Crazy, Crafty, Crackin P7a’s

This week we have focused on Robert Burns and Joan Eardley.

We looked at a few of Robert Burns poems as well as reading about his life. We tried to work out what the Scots words he had used meant, this tricky and we all had to help each other. After this we investigated Joan Eardley

We researched Joan Eardley and looked at her works of art. We then created drawings inspired by her works. Then using,  the poetry of Robert Burns to help us, we wrote poems about Joan, her life or her art work.

In Numeracy we looked at currency exchange and how to calculate different foreign currencies. We also worked out the price of different items in different currencies to see which were cheaper.

In Science we finishing off our F1 work, our competition date is next month and we want to make sure we are all ready.

We had Fame rehearsals on Monday and Thursday. These are going well and next week we will be starting our dance choreography with Mrs Gordon.

We have reintroduced the Star Table, we are now responsible for nominating the people we think have shown the values of our school. The people at the table will change each Friday, depending on the nominations.

Next week we have a visit from the Poppy Bud on Monday, this will intoduce us to what they Poppy Factory does and why it is so importanty.

Have a lovely weekend, the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