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P6 Term 4 Window into Learning

It has been great to welcome the children back after the Easter holiday.  They have settled well and we have already had a busy few weeks.  We only have a few months remaining of P6 and it is going to be a busy time. Please find attached the overview of what we hope to cover this term. Window into Learning term 4

Thank you for your continued support and should you have any questions about the Window into Learning or your child’s learning, please contact the school office in the first instance.

Happy holiday weekend.

2021 Outdoor timetable Term 4

Outdoor Learning will be running again this term and the days and classes are listed below.  We ask that the children can be as suitably dressed as possible on the days they will be going outdoors.  Please consider that we could be walking through woods, soft muddy ground, or wet grass. It could rain, be windy, cold, snowing, drizzling or hot sunshine.  On very hot sunny days you may want to provide sunscreen for your child to apply.

It is always advisable to wear layers and always have a coat/raincoat.  The school has waterproof trousers and rain jackets for those that need them.

Whatever the weather, sandals are not suitable!  Some trainers may not be waterproof enough – it may not rain today but the ground could be muddy from yesterday’s rain.  Sturdy shoes, sometimes even wellies are a good idea.  Again the school has some pairs of wellies if they are needed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Smith

Outdoor learning Term 4
Mon. 19th  April P6 Mon. 24th  May Holiday
Tues. 20th April P1 and P4 Tues. 25th  May P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 21st April P5 Wed. 26th  May     P3
Mon. 26th April P7 Mon. 31st   May P6
Tues. 27th April P2/1 and P2  Tues. 1st June P1 and P4
Wed. 28st  April     P3 Wed. 2ndJune P5
Mon. 3rd   May Holiday Mon. 7th June P7
Tues. 4th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 8th June P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 5th  May P5 Wed. 9th June     P3
Mon. 10th  May P7 Mon. 14th June P6
Tues. 11th  May P2/1 and P2  Tues. 15th June P1 and P4
Wed. 12th  May     P3 Wed. 16th June P5
Mon. 17th   May P6 Mon. 21st  June P7
Tues. 18th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 22ndJune P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 19th  May P5 Wed. 23rd June     P3

P4-7 Live Lessons for the week beginning 25.01.21

Below is the timetable for P4-7 for the week beginning 25.01.21.

Please note that P5 check-in time has moved to the slightly earlier time of 9:20am.

Also, the second check-in times are now for smaller groups of children. The teacher will invite the children that she wishes to work with during a particular session, via teams. They will be notified earlier in the day if they are needed to attend the second session.

P4-7 Live session timetable 25.1.21.