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P2 Learning Reflection W/E 5th November 2021

This week in P2 the phonics focus has been: u-e, i-e and o-e. Our common words were: go, he and baby. We have started learning the songs to our Nativity, we are enjoying being able to sing in class again.  P2 learned how to stay safe during bonfire night and completed the SSPCA #FireworkSafety quiz! Please see below for the children’s learning reflection comments. Remember to, Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Smart. This 5th November!

Josh – I enjoyed talking ‘all about me’. I spoke clearly and I kind of looked at my audience. I used card to help me remember.

Willow – I like the star song we are learning. We are going to do a Nativity!

Oliver – I like building stuff. I am building towers!

Thea – I like doing numbers on my whiteboard.

Louis – We learned the u-e sound, brute has the u-e sound. We were singing, there is a great big star in the star tonight!

Kyra – We learned the split digraph u-e. The magic ‘e’ turns the ‘u’ into an oo sound!

Caleb – I did a class talk. I looked at my audience sometimes and I spoke clearly!

Georgia – I liked singing the songs. We done a Christmas Eve one and we did one about a star. I like the Christmas Eve one.

Jack – We are learning about materials. The paper towel and the cloth were absorbent. They sook up the water.  The plastic sheet was not absorbent.

Ella – We learned the split digraph i-e. Nice has the i-e sound!

Alexander – We were doing number talks. We did doubles and near doubles. I said five plus five equals ten. So I said it was a double!

Grace – I enjoyed the ‘All About Me’ talk. I enjoyed telling everyone the interesting fact about my hip!

Elyas – I liked making ten using number sentences in number talks. We were doing 4+6+4. You can make ten with six plus four, and then add the four to the ten to make fourteen!

Lily – I like doing the Nativity. We are learning songs. I like the great big star song!

Sebastian – I liked singing. It was really fun because I like singing because it is cool. I like the star song!

Nathan – I like playing with the big bricks. I am building a big tower!

Arianna – I liked reading. I like ‘Sam Sat’ because his mum tells him to sit so he does not fall. Sam falls off his skateboard then he gets a bandage on his head!

Happy Halloween from P2

This week P2 have been busy making bonds to 10 using the whole-part model and bar model. In literacy, the children have been learning the spelling pattern for oi and a-e words, along with the common words make, what and wash. The children all agree that their highlight of the week was dressing up for a spooky morning of fun!






P2 Learning Reflection for W/E 22.10.21


A short but busy week in P2. We have been revising the ea/ee sounds and learning about the common words: all, call and I’ve. In numeracy P2 are exploring number bonds to 10, skip counting in 2’s. Our number talk focus is doubles and near doubles on the rekenrek. There has been lots of activity at our woodwork bench this week. The children have been busy making string art using wood, nails and thread.

Willow – we have been skip counting in 2’s!

Oliver – We were thinking of ways to make 9. 6 and 3 make 9!

Sebastian – I can skip count in 2’s to 20!

Caleb – We made a sleigh with 3 reindeers with horns. The sleigh has a big bit that presents can go in!

Jack – People kept knocking the reindeer down by accident. Ms King moved the table to make more space!

Thea – I enjoyed making a heart with wood. I hammered the nails in a love heart shape. I wrapped string around the nails. I had to pull the string tight.

Josh – We had to rebuild the whole reindeer. We made Rudolph bigger so he won’t fall over.

Rhy-Lee – We learned about number bonds. Two numbers go together to make a number. We made bonds for 9. 8+1, 7+2 and 9+0 make 9!

Ella – We learned the ea sound. Tea, meat and eat have the ea sound!

Kyra – I liked free play. I was in the house corner we played mums and dads!

Louis – I enjoyed playing in the house corner. We are playing family. We make food for people. I like to make soup!

Elyas – I enjoyed doing number talks. We were doing doubles and near doubles on the rekenrek. A double is like 4 and 4 and a near double is like 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. You can make it double 2 +1 or double 3-1!

