had to make 3 or more attempts to perfect the tree.


We had a great time at our disco.  We played party games and Mr Wells showed us a magic trick!  What a good way to end the term.  There were lots of laughter and fun this week.


Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy new year!!

P7b class and Mrs Durano




Christmas Holidays are here :)

Monday we sung with the Nursery for Linthlithgow Day Care. We really enjoyed the opportunity to sing with the youngest children in Springfield and we hope they enjoyed our singing talents 😉

On Tuesday we completed a Missing Jumper Challenge, this involved using our knowledge of maps, directions and codes. We found some of it tricky, however we did solve the mystery.

Wednesday saw us complete the SumDog Christmas Challenge, start the word meanings booklet and rehearse our Christmas song for Friday.

On Thursday we had our last ever Christmas Party at Springfield. DJ Wells was on fine form and we rocked the afternoon away to some excellent tunes.

Today, Friday we sang our Christmas Song, this will not be our last song, just our last Christmas song 🙁

And just like that we have 6 months left. The next 2 terms will be packed full of activities, songs and adventures. The next 2 weeks will be packed full of rest- we hope 🙂

Have a lovely restful Christmas break and we will see you all next decade 🙂

P7a and Mrs Newton.

Christmas Fun in P1a

Well we have certainly had a lot of fun in P1a this week. Mrs Gordon made sure we worked hard before the fun as we had to do some reading, writing and numeracy assessments on our initial sounds from a-z, our common words and addition to 10.

We learnt our doubles this week in numeracy and we really like this song to help us remember them.

On Monday we had our Christmas Party with lots of fun games. Santa even came and brought us some lovely Christmas stories for the classroom.

Today we got a letter from Santa saying that his sleigh had broken and he needed our help to design a new one. We worked in teams with our P7 buddies to design a sleigh. We then presented our finished drawings and design ideas to the class. Mrs Gordon was so impressed at how confidently we spoke, and with our fantastic ideas…we had everything from hot chocolate machines, portals and magic dust to bouncy castles! Here are the designers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Love from Mrs Gordon and P1a. x

Busy, busy, busy P7a

A very busy few weeks in P7a and we are finally catching up on the blog.

We have been having Christmas songs rehearsals with the Nursery, we will be joining them on Monday afternoon when Linlithgow Day Care visit us.

For our Christmas Singalong we will be singing Feliz  Navidad, please join us in the hall  on Friday morning, 9.40am, if you can.

Roger, from Scottish Opera came to see us yesterday in preparation for our technical rehearsal next month. P6 and P7 have been working very hard on learning these songs and Roger said we were superb!

Our F1 challenge work is going well, we have designed our logos, tried out TinkerCad and started to finalise our portfolios. AB-S’s dad is going to visit in January to talk about being a racing driver.

Our Christmas Party is on Thursday from 1pm-3pm. We can bring party clothes with us to change into at lunch time. We are also allowed to wear Christmas Jumpers all next week ( we do need to wear school uniform as well though!)

Instead of presents from Mrs Newton this year we have asked her to donate some toys to Forth FM’s Mission Christmas appeal. We all think it is better to give to those who may not get anything from Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend, 5 school days until the holidays 🙂


P7b Class

Highlights of the week…

Fame Auditions-  This week, the fame auditions took place on Monday.  We found out who got the main roles on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a quite an anxious wait for us all.  According to the judges, everyone did very well.  The standard of performances were very high.

Well done to the pupils who had the courage to audition.

Also we would like to congratulate those who were successful in securing a role.

In Maths we investigated properties of 3D shapes, 3D nets and we interpreted scale drawings.

In Modern languages, we learnt how to say French words for classroom objects.  We also learnt some Spanish words for clothing and accessories.

Expressive Arts- Many of us were very happy and proud that we have learnt to braid wool.  We have also been practicing  our Opera songs.  We are getting better at keeping in tune!

In literacy, we wrote explanations about what makes a fast car.

Next week is our Christmas fair and dinner! We are so excited!