The P7s have been busy with costing and making enterprise products for the upcoming Christmas Fayre.  They have taken this responsibility seriously.  It’s a joy to watch them negotiate and make decisions as a group.

For the F1 challenge,  the children actively research information on t”what makes a fast car”.  This will help them create their own F1 version.  In addition to this, they have also looked into designing their own team logo and name.

For literacy, we uplevelled our stories that we wrote.  Then we wrote a recount on what we have so far done with  our F1 project.  We had exciting Wednesday afternoon as we met the author of Shadows of Winterspell, Amy Wilson.  She gave us tips on how to write magical stories.

For Numeracy, the P7s investigated angles of triangles.  They learnt how to  find the value of x in equations and some of simplified simple expressions.

Some of children went to the Sportshall Athletics event.  They did so well.  They showed true sportsmanship and determination.  They make the whole school proud!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

P7b and Mrs Durano

A week of lasts in P7a

This week we have had lots of lasts. On Monday we had our last Rememberance Day Assembly, this was a lovely assembly and we remembered all our fallen service personnel (and all the animals who worked during the wars and conflicts). We also had our last class photo, you should be able to see this using the code that was sent home with your children. Or visit the Springfield twitter page to see one that Mrs Newton took.

Tuesday we had our last visit from the Dental Nurses, we all rocked this visit and have great teeth.

Wednesday was our last ever flu nasal spray at Springfield (it was also the last time we can get the spray as we will be too old next year!). This was a simple and easy process and most of us put our stickers on the wall display for “Lasts”.

On Thursday we had two lasts- our last author visit, Amy Wilson came in to talk to us about her books and how she became an author. Then some of us went to the Sports Hall Athletics event at the Academy. We all did really well and showed what an amazing school Springfield is.

Finally today, whilst this will not be our last dress down day, it is our last dress in purple for polio day!

We also had some firsts- those of us trying out for the main parts in Fame were given our scripts, we started to design logos and slogans for the Jaguar F1 challenge and we learned about a hailstone string (ask us about this, it’s great fun.)

Have a great weekend 🙂

P7a and Mrs Newton

Another busy week in P7a

This week has been busy in P7. We had photographs, song rehearsals and SNSA’s. Plus all our normal learning- phew no wonder we are all tired!! 🙂

In Literacy we have started to write our short stories using action verbs and adjectives to add more excitement to them. Some of us “forgot” that a short story should only be a couple of pages and have written mini novels, however we know they will all be amazing and next time we will focus on what short means 😉

In Numeracy we have been solving and simplifying equations, some of us found these tricky to begin with, but we used our growth mindset tools and managed to work through the equations- our minds are getting stronger every day.

In Science, and in class, we started our Jaguar F1 challenge. We have sorted out our groups and written information on who we are and why we have been chosen for each role. Next week we will be looking at logos, team names and the shape and design of our cars.

Our Enterprise groups have now decided what they will all be doing and next week we will work with Mrs Newton and Mrs Durano to find prices for the products we need and then work out a selling price and estimated profit.

Our class photographs are being taken next Monday or Tuesday, we are  having our Flu sprays on Wednesday, SNSA’s will hopefully be finished by Thursday and Friday is a Purple for Polio dress down day (so another normal week in P7 🙂 )

Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the sun shines.

P7a and Mrs Newton

P7b Class

Hello all,

We have had a busy week here in P7B here are some of the things we have done!

On Monday we started our F1 topic. We got into groups by deciding what our strengths and weaknesses are. We then decided on our team name and logo.

After our lunch we went into our leadership groups, we were busy sorting things out with lessons and we have  started to type up the school newspaper. We then went into our enterprise groups and did our pricing of  what we needed to buy for our the Christmas Fayre stalls.

On Tuesday we had science first thing. We were finishing off our classification keys using sweets. We got to eat the sweets after we finished!!!  We planned our creative stories.  We could write whatever we wanted to.

On Wednesday  the parents came in to see how we do number talks. we stared writing our creative stories it was very fun because our class has a very good imagination.

On Thursday we done Futsal  tournament.  Then we finished our work on algebra.


We hope you have a good weekend everyone!


Written by NG and MC


Next week we will be learning to write an information text.


We’ve  had a very productive week in P7b.

For literacy, we wrote various types of creative texts about Halloween.  We also learnt to spell words ending in -cial and – tial.   Then we  reviewed our knowledge of homophones .

