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Silver – Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Silver class!

Let’s get Tuesday started..


Have a look at my “circle time” post.

Choose a movement song from the “movement” section on the blog or just dance along to your favourite song with your family! 🙂

Life Skills

Lily’s mummy told me she has been busy helping mummy with the washing! Can you help sort the washing into different colours? Can you help your mummy or daddy put a washing in the machine?


Today’s challenge..

Maths (on yesterday’s timetable)

Let’s combine Maths with some exercise today!

Go out on a hunt for these pictures in people’s windows. Count how many you can see and write it in the boxes. You can colour it in before or after you go 🙂 Have fun!

If you can’t print these out then don’t worry – Just take a piece of paper and pen with you. You could also draw your own pictures before you go out.


There are some brilliant ideas on the “dance” section of the blog.

Or you can try some Go Noodle on YouTube today.



Nicole has shared a video teaching us how to do Story massage. Have a go yourself at home. There’s 2 stories below to choose from (click to make bigger).

Sign of the Day

Don’t forget to follow along to Lorna’s sign of the day.. I wonder what it will be today?

Fiddly Fingers

See what you can try lifting with some washing pegs. If you don’t have pompoms you can use some cotton wool balls or some pebbles from outside.


Have a look at the “gardening” section on the blog – Scott has posted some lovely ideas there.


It’s been a long, busy day! Let’s relax now..