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P4 Learning 17.9.21

This week we have been learning about:

We have been comparing numbers as more than and less than. We have begun a block of practice on adding and subtracting and we have been learning about fact families.

It was Roald Dahl Day on Monday, we did describtive writing and learned how to be a better writer.

We have upgraded our library/reading corner – it’s great.






We have been learning about sportsmanship in PE and improving our fitness.

On Friday we tasted some French beans from the garden…

“They taste like leaves!”     “I didn’t like them.”   “Mmm They were nice!”

Please note: Our Home Learning sheet (see below) was given out to be returned by 5th Oct.

P4 home Learning Sept-Oct 2021


2021 Outdoor timetable Term 4

Outdoor Learning will be running again this term and the days and classes are listed below.  We ask that the children can be as suitably dressed as possible on the days they will be going outdoors.  Please consider that we could be walking through woods, soft muddy ground, or wet grass. It could rain, be windy, cold, snowing, drizzling or hot sunshine.  On very hot sunny days you may want to provide sunscreen for your child to apply.

It is always advisable to wear layers and always have a coat/raincoat.  The school has waterproof trousers and rain jackets for those that need them.

Whatever the weather, sandals are not suitable!  Some trainers may not be waterproof enough – it may not rain today but the ground could be muddy from yesterday’s rain.  Sturdy shoes, sometimes even wellies are a good idea.  Again the school has some pairs of wellies if they are needed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Smith

Outdoor learning Term 4
Mon. 19th  April P6 Mon. 24th  May Holiday
Tues. 20th April P1 and P4 Tues. 25th  May P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 21st April P5 Wed. 26th  May     P3
Mon. 26th April P7 Mon. 31st   May P6
Tues. 27th April P2/1 and P2  Tues. 1st June P1 and P4
Wed. 28st  April     P3 Wed. 2ndJune P5
Mon. 3rd   May Holiday Mon. 7th June P7
Tues. 4th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 8th June P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 5th  May P5 Wed. 9th June     P3
Mon. 10th  May P7 Mon. 14th June P6
Tues. 11th  May P2/1 and P2  Tues. 15th June P1 and P4
Wed. 12th  May     P3 Wed. 16th June P5
Mon. 17th   May P6 Mon. 21st  June P7
Tues. 18th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 22ndJune P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 19th  May P5 Wed. 23rd June     P3

P6 highlights of school so far…

I asked the children what had been their highlights so far in school, whether it be learning or activities or things they do with friends. Here is what they said:

  • Measurement in maths using centimetres, metres and kilometres.
  • Playing handball and hockey matches in P.E.
  • Reading Friend Or Foe by Michael Morpurgo as a class novel.
  • Learning about multiples, factors, prime numbers and cubed numbers in numeracy
  • Futsal
  • Girls football
  • Art linked to WWII
  • The WWII topic – all of it!
  • Writing activities linked with grammar and spelling and using the Nelson skills book
  • Making the candy cane reindeer for enterprise
  • Using Scratch coding programme
  • Outdoor Learning – tidying the garden and especially the s’mores!

Well done everybody, looking forward to next terms adventures,

Mrs Smith

Happy holidays, we are back on Wednesday the 6th January.

P6 Sharing the Learning wk.beg.30.11.20

This week in p6 we have been learning multiples and factors in maths. We also did artwork to depict the Blitz or propaganda posters, it was really FUN!!!

We also did outdoor learning where  we toasted marshmallows which were really good. We had so much fun, we got sticks and sharpened them and put the marshmallows on them, we then knelt  and toasted them it was an amazing.                 ‘

Later we watched an online assembly about gender awareness and bullying with the NSPCC and  childline, it was very interesting.  We learned a lot about childline and we learnt the different problems you could get stuck in,  Ant and Deck introduced the assembly at the start which was amazing.   Mrs Clyne also discussed with us  LGBT+, everyone learnt a lot!

We tried the twelve days of Christmas song, but we did it in sign language.

That was our week!!!!!!!

Authors: Zara, Rebecca,

P6 Sharing our Learning wk.beg. 14th November 2020

This week we have been working on are second draft of writing on if we have been trying to persuade Miss Hamilton and our teachers to let us bring our mobile phones into school for learning and getting information.

We have also been learning  about calculating  area of a right angle triangle.

On Tuesday we watched authors live with Ross MacKenzie and on Wednesday we had a online meet with Robin Stephens and other schools.

We made identity cards as part of our WWII topic.  We have been warned that we need to carry them all of the time!  Mrs Smith in outdoor learning helped us think about what was and was not here in Livingston at the time of the war as we began to develop our map reading skills.

Madam Moore revised colours with us in French and we had to describe an object by its colour.

In number talks we have been learning about coin multiplication which is a lot of fun and does make some multiplication sums easier.

We have started to explore Christmas in RME and this week focused on Christmas traditions and where they came from.

Authors today were Rocco and Oliver.

P6 Sharing the Learning wk.beg. 7th November 2020

Today was our last day of bike-ability and we rode our bikes around a roundabout and did all the indicators with our hands.  The best part is that the instructors told us we had done well and listened, and gave us lollies and sweets.

We have also been doing line graphs in maths, plus we have been asked to do a research project about a WWII topic of our choice.  We have till 2 of December to complete it, it has to be between 500 to 700 words or it’s not complete!

In literacy we are writing a persuasive essay about having phones in the upper school, if they should or shouldn’t be allowed in school. We said they should be allowed because  it would be fun but we will come up with more reasons about why we should or shouldn’t be allowed.

by Sandy and Aydan