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Virtual Prom

Good Morning!

The post you guys have been waiting for!

It is time to work hard organising your virtual prom.

We need you to make Prom invites for your friends, family, and staff and pupils at Pinewood.

Send us pictures of them so we can show them on the blog.

Have fun, Kirsty and Hazel.

**Virtual Prom – Thursday 18 June**

Good morning groups 9 and 11

We are sad that we can’t have our real prom until it is safe.

But we can have a virtual prom together.  We have packs made up to post to you soon so that you can help organise your virtual prom.

We will all have parties in our homes at the same time and on the same date together.  We can listen to the same music and share pictures and videos of our night.

Your staff are very excited and are looking forward to having a party.

We are already thinking about our outfits and what music we would like to dance to.

Have a lovely day, Kirsty, Hazel, Jackie, Lauren, RoseAnn, Carole, Lesley and Terence