Alexander – I enjoyed free play. I was playing in the house corner. We were cooking stuff!

Nathan – I enjoyed playing. I was playing with my model. I made a big rocket, it is going to space. I am going to jump so high up!

Olivia – I am making a love heart. I needed to get nails and hammer them into the wood in the shape of a heart. It was difficult to hammer the nails cause they kept falling out. It worked if I hammered them in a bit harder!

Georgia – I am making a heart at the workbench. We need wood and we had to draw a heart on the wood. Then we had to put the nails in with a hammer.

Grace – I enjoyed painting this week. I was painting a type of big monster for Halloween. The monster has fur all over it!

P2 Learning Highlights for W/E 1.10.21

P2 really enjoyed taking part in the  LVPS 20th birthday celebrations this week. Please see below for the children’s highlight of the week comments!

Olivia – I liked playing with the big blocks. We made a marble run. We stacked the blocks then we got a marble and it rolled down it!

Lily – Making the cupcakes. We got frosting!

Alexander – I enjoyed Free Writing Friday. I wrote about the gym and football. I scored four goals. I am good at football.

Ella – My highlight was the schools birthday. I liked dancing to the music.

Oliver – My highlight was painting a house. I painted furniture and the windows are blacked out cause we are watching a movie.

Rhy-Lee – My highlight was eating the cake. I liked decorating it. I decorated a pink love heart. It was delicious!

Jack – My highlight was Free Writing Friday. I wrote about what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a builder. Builders need problem-solving skills.

Willow – My highlight of the week was painting. I have been doing love hearts and crosses!

Caleb – My highlight was free play. I made a zombie with duplo. It was really tall!

Grace – My highlight was listening to the bagpipes. The children came from high school and played drums and bagpipes. We were celebrating the school’s birthday.

Elyas – Playing with the lego. I made a castle. It has colourful blocks and it has stairs.

Arianna – My highlight was when we were doing the cupcakes. I made pink dots and orange dots all around the cupcake.

Josh – My highlight was decorating the cupcake with icing. I done orange around the yellow.

Thea – My highlight of the week was doing free play. I was playing in the kitchen and painting.

Louis – I enjoyed free writing Friday. I was writing that I want to be a doctor when I am big.

Kyra – I liked decorating a cupcake. I put the number 20 and put lots of flowers, hearts and zigzags. We decorated them because it was the schools anniversary.

Sebastian – I liked decorating the mugs. We got mug designing pens. When you cook the mug we get to bring them home. I did a bunch of smiley faces and a love heart with LVPS inside. We did it for the schools birthday!

Nathan – I like building with duplo. I build lots of big strong things.

Learning Reflection for W/E 17/09/21

This week in P2 we have been revising words with the ‘oo’ and ‘ar’ sounds. Our common sight words were: like, her, said.

The class enjoyed ‘Talking for Writing’ to describe, The New Boy and The Witches. They followed the structure of descriptive writing to give their talking text a title, introduction, characteristics and an evaluation. They all worked well together to work out their parts and to build their characters descriptions.

For numeracy P2 have been using number lines and continuing with greater than and smaller than. The children have been skip counting in 10’s and 2’s. The Number Talks focus this week has been sharing strategies to solve number sentences.

Highlight of the Week

Sebastian – I played with the engineering set I was building a fishing rod.

Celeb – I enjoyed working with the wood. I was getting screws in. I used a screwdriver and a hammer. I managed to get one and a quarter in. You have to twist the screwdriver around.

Louis – I enjoyed playing in the garden. I was playing dinosaurs with Alexander, Sebastian and Grace.

Jack – I enjoyed playing in the garden. I was playing tig. We were hiding in the bush to make sure it was our den and nobody claimed it!

Alexander – I enjoyed PE. We were playing with the parachute.

Ella – I was playing in the house corner. I was selling food.

Willow – I like reading.

Lily – I liked painting flowers.

