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P2/1 Weekly Reflection

What a great way to end the term, today we enjoyed Digi Day. To kick us off we watched Hector’s World and discussed why we should not share our personal details online then we had lots of fun playing with digital resources including a robot that follows a pen line, the Beebots and a remote controlled duplo vehicle. We also had a chance at some athletics on the Wii.

This week in writing we have been focusing on descriptions about our family members. Minny and Dexter really enjoyed writing about their wee sisters. We were trying hard to remember our capital letters and full stops.

In phonics the Primary 2 have now revised all of their RWI set 2 sounds and are ready to move on to set 3 after the holidays. The common words we have focused on this term are I, the, of, me, they, want, like, her, she, we, some, put, water, these and to, it would be great if you could practise these at home too.  Our new sounds in Primary 1 this week were and b, so we have now covered m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u and the common words we have learnt are I, me, the, of, my, said, he and no. 

In numeracy this week we were continuing our learning of part-whole models and we began to think about the addition symbol and used this to make some number sentences. We also learned about fact families and how by using 3 numbers we can create 4 different number sentences.

In our transport themed play we were making comparisons between types of transport from the past and present. Mrs Clyne asked us if we could travel by any method of transport what would we choose and why, here’s what some of us said:-

“A black jet because you go high up and see lots of things” JB

“An areoplane coz I can see the air and the sky too and I want to go on holiday.” EW

“A bus because I’ve never been on a bus before.” DA

“I want to go on a campervan because you can take marshmallows and sleep at night.” KH

“I want to go on Easyjet so I can go to Spain again.” KG

“An aeroplane because I want to go to Africa to see wild animals.” HC

We have settled in well to Primary 2/1 and have worked hard this term. Now it’s time to have a rest and enjoy some family time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and carers for their support in the children’s learning, it is much appreciated.

We wish you all a safe and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Tuesday 19th October.

Miss Whigham and Mrs Clyne


P2/1 Weekly Reflection 1/10/21

What a super week celebrating the school’s 20th anniversary.  We’ve painted some mugs, decorated cupacakes and played some party games. Then we enjoyed the whole school celebration in the playground on Thursday afternoon and it was lovely to welcome Mrs Audrey Ford back to our school, she was the very first headteacher. Mrs Ford made a speech and cut a cake then we listened to some bagpipes and drums before having a wee dance. We then enjoyed our cakes and juice while watching Topsy and Tim’s Birthday party, if you’d like to watch it again with your child click here.

In phonics this week P1 children were learning the sounds c and k and really impressed Mrs Clyne with their word building skills on the magnetic boards. P2 children were revising the sounds or and air and thought of some great sentences with the words we, some and put. Some of the children even managed to make our common words out of lego bricks!

In numeracy we have begun to think about ‘whole’ and ‘part’ and used the number 12 to see how many different ways we could make 12 using two parts, for example, 10 and 2, 8 and 4, 6 and 6.  Theo was very good at explaining whole and part when he told us “a whole pizza is all of it and a part is just a bit of  it”. We also used a rekenrek to help us explain our thinking when counting on during our Number Talks sessions.

This week we have continued learning about transport by considering the different types of transport which help us move around. We sorted different types according to those that are found in the air, on land and in the water. We also started to think about Harvest when we watched a live lesson called Harvest Rainbow Adventure. We went on a journey around the countryside to collect different coloured salad ingredients, learned about the people who grow the ingredients and thought about what plants need to grow. Perhaps we could start growing our own plants? If you’d like to watch the Harvest Rainbow Adventure again at home, click here.



P2/1 Weekly Reflection 24.09.21

It was a quick week in school last week but we still managed to fit in lots of learning.

In our phonics P2 children were practising their ai, ee, igh, ow, oo sounds during some Bingo games and also the common words the, she, her, want, like, I and am. P1 children were learning o sound and helped Mrs Clyne to draw some pictures of things that started with o for our sound wall. P1 were also practising their letter formation by telling Ted how to write the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g and o.

In numeracy we have been learning about the number sequence to 20 and consolidating our understanding of number before and number after. The children enjoyed a treasure hunt to find all the hidden numbers in the classroom and then put these in order.

Our learning this week has taken on a transport theme and children particularly enjoyed the new Fire Station and adding the different vehicles to their block play.

In PE we were practising our listening skills during a game called Red Light, Green Light. We were also developing our balancing skills by trying to keep a bean bag balanced on different parts of our body while standing still and while moving slowly around the room.

On Friday we joined in with the World’s Biggest Coffee morning and coloured in some mugs and cupcakes for the colouring competition. Mrs Clyne was impressed by how colourful and neat our designs were. Thank you for your donations towards this worthwhile cause.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

P2/1 Reflection 17.09.21

Well what a busy week we’ve had!

Primary 1 children have been learning the sounds p and g and impressing Mrs Clyne with their word building skills when using the magnetic boards. We now know the sounds m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p and g, why don’t you try making some words at home with these letters. Primary 2 children have been revising set two sounds with a focus on oo and ar. They have also been practising the common words I, the, of, me, they, want, like, her and she by telling Ted a sentence containing each of the words.

In Numeracy we have been learning about the number sequence to 20 and thinking about the number before and after a given number. We have been learning ordinal numbers from first to tenth and we had fun singing the Days of the Week song to begin thinking about the order of the days. If you would like to have a sing along at home, click here.

