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P1 Weekly Learning Reflection W/E 29th October 2021

Good afternoon. P1 have been very busy this week. In Literacy we have learned the sounds ‘l’ and ‘h’ and the red word so. We made lambs, played roll and read, practised our letter formation with playdough and sorted objects beginning with these sounds.

In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes and 3D objects. We have explored the properties of these shapes and why they are 2D or 3D. We sorted 3D objects into different categories such as will stack or will roll, played I spy the 3D object, created 2D shape pictures and played Shape Monsters on the computers.

P1 thoroughly enjoyed our Halloween fun day on Friday. We made 2D witches, did a skeleton dance, tried to pin a spider on a web and lots more. Here are a few of the children’s highlights:

“I enjoyed painting a house.”

“It was fun dressing up as Cinderella.”

“I enjoyed dressing up as a witch.”

“I liked playing with the cars on the floor.”

“I enjoyed dressing up and playing Scratch with our buddies.”

“My highlight was seeing our buddies and playing a game with them yesterday.”

“I had so much fun on Halloween day like drawing the witch and colouring it and dancing.”

“I liked cutting out the shapes on Halloween.”

“I enjoyed making a birthday card and the monster dancing.”

“I liked seeing all the costumes.”

“I Enjoyed the Lego and making rockets.”

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Maclachlan

P1 Weekly Learning Reflection Week Ending 24/9/21

Good Afternoon

P1 have had a very busy but short week. In Literacy we learned the sound ‘o’ and practised the tricky word said. We made an octopus using Cheerios, taught ted how to write ‘o’ and played I Spy. I n Numeracy we have continued to explore one more than and one less than. We made towers with Lego to show our number, one more/one less than our number, used seeds to count out one more than/less than our flashcard and played the more than/less than frog game. With Mrs Clyne on Wednesday afternoon we learned about seed dispersal and made our own paper sycamore helicopters. We had great fun flying them at the park. In P.E this week we working on our hand eye coordination by throwing and catching small balls. We also played duck. duck goose. On Friday morning we got to design our own mug and cupcake during our MacMillan coffee morning. Here are  the children’s highlights from the week:

Finlay – “I have enjoyed playing in the garden centre and doing the Spiderman jigsaw.”

Angus – “I like playing in the garden centre and I enjoyed making our helicopters with Mrs Clyne.”

Mitchell –“My highlight is everything we have done this week.”

Ayaat –“I enjoyed everything.”

Lyla – “I liked designing my own cupcake.”

Aaron – “The best bit was designing my cupcake and mug.”

Matthew –“I enjoyed flying my helicopter.”

Emily –“I enjoyed playing and adding in things to our garden centre like making flowers.”

Jessica – “I enjoyed everything.”

Ishanvi – “I liked designing my own cupcake.”

Gracie –“I enjoyed designing my cup and cupcake.”

Emma – “I liked designing my cupcake and mug and eating a cupcake.”

Orlaith – “It was fun getting to design a cupcake and a mug.”

Leo- “It was fun flying our helicopters.”

David –“I liked learning ‘o’ sound and making an octopus.”

Have a good weekend.

Miss Maclachlan

P1 Weekly Learning Reflection Week Ending 17/9/21

Good Afternoon. P1 have settled in well to school. This week we have been learning the sounds ‘p’ and ‘g’ and the common word ‘said’. We have played games, made a parrot and a giraffe and taught ted how to write the sounds. In Numeracy we learned all about the number 10 – how to make it, what it looks likes and the different ways to make 10. We have also been learning about one more than and one less than. During our Outdoor learning we have been talking about seeds and planting them this led us to change our house corner into a garden centre. We are loving playing in it and selling seeds and flowers. On Thursday afternoon we spent time with our P7 buddies hunting for flowers with numbers on them to 20. We then created a big numberline. Here are  the children’s highlights of the week:

Finlay – “I enjoyed making a birthday cake out of bricks for the school. I liked making our garden centre.”

Aaron –“I enjoyed making a giraffe and meeting my buddies.”

Emily – “I liked counting with my buddy and ordering the flowers.”

Emma –“It was fun making our garden centre”

Matthew –“I liked seeing my buddies in the garden.”

Lyla – “I loved seeing my buddy.”

Leo – “I enjoyed making a birthday cake and card.”

Isha – “I liked making a card copying writing and balloons.”

Angus –“I enjoyed P.E and making a birthday card for the school.”

Jessica –“I enjoy playing games at P.E “

Gracie – “I enjoyed playing tig during P.E and spending time with my P7 buddy looking for and ordering numbers.”

Orla – “I enjoyed hunting the numbers in the garden with my buddies.”

