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Ukraine Collection Update


What an amazing response to our appeal – we even had donations from members of the local community and our neighbour Letham Primary!

Yesterday I filled my car, so today I brought my big car…..and I still ran out of space and had to call on help!

We had so many donations of wipes and nappies, plus some baby powder and food, so we have donated some of these to a charity preparing baby boxes to make sure everything gets to where it is needed the most.



Thank you again to everyone who donated, you are all amazing!


Collection for the Ukraine


What more is there to say, our Beatlie families have risen to the challenge again!

We have collected an amazing amount already but there is still time to send in any donations before midday tomorrow (Thursday 3rd March).

I am going to drop-off all the donations made so far this afternoon as I think if I wait till tomorrow it won’t all fit in my car!!!

All donations from the original list will be gratefully received but in particular we are looking for:

  • children’s medication
  • adult painkillers
  • nappy cream
  • bandages
  • plasters
  • antiseptic creams & sprays
  • medical gloves
  • batteries
  • torches
  • feminine products
  • toothpaste & toothbrushes

Thank you all for being soooooo amazing!!!

UNICEF Outright Campaign 2021

This year, the UNICEF outright campaign focused on Mental Health. All children have the right to a healthy mind!

One of the tasks we completed was to think of something for another class that would make them feel happy!  Here is what everyone came up with:

Lammermuir – received some lovely toys from Ochiltree  that the pupils enjoyed exploring.

Playing with the gifts from Ochiltree

Hopetoun – Organised the Children In Need and made everyone very happy!!

Lomond – Received a list of favourite songs and lots of lovely instruments from Duntarvie.  These went down very well!

Pentland – They had fun playing games in the gym hall using resources lent to them by Glendevon,  Duck, Duck Goose was a favourite.

Glendevon – enjoyed making some very yummy Pudsey Bear biscuits with ingredients given to them from Pentland.

Ochiltree – received some lovely messy play resources to explore including bubbles and slime from Lammermuir.

Opening the gift from Lammermuir

Duntarvie – felt very pampered with a ‘spa in the classroom’ box from Lomond.


Unicef World Children’s Day



Secondary Assembly for World Children’s Day

Blue is the colour for World Children’s Day 2021

We had a story massage about Paddington

Then we talked about how we felt when he came to London and how he feels when people are not nice to him.

We learned how to do the ‘Hard Stare’ when people are not nice!

Duncan was fantastic at this and as also able to show his friends different emotions too!

We made blue prints for a display in the school too.

Please have a look at how we made them and a look at how Paddington does the hard stare! Can you do it?

World Food Day 2021

World Food Day 2021 Theme, Activities, Quotes, Slogan and Wishes


World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on the 16th October; the date that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) was founded in 1945. First commemorated by the FOA in 1979, World Food Day aims to promote healthy diets and eradicate hunger issues by 2030.


World Food Day adopts a new theme every year, with previous themes including Family Farming (2014) and Our Actions are our Future (2018).

The theme for 2021 is ‘Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow’ which stresses that production and consumption of safe food have “immediate and long-term benefits for people, the planet, and the economy.”


Beatlie will be raising awareness by participating in a poster competition – keep an eye out for the great work our pupils will produce!



Ochiltree 2021/22

I cannot believe I am writing 2021/22 already!

In saying that we are all so happy to be back at school and ready to get into action with all the new and exciting changes happening in the secondary department.

This year we are hoping to be more interactive with each other and experience and participate in new group activities with our friends from Duntarvie.

The children will all continue to work on building their personal skills to develop their independence where possible as well as working on life skills through SQA and ASDAN qualifications.

There are also lots of whole school activities to look forward to and fingers crossed we will be able to see you all soon back at school for some Beatlie socialising.

There are a few new faces in Ochiltree and we are enjoying getting to know one another. This year we have Aria, Luca, Sophie, William, Vanessa and Rylie who will be supported and encouraged by Sandra, Alison, Anna, Caitlin, Louisa and Emma with Catherine covering when required.

The Ochiltree 2021-2022 Team

Term 3 Ochiltree

Phew – another term over can you believe it!!

What a great time we have had this term despite all the restrictions. We have been able to fill our time with lots of new and exciting opportunities and experiences.

We have really missed William and Rylie and hope that they will be back to join us soon.

Aria, Luca and Vanessa have been busy working towards their ASDAN and SQA qualifications throughout the term and it has been fantastic to see them build on their skills and show the progress they have made through the different activities they have participated in.

We have tried out new games which has been sooo much fun for both the staff and the children. Our table top games have been a hit with a variety of games played over the term – Scalextrics is the clear favourite when given the choice! We have got some new games to try next term – I wonder what the favourite will be? In PE we also tried out some old and new activities but this term we had it in the class so a little different. This didn’t put off the children and we still had great fun with bowling, parachute and curling to name a few. Next term we will be trying out some different activities in the hall again – maybe outside too if the weather gets better.

We have been making the most of the good weather recently and been going on lots of walks and bike rides around the local area. Aria is helping her aunty to clock up some miles for a sponsored walk she is participating in for Beatlie!

Our gardening project has also been brilliant and all the children have really taken to the different activities involved – we just need to be patient now and see what comes from all of our hard work. We are hoping that after the Easter holidays we will be busy maintaining the garden and harvesting towards the summer.

I could go on and on about all the fantastic work and achievements we have made over the term so have a look at just a few of our photos showing how much fun school can be!

Foodbank Collection


Wow what generosity! Amazing to see so much come into school despite the circumstances we are under at the moment. There will be very appreciative families out there who will be so thankful for the donations you have given, so on behalf of those families and from Beatlie – Thank You!

Under normal circumstances we would have a visit to the foodbank with some of the children taking the boxes along – unfortunately we will not be able to do this at this time so a member of staff is arranging a drop off for next week.