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Ochiltree 2021 – 2022

Oh What a Year!

Lots and lots going on – lots of very good times and some new memories to take with us as we move on.

We have been working extremely hard this year on building on our independent skills as well as our health & wellbeing and we have enjoyed different experiences as we worked through new challenges and experiences.

We enjoyed being able to join our friends from next door again and start exploring our local environment to gain new experiences.

We have all achieved some amazing qualifications through our ASDAN and SQA work which has been so rewarding for both pupils and staff.

I (Sandra) have personally found this year so rewarding to see the progress made from all and I am honoured to have been part of their learning journey as they move through the school. I will miss those who are moving on and look forward to the new challenges that lay ahead with those pupils coming to join us in the new session.

Our love and best wishes go out to you all and wish you all a happy and safe summer and look forward to seeing you in and around the school more next session. xcx

A snippet of what we have enjoyed this year:

Community planting


Ochiltree Term 3

Can you believe the time of year already!!!!

It just shows you how time flies when you are having fun – and that is what we have been doing in Ochiltree.

We have been working hard at gaining all our targets both in ASDAN and SQA as well as our IEPs. We have been working hard with our independence skills and communication but we have also had time to have fun and explore.

So what have we been up to?

Well……… some of us have been galavanting around the country trying out Skiing or swimming while others have had a go at Rebound. We have all enjoyed helping out in the garden now that Spring has sprung and lots of exploring around the community on the bikes.

We have enjoyed lots of different experiences inside too – cooking up a storm in the kitchen, making a mess in the class during messy play, joining our friends in the hall for physical activities and exploring music with Gordon.

We have all had some obstacles or new challenges to overcome this term and I am so proud of the resilience shown from all the children in the class – we could learn a thing or two from them all!

Have a fantastic holiday everyone and we look forward to new and exciting challenges ahead for the summer term.

Science Week in Beatlie 2022

Ochiltree Memories from Term 2 2021


What a year it has been so far – lots and lots of fantastic achievements made in 2021! There are so many memories I wanted to share that I have made a Sway for each of the children!

We have also been enjoying sharing our good work each week when we are sending home our baking, craft work and plants – I think the escorts are beginning to wonder what will come next!

We are truly grateful that we have had the opportunity to participate in so many great activities this year both in our own class and with Duntarvie! Lets keep our fingers crossed that we will continue in the new year!!!

Christmas Wishes to you all from Ochiltree xcx





Come and join our Scottish Celebration Assembly


Unicef World Children’s Day



Secondary Assembly for World Children’s Day

Blue is the colour for World Children’s Day 2021

We had a story massage about Paddington

Then we talked about how we felt when he came to London and how he feels when people are not nice to him.

We learned how to do the ‘Hard Stare’ when people are not nice!

Duncan was fantastic at this and as also able to show his friends different emotions too!

We made blue prints for a display in the school too.

Please have a look at how we made them and a look at how Paddington does the hard stare! Can you do it?

Ochiltree Term 1

I cannot believe that it is October already!

We have had a fabulous start to the year and have been enjoying our extended bubble with Duntarvie and participating in lots of new activities with all our friends from there!

So what have we been up to…..

We had a very successful litter pick around Craigshill but we were very surprised at how little litter there was about – the community have come together and have made fantastic changes around the area. We were also able to see how well our flowers have been growing at the street signs we planted before the summer – this caught on and there are lots of streets around doing the same now!

It was lovely to see Luca’s family and they had fun joining us for a walk around the Almond – it was a shame that you could not all join us but hopefully we will see you all soon at other school events.

We are all working hard on our qualifications this year – ASDAN and SQA projects as well as our IEP targets. William and Aria are doing lots together and are joined by Charlie for topic work, Luca is joining the Duntarvie class for lots of activities and Sophie is joining her friends from Duntarvie for lots of movement and sensory activities.

Catherine has been conducting the topic – Looking After My Body and the children have loved all the fun activities she has been doing – they especially enjoyed the smelling and tasting activity. Catherine has also been doing Drama which Luca and Sophie have been going to and they love it – hopefully we will be able to put on a show for you at Christmas or at the end of the year!

The children are all getting to try out new activities, experience new things and encouraged to be as independent as they can be building skills for adulthood! They are a great help carrying out their class jobs, Eco tasks and helping out in the community.

There are so many things I could rave about but I must leave space for some pictures.

Please click on the link below to see a fantastic video of our stars at work and play.








Music October 2021

Mr Macarella and a mission into space!

It was great to see everyone happy to return to music and to welcome some new faces joining us for musical fun too.

We began the term with some familiar songs and activities to help settle everyone in before focusing on silly Mr. Macarella. This clapping song tells us how he didn’t use his umbrella to keep dry and how 8 raindrops fell on him. Then we all count and clap while learning about the different parts of the body where the rain fell. We then moved onto playing the rain sounds and the 8 raindrops on different instruments as the rain drops fell on his musicians.  

This term we also have some smaller Music groups with Lammermuir and early Primary children focusing on musical play and exploration, intensive interaction, movement and nursery rhymes. 

Secondary had two cross-class music groups and some also have 1-1 sessions this term. One group began working on choosing and playing instruments that will help tell the story of a journey into space. This will help them work as a group with solo spots on their chosen instruments that will go towards their SQA awards. The other group are enjoying playing and moving along to music from different genres as they work towards their ASDAN awards. 

We will continue the fun into next term, adding in seasonal songs for Halloween and Christmas.  Have a great October break!