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Friday 15th of May

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Good morning and happy Friday!

ASSEMBLY WITH TRACEY –  remember it’s with Healthy Harry.  Check in the assembly posts to find the assembly for today.


what’s the weather like today?  Find the photo.

an extra movement song, Callum loves this one!

life skills – why not revisit the signs for chores?  How many jobs do you do?

language – making marks in sand or rice, paint or gloop (water and cornflour) or shaving foam

baby activities – Page 2 – Tiny Adventure

Mark Making in Nursery

listen to more sounds from zoo animals


click on the link above

Healthy cafe today!


our story today is Topsy and Tim Go To The Zoo

sign of the day with Lorna – check in the sign of the day category

food technology –


remember to help tidy up

Simple Water Play - Washing Dishes. - Picklebums

IT – technology: have a treat, use the iPad

music with Connie and Gordon

finish the day with some yoga (advice from OTs with CAMHS)


have a truly lovely weekend, Sophie

Giving Out Friday Hugs Have A Great Weekend Pictures, Photos, and ...



Red class – Wednesday 13 of May

Infinity Dreams ∞: Tuesday morning

I am having problems with my laptop so there will not be anything fancy today, sorry everyone… click on the link and it will take you to the YouTube song

good morning song


days of the week song


song for the weather, slightly different!


choose the photo that is the best for today’s weather

Image preview

life skills

language activities  – can you identify the sounds?


check with Pedro for PE

snack – remember, it’s healthy Harry this week,


Healthy Snack Box | Image Courtesy: Melissa (www.flickr ...

don’t forget to tidy up

the story today is …

sing of the day with Lorna. check her post

art with Steve and David, but just in case you want to use lots of paint and make a picture of a butterfly:

  • 1.fold the paper
  • 2.put some spots of paint on one half
  • 3.paint with fingers
  • 4.fold the paper, press together, open the paper and let it dry
  • 5.draw a butterfly shape
  • 6.cut out round your shape

Finger Paint Butterfly Craft - rainbow colored - A Crafty Life


science today is also what the orange class will be trying, if you click on the link it will direct to the Pinterest page.


Health and well being is so important, here’s a challenge for when you go for your walk today,

thwalking challenge.jpg



finish the day with a story massage from Nicole

and relaxation

I hope you have a fab day, Sophie