Expressive art- we made origami bookmarks and practiced our songs for the Scottish Opera and FAME the musical.

For numeracy, we looked at number patterns, revisited the four operations and we created illusions using our knowledge of symmetry, fractions and decimals.  We also worked together to solve Daily Rigour Problems.

This week, we also met with our enterprise groups.  We planned our activities and listed the required materials.  Next week, we will hopefully find the cost of each item.


On Monday, we will start our imaginative writing exercise.


See you nest week everyone!

Snazzy SNSA’S

This week we started our last ever SNSA’s in Springfield (another last). Mrs Newton is super impressed by how hard we have been working. We will finish these next week.

In Numeracy we started looking at sequences, terms, rules and patterns in numbers to 10,000,000. This has caused lots of interesting discussions and debates and we are looking forward to the challenge activity next week.

In literacy we continued to dissect texts to find the mood and atmosphere. It was interesting to listen to everyones opinions and we discovered that sometimes there really are no right or wrong answers!

In Science we finished classifications and looked at food webs and chains. Next week we will be starting the Jaguar F1 challenge- look out for more information on this.

We started to learn our audition song for Fame and the first few songs from the Opera we will be doing.

Next week we have school photos, class, individual and family (another last!). These will be taken on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are excited that parents are coming in to see our Number Talk activities in class on Wednesday, we will have some stations in class to challenge your learning.

A huge thank you to everyone who came and watched our class assembly last week, we really appreciate all the support you give us 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

P7a and Mrs Newton 🙂



This week we started our Spanish lessons.  We learnt to say simple greetings and questions.

For French, Mrs Gordon and our class consolidated all the learning we have done last term.  We created pictures which reflect colour and number of animals.  We had to read a whole phrase in French and draw what it meant.

For Numeracy, we have been strengthening our skills in number talks.  We identified number pattern and sequence. We revised on all our 4 maths operations and discussed/ worked on  several word problems involving all operations.


For literacy, we explored the use of subjunctives.  We began our short read activities which we will be doing 4 times each week. We further extended our comprehension skills as we answered literal and inferential questions from  the poem entitled ” The Song of Hiawatha”.

For Health and Well-being, we learnt about gender bias.  We created a short skit and presented to the class what gender bias may look like in everyday life.

Next week, we be focusing on story writing just in time for Halloween 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


We’ve had another productive week in P7.

We consolidated all our learning in maths and numeracy by planning a Party for Zelda (fictional character).  We used our budgeting skills as well as our knowledge of area and perimeter.

We decided to enter the competition for essay writing being run by the Rotary Club of Linlithgow Grange.  We individually wrote what the word ‘connections’ mean to us

We created PowerPoint Presentations about our Brazil topic and we found information about the climatic conditions differences/ similarities  between Brazil and Scotland.


Have a lovely break everyone!

Term 1 comes to an end in P7a

On Monday we finished our Dodgeball sessions in PE with a round robin competition. We have all enjoyed these lessons and become more accurate over the past 6 weeks. We did our final leadership groups of this term and the Newspaper group completed this terms Springfield News.

On Tuesday we started our stories for the Rotary Club, Annual Jim Clark Memorial Trophy writing competition, this year the topic is on Connections. We discussed what this meant to us before writing a variety of interesting stories. In Science we had a visit from Mr Marshall from Linlithgow Academy to introduce us to the F1 challenge we will be taking part in next term. It looks really exciting and we are looking forward to completing this activity after the holidays.

On Wednesday we had our Harvest Festival in the afternoon, this was a good chance for us to reflect on our own lives and those who need more help and support in our community and around the world.

We watched a BBCTeach, Growth Mindset and Health and Wellbeing lesson on Thursday as part of Mental Health Awareness Day. We learned a few calm down ideas, including finger breathing (ask us what this is and we can show you 🙂 ). We started our Futsal sessions as well, this was interesting and fun.

Today was our dress down day, raising funds for St Michael’s Hospital. We received our new leadreship badges as well 🙂 We completed a Short Read, Blankety Blank task on our class novel and then finished the day with a variety of problem solving tasks.

Have a great holiday, don’t forget we are all back on Tuesday 22nd October.

P7a and Mrs Newton

P.S. Our school show in March will be Fame- we are very, very, very excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!


Big congratulations to all the P7s for being extremely responsible in ensuring the Parent’s night run smoothly.  Enjoy your weekend P7s! you really deserve it.