On Thursday we had a birthday themed afternoon where we practised our counting skills and developed our fine motor skills by making playdough cupcakes, wrapping presents, exploring texture with jelly and ice-cream (cotton wool balls) and making birthday cards. We also considered the adventures of Curly the Caterpillar who had escaped from the cake box!

For Science we listened to the story A New Calf Arrives during a googlemeet with The Royal Highland Education Trust. This was really interesting and the lady even answered some of our own children’s questions live during the call.

We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend and look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday 22nd September.

Take care,

Miss Whigham & Mrs Clyne

P2/1 Weekly Learning Reflection W/E 14th May 2021

Good Afternoon. In Literacy, P1 have been learning the a-e and i-e split digraphs. We have been teaching ted how to write a-e words, wrote i-e words underneath pictures and played roll and read. P2 have been learning about adding the suffix ing to words. We wrote spelling sentences and found –ing words in a word search. In writing we wrote a description of our friends. We looked at the structure of a description. A description has a title, introduction, characteristics and evaluation.

In Maths P1 and P2 have been exploring measure. We have been measuring the height and size of different things. We measured dinosaur footprints to see which was the biggest and which was the smallest. We measured lots of different items around the classroom. P1 used non-standard units such as gems, counters etc. P2 used non-standard units then measured with a ruler to see how many centimetres long items were.

For outdoor learning on Tuesday we explored living and non-living things. We made a Venn diagram then we climbed some trees. In Science with Miss Whigham we were planting sunflower seeds. We also looked at road safety and where it is safe to cross.

Here are a few of the children’s reflections:

“I enjoyed measuring.”

“I enjoyed doing my word search.”

“I enjoyed being the most respectful class of the week.”

“I enjoyed getting the award from Miss Hamilton.”

“I enjoyed learning a-e split diagraph.”

“I enjoyed everything.”

“I liked learning about the i-e split diagraph.”

“I enjoyed doing the word search.”

P2/1 Learning Reflection Week Ending 30th April 2021

Good Afternoon. In Literacy, P1 have been reading our books and answering the questions about our books. We have explored the ‘ar’ and ‘or’ sounds through word searches, word building, sorting ar words into a piggy bank and playing roll and read. P2 have been exploring plurals. We have learned that you can change a singular noun into a plural by adding a s. We wrote plurals in rainbow writing, looked for them in a word search and cracked a spelling code. We looked at the strategy of understanding the meaning of words to help us with our comprehension when reading. In writing we read describing sentences from which we then drew monsters. We are going to be focusing on the genre of description this term.

In Numeracy P1 have been exploring odd and even numbers. We have learned that even numbers always have a friend and with odd numbers there is always one left out. Even numbers are numbers that end in a 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Odd numbers end in 1, 3,5,7,9. We have completed worksheets and played games. P2 have been exploring fractions. We have explored making, colouring and finding halves of shapes and numbers. We discovered that halving is the opposite of doubling. We have completed worksheets and games.

For outdoor learning on Tuesday we explored the seasons. We then looked for signs of spring and played corners. In Science with Miss Whigham we were learning about what plants need to grow. Plants need water, light, heat and soil. Today we had an assembly.  The assembly was about the value of respect.

Here are a few of the children’s reflections:

“I have enjoyed returning to gymnastics after school. I enjoyed the reading comprehension about Tex Rex.”

“I enjoyed exploring halving this week.”

“I enjoyed learning about spring during outdoor learning.”

“I liked learning about what plants need in science.”

“I was looking for signs of spring in the woods.”

“I enjoyed our fitness routines during P.E.”

“I liked P.E and our exercising. I am enjoying my football after school.”

“I loved science.”

“I have enjoyed reading this week.”

2021 Outdoor timetable Term 4

Outdoor Learning will be running again this term and the days and classes are listed below.  We ask that the children can be as suitably dressed as possible on the days they will be going outdoors.  Please consider that we could be walking through woods, soft muddy ground, or wet grass. It could rain, be windy, cold, snowing, drizzling or hot sunshine.  On very hot sunny days you may want to provide sunscreen for your child to apply.

It is always advisable to wear layers and always have a coat/raincoat.  The school has waterproof trousers and rain jackets for those that need them.

Whatever the weather, sandals are not suitable!  Some trainers may not be waterproof enough – it may not rain today but the ground could be muddy from yesterday’s rain.  Sturdy shoes, sometimes even wellies are a good idea.  Again the school has some pairs of wellies if they are needed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Smith

Outdoor learning Term 4
Mon. 19th  April P6 Mon. 24th  May Holiday
Tues. 20th April P1 and P4 Tues. 25th  May P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 21st April P5 Wed. 26th  May     P3
Mon. 26th April P7 Mon. 31st   May P6
Tues. 27th April P2/1 and P2  Tues. 1st June P1 and P4
Wed. 28st  April     P3 Wed. 2ndJune P5
Mon. 3rd   May Holiday Mon. 7th June P7
Tues. 4th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 8th June P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 5th  May P5 Wed. 9th June     P3
Mon. 10th  May P7 Mon. 14th June P6
Tues. 11th  May P2/1 and P2  Tues. 15th June P1 and P4
Wed. 12th  May     P3 Wed. 16th June P5
Mon. 17th   May P6 Mon. 21st  June P7
Tues. 18th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 22ndJune P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 19th  May P5 Wed. 23rd June     P3