Nathan – I made a witch with a bald head and some arms. My witch has no toes and no shoes.

Kyra – I liked reading Sam Sit. Sam didn’t sit on the magic carpet he almost fell in the river. If I had a magic carpet I would go to Disney Land!

Olivia – I enjoyed painting. We were mixing lots of different colours to see what colours we made. When we mixed the blue and red it made purple. Yellow and red made orange and yellow and blue made green.  Red and white made pink!

Thea – I painted nice flowers and nice love hearts.

Oliver – I liked playing at the bench area. Me and Jack found out two pieces connected with a screw.

Josh – we were having races at playtime. Caleb was the referee; he was the one who says who wins!

Georgia – For free play, I was painting. I was painting flowers with a smiley face.

P2 Learning Reflection W/E 3.9.21

Jack – I like Free Writing Friday! I get to write about anything I want. I wrote about making a paper lantern.

Georgia – I like playing with the dollhouse. I was playing with the little dolls they were tidying the house.

Louis – I like racing with racing cars.

Arianna – At playtime, I was playing with my friend in P2/1. We were just talking about how a real-life unicorn could fly!

Grace – I enjoyed playing with the bricks I built a house and a campervan!

Lily – I was writing about going to the beach.

Kyra – I liked playing out in the garden. We made gloop we made it with some flour and some water. It feels hard when you put your hand into it but once you pick it up it’s all gloopy!

Sebastian – I enjoy having free play. I was playing with my lego model.

Willow – I like counting in 10s and I also like doing Free Writing Friday!

Caleb – I like free play. I am making a lego ship.

Rhy-Lee – I like learning. In maths we were counting in 10’s. We were using the greater than and less than and equals to symbols!

Oliver – I like playing tig with Lauchlan and some more friends!

Josh – I made a South African flag, and a Scotland one and a France one for Zach.

Olivia – I wrote about starting gymnastics.

Thea – I enjoyed making decorations. I was cutting circles and it made a spiral.

Ella – I liked counting in 10’s. I can count forwards and backwards!

Alexander – I liked to play. I was doing a South African flag. It has green, black, yellow and red, blue and white. South Africa is another country.

2021 Outdoor timetable Term 4

Outdoor Learning will be running again this term and the days and classes are listed below.  We ask that the children can be as suitably dressed as possible on the days they will be going outdoors.  Please consider that we could be walking through woods, soft muddy ground, or wet grass. It could rain, be windy, cold, snowing, drizzling or hot sunshine.  On very hot sunny days you may want to provide sunscreen for your child to apply.

It is always advisable to wear layers and always have a coat/raincoat.  The school has waterproof trousers and rain jackets for those that need them.

Whatever the weather, sandals are not suitable!  Some trainers may not be waterproof enough – it may not rain today but the ground could be muddy from yesterday’s rain.  Sturdy shoes, sometimes even wellies are a good idea.  Again the school has some pairs of wellies if they are needed.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Smith

Outdoor learning Term 4
Mon. 19th  April P6 Mon. 24th  May Holiday
Tues. 20th April P1 and P4 Tues. 25th  May P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 21st April P5 Wed. 26th  May     P3
Mon. 26th April P7 Mon. 31st   May P6
Tues. 27th April P2/1 and P2  Tues. 1st June P1 and P4
Wed. 28st  April     P3 Wed. 2ndJune P5
Mon. 3rd   May Holiday Mon. 7th June P7
Tues. 4th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 8th June P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 5th  May P5 Wed. 9th June     P3
Mon. 10th  May P7 Mon. 14th June P6
Tues. 11th  May P2/1 and P2  Tues. 15th June P1 and P4
Wed. 12th  May     P3 Wed. 16th June P5
Mon. 17th   May P6 Mon. 21st  June P7
Tues. 18th  May P1 and P4 Tues. 22ndJune P2/1 and P2 
Wed. 19th  May P5 Wed. 23rd June     P3