Mitchell – “I liked making the garden centre.”

Mia – “I enjoyed helping set up our garden centre.”

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Maclachlan

P1 Learning Reflection for W/E 4.6.21

This week in P1 the children have learned the ‘ur’ and ‘er’ sounds.  The children have been busying using the pan scales to weigh different items around the class. First, they had to predict how heavy each item was then check using cubes. P1 enjoyed hunting for footprints in the garden.  they were very surprised to find an elephant footprint! Please see below for the children’s reflection comments and their magnificent minibeast houses!

Olivia – I liked making the bug house with Lily. We surrounded it with pinecones. We decided to connect two. We made a little bit they could crawl through. We have 3 bugs living in the house, a worm a slug and a snail.

Kaylan – I didn’t even need to count the ten frame. I just saw the patterns for 10.

Minny – I liked building the beastie house. We got pinecones and made a square then we put grass and cosy stuff in the square. Then we put a wall around it and made a door.

Oliver – I enjoyed making the bughouse. Mine has a chimney and some flower pots. It has a sofa. I think a beetle will move it.

Lily – I liked counting on the ten frames. We had to count the coloured squares and write the number.  Then count the blank square and write the number.

Kade – I made a square of pinecones then I got a tub and put some grass in it.

Izaan – I liked doing the relay race. First, you run and the person in the other team runs back up.

Caleb – We had to find footprints in the garden. We matched the animal to the footprint.

Elyas – We learned the ‘er’ sound.

Kyra – I enjoyed making the bughouse. I made a bridge and put moss in it to make it comfy and grass and daisies.

Georgia – We were weighing water bottles and teddies and rulers. We used cubes to see how heavy they were.

Josh – The caterpillars are very fat and they are hanging upside down. They are going to make a chrysalis.

Grace – The caterpillars are starting to build their chrysalis. Then they will turn into a butterfly.

Mohnish – I enjoyed weighing. The water bottle was heavy. The cube was light.

Alexander – We were doing weight. The book was heavy it was 10 cubes. The glue was light it was 4 cubes!

Jack – We saw bear footprints on the tree. We found giraffe footprints on the fence!

Louis – We learned about spiders. They catch flies and beetles.

Aylar – We made bug houses outside.

Ella – I liked making the bughouse. We made it from pinecones and had different sections for each bug. We covered over the top.

Rhy-Lee – The caterpillars are upside down. They are making a chrysalis.

P1 Learning Reflection for W/E 28.5.21

In literacy this week P1 learned the sounds ‘aw’ as in paw and jaw and ‘are’ as in share and care. This week P1 were exploring the capacity of different containers. Some were full, almost full, half full, almost empty and empty. The children discovered that some of the tall thin containers hold less than the sort wide containers. The class are enjoying learning about minibeasts and were excited to receive class caterpillars. We have been watching them get bigger and bigger, they are very hungry. Louis brought in some stick insects for us to study too.  There are 3 little ones and an egg! The children have been finding out what we need to look after them. Please see below for the children’s reflection comments.

Caleb – we learned the ‘aw’ sound paw has the ‘aw’ sound.

Minny – I liked learning the ‘aw’ sound it has ‘a’ and ‘w’.

Oliver – We learned the ‘are’ sound it’s a tri-graph. It has 3 letters. Share has the ‘are’ sound.

Lily – We are learning about caterpillars. We have two big ones and three little ones.

Jack – Caterpillars eat leaves.

Georgia – We have stick insects. There is one brown egg and three stick insects.

Aylar – I did touch your toes five times for the chalk walk.

Ella – We learned that bugs have different numbers of legs. A spider has eight legs.

Elyas – Share has the ‘are’ sound.

Kyra – We made a chalk walk in P.E. I did circles so you could twirl around.

Kaylan – we are learning about bugs. A bee has a little stinger.

Josh – We are learning about minibeasts, there is lots and lots and lots of them. My favourite one is a butterfly they start out as a caterpillar. We have caterpillars they eat leaves.

Izaan – I like when we listened to the Flight of the Bumblebee. It was like bees dancing.

Olivia – We were checking the monster milkshakes and seeing if it was full, half full, nearly full, nearly empty or empty. I put ice cream and sprinkles on top of the full one!

Mohnish – I like painting.

Kade – The empty cup had nothing if the cup was full you had to put a line at the top. If it was half full you put a line in the middle.

Jessica – We learned about stick insects. You need to put ivy leaves in where you are keeping the insects. You need to put in leaves. You spray over the net so they can have a drink.

Rhy-Lee – Caterpillars turn into butterflies. We have some in class.

Louis – We were stitching. I used red thread.

Alexander – We were making stitches. We had to get it through the holes and pull it through and keep on doing it again. I was using yellow.

P1 Learning Reflection W/E 21.5.21

In P1 this week the children have been measuring length and height using non-standard units. In literacy, our sounds focus was o-e and u-e. The children all enjoyed listening for different sounds and making sound stories during outdoor learning.  The children were excited to see that most of the sunflowers have started to grow! Please see below for the children’s reflection comments.

Elyas –We were measuring using cubes the table was 50 cubes long.

Oliver – This week I enjoyed measuring.  We measured the table, bookshelves and chairs using hand spans. The bookshelf was the longest and the chair was the shortest.

Jessica – I liked learning the o-e sound it’s a split digraph with an o and an e. Bone has the o-e sound.

Rhy-Lee – I measured my lunch box using cubes it was shorter than the table.

Caleb – We learned the split up o-e sound.

Georgia – We learned o-e and u-e sound this week, phone has the o-e sound and huge has the u-e sound.

Kyra – We listened to sounds for mindfulness listening in class. I heard people talking and laughing.

Kaylan – I heard the birds in the woods.

Josh – We measured using hand span the bookshelf is seven hand-spans long.

Grace – I enjoyed outdoor learning.  My favourite sound was the holly leaf.  When I was flapping it, it made a loud and soft sound.

Kade – I enjoyed outdoor learning we were doing sounds.  I made a banging sound with sticks.

Jack – I measured the table it was 16 hand-spans long.

Louis – I enjoyed measuring Kade, he is 54 cubes tall.

Mohnish – I enjoyed measuring.  I measured the table it 16 hand spans.

Minny – I enjoyed measuring.  The bookshelf is 51cubes tall.

Ella – I liked the listening activity. We had to listen to the bell ringing and put up our hand when it stopped.  I am really good at hearing.

Izaan – I liked when we played toilet tig outside.

Alexander – We were doing outdoor learning. We were trying to make a noise.

Olivia – I enjoyed outdoor learning. Me and Kyra found big branches from the pine tree. We put our hand underneath and it made soft sounds.

Aylar – I like outdoor learning I was finding sticks.

P1 Learning Reflection for W/E 14.5.21

This week P1 have been learning the split digraphs sounds a-e and i-e. Our numeracy focus this week has been revising time and money. Most of the children can read both digital and analogue for o’clock and some can read them for half past! The children have enjoyed playing shops using coins to buy items to the value of 10p. In science this week P1 enjoyed planting sunflowers with Mrs Whigham, they are checking them each day to see if they have started to grow! Please see below for the children’s learning reflection comments. Have a lovely weekend,  Ms King x

Grace – we learned split digraph a-e and i-e. Make and cake have the a-e sound.  Nice and smile has the i-e sound.

Josh – In number talks we were counting with a rekenrek, it has 5 red beads and 5 white beads on the bottom and top, altogether there are 20.

Olivia – we learned about half past and o’clock. When its o’clock the minute hand is at the 12. When it’s half past the hour hand is between the numbers and the minute hand is at 6.

Rhy-Lee were doing 4 and 1 on a rekenrek, it makes 5.

Kyra – I liked doing number talks I liked adding on the beads.

Lily- We planted sunflowers.  We put soil in the pot. We put a hole in the soil then you put the seed in and cover it up. We poured water on it.

Jessica – I enjoyed planting the flowers. First, you get the pot.  You put soil in it then you make a hole. You put the seed in then you cover the seed and water it. It will need sunlight and air to grow into beautiful sunflowers.

Minny – I liked when we were doing the sunflowers. We went over and we got a spoon.  We took a spoonful of soil and filled up to the top. We poked a hole and we dropped our sunflower seed in.  Then we covered it with more soil.  Then we watered it.

Caleb – We learned the split i-e sound. Cake has the a-e sound.

Oliver – I enjoyed learning about the clocks.

Kaylan – I liked being the shopkeeper I had to give people change.

Alexander – I enjoyed number talks.

Izaan – I liked making the sunflowers. We had a cup and we put in the soil.  We had a hole, we put in the seed and we watered it.

Georgia – We put soil in and you do a hole. You put the seed and then you cover it with water.

Kade – We had to put a seed in the pot. There was some dirt in the pot. The flowers will grow when the sun gets up.

Louis – We planted sunflowers. We got a pot and put the mud in, then got a seed and watered it.

Aylar – we planted sunflowers.

Jack – I have enjoyed learning about clocks. When the long hand is at the top and the short hand is at six that means it’s six o’clock.

Ella – We learned about the time. When the little hand is in the middle of two numbers it’s half past, the big hand is at six so that means it’s half past six.