Fabulous Fame in the making!

On Monday we did our first complete read and sing through of Fame, we are doing really well. On Wednesday Mrs Gordon helped choreograph our first dance and on Thursday Mrs Bell started our singing sessions. Next week some of us will have an after school dance session- details will be dojo’d out to parents. Show dates have been confirmed as March 4th and 5th, tickets will hopefully go on sale at the end of next week or the start of the week after.

The Poppy Bud came to visit on Monday, it was very informative and interesting. We were very suprised at how well it had been put together. We liked hearing the different stories and making a poppy of our own.

We have been working extremely hard on our F1 projects. We will need to finish these next week in order to have time to rehearse the presentations for the 11th February.

In maths we have started working on real life cases that need to be solved using numeracy and maths. This is good fun and we will work on a few different ones in the coming weeks.

Next week we start skiing- please remember that if we are skiing we must be in school on Tuesday for 8.15am.

Have a great weekend